Stubbs and Wootton

Stubbs and Wootton is a name of handmade slippers introduced by the artists in 18-century names Mr. George stubs and Mr. John Wotton. They specialized in painting scenes of chivalrous sport that impact is so closely linked to our eternal pursuit of elegance. The brand manufactures luxurious slippers that are personalized and ready-to-wear. They say they celebrate a lifestyle that exceeds sophistication.

Stubbs and Wootton

Background of Stubbs and Wootton:

This fashion brand was launched in 1993 in Palm Beach, Florida; the slipper expert has more than just a tag. Steinhart, a longtime investment banker, driven by art (but also ancient history, surfing tradition, and Scotch), wanted to give the slipper its due respect with an all shoe.’ And thus there was born a star.

The sandals are handmade in Europe, made in a range of straw, velvet, and linen materials, ensuring both higher quality and an attractive price point, notably despite the various ways in which this closet staple can be combined.

They can be worn at all times," confirms Mr. Steinhart, "from day to dawn, with shorts and jeans to tweeds, blazers, ties, and dinner wear, of course. Attractive handwork and awesome devotion to the intense work are the main things that can be expected from this brand.

Leaping cheetah slippers

Combining a common vision, the designer of Stubbs & Wootton and the president of Salamander agreed to work together six years ago, offering a special edition, embroidered velvet slipper featuring our famous Zebras motif. Since then and the Salamander House has launched a new version to join the menagerie.

Leaping Cheetah, man! Although Zebras is still leading the proverbial pack, the Leaping Cheetah model is well on its way to being another Salamander classic. Leaping right next to Zebras, The House of Salamander and Stubbs & Wotton are coming all together to bring you a new style, the LEAPING CHEETAH SLIPPER.

These will be resented in colors that fit the LEAPING CHEETAH WALLPAPER, these wildly fun slippers come in needles and velvet, are packed in leather, and are marked with a collaborative logo. A stylish addition to your wardrobe that combines the tradition of the Salamander House with their workmanship.

stubs & wootton

Smoking slippers

While a smoking slipper cuts one of our must-have shoes, we realize that the dandy style is normally not what most men are chomping on to invest in—which is precisely why it makes such a great gift. Stubbs & Wootton has one of the biggest varieties of slippers out there with designs shift from different velvet to more daytime leather and linen.

You can focus exactly on their form, selecting everything from the form of the toe box and the content for the upper to the exact shade of grosgrain you’d like them to be pruned in. Plus, there are lots of different classic logos and playful themes to embroider them with, adding an extra personalized feel.

Bowood white slippers

R Bowood slipper incorporates a cotton velvet top with a white Nylon webbing trim. Finished with our Colefax & Fowler, bowood embroidery work. Fastidiously made in Spain. Leather-covered to provide extra support and help. The stock with a high heel is 3/4" thick. Leather was solitary.


Stubbs and Wootton’s Loafers are crafted in Spain and fit true to size, and I still purchase them in my regular size 8. They lift any outfit, and I particularly love wearing them with a pair of cigarette pants, a wool peacoat, and some fun jewelry! Such a timeless looks, whether you’re eighty or twenty years old.


Designs by Zachary’s

To local American workers and his group of 20,000 Instagram followers alike, Zachary Weiss is a true city guy. Each of Zachary’s designs for Stubbs & Wootton, designed in partnership with St. Regis Hotels, pays tribute to the elements of traveling and hotel life that he loves very much drinks and club sandwiches to the nightly Cocktail subpage.

Stubbs & Wootton Enjoys Popularity on the Slipper Section

The slipper had important constraints as a casual style men in the 20th century could wear around the house after a day spent in dusty work boots. The shoe newly made the leap from relaxation piece to daily staple, catching on with ladies, too to the benefit of shoe brands and opponents such as Del Toro, Hadleigh’s, and Charles Philip Shanghai.

Consumers refer to a smoking slipper because it was a cooler and more modern way to carry a flat shoe. It’s sexy and incorporates a little bit of an ego, but at the top of the day it’s still really comfortable," said Nelli Terry, VP and DMM of shoes at Bergdorf Goodman. "It was very dressed suits almost any quiet foot and provides the potential for a touch of caprice with a spread of materials, engraving, and bowls. Elevated partnerships have allowed the brand to speak a robust warning to its customer base.

Additionally, to celebrity relationships, the corporate also produces exclusive women’s and men’s designs for retailers J.Crew and Brooks Brothers Black Fleece, accordingly. Frank Steinhart said the Lane Crawford pop-up was a good debut for the men’s shoe brand in Hong Kong, while women’s models have been in the chain for three seasons.

