Serena Karlan Found

Serena Karlan Found news was a rumor. The brother of her boyfriend killed her. She and two other people got on a ship and were never seen again. The suspect has passed away. She’s been missing since 2002; her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Serena Karlan Found

Who were Serena Karlan and Bison Dele?

Bison Dele was a famous basketball player who won an NBA championship during his time in the league. When he abruptly left the NBA at 30, he was amid a stellar career in the league.

After Dele retired, he took a trip around the world, visiting places such as Lebanon, the Mediterranean, and the outback of Australia, before investing in a catamaran and learning to sail.

During the terrorist attacks in New York in September 2001, Dele convinced his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, to escape aboard his boat with him.

Full Name Brian Carson Williams
Gender Male
Date Of Birth April 06, 1969,
Died July 07, 2002, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Girlfriend Serena Karlan
Nationality American
Active from 1991-1999
Profession Basketball Player
Total Points per game 4,536
Net Worth $30 million

On their last trip, the couple sailed to Auckland, where Dele’s long-lost brother Miles Dabord found them by chance in January 2002. People say the two brothers irritated each other and fought until Dabord left.

In May, the brother returned to the U.S. and took the catamaran to Tahiti with Saldo and a crew member named Mark Benson. When they got to Tahiti, they met Dele and Karlan. All five of them decided to sail to the South Pacific. Still, the fighting between the brothers got so bad that Benson left during a stopover on an island.


During the 9/11 terrorist attacks, he took his girlfriend, Serena Karlan, on a boat trip worldwide. Dele’s long-lost brother Miles found them by chance after tracking them down in New Zealand.

Retired life of Bison Dele

Even though others did, Bison Dele was not one of the people who questioned his choice. He didn’t even miss playing basketball. He was having too much fun. He started going worldwide and even ran with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. He dated Madonna, just like his old teammate. Dennis Rodman did. He went to many different places in Europe with only a backpack.

In 2000, he moved to Tahiti, where he bought a 55-foot catamaran and named it “Hakuna Matata,” a phrase from the popular animated movie “The Lion King” that means “no worries.” At that point, Dele didn’t worry about anything as he sailed through the South Pacific to Hawaii.

On July 06, 2002, that day came. Bison Dele, his brother Kevin Williams, whose name had been changed to Miles Dabord, Dele’s girlfriend Serena Karlan, and the boat’s captain, Bertrand Saldo, set sail for Hawaii.

What Happened to Bison and Serena?

In 2002, it was said that his older brother Miles Dabord killed him at sea. According to reports, Dabord also killed his girlfriend Serena Karlan and the ship’s captain, Bertrand Saldo. Dabord would later tell his girlfriend about his fight with his brother.

Karlan, Dele’s girlfriend, tried to stop the fight between the two brothers, but she was knocked down and hit her head on the deck, which killed her. When the captain, Saldo, found out what had happened, he told the crew to go back to port and tell the authorities about the death.

Dabord says that Bison Dele got angry and killed Sabord by beating him with a wrench. At that point, Dabord said he was afraid for his life and shot his brother. Afterward, he used the bodybuilding weights aboard the boat, weighted all three bodies down, and flung them overboard into waters full of sharks. Then he went back to Tahiti by boat.

Two months after setting sail on that terrible trip, on September 15, Dabord is said to have taken too much insulin and gone into a coma in Mexico as the police closed in on him. He died on September 28. Nobody knows what happened to the other three people traveling with them, and this mystery remains unsolved.

Were Bison Dele and Serena Karlan Found?

There is no proof about Bison Dele or Serena Karlan today, which is sad. After Miles escaped jail in Arizona, He ran to his girlfriend’s house in Palo Alto and then went to Mexico. The police could never solve the case because just a few days later, Dabord’s body was found on a beach after taking too much insulin and falling unconscious.

He was taken back to Scripps Memorial Hospital in Chula Vista, California, where doctors told his mother that he probably wouldn’t live. On September 27, 2002, Dabord’s mother asked him to be taken off life support. So, Miles Dabord died, and the truth about what happened on the catamaran in the South Pacific will never be known again.


