River Kopech

River Kopech is a famous child. He is the child of baseball player Michael Kopech and TV actress Vanessa Morgan. The river is only one year old as of 2022. He was conceived in 2021. However, his parents must decide whether to keep his exact birthdate a secret from the general public.

River Kopech

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A famous child is River Kopech. He is the child of baseball player Michael Kopech and TV actress Vanessa Morgan. The river is only one year old as of 2022. He was conceived in 2021. However, his parents must decide whether to keep his exact birthdate a secret from the general public.

His parents didn’t post any of his images or his date of birth on social media for a considerable amount of time. They were respecting his privacy, which is excellent in another way. In the same way, Michael Kopech, a baseball star, and Vanessa Morgan, a TV actress, were his parents when he was born.

The star child River

He is undoubtedly a star kid because both of his parents are well-known and successful in the profession. And speaking of his mother Vanessa, she makes her living as an actress. She is currently recognized by the audience for her work on shows like My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2007), The Latest Buzz (2007), and Riverdale (2017). (2010).

In a similar vein, she has completed 18 projects to date and is regarded as the future superstar. Likewise, his father Michael is among MLB’s most well-liked players (Major League baseball). For the Chicago White Sox, Michael is a player. He began competing in the professional league in 2018.

Personal Details

He currently has no personal information because he is still a young toddler. His parents are currently separated, nevertheless. The pair spent a few years together. Through social media, Michael and Vanessa initially connected in 2018.

The couple first felt chemistry after spending some time together. They eventually began dating, and barely a year later, Michael proposed. In Homestead, Florida’s Historic Walton House, they later exchanged wedding vows. However, they didn’t have a long-lasting romance.

Michael appears to have started the divorce process only a few months into their union. The divorce is currently pending, thus no decision has been made. However, we think they will share parenting responsibilities for their son.

Net Worth of River Kopech

For the time being, River is far too young to discuss his net worth. But we can be certain that he will lead a simple, comfortable existence. The main cause of such is that both parents earn well from their different professions. Michael, his father, is thought to be worth $800,000.

His mother Vanessa, though, has an astounding net worth of $2 million. Additionally, his parents’ social media accounts demonstrate that they are well-off as they are frequently pictured taking trips across the globe.

Social media

He has not yet registered his name on any social networking sites as of 2022. But given that many celebrities start their kids off on social media at an early age, we can be confident that he will be accessible soon on sites like Instagram.

:sparkles: Summary

River Kopech is the child of baseball player Michael and TV actress Vanessa Morgan. He was conceived in 2021 but his precise birthdate is still unknown. His mother Vanessa is recognized for her work on shows like My Babysitter’s a Vampire (2007) and Riverdale (2017). His father Michael and his mother Vanessa are thought to be worth $800,000 and $2 million respectively.

Mother of River, Vanessa Morgan

Born on March 23, 1992, Vanessa Morgan Mziray is a Canadian actress better known by her stage name, Vanessa Morgan. She is known for playing Beatrix “Bird” Castro in the MTV film My Babysitter’s a Vampire as well as Amanda Pierce in the Family adolescent comedy The Latest Buzz and Sarah in the Disney Channel film and associated television series. In The CW’s Riverdale adolescent drama, she portrays Toni Topaz.

Early life

Morgan was born in the Canadian city of Ottawa. Her mother is Scottish, and her father is from Tanzania. Morgan is the youngest of the three children. She shares a sibling relationship with both her older brother and sister.

Morgan began singing when she was six. She sang at community events and telethons, performed for Childhelp, and frequently made guest appearances for the College of the Desert Scholarship Foundation.

After being seen by a Hollywood agent in 1999, she was awarded a scholarship to a Hollywood acting school. At the National Date Festival in 1999, Morgan won first place for vocals and was named Junior Miss America. In 2000, she won first place in the African-American Vocal Competition.

When she was younger, she took part in the competitive NTA tennis program run by the Ottawa Athletic Club. 2010 saw Morgan graduate from Colonel By Secondary School and begin her studies in philosophy at Queen’s University.

Personal life

From 2013 to 2014, Vanessa Morgan dated Nathan Mackinnon, a former Memorial Cup champion. Morgan and professional player of baseball Michael Kopech got engaged on July 3, 2019. On January 4, 2020, they exchanged vows.

Kopech filed for divorce on June 19, 2020. On July 24, 2020, Morgan announced that she was expecting. The divorce case was still open as of December 2020. Morgan gave birth to a son in 2021.



