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Solitaire Download from the Microsoft Solitaire Collection page in Microsoft Store, and select Install. The game will instantly download and set up. The first and finest solitaire game for Android smartphones is Solitaire by MobilityWare. We are STILL adding entertaining new features to our card game after more than ten years on the App Store.

Get the Classic Free Solitaire Games for Windows

If you like playing the free solitaire games that came with older versions of Windows, we’ve compiled them into the Microsoft Solitaire Collection, a handy software. Select Install from the menu on the Microsoft Solitaire Collection page in the Microsoft Store. The game will instantly download and set up.

Choose Play to start the game. There is always the option to start the game from the purchase page, but pinning it is simpler.

Right-click (or press and hold) the game button in your taskbar while it is open, then choose Pin to the taskbar. The button will remain active even after you exit the game.

Scroll down the list of all applications on the Start menu until you find Microsoft Solitaire Collection, then right-click (or press and hold) the tile and choose Pin to Start. You can find it on the Start menu.

Developer’s Statement

Twelve solitaire card games are included in the 123 Free Solitaire card game collection: Yukon, Diplomat, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves, FreeCell, Golf A-K, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, and Spider Solitaire. 123 Free Solitaire has a great design, quick gameplay, great audio, plenty of choices, and excellent assistance.

There are more than 9 trillion different solitaire games that may be played. Due to the addition of the “Single Click/Touch to move cards” option, 123 Free Solitaire may now be played on touch screen displays.

Free Online Solitaire Game

There is no need to download anything or register through email to begin playing. Play more than 500 solitaire variations, including Spider, Free Cell, Pyramid, and Golf, as well as Klondike Turn 1, Klondike Turn 3, and many more.

Undo Actions

The likelihood of winning is between 80 and 90 percent. Even if your game is winnable, it might still be lost if you make one mistake. You may reverse as many moves as you like if you get stuck to win the game again.

Adapt the Challenge Levels

You have the choice of playing on turns one or three. The first turn is the simpler variant, in which 1 card is selected from the stockpile simultaneously. Three cards are pulled from the stockpile on turn three, which is more difficult since you can only play every third card.

Monitor Your Movements and Time

If you play competitively, you should note the number of plays, time, and deck passes it takes you to win a game. You then set a goal to beat your previous best timings and move counts. Perfect practice makes perfect!

Establish a Free Account.

You may create an account if you’d like to save a game and resume it from where you left off on any device. We’ll keep track of every game you’ve played, along with how long it took you to finish and how many moves you made overall. You’ll be able to see your improvement over time.

Play the Day’s Game

We release a new game that can be won every day. Compare your performance to those of other players. Croll down below the game to view the current leaders and attempt to surpass them. You can play as often as possible while providing feedback and suggestions.

Play on Your Tablet or Smartphone

Our game runs flawlessly in both vertical and horizontal orientations on any size phone or tablet device.

Enjoy Crisp Animations, Audio, and Design.

As you sequence cards, our playing cards are simple and traditional in style, making them simple to read while our animations keep you interested. Additionally, you may play in fullscreen mode, play with noises, and alter the styles of the playing cards.


The free solitaire games from earlier Windows versions are all included in the Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Windows Store Get Microsoft Solitaire Collection installed. The game sets up on its own. To start the video, click Play. To play the game directly from the product page, pin it. To pin a game, right-click (or press and hold) the taskbar button. After the game is closed, the button is still there.

What Is the Solitaire Game Like?

After shuffling a 52-card deck, you’ll start arranging the cards in the tableau by placing them face-down in seven columns, one after the other. With one card in the left-most pile and seven in the right-most pile, the tableauTableau grows in size from left to right.

For instance, this implies that the first seven cards will produce the tableau’sTableau’s first seven columns. The second column will get the eighth card released since there is already one card in the first column.

Following completion, the piles should be cascaded downhill to create a “reverse staircase” to the right. You will end up with seven heaps, the first pile having one card, the second pile two cards, the third pile three cards, etc.

Only the last card in each Tableau column is turned face up to reveal the card’s suit, color, and value. In our game, this is done for you automatically.


You must put every card into one of the four vacant Foundations piles in numerical and suit sequence, beginning with Ace and going all the way up to King to win.


In this region, there are seven columns. The first column holds one card, while the subsequent columns hold one more each. Each pile’s last card is flipped over face up.


The remaining cards may be drawn here and then used to play the game. The cards are placed in a rubbish pile if they are not utilized. The remaining cards that haven’t been put to the tableauTableau or foundation may be redrawn from the stockpile in the same sequence once all cards have been turned over.

