Scarlet Color

Scarlet Color. Scarlet red used to be the colour of shame, something to hide and cover-up, but now it’s the new black when it comes to fashion. Why? Because scarlet red has been featured on runways, in fashion magazines, and celebrity clothing lines around the world.

A Quick History

  • The word scarlet comes from kermes, a red dye used in dying fabric for centuries. The actual shade of scarlet (also known as crimson) gets its hue from another plant-based pigment called madder, a flowering plant related to ragweed.

  • Unlike many other pigments, these two—kermes and madder—are both water-soluble, which means they can be used in dyeing both fabric and paper.

  • These two pigments—kermes and madder—are water-soluble, which means they can be used in fabric and paper dyeing.

  • While kermes was made from insects, madder (also known as Rubia) comes from a root that has been used for centuries to create red dyes for various purposes, including scarlet clothing.

  • For centuries, kermes was used as a source of red dye, mainly to make scarlet clothing.

  • It wasn’t until 1798 that chemists were able to isolate it into a form that could be used for fabric dyeing. After that, madder was largely abandoned in favour of cheap synthetic dyes and natural alternatives like henna and indigo.

scarlet is a bright red colour sometimes with a slightly orange tinge
In the spectrum of visible light and on the traditional
colour wheel, it is one-quarter Scarlet is a bright red hue with hints of orange.

How to Dress in this Color

  1. To rock scarlet, combine a scarlet top with jeans or black pants, boots, and a solid-coloured scarf. If you’re wondering what colours to wear with red to create an outfit that will be bold without looking tacky, try wearing an orange-red shirt with grey pants and blue heels.

  2. Add in a few gold accessories to complete your look—think of these items as bridges between pieces, breaking up all that scarlet in your outfit for an overall cohesive look.

  3. If you have other red clothing items, you can use them to form a consistent look—just avoid having too many different shades of red in one outfit. For example, pair a scarlet dress with blue pumps, or wear a top that’s more on the orange side of things with black leggings and flat boots

  4. This will help your look come together without looking like too much of a clashing mess.

  5. To help you show off your new look, post pictures of your scarlet outfit to social media—o matter what it is. Let friends and family know how awesome they’ll look in red, or help others build their scarlet ensembles.

Matching Shades with Accessories

  • People often buy a scarf for a specific outfit and then leave it tucked away in their closet. Instead, coordinate your scarves with your other accessories

  • A bright red scarf will go nicely with an outfit of blues and greys; gold goes great with silvers and browns; pink can be worn with black. Scarves should be used not just as accessories but also as tools to help you express yourself more easily through fashion.

  • Scarves are also important because they can help break up a solid, monochromatic outfit into something that looks chicer and put together. Matching shades with your outfits will ensure you don’t just look good; you’ll also look polished and pulled-together, which is always a great look for any occasion.

  • If you look at a shirt and are unsure how to coordinate it with your wardrobe, always ask yourself what it will look like with one of your scarves. You’ll most likely get an idea that will help you decide how to style it properly.

  • Many women have scarves in their closets, but they don’t wear them because they are unsure how to match them with other outfits or accessories.

Looks That Use This Color

Scarlett Johansson’s midnight black bob. Julianne Moore’s gold goddess gown. Every single sequin in Mariah Carey’s Bad Gal dress.

If there was ever a moment when red was less cool than it has been at any point since, I don’t know, Alice Cooper pioneered modern shock rock in 1969, but it hasn’t happened yet.

But if there was a shade that looks like it’s got what it takes to usurp red, now would be its chance.

According to E-trends, scarlet took over as Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018 after years as a sort of cult favourite — and based on their data, interest in deep reds has seen a substantial spike just within 2017 alone.

If you’re having trouble picturing just how striking scarlet can be in person, that’s because, like red, it isn’t a single hue.

Note: There are a couple of different shades that go by scarlet. The simplest way to understand it is that scarlet falls between classic red and hot pink. Scarlet might not be here yet — but give it time.

Where Can You Wear This Color?

  1. This bold hue can be used in most areas of your wardrobe. It’s also a bright shade that enhances more muted colours, like browns and black.

  2. Take advantage of scarlet’s versatility by wearing it daily to night with minimal changes to your outfit: just swap out your dress shoes for a pair of flats or booties.

  3. Besides scarlet being a great standalone, pairing it with other primary colours will also work well. Try wearing it with bright blues and yellows for a fun daytime look. Throw a scarf or cardigan in neutral shades like grey or taupe to break up that intense pigment.

  4. If you want to step up your nighttime style, wear scarlet with understated neutrals like browns and black for a classic combination everyone loves.

  5. If you’re nervous about wearing such a saturated hue, choose something that combines scarlet with a complimentary shade to help tone down its intensity. Use lighter neutrals like ivory or white to balance it out and make it work for more formal events

  6. A scarf or shawl in black, grey or taupe can also dress up scarlet without being too matchy-matchy.

Scarlet Color Code

  • #FF3300; hex code #CC3333. Its name derives from the Latin scarlet (obscure red). The X11, HTML, and CSS names are all taken from scarlet. It is a pure colour, having a luminance of 100%. A common synonym for scarlet is red.

