Ricko DeWilde

Ricko DeWilde, a reality television celebrity and Koyukon Athabascan, Ricko DeWilde was born on June 7, 1975. He gained notoriety for his time spent on National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” as a cast member. Since he and his siblings shared a similar upbringing, DeWilde doesn’t discover anything novel on this voyage. He frequently discusses how his ancestors led subsistence lives and why it comes naturally to him.

Ricko DeWilde

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Ricko DeWilde is a Koyukon Athabascan reality television star. He was born on June 7, 1975. He became well-known for his work as a cast member on National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero.” The show’s characters, who reside in Alaska, rely on fishing, hunting, and collecting to get them by until the conclusion of the current season.

DeWilde doesn’t learn anything new on this journey because he and his brothers had a similar childhood. He often talks about how his ancestors lived off the land and how it just comes naturally to him.

Net Worth of Ricko DeWilde

Despite residing in the bush, the survivalist keeps up with his social media accounts. It will be assumed that he stays off the grid. It seems doubtful that this is not the case surely how frequently he informs his fans and followers.

Ricko does receive a sizable salary as a result of his big social media fan base. His total wealth is between $1 million and $5 million in 2021, per the most recent sources.

Education of Ricko DeWilde

Ricko has a unique educational background. Before enrolling in school in his late teens, he had never experienced school. Despite this, he still managed to perform well and earn decent scores.

He entered a school when he was 16 years old. From a Public US State university Ricko DeWilde obtained a bachelor’s degree after completing his high school studies.

Age of Ricko DeWilde

44 years old is Ricko. He and his 13 siblings were left to continue carrying out the survival of their generation in the harsh Alaskan environment after the tragic death of their parents.

Is Ricko DeWilde married?

There isn’t much evidence to suggest that Ricko is legally married to the mother of his five children. But whenever Ricko DeWilde and his family are spotted together—Rona, his two children Skyler and Keenan, and his three daughters Simone, Maya, and Skarlett—they are in Fairbanks, where he grew up.

Both Rona and Ricko are Koyukon Athabascans, so named after the area where they reside along the Koyukuk and Yukon rivers. As was already said, Ricko DeWilde lived here with his 13 brothers and sisters for the first Eighteen years of his life.

We were home-schooled and brought up in our camps, surviving off the earth, hunting, trapping, and fishing, according to Ricko, who was overheard saying to Indian Country Today in 2019. We “lived by the seasons” in terms of our travel habits and the kinds of the game we could catch to put food on the table.

The reality star has also voiced his appreciation for the National Geographic show, which he thinks has helped him become a more understanding father. The town of Fairbanks, which has a population of little around 30,000, is where Ricko and Rona are currently raising their kids. Ricko, though, is eager to transmit the Native Alaskan traditions he learned from his parents.

I don’t belong in Alaska, Ricko declared in an interview with Cowboys & Indians magazine. He discusses his relationship with the government with great fervor. I am an Alaskan. It is not my property in Alaska. Alaska is my owner. I would get lost if I left.


What would you believe if I showed you that individuals like Ricko, who is seen living a nice, simple life in Alaska, are also business owners? Yes! You used the proper terms. The man is a savvy businessman and the owner of a clothes company. He is the designer of the HYDZ Gear clothing line.

Items in this category include coats, hoodies, and caps. The cherry on top is that this apparel brand respects his culture and was designed with the climate of Alaska in mind. In other words, it’s important to keep everyone dry and warm.

:droplet: Summary

Ricko DeWilde is a Koyukon Athabascan and former cast member of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” Reality television star who was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Currently, Ricko and his wife Rona are raising their five children in the town of Fairbanks. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, per the most recent sources.

The Addiction Battle of Ricko

Before changing his ways and becoming a family man, the reality star traveled on rough terrain. He felt confined by his oxycodone addiction, which he had developed. He vaguely recalls saying, “I can do something with my life, but this thing’s got me.” “I feel defeated,”

As Ricko also served two years in prison for drugs possession, the end was not yet here and bad troubles were just around the corner. However, the reality television star gained a lot of insight from this experience, was able to implement the difficult changes, and felt much better as a result.