Exercising the Game

  1. To create a sequence of cards, face-up cards in the tableau or stockpile may be stacked on top of the face-up cards of the same rank in the tableauTableau of the contrasting color.

  2. Sequenced groups or stacked cards in the tableau may also be placed on top of a card with a higher rank and a contrasting color.

  3. The last card in a tableau column is turned over and may be used if only face-down cards are left.

  4. An Ace must be played to begin a foundation pile. Only cards from that suit may be added to a foundation pile after it has been established.

  5. If no additional cards are on top of any cards that have surfaced from the stockpile or tableauTableau, they may be transferred to a foundation pile if arranged correctly.

  6. You may only transfer a King to an unoccupied column in the tableau.

  7. Achieve victory by correctly sorting all cards into the Foundation piles.

What Separates Klondike from Classic Solitaire?

Many wonder whether Klondike is a different solitaire game like FreeCell or Spider Solitaire. It isn’t! The game you may play on our webpage is the original or classic version of Klondike Solitaire, which is also the most played.

It is said that the Canadian Klondike area inspired the name of the place. Many miners played traditional Solitaire during the 1896 gold rush, giving rise to Klondike Solitaire.

The Solitaire Rules

The guidelines for Solitaire are shown below.

Cards and groupings of cards may be moved in the tableau as long as they are placed on top of a card of a different color in descending order. This rule also applies to individual cards from the stockpile.

A Four of Hearts may be positioned on top of a Three of Clubs.

A King may be placed in an empty tableau column.

To win, you must transfer every card from the tableauTableau to each of the four foundation piles, according to suit and in ascending value from Ace to King.


Each new card should go in the next tableau column once the 52-card deck has been shuffled. The tableauTableau expands from one card to seven cards from left to right. The first seven cards will produce the first seven columns in the tableau. The eighth card will go in the second column since the first column already has one card.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The main questions connected to this topic are listed below.

1 - Which Solitaire Variation Is the Best?

Spider. Although Spider Solitaire is the most played 2-deck variant, Klondike Solitaire is the most played form overall. The eight foundations that must be constructed to win the game gave the game its name since spiders typically have eight legs.

2 - What Free Solitaire Game Exists?

Play free solitaire games like Freecell, Spider Solitaire, and Klondike (Solitaire with one card and three cards).

3 - Where Has My Classic Solitaire Gone?

The game was first launched with Windows 3.0, and from that point until Windows 7, it got a lot of little improvements. Then, starting with Windows 8.1, Microsoft swapped out the vintage version with a contemporary one called the “Microsoft Solitaire Collection,” which remained available until Windows 10.

4 - Can I Use My Phone to Play Solitaire?

You may use your cellular data subscription or WiFi to play our games. Some limited data plan use will occur if you play the game while connected to your mobile service.

5 - Why Won’t My Solitaire Game Open?

Run the troubleshooter to identify the issue if the Microsoft Solitaire Collection isn’t functioning correctly. Click Update & Security in the Settings window after opening it. Select Troubleshoot from the left pane at this time. Then, in the right pane, choose Windows Store Apps.

6 - Does Windows 10 Still Support Solitaire?

Although Solitaire is available in various variations in Windows 10, it is not pre-installed. Download traditional Solitaire for Windows 10 if you miss playing the online card game.

7 - How Can I Get Rid of the Adverts in Solitaire?

Unfortunately, upgrading to the Premium version in the app’s settings is the only method to eliminate commercials in Microsoft Solitaire Collection. Use the Comments Hub app in the Start Menu to let Microsoft know your thoughts on this; here is where engineers are entrusted with handling customer feedback.

8 - How Are Games Played Without Ads?

Switch your phone to airplane mode to get rid of ads in mobile games. If you do this, most banner advertisements will disappear, and videos will never load. Where the adverts formerly were, there could still be a little placeholder.

9 - What Solitaire Variation Is the Simplest?

One of the simplest solitaire games to learn is Klondike Solitaire. If you’re learning how to play card games alone, it’s a fantastic place to start. Your objective is to arrange all your cards in a row, starting with the Ace (same suits).

10 - Is Solitaire App Safe?

Researchers have discovered solitaire software in the Google Play store that contains harmful spyware. The software is a member of the FruitSMS family of applications, which fool users into sending or receiving “premium” text messages so that their carrier would subsequently charge them.


Solitaire Install the Microsoft Store’s Solitaire Collection. The game sets up on its own. The best Android Solitaire game is by MobilityWare. Despite being in the App Store for ten years, we’re constantly updating our card game. There are about 9 trillion games of Solitaire. You may play 123 Free Solitaire on touch screen displays using “Single Click/Touch to Move Cards.”