Red Bull Mini Fridge

Red Bull Mini Fridge

Red Bull Hundred Mini Refrigerator Light? ۔

I bought a Red Bell mini fridge and fixed it today. I've looked in and out and I can't find lighting anywhere (it has 2 built-in lights and a top front logo light). Did I check if it came with a switch because the light had to be on every time it was not disconnected? I googled this and the wiki, the answers, and so on.

My understanding of refrigerators in general is that they should be on when the lights are on.

Try to make sure the light is off. Did you buy this new one? In that case, contact the company. The number can be anywhere.

If you bought it second hand, check the bulbs and see what kind they are. You can buy replacement bulbs at the hardware store.

Red Bell refrigerator.

This is a commercial refrigerator for the retail environment.

The light should always be on.

They are LED or heavy duty fluorescent lamps that use very little electricity.

There is no switch for the lamp, there are fluorescent lamps inside and outside and you can find an easy and cheap alternative or give me

Red Bull Mini Fridge