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Red Rover, Red Rover, let Sally come over! This classic playground game has been around since the early 1900s and has become part of our national identity. What we may not realize is that there are actually some fun facts surrounding this beloved childhood game. Take a look at these facts about the history of the Red Rover game song and see if you know all of them!

Who invented red rover

The red rover tag games have been around since at least 1844, when it was published in a book called Rhymes and Jingles.

In modern versions of red rover, two teams line up and form a tunnel for one person to run through. One player from each team runs forward and tries to touch or tag an opposing player before running back through his team’s line.

In Rhymes and Jingles, there is a reference to a rhyme that children used in early versions of red rover. In those versions, children would sing a line while their hands were clasped together.

If they could get a player from an opposing team to run through their clasped hands, they could keep that player. That was considered tagging them and they had to be carried back over as part of your team’s points.

Red rover is also mentioned in The Song of Hiawatha, an 1855 poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

There, it is part of a longer list of games played by children. In these versions, children would hold hands and try to catch someone from an opposing team. The person running through was not tagged—instead his team had to quickly break formation and drag him back before he could reach safety.

In modern versions of red rover, there is no tunnel or clasped hands. Instead, both teams line up facing each other and run toward one another.

The person in front from each team attempts to grab a player from an opposing team before running back through his own line. Red rover can be played with many variations—some players will want to go for speed instead of size and strength, while others might focus on speed and agility over brawn.

How to play red rover

In red rover, one team lines up with their arms interlocked, and stretches from one end of a line to another. The opposite team then tries to run through them and get over to the other side.

As you can imagine, as soon as there is a hole in that line, everyone on that team gets through. The game ends when only one team member is left trying to run through or an entire team makes it across their opponents’ line.

A variation of red rover is called red light, green light. Instead of having two teams trying to get across a line and onto each other’s side, everyone stands in a circle. Everyone puts one foot on top of a colored dot (green for go and red for stop).

The person in charge then points to someone and says red light! When they do, that person freezes.

The leader then points to someone else and says green light! If that person isn’t frozen, they need to run as fast as they can around everyone until they reach someone who is still frozen.

Once they make it back to their original spot in front of the leader, everyone starts over from red light again. This continues until there is one winner. How cool are you for knowing about Red Rover?

Red rover, red rover, can we come over? Who lives in a shoe and wears a shoe? What is big and wide and round on top? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If all the trees are cut down, what do you get left with?

Rules of the red rover game

The game of red rover is a fun, simple and easy to play children’s game that kids enjoy playing for hours at a time.

Most kids will remember playing Red Rover when they were young, where two teams would face off against each other as one team tries to get their players across a line or boundary to touch an opposing player while everyone else is trying to stop them. Here are all of the rules and details on how to play red rover.

To play red rover, you will need at least two teams of equal number. For example, you could play red rover with four kids against four kids or six kids against six kids. The game can be played with as many teams and players as you like, but it works best when everyone is roughly evenly matched.

You will also need a boundary line for both teams to stand behind. Ideally, you’ll want it to be something you can see from across a large distance so that when someone falls out of bounds, you can easily tell if they are out or not.

When I played red rover as a kid we used two trees at opposite ends of our backyard as our boundary lines and they worked perfectly.

The red rover game rules are pretty simple. To play, one team will call out red rover, red rover, let (insert player name here) come over and then they will chant a few times while crossing their boundary line to try and entice an opposing player to come over to them. When someone is called over by an opposing team, they have two choices.

Red Rover game meaning

Some important points about this topic

  • Red Rover is a schoolyard rhyme that’s been played for years. It can also be written as Red Roober, Red Rowbber, or Red Rubba. The rules and history of Red Rover are different in every school, which make it hard to describe it with accuracy.

  • Most of what we know about Red Rover comes from old rhymes and rules passed down through generations.

  • It was an easy, non-competitive game that encouraged unity among children who weren’t always on good terms with each other.

  • Students would walk in a circle around their classroom or yard while one student stood in front of them calling out, Red rover, red rover! Send (insert name) right over! This chant continues until a child runs over to join the person calling for others to join.

  • The rest of the students then try to pull that child back into their circle. When they succeed, it’s now their turn to call out Red rover and so on.

  • Students who get caught are held captive until someone else is sent over to rescue them. After everyone has been rescued, they can sit down in a circle and discuss how they felt when playing red rover as well as what was going through their minds when they chose not to run over.

  • Some school rules may not allow anyone to be captured more than once, while others don’t have limits on how many times a person can be held captive.