  • Many things that are commonly coloured scarlet are described as being red. In Europe, various shades of scarlet (colour) have long been associated with royalty and power.

  • It is commonly associated with courage and sacrifice. Scarlet badges and ribbons were worn to support many causes, especially by crusaders. Later, red was also used for some national flags, including those of Romania, Italy, and Ukraine

  • Red was also common in traditional European heraldry, symbolizing bravery, ferocity, and loyalty. Today it commonly represents passion, energy, and life. It can be found on many sporting uniforms.

  • The colour scarlet plays an important role in many cultures. Along with other colours, it can be found in religious symbolism and art, national flags, heraldry, and architecture. It also frequently appears in literature, film, and music. It is an essential aspect of Eastern Orthodox culture and a part of traditional African dress.

Bright Scarlet Color

  1. A red so bold it makes you feel instantly put together. It’s bold, daring, and a little edgy – which is why scarlet shades will surely be big next season. So whether you opt for deep red, bright pink, or a jewel tone version like burgundy, make sure you inject some of these colours into your fall wardrobe and stand out from the crowd.

  2. As autumn approaches, it’s time to consider how you want to stand out. Instead, look towards scarlet shades for a burst of bold colour in your wardrobe and make sure you don’t get lost in amongst all those muted tones.

  3. When it comes to scarlet colours, you can’t go wrong with a deep red or bright pink. Try adding an overcoat in scarlet to your workwear wardrobe and amp up your office style or pair a silky blouse with skinny jeans for an evening event

  4. You could even get brave and try a jewel tone version of scarlets like burgundy, emerald green, or aubergine (eggplant).

Dark Scarlet Color

  • The Darker, Deep Scarlets. This category includes shades of red that run along a full spectrum from dark maroon to deep red to blood red (the darkest and most vivid shade). We’ve also included berry tones as part of our dark scarlet section. It’s important to note that some shades labelled berry could be classified as deep or dark red based on their hues.

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Red, or scarlet as it’s sometimes called, has long been a symbol of passion and love. But today, scarlet comes into its own with new shades ranging from bright orange to dark red-purple. Discover how these hues express your inner self and update your wardrobe accordingly! Take our online quiz to learn which hues of scarlet will look best on you. Or get inspired with our tips on wearing different shades of scarlet in every season of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some important points to know.

1 - What does the Color red represent?

red is the variety generally worn via cardinals in the Catholic Church and addresses the blood of Christ and Christian saints. Subsequently, it is related to religion, dedication, and penance. Like most other radiant red shades, red is connected with grit, enthusiasm, intensity, and happiness.

2 - Is blood red or red?

Crimson is a warm variety that can be splendid or dim red. The dazzling red is often thought about as the shade of new blood, yet a crimson tone may likewise portray a dim maroon shade of red.

3 - Is red a shade tone?

**It is a shade of red with traces of orange. Red falls among red and orange and is generally a piece on the orange side.**Red is now and then thought to be a shade of dark red, albeit red is redder.

4 - What is the otherworldly significance of red?

On one hand, Scarlet is demonstrative of religion, commitment, and penance; however, on the other, it is additionally likewise connected with enthusiasm, energy, warmth, and certainty. Clear and striking, the utilization of Scarlet will make any plan stand apart with its high permeability.

5 - Is it warm or cool?

Other than evident, there are warm red and cool reds. Warm red has yellow in the — red is a model.

6 - Is the name red in the Bible?

The name Scarlett isn’t in the Bible. Notwithstanding, the word red shows up in it north of 50 times. In the Old Testament, it is involved Genesis in reference.

7 - What did red address in the Bible?

“As per the well-conceived plan of the Eternal God, there should be an amends made, or, in all likelihood all humanity should inescapably die” (Alma 34:9). The Hebrew words for red (Shani) and ruby (tola) connote where the varieties were gotten from — a worm (in all likelihood Kermes echinatus).

8 - Is red and blood red a similar variety?

As things the contrast between red and ruby

is that red a dazzling red, orange tone marginally while blood red is a profound, pale blue red?

9 - Is it red or orange?

Redazzling is a red tone with a marginally orange hint now and again. In the range of apparent light, and on the conventional variety wheel, it is one-fourth of the way among red and orange, somewhat less orange than vermilion.

10 - What colour is scarlet?

Scarlet is a deep crimson with orange undertones. Cardinals of the Catholic Church wear scarlet as a symbol of Christ’s blood and the martyrdom of Christian martyrs. Thus, it is linked to religion, dedication, and sacrifice.


At the end of this article, you will successfully like to know that scarlet is a new black, and not only in fashion but also in your life. You can wear scarlet to look more attractive; it’s a good choice for those who want to be more attractive and fashionable. You can wear scarlet when you go out with friends or are dating. If you want to eliminate your boring style, just choose scarlet as your new favourite colour.

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