Technology that can help you meet your New Year's resolutions.

Regardless of how 2021 is for you, 2022 is another opportunity for all of us to make the new year better than the previous year. We set New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but it is not surprising that so many people fail after a few weeks - old habits are hardly broken. Just as it is important to have a support group of people who can motivate you during these particularly difficult days, it is also important to have tools that make it easy to achieve your goals. Whether you want to stay healthy, be more organized, or read more, there are technical tools that can make your journey a little easier (and perhaps even more fun).

Fitness tracker

Fitness Tracker can help you start your training journey by inactively tracking your wins and showing you daily data of your steps, sleep patterns and more. Fitbit’s Inspire 2 is a great all-round option, not only because it’s quite affordable at $ 100, but also because it does everything a beginner needs from a fitness tracker. It tracks your daily activities, calories, heart rate, sleep and more, and includes 20 rounds of exercises that you can manually track or track the device’s automatic SmartTrack feature for yourself. Are It also has a battery life of 10 days, so you rarely have to take it off to charge it. And with the built-in tile feature, you’ll be able to find your device more easily if you lose it.

Smart watch

If you would rather invest in an all-purpose wearable device that has serious fitness benefits, the Apple Watch SE is a good choice. Although it doesn’t include any of the 7 Series doorbells and whistles, it still offers the same basic experience as any Apple Watch. It tracks your daily activity and heart rate, and watchOS ultimately monitors basic sleep. In addition to the built-in GPS for outdoor exercise, it supports dozens of traceable exercises with fall detection and high and low heart rate reports. The Apple Watch surpasses even basic fitness trackers when it comes to table top smartwatch features - you can control sending and receiving text messages from the device as well as controlling music playback, smart home devices and more. Will be

Training classes

If jogging isn’t your job, or just doing it where you live, finding the exercise classes you enjoy can help you get into the habit of exercising so that you can stay fit longer. You may prefer to do this through your local gym - the pressure to get out of the house and go to a specific workout area can be really helpful for some people - but there are also plenty of online fitness classes. You can join the rest of your life. I have tried my fair share of these services and have been my favorite pilot. No, you don’t need one of the company’s expensive bikes or treadmills to take advantage of their lessons. Access to the app version of the subscription only costs 13 per month and allows you to take HIIT, strength, yoga, and even outdoor running classes, many of which require little or no equipment. no.

If you can’t afford another monthly subscription fee, the internet has a lot of free exercise resources - you have to work a little ■■■■■■ to find the ones with whom you move the most. I highly recommend Fitness Blender, a free website where you can watch hundreds of workout videos and even set a schedule for yourself by assigning videos for specific days of the week. I like the quality and consistency of their videos, but you can connect more with YouTube training videos if they are taught by teachers of your choice. Heather Robertson and Moved Nicole are two personal favorites.

Habit tracker

At least in the beginning, keeping an eye on the new habits you are trying to create can help you maintain them. If you’re looking for a built-in rabbit hole, you might want to consider this: The Habit Tracking App is probably the easiest option. Done and Strides are two iOS options that allow you to log in when you have completed a new habit that you are trying to create or when you are avoiding a bad habit that you want to break. You can get a lot of granny by doing how many times you want to do something you want, setting up login reminders, reviewing statistics and much more. However, both apps have payment levels. You will be asked to sign up after creating some trackable habits

If you want to avoid another subscription, consider an app like Streaks, which may be a one-time fee of $ 5 for you. As for Android, Grow is a free app that uses a similar approach to tracking habits. Adopts with time management. For each new habit, plant a virtual tree that you track and watch it grow whenever you log in. There’s also Habitika, which turns habit tracking into an 8-bit RPG where your custom avatar level increases every time you log in to an activity.

Doing and taking notes app

The New Year provides an opportunity to get back on track and one way to do this is to find organizational tools that work for you and make sure those tools are as simple as possible. The worst thing that can happen is that your to-do list or note-taking system becomes so cluttered that you refrain from using it. Having all the essentials in your head can work in easy days, but when you have a million things to handle in both your personal and professional life, it can quickly become overwhelming. I’m a fan of Things for iOS and macOS because it’s detailed enough for big business plans, but easy enough for comfortable personal tasks. I also like today’s scene, which shows me in all my projects everything that needs immediate attention.

However, you’ll spend $ 80 to get Things for iOS, iPadOS and macOS, and it’s only available for Apple devices. Doing with Microsoft is an alternative that is free with less involvement than Things 3 and works on almost all platforms.