  • In fact, some schools have no limits on when students are allowed to capture other students. Others may only allow it during recess or gym class, but all Red Rover variations share one common characteristic:

  • A child must leave their circle and break unity with their peers in order to join someone else’s circle. What does that mean for you?

Red Rover game rules

The rules of Red Rover are pretty simple, especially compared to some games kids play these days. If you’re ready to jump right in, here’s how to play Red Rover.

First, players form two lines facing each other with a gap between them. One player stands on one side and calls out Red Rover, Red Rover! Send [name] right over! That person then runs across and tries to break through both lines of players without getting tagged or touched by anyone else on either team.

Once that player has made it through or is tagged by someone from either team, he or she must return to his or her original line and wait for another chance to run across.

This continues until one team doesn’t have enough players left to make a line, or if all players from one team have made it across.

The winner is decided by which side has more people remaining. If both sides have an equal number of players left at that point, you can use a coin toss to decide who wins.


Red rover rules and let me come over by ArithmeticMusicVEVO - YouTube Red rover rules and let me come over. Music video by Arithmetic performing Red rover. (C) 2011 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

Red Rover game lyrics

Each team lines up across from each other and facing opposite directions. The space between them becomes a no-man’s land.

When both teams are lined up and ready, one team calls out, Red rover! Red rover! Send (insert player name) right over! The opposing team responds with Not today! They then attempt to grab a teammate before he/she can cross over to their line.

Once a teammate is captured, that player tries to cross over to his/her team. If successful, he/she becomes part of that team. If unsuccessful, he/she remains with their original team.

When all members of one team have been captured, they are out of the game. The first team to successfully capture all members of another becomes winner. Red rover! Red rover! Send (insert player name) right over!

Red rover! Red rover! Send (insert player name) right over! is a playground game, typically played in physical education classes, or during recess and after school. The object of red rover is to capture an opponent by running across a line dividing two teams before he/she can return.

Red Rover (also known as The King’s Run and Forcing the City Gates) Find at least six people to play.
Red Rover is an outdoor game that pits two teams Divide the players into two equal teams.

Red Rover game song

There are many versions of Red Rover, but all have similar lyrics: Red rover, red rover, let (kid’s name) come over. You respond by saying who do you send to me? The kids chant your name back. Then you respond by saying, I [the leader] would send [kid’s name] over to play!

Then another kid from your group will race over to your group and try to break through all of you by saying Red rover, red rover, let (kid’s name) come over! This keeps going until all of your kids have gone back and forth a few times.

When all of your kids have been chosen and are participating in Red Rover, it is time to bring it home.

You say, Red rover, red rover, let everyone come over. Then you sing it as loud as you can while everyone races to be one of those to cross over into your group. It is always a fun way to end a party or just get everyone up and moving around!

The origins of Red rover are not known. Some believe it began in New England around the late 1700s or early 1800s, others say it began in Maine during World War II. Either way, you will be playing a fun and timeless game that everyone can enjoy!

Red Rover game origin

Red rover is a popular playground game played by two teams of equal numbers of children. Red rover has been around for over one hundred years and is believed to have originated in England.

The classic red rover involves two teams standing approximately 15 feet apart from each other facing each other. On signal, a player from one team runs toward an opposing player and tries to break through that opponent’s line by pulling him or her into their own line.

If a player is pulled into a line, that player must then run toward another opponent and try to break through that line. Once all of one team is captured, they are eliminated and have to sit out until there is only one player left from each team.

A new team is created and again, on signal, each player tries to break through opponents’ lines. The winning team will be determined by either a set number of eliminations or by playing until a set time expires.

Although Red rover originated in England, it is popular throughout many countries including Canada and Australia. Over time, variations of red rover have developed including red dog, dodgeball red rover and harlem one-two-one.

For example, in dodgeball red rover, players must also avoid being hit by a ball while they try to break through their opponents’ lines. In Harlem one-two-one players are eliminated only when they are touched by an opponent with both hands simultaneously.

Red Rover game banned

In 2009, students at a New York middle school were playing Red Rover. When one girl was called out to form a line between two players from opposing teams, she collapsed and fell unconscious onto her back.

Her head hit hard against the gym floor. Thankfully, she survived with no permanent damage, but Red Rover’s days were numbered. School administrators banned it completely—not because of safety concerns over concussions or broken bones, but because people made fun of her disability while playing it.

While there is no age or grade level that has been determined to be too young for Red Rover, you need to judge it on a case-by-case basis. If your child’s physical or mental abilities prevent him from handling intense contact during play, he might be too young for Red Rover.