The program has given rise to Stubbs & Wotton’s capacity to penetrate more markets. Its wholesale business began two years ago in Russia, Ukraine, and Japan. The company must look at South Korea, the Middle East, and the mainland of China. Distribution would be confined to luxury department stores, Steinhart explained, as all the shoes are handmade in La Mancha, Spain, and cannot be mass-produced for greater diversity.

Summary : Stubbs & Wotton’s smoking slipper has leaped from a relaxation piece to a daily staple. Partnership with brands such as Del Toro, Hadleigh’s, and Charles Philip Shanghai has helped the brand penetrate more markets. All the shoes are handmade in La Mancha, Spain, and cannot be mass-produced for greater diversity. The company also produces exclusive women’s and men’s designs for retailers J.Crew and Brooks Brothers Black Fleece. The company must look at South Korea, the Middle East, and the mainland of China. Stubbs and Wotton has created a cult following over the years. Celebrities such as Kane West, Scott Dipstick, and Olivia Palermo are fans of the brand. Steinhart has been working hard to reach out to a younger audience. In recent years, collaborations with Michael Bastian and Marc Jacobs have continued to boost their relevance. The brand is sold in sizes 8-16, with prices starting at $35 for a T-shirt and going up to $90 for a coat.

Percy Steinhart’s contribution to Stubs & Wotton:

Mr. Percy Steinhart, a revolutionary at the time worked as an executive at Citicorp in the 1990s (now Citigroup) when he said, "I saw something happening in Palm Beach, all of my friends were wearing these velvet evening slippers.

I thought I will do something more diverse, and more fantastical with it But he didn’t embrace the argument for granted and started planning about it. In his imagination, he came up with a concept. So he researched, described, and studied again until he found a factory in La Mancha, Spain that would make the funky velvet slippers .

He envisioned with emblems ranging from funny harlequins to aristocratic-inspired crests to the well-known skulls, and finally, Stubbs & Wotton saw the light of day in 1993! Stores soon followed in Palm Beach, New York City, and the Hamptons (preppy-heaven).

Stubs & Wotton Popularity

Many celebrities are fond of this brand and wearing it as a part of their dressing style in their routine life these famous people are Kane West, Scott Disick, Olivia Palermo, Jcrew, Louboutin, Brooks Brothers & Ralph Lauren.

The tops up of Stubbs & Wotton’s brand has helped it to create a cult following over the years, with followers known to brag about how many colors and patterns they own, some going to the Facebook page of the brand to show off their range have a very posh female client in Palm Springs who built her wardrobe around her Stubbs range," says Steinhart. Rotating bezel took great pains to reinforce the niche brand among a young age group.

We have genuinely been striving hard to meet a younger demographic, “We’ve been striving hard to reach out to a younger population,” I hear a lot about that If my grandma or mother is going to wear it, I don’t want to wear it I was in the store yesterday, and this was it. A 15-year-old girl who got a pair. She asked her daughter, ‘You didn’t purchase these now.’"

The efforts by Steinhart to reach a younger customer seem to be working. Kenya West is said to have a Stubbs-filled cabinet (even wearing a pair to the CFDA awards in June). Leandra Medine generally referred to as the Man Repeller, blogs about them daily. And in recent years, collaborations with Michael Bastian and Marc Jacobs have continued to boost their relevance.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Let’s find the most frequently asked questions people are asking around us. Hope this read will surely add valuable info about Stubs & Wotton.

Are Stubbs and Wootton shoes comfortable?

This brand creates excellent shoes most convenient and the best style," agrees the artist and designer Luke Edward Hall. "The embroidered motifs are bright, unpredictable, and cheerful.

Who is the owner of Stubbs & Wootton shoes?

Percy Steinhart’s

But if anyone can take credit for introducing them to a new audience, it’s Percy Steinhart, the owner of Stubbs & Wotton. Steinhart worked at Citicorp in the 1990s (now Citigroup) when he said, "I have seen something happening in Palm Beach, all my mates were sporting these velvet evening sandals.

Who introduces this brand?

These handmade elegant shoes are under the brand names which are the names of the creators of these shoes and they were the artist of 18 century when they introduced them named Mr. George stubs and Mr. John Wotton.


As the writing was about the marvelous shoes so let’s finish our dressing with a general view about Stubbs and Wootton. According to the research point of view or from an admirer’s perspective these shoes are amazing because their creators were the gamers of paints and we can say artists are mostly naturally creative and the best creations they show.

The brand shows its uniqueness by having a velvet and leather combination regarding comfort .the owner encasing the name because he was also inspired by the foot covers. The velvet softness is luxurious, almost like mole-skin.

The finish and detailing is exceptional overall the embroidery is very detailed and has a perfect finish. No loose threads whatsoever. The inner covering of leather is very fine and soft. No stitches found that might irritate you. Feel very comfortable at your feet. If you get the right size, they’ll fit you like a glove.