Signs she's too good for you

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were actually signs that tell you she’s too good for you? If you were able to read her body language and easily tell what her intentions are. Would you be able to keep her? Do you want to know if she’s going to leave you for someone else?

Most men don’t have the skills to read other people. Most men don’t understand that a woman is not the same as a man. Although most women aren’t looking to leave men, they are still very much in need of affection. It’s all about making her feel needed and loved.

There are some subtle signs she’s too good for you.


Physical attraction

The first is casual physical attraction. If she starts to lean towards you physically, whether it’s with your eyes or when you hold her hand, then you should take note. This isn’t to say she’s going to fall for you right away, but you can tell she wants to be physical with you.

Women don’t want to be pushed into something they aren’t ready for. They want to feel as though they have control in the relationship. If she feels like she is being controlled or pushed, then she will run. She will move away from you.

Spending time together

Another sign is the time spent together. Does she seem to want to spend every waking minute with you? Does it seem like more time than usual passes between you? Does she seem to be more interested in spending time with you than other guys? This means she’s in love with you. She wants you to spend some time with her too.

Is she spending more time with friends than with you? If this is happening, she’s too good for you. She’s moved her life onto her friends. Friends she’s met at a club, on the Internet, or at a party. She has nothing else on her mind but her own life.

She wants to meet all your friends. Does she even know yours? She doesn’t. She doesn’t want to meet your friends because you’re different from them. Your friends see right through you.

Offer dinner together

One of the classic signs she’s too good for you is if she turns down opportunities to go to dinner with you. She knows you’re single and has nothing to do with you. She doesn’t want to sit by and observe you while you’re at a restaurant with your date. So, when she says no, it’s usually true. She sees you don’t want to be left alone.

Does she spend too much time out with other guys? Does she talk to all of them at once? Does she claim to be your friend? If she spends too much time with one guy or too little time with another, she’s not in love with you. She has one guy in mind, and that’s the one she’s seeing.

She’s insecure and afraid. She feels threatened by men, by dating, and by people in general. She’s afraid to show her vulnerability because of all the judgment she gets. She’s always been insecure.

She talks a lot! Do you think she’s insecure because she’s talking a whole bunch of nonsense? She’s not trying to say the stupidest things possible. She’s just honest with you.

She uses you to escape from herself. She feels safer with you than without you. She uses you as a shield from all the tough stuff going on in her life.

She’s too good for you when she’s with someone else. What happens when she’s with that other guy? How does she deal with it? When she’s not around you, does she seem miserable, sad, or angry? Does she act like a wimp when she’s with another guy? If she does, she’s not in love with you.