Don’t let your child partake in any roughhousing games if his abilities are limited by his age or mental health issues.

Most communities don’t have any regulations about how rough Red Rover or similar games should be, but it can become unsafe when you include a child who is not able to handle intense contact.

If your child has a broken arm or wrist, for example, he probably shouldn’t play Red Rover until his injury has healed. He might also need a friend to take care of him during and after play if he gets hurt playing Red Rover.

Red Rover game dog

Red rover, red rover, let [me] come over! …The origins of Red Rover remain a mystery. Although some people have suggested that it dates back to Medieval England (when children would sometimes chant rhymes on Shrove Tuesday to beg for sweets from house to house), there’s no real evidence of such a practice…

On more than one occasion, parents trying to call their kids home for dinner or bedtime have heard Red rover chanted outside by neighborhood kids.

Red rover rules and let me come over by ArithmeticMusicVEVO - YouTube Red rover rules and let me come over. Music video by Arithmetic performing Red rover. (C) 2011 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.

Red rover lyrics - Wikiwand Red rover lyrics. Red Rover is a children’s playground rhyme and singing game of tag… In many parts of England, one child runs between two lines of other children, calling out: Red rover, red rover; send (or let) [name] come over. The line then shouts How do you do? (sometimes …


Red rover, red rover, let ___ come over. This song is meant to play when a team of kids line up at one end of a playing field while another team lines up across from them on a different end. When one of the kids in line yells out red rover three times then calls another kid’s name and says Let ___ come over (replacing ___ with that person’s name), that person crosses through their opposing teams to rejoin their friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some important questions

What is a game referred to as Red Rover?

Red Rover is an outside sport that pits two groups, or strains, of gamers towards each different. Each team attempting to interrupt via the other’s line. Keys to triumphing are the usage of strategy, electricity and agility to live longer than and beat the opposite group.

What is the story in the back of Red Rover Red Rover?

Red Rover dates at least to the Thirties with versions from round the arena stretching into the nineteenth century. Red Rover, the schoolyard game youngsters tried to entice Councillor Doug Ford with at a protest on Thursday, dates as a minimum to the 1930s with variations from around the world stretching into the 19th century.

How is Duck Duck Goose played?

One person is “it” and walks across the outside of the circle. As they stroll round, they tap the participant’s heads and say whether they’re a “duck” or a “goose”. Once a person is the “goose” they stand up and try and chase “it” across the circle.

Is Squid sport a actual sport?

While the existence-and-demise competition proven within the display is not actual, Squid Game is a real sport performed with the aid of kids in South Korea. It become most famous within the Seventies and Nineteen Eighties, while the display’s writer was younger.

What’s the time Mister Wolf?

The Person who is telling the time (the wolf) stands at one quit of the lawn and all of the different participants stand and wait at the alternative give up of the lawn. The youngsters need to ask the wolf “What time is it Mr Wolf?” The wolf then says a time e.G. “It is three o Clock”, the children take three steps closer to the wolf.

What’s the time Mister Wolf game?

One toddler is chosen to be Mr Wolf, who then stands at one stop of the gambling vicinity. The different players stand in a line at the opposite end. Mr Wolf turns his returned to commence play. The gamers call out, “What’s the time Mr Wolf?” and Mr Wolf turns and answers with a time (i.E. Three o’clock).

What is the formative years recreation Red Rover?

Heads goes first (group one). Team one makes a decision who from the other team they need to call over, and shouts, “crimson rover, pink rover, ship (call) on over!” The selected player then runs toward the opposite crew, trying to break thru the clasped palms of teammates. If they do not, they should be part of that team.

How did the game Red Rover get its call?

Røver is a Norwegian word for “pirate”, so perhaps the early British have been displaying bravery with the aid of bold the Viking raiders to “come over”.

What is the foundation of the sport tag?

In English, tag most likely comes from the Middle English phrase tek that means ‘touch, tap’ (supply). It is also called it – see above. In Romanian, it’s miles referred to as leapșa, this means that a slap. The French the most not unusual name is jeu du loup (the wolf game), the wolf being the participant who chases the others.

What games did they play within the Forties?

The conventional a laugh games for households within the 1940s were playing cards, cube, Pick-up-sticks, Noughts and Crosses, and Jacks. Many of those are nevertheless very popular today in the 2020s.


Red rover is a playground and school yard game for children. It is played by two teams of children and involves several players on each team standing in line across from one another and chanting Red rover, red rover, let [insert child’s name] come over. If [insert child’s name] cannot break through to the other side before a specified length of time has passed they are then considered it and must tag members of their own team.

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