Sports Trivia Questions

Sports Trivia questions are for testing your knowledge about sports, so test your knowledge through these sports trivia questions which covers various sports.

These trivia questions are divided into these categories:

A) Basketball Trivia:

1. What is the nick name of basketball player Zydrunas Ilgauskas?

Ans. Big Z

2. Which NBA (National Basketball Association) star grew up as the son of 15 years old single mother?

Ans. Allen Iverson

3. Basketball player Yao Ming originally belongs to which country?

Ans. China

4. What is the name of Miami Heat Mascot?

Ans. Burnie

5. In November 2018, which player was suspended by team from a game?

Ans. Draymond Green

6. In 1996 at Connecticut, what was the award of Ray Allen?

Ans. Big East Player of the year.

7. Famous basketball player Leandro Barbosa belongs to which country?

Ans. Brazil

8. In 1997 which basketball film Julius Erving did?

Ans. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

9. In an NBA game how many officials are on court?

Ans. 3

10. In 1999 playoffs who made the winning shot when knicks of New York upset the Miami Heat?

Ans. Allan Houston

11. Which former knick was a Heisman trophy winner?

Ans. Charlie Ward

12. Who was the winner of NBA slam dunk contest in 2018?

Ans. Donovan Mitchell

13. Who won the 2016 NBA slam dunk contest?

Ans. Zach Lavine

14. What is the nick name of Dan Majerle?

Ans. Thunder Dan

15. In 1994 NBA season, which team was coached by Mike Fartillo?

Ans. Cleveland Cavs

B) Football Trivia:

1. In which category Victor Cruise set a big record in 2011?

Ans. Receiving Yards

2. Another name of football field between opponent’s 20 yard line and end zone?

Ans. Redzone

3. What name is given to the position of the player who snaps the ball in football?

Ans. Centre

4. Matt Nagy was the head coach of which team?

Ans. Chicago Bears

5. In which year Germany won the FIFA World Cup golden trophy?

Ans. 2002

6. “Zidane Headbutt” happened in which World Cup?

Ans. 2006

7. What is the FIFA code for Bulgaria?

Ans. BUL

8. In 1990 at Rome, which country won the World Cup?

Ans. Germany

9. World Cup of 1958 was held in which country?

Ans. Sweden

10. What is the FIFA code for Argentina?

Ans. ARG

11. When Rivaldo score 5 times in a World Cup?

Ans. 2002

12. In which year Haiti broke Italy’s record 19 game shut out streak?

Ans. 1970

13. Which country won their first World Cup in 2010?

Ans. Spain

14. Which French player scored the most goals ever in a tournament, 13 times netting in 6 matches?

Ans. Just Fontaine

15. Which dutch player was the player of the tournament in 1974, although his team lost in the final?

Ans. Johan Cruyff

C) Cricket Trivia:

1. How many players are in cricket team?

Ans. 11 players

2. Which cricket player was the ICC player of the year in 2007?

Ans. Ricky Ponting, Australia

3. Cricket term ‘LBW’ stands for?

Ans. Leg Before Wicket

4. What is a size of cricket field?

Ans. 100-160 Yards

5. Who scored 4 centuries first time in test match?

Ans. Brian Lara

6. What is the name of international governing body of cricket?

Ans. ICC

7. Umpire Billy Bowden belongs to which country?

Ans. New Zealand

8. From which tree’s wood cricket bats are generally made?

Ans. White Willow

9. Test match scheduled for how many days?

Ans. 5 days

10. In which year cricket laws have been written first time?

Ans. 1774

11. What term is given to a well bowled ball which is unplayable by the batsman?

Ans. A jaffa

12. What term is used when '0’ runs scored in an over?

Ans. Maiden Over

13. Which cricketer is known as Rawalpindi Express?

Ans. Shoaib Akhtar

14. Test cricket series between Australia and England known by which name?

Ans. Ashes

15. What is the distance between popping crease and bowling crease?

Ans. 4 feet

D) Hockey Trivia

1. How many players are on the field from each team in a hockey match?

Ans. 11 players

2. What are referees in the hockey called?

Ans. Umpire

3. Where was hockey played in first time?

And. Scotland

4. Which country won the first champion trophy of hockey?

Ans. Pakistan

5. Which country won the 2018 Men’s hockey world Cup?

And. Belgium

6. Which country won the hockey World Cup 4 times?

Ans. Pakistan

7. When player get yellow card what does it mean?

Ans. Player go to the penalty box.