Dabord says that Bison Dele got angry and killed Sabord by beating him with a wrench. Miles escaped jail in Arizona. He ran to his girlfriend’s house in Palo Alto. The police could never solve the case because just a few days later, Dabord’s body was found.

How Did Miles Dabord Die?

After spending the night in jail in Phoenix, Dabord went to his girlfriend’s house in Palo Alto and then crossed into Mexico. Dabord was found unconscious on a beach on September 15, 2002. He was taken to Scripps Memorial Hospital in Chula Vista, California. He was thought to have put himself into a coma by taking too much insulin.

Doctors at the hospital in California told Dabord’s mother that he didn’t have a good chance of living. On September 27, 2002, she asked that the machines that kept him alive be turned off. So, Dabord died, and with him, the chance to find out what happened to Bison Dele and his girlfriend on that mysterious trip in the South Pacific.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about Serena Karlan found. We discussed a few of them below:

1. Who killed Serena Karlan?

Bison Dele was allegedly killed at sea by his older brother Miles Dabord in 2002. His girlfriend Serena Karlan and skipper Bertrand Saldo were also reportedly killed by Dabord.

2. Why did Bison Dele make a name change?

In 1998, to honor his Native American (Cherokee) and African ancestors, he changed his name to Bison Dele. He played his last season under that name.

3. What did Bison Dele’s name start as?

Bison Dele used to go by the name Brian Williams. Before he died, Bison Dele was worth almost $20 million.

4. What happened to the girl Bison Dele was dating?

Bison Dele was a former NBA player. His brother, Miles Dabord, killed him after he and Bison got into a fight on the Deles’ boat, and Dabord blamed his ex-girlfriend. Weise told the FBI about the fights on the boat, which turned Dele’s disappearance into a murder case.

5. Who shot the buffalo?

Bison were the most common large wild mammals on Earth. Russell Means says the Bison was killed the same way that coyotes do. Coyotes sometimes pull a bison away from the group and chase it around in circles until it collapses or gives up because it is too tired.

6. Who is Serena Karlan?

Huston Smith’s niece, Serena Karlan, died in 2002. Serena Karlan, the niece of Huston Smith, and her friend Bison Dele, an NBA player, left the South Pacific in July 2002. There will be no more news about them.

7. Which NBA team doesn’t have any retired numbers?

As of 2022, only the Los Angeles Clippers and the Toronto Raptors don’t have any retired numbers.

8. What does Brian Williams make?

Brian Williams has a net worth of $40 million and makes a living as an American journalist.

9. What happened to the brother of Bison Dele?

Miles Dabord was taken off life support yesterday at a hospital in the San Diego area. He was thought to have killed his brother, the former NBA player Bison Dele, and two other people on a boat in Tahiti more than two months ago.

10. What happened to Brian Williams, the basketball player?

Bison Dele, who used to go by Brian Williams, quit the NBA to travel the world. His quest took him to a mysterious place near Tahiti, where it ended. Even after more than a decade, his spirit still sails on.

11. Why did Brian Williams’s name change?

He played under his birth name. Brian Williams didn’t decide to change his name until 1998. Bison Dele’s name was chosen to honor his Cherokee and African ancestry.

12. How much does Savannah Guthrie make a year?

NBC pays Guthrie $8 million a year for her many jobs there, especially her work on “Today.”

13. Was Bison Dele ever found?

In 1997, Dele won a title with the Bulls. It is thought that his older brother Miles Dabord killed him at sea in 2002.

14. Is it true that Brian Williams did not play for the Chicago Bulls?

In the 1991 NBA draft, the University of Arizona’s Brian Williams was among the first 10 players chosen. He played for five teams throughout eight NBA seasons and averaged 11 points per game. One of those teams was the 1997 NBA Champion Chicago Bulls.

15. Who is the NBA star who went missing?

Bison Dele, also known as Brian Williams, went missing, and it was later said that he was killed. His disappearance will probably be one of those cases where there are a lot of questions, but we might all agree on what might have happened.


It is such a sad case, and the people who died didn’t deserve to die. I say this after every case, but no one deserves to be killed. Miles was a piece of garbage, and Bison was hoping they could get back together, but Miles had his plans. Even worse, Serena and Bertrand tried to have fun on their adventure. I hope their bodies will be found one day, but it doesn’t look good.

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