He has been sober for more than 15 years, and his time in prison changed him forever. In a 2019 interview with Cowboys & Indians, he also said, "I felt so much better when I was able to laugh and let my frustrations out “I learned to wake up every day with the thought that even though I might feel awful, soon I’ll be talking and smiling.”

His Discovery

His Exploration Way Ricko was interested in sharing his experiences before becoming well-known as a cast member of Life Below Zero. The survivalist launched a YouTube channel around November 2011 and started posting films there of his experiences living in rural Alaska.

His channel, which has more than 6.8 million viewers right now, is where he first gained notoriety and which helped him land a role on the well-known show. Ricko DeWilde, star of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero,” is a family man!

The fact that Ricko is a father of five would surprise many viewers who have grown accustomed to seeing him live alone in the wildest regions of Alaska. Yes! In such a setting, it is simple to experience occasional loneliness.

His married co-star Chip and Agnes Hailstone, who also appear in the film, have made Noorvik their home. However, Huslia, Alaska’s native territories are often traveled by our Native American rights activist Ricko DeWilde by himself. Despite having a penchant for traveling alone, DeWilde is a devoted family man who has five lovely children with Rona Vent.

:droplet: Summary

He also served two years in prison for drugs possession. Ricko has been sober for more than 15 years and feels much better as a result. Star of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” Ricko DeWilde is a father of five. His married co-star Chip and Agnes Hailstone have made Noorvik their home.

:star2: 10 Unknown Facts about Ricko DeWilde

Most people wouldn’t choose to live in a remote area where temperatures below freezing are typical, but Ricko DeWilde is an exception. One of the stars of the National Geographic television program Life Below Zero, Ricko, is an expert on surviving in the wilderness of Alaska.

Ricko is passionate about sharing his experiences with others and values a simple way of life that helps him to feel more connected to nature. Even though Ricko’s way of life may not be for everyone, everyone can benefit from what he has to teach them. The following 10 facts about Ricko DeWilde will surprise you.

1. He Runs a Clothing Business

Even though Ricko is all about leading a simple life, he nonetheless cares about his business. He is the creator of the apparel company HYDZ Gear. He offers sweatshirts, hats, and coats for sale. His products are made to keep people warm and dry in addition to paying tribute to his culture.

2. He Comes From a Big Family

Ricko is accustomed to living in Alaska’s challenging weather conditions. He has lived simply his entire life and is proud of the talents he has acquired. He is from a very large family and was born and reared there. In a rural cabin some 100 kilometers from Huslia, he spent his formative years with his 13 siblings.

3. He Didn’t Go To School until 12th Grade

Many people could describe Ricko’s upbringing as unusual. He didn’t attend a conventional school until he was a senior in high school, in addition to growing up in a fairly rural area. He had previously been homeschooled by his parents, where he had learned about their cultural customs.

4. He Has Battled Abuse

When Ricko was 18 years old, he relocated to the city. He had been so protected for so many years that he found city life to be overwhelming. He finally began using oxycodone and developed an addiction. He went down a horrible path due to his addiction, was arrested on drug-related charges, and was sentenced to two years in prison. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, being in prison helped him understand that he wanted to change his life. Over 15 years have passed since he stopped using drugs.

5. His Native American ancestry

The Koyukon Athabascan people, a long line of indigenous Alaskans, include Ricko. His culture is highly important to him because he was reared in a traditional home. Ricko learned how to live off the land around him, just like many other original societies.

6. He’s Active on Social Media

When most people learn about Ricko’s way of life, they think he also doesn’t use contemporary technology and doesn’t live on the grid. But that’s just untrue. Ricko runs a website for his clothing line in addition to being active on Facebook and Instagram.