8. How many field umpires in a hockey match?

Ans. 2

9. What are the dimensions of hockey field?

Ans. 91.4m × 55m

10. What is the distance between penalty spot and goal is?

Ans. 7 Yards

11. In hockey match which player was allowed to touch ball with feet?

Ans. Goalkeeper

12. What is the highest governing body of hockey?

Ans. International Hockey Federation (IHF)

13. What is the name of Champion Cup related to Hockey?

Ans. Sultan Azlan Shah Cup

14. Which country has the most Olympic Gold medals in hockey?

Ans. India

15. Which team was the runner-up of 2018 Men’s World Cup?

Ans. Netherlands

E) Tennis Trivia:

1. Famous tennis player Roger Federer belongs to which country?

Ans. Switzerland

2. Which female tennis player won the most women’s Wimbledon singles titles?

Ans. Martina Navratilova

3. In 2019 who won the women’s French open?

Ans. Ashleigh Barty

4. At Wimbledon events where does Royal Family sit?

Ans. The Royal Box

5. What was the age of Boris Becker when he won the first Wimbledon in 1985?

Ans. 17 years

6. Against which player Venus Williams lose five consecutive grand slam tennis finals?

Ans. Serena Williams

7. Soft shot which drop over the net is known as?

Ans. Drop Shot

8. What is the nick name of tennis player Rod Laver?

Ans. “The Rocket”

9. What type of grass is used at Wimbledon?

Ans. Rye Grass

10. Tennis player Jamie Murray belongs to which country?

Ans. United Kingdom (UK)

11. What are the traditional Wimbledon

Ans. Green and purple

12. What is the name of the first African American woman who win Wimbledon?

Ans. Althea Gibson

13. In which year first Ladies singles events were introduced?

Ans. 1884

14. Which tennis star won 20 Wimbledon titles and 13 US open titles?

Ans. Billie Jean King

15. When was the first Wimbledon event

Ans. 1877

F) Squash Trivia:

1. What are the dimensions of a standard squash court?

Ans. 5.64m×9.75m×6.40

2. What are the two variations of squash?

Ans. Hardball and Softball

3. Who won the 555 longest winning streak in squash history?

Ans. Jahangir Khan from Pakistan

4. How many points are needed to win a game of squash?

Ans. 11 points needed to win or 2 points if tied at 10.

5. In a squash match how it decided who serves first?

Ans. By spinning the racket.

6. How much time is allowed to each squash player to warm up the ball?

Ans. 5 minutes

7. What term is used in a squash when other player interfere with the shot?

Ans. Let!

8. What is the interval between the games?

Ans. 90 seconds

9. What is new scoring system called?

Ans. PAR (point a rally)

10. Where was Squash game invented and by whom?

Ans. Schoolboys in England

11. Where should all squash shots must hit?

Ans. Front wall

12. Where does most players try to move after playing a shot?

Ans. The T

13. How many matches a Squash player Heather Mckay lost during her career?

Ans. Only 2 matches

14. Who could earned the points, in traditional scoring?

Ans. Player who served

15. A serve must hit where?

Ans. Front wall between the service line and the out line.

G) Badminton Trivia:

1. What is the governing body of the Badminton?

Ans. Badminton World Federation (BWF)

2. In a single court what are the service

Ans. Long and narrow

3. How many feathers must be in a shuttle?

And. 16

4. What equipments are used by player in badminton?

Ans. Racquet and shuttlecock

5. When do the players of one team change their places, in double?

And. When they score a point.

6. Which Korean player won two times world championship in 1999?

Ans. Kim ■■■■ Moon

7. What is the difference between serving in badminton and tennis?

Ans. The serve is performed by hitting the shuttlecock underarm over the net to the player positioned diagonally on the other side.

8. What is the term ‘Drive’ means?

Ans. When the shuttle travels flat across the court.

9. From what shuttles are made up of?

Ans. The left wing of a goose

10. What score is required in badminton to win?

Ans. 21

11. Where does headquarter of Badminton world federation were relocated in 2005?

Ans. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

12. Which two countries were won 70% of international badminton federation tournaments?

Ans. China and Indonesia

13. What strategies are used in badminton?

Ans. Strokes and deception

14. When was Bath Badminton Club developed?

Ans. In 1877

15. Which country won the Uber Cup three times in 1957, 1960 and 1963?

Ans. USA