Morgan made her acting debut in the VH1 movie A Diva’s Christmas Carol from 2000. She appeared once more in the film Frankie & Alice in 2010. She gained notoriety in 2007 by performing the show’s theme song and playing Amanda Pearce in the Family comedy series The Latest Buzz.

In the Disney Channel movie Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars from 2010, she also portrayed Marion Hawthorne. The next year, Morgan portrayed Sarah in the Teletoon/Disney Channel film My Babysitter’s a Vampire and the corresponding television series. Morgan also made an appearance in the Disney Channel movie Geek Charming from 2011.

During the second season of the Disney Channel comedy series A.N.T. Farm, she made four appearances. In 2013, Morgan produced two Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes. On the MTV series Finding Carter, Morgan had a recurring role as Beatrix “Bird” Castro in 2014.

She joins the main cast of The Shannara Chronicles on Spike in 2017 as Lyria for season 2 of the fantasy drama. Then Morgan was paired with Toni Topaz from The CW’s Riverdale, a recurring character in the adolescent drama series. On May 2, 2018, Morgan’s status as a third-season series regular for the program was made public.

Other projects

Together with her sister Celina Mziray, Morgan took part in the first season of the CTV reality competition series The Amazing Race Canada. They took third place when the race was over.

:sparkles: Summary

Vanessa Morgan was born on 23rd March, 1992. She is well-known for playing Beatrix “Bird” Castro in the MTV teen drama Finding Carter. In the Riverdale adolescent drama on The CW, she portrays Toni Topaz. She rose to fame in 2007 for her portrayal of Amanda Pearce in the Family adolescent comedy series The Latest Buzz.

:droplet: FAQ’s

Following are some of the important questions:

1. Who is Vanessa’s baby daddy?

Michael Kopech, River’s father, has the last name “KOPECH” written on the back. In July 2019, the 25-year-old baseball player proposed to Morgan, and six months later they were married in Florida. In July 2020, the actress made her pregnancy public.

2. How rich is Vanessa Morgan?

Morgan, Vanessa Salary, and net worth: As of 2022, Vanessa Morgan, a Canadian actress, had a net worth of USD 3 million.

3. Is Vanessa and Morgan married?

After less than two years of dating, Morgan, and Kopech said “I do” in January 2020. The Chicago Tribune stated that he had secretly filed for divorce in his home state of Texas on June 19, 2020, just after the news of her pregnancy was public.

4. Who plays TT in Riverdale?

Although the actress’ 6-month-old baby, River, won’t be featured on the CW series, both Vanessa Morgan and her Riverdale character, Toni Topaz, recently became mothers.

5. Is Cole Sprouse rich?

Celebrity Net Worth estimates Cole Sprouse’s net worth to be around $80 million. For The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, he was expected to earn $20,000 every episode.

6. Is Vanessa Morgan Black or white?


Vanessa Morgan, the only Black actor among the 12 current series regulars, expressed her dissatisfaction with the storytelling in Riverdale towards the end of May. She also expressed her frustration at being the least-paid member of the cast.

7. Is Vanessa Morgan’s baby?

The couple, who had been married for a year, revealed they were expecting a boy in July 2020. Although the 25-year-old pitcher for the Chicago White Sox filed for divorce a month before the couple learned they were expecting a child, he reportedly attended the birth of their son "Michael is also with Vanessa, who just gave birth to the child.

8. What is Vanessa Morgan mixed with?

on Twitter: Vanessa Morgan "Yes, I am a Canadian. yet I am mixed because my father is from East Africa and my mother is Scottish "and Twitter.

9. Is Vanessa Morgan Afro Latina?

young age. Ottawa, Ontario, is where Morgan was born. Her father is Tanzanian, while her mother is Scottish.

10. Who is the black girl in Riverdale?

Speaking out about her experience on Riverdale is Vanessa Morgan. In a series of tweets, the actress who portrays Toni Topaz on the CW drama opened up about her experiences as a black woman working on the show and criticized it for how it portrayed black characters, according to Deadline.

:sparkles: Conclusion

One-year-old River Kopech was conceived in 2021. He is the child of baseball player Michael and TV actress Vanessa Morgan. His parents are separated, but no decision has been made on parenting responsibilities for their son. Vanessa Morgan Mziray, better known by her stage name Vanessa Morgan, was born on March 23, 1992.

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