7. He Was Discovered On YouTube

Ricko was passionate about sharing his experiences before he was cast in Life Below Zero. In November 2011, he launched a YouTube channel and started uploading footage of rural Alaskan life. More than 6.8 million people have seen his channel as of this writing, and that is what gave him the chance to be on the program.

8. He’s A Father

Since he was raised in a close-knit family, Ricko continues to impart this value to his kids. The five children he has raised with pride are Simone, Skarlett, Maya, Skyler, and Kneen. Uncertainty surrounds Ricko’s marital status with Rona Vent, the mother of his kids.

9. He Wants Others to Be Educated

Ricko’s life is centered around protecting the environment, and he wants to instill in others an appreciation for it. He remarked, "Living in harmony with nature is something that all people on this planet have done at some point to live, but the indigenous people of this planet are the last ones currently hanging onto a balance to do so. In addition to enjoying what they watch, I hope viewers will learn to revere and honor Mother Earth.

10. He’s An Activist

Ricko’s devotion to his people and his neighborhood goes beyond upholding customs. He is likewise concerned about putting a stop to prejudice and other forms of police brutality. He planned a vigil in 2016 for a local Native guy who had been slain by police. He brought up the disproportionate number of Native Americans killed by police during an interview with a local newspaper.

:droplet: Summary

Ricko DeWilde is one of the stars of the National Geographic television program Life Below Zero. He values a simple way of life that helps him to feel more connected to nature. Even though his lifestyle isn’t for everyone, everyone can benefit from what he has to teach them.

:low_brightness: FAQ’s

Following are some of the important questions:

1. What does Ricko DeWilde do for a living?

After doing time in prison, Ricko DeWilde has maintained sobriety for more than 15 years. The businessman, who runs the clothing brand Hydz, used to feel stuck because of his oxycodone addiction before he became a father.

2. Does Rico on Life Below Zero has a wife?

With his partner Rona Vent, Ricky has five kids. They have sons Skyler and Keenan, as well as girls Simone, Skarlett, and Maya.

3. Who went to jail on Life Below Zero?

According to Distractify, Chip was detained in 2017 and received a 15-month prison term for “two counts of perjury and providing false statements to authorities.” Chip filed a lawsuit in 2011 alleging that an Alaska state policeman had physically abused his daughter.

4. Where does Jessie Holmes live now?

Jessie, a Nenana inhabitant who lives off the land, is currently employed as a carpenter and TV personality. He appears in the documentary series Life Below Zero, which explores the daily lives of those who live in rural Alaska.

5. How much does Life Below Zero make per episode?

The Life Below Zero cast members reportedly earns around $4,500 every episode, according to TVStarBio.

6. What is Agnes’ hailstone net worth?

The net worth of Chip and Agnes Hailstone: Trappers, hunters, and reality television star Chip and Agnes Hailstone have a combined net worth of $100,000.

7. How did Andy Bassich get hurt?

While residing in Alaska, Andy Bassich sustained a potentially fatal hip injury. The reality TV personality hurt himself while attempting to move a snowmobile that had been stuck in the snow.

8. Does Sue still own a kayak?

She is the only proprietor and operator of Kavik River Camp, a refugee base she calls home on the North Slope. She just acquired her property, a remote lodge in Chena where she spends many months of the year in addition to her company in Kavik. Scripps Media, Inc. copyright 2021

9. How much is Tim Curly Leach worth?

As of May 19, 2022, Timothy A. Leach’s net worth is projected to be at least $96.4 million.

10. Is Jessie Holmes in a relationship?

Jessie is single as far as we know. Even though he appears on a reality show, he keeps his personal life private and largely uses social media to discuss other elements of his life and his dogs.

:droplet: Conclusion

Ricko DeWilde is a Koyukon Athabascan and former cast member of National Geographic’s “Life Below Zero” Reality television star who was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. Currently, Ricko and his wife Rona are raising their five children in the town of Fairbanks. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million, per the most recent sources.

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