Readymade eCommerce Solutions for your Startup Business

With so many eCommerce platforms available in the market, choosing the best eCommerce platform is bit confusing and time consuming for a startup. Every business has a different need and therefore you have to make a wise decision in finding the right software that suits your business.

Readymade eCommerce arrangements have made it simple for business visionaries to dispatch their own online store with less exertion and start their online excursion in the blink of an eye. In order to make sure your virtual store runs without any hassle; you have to choose a platform with distinct features that portrays your business model.

Following are some questions you need to answer before choosing an eCommerce software:

  • Does it meet your business needs?
  • Is it SEO friendly to show in Google?
  • Is it easy to manage by myself?

And the list goes on.

To make the entire process of finding the right eCommerce solution easy, listed below are some of our ready to launch systems that caters to the diverse needs of entrepreneurs like you.

Single Vendor Platform:

Specially designed for startups and SMEs, a single vendor eCommerce platform provides feature rich solutions for any business with plethora of in-built tools and third-party integrations that comes handy. It represents a website which has only a single vendor or seller who sells products across customers. Here only two parties are involved – seller and buyer.

BigZiel’s single seller arrangement is best appropriate for business people who need to begin their retail location online in a snappy, quick and secure way. Single vendor software offers a complete solution for store management enabling you to sell your brand in your own way!

Think Big, Start Small ---- providing everything you need in a single pack for your every step to grow

Multi-Vendor Marketplace:

Multi vendor marketplace software can provide sales optimized mega stores that are highly secure, scalable, and mobile ready. It brings hundreds of features for merchants, admins and buyers through a simplified store management to handle effortlessly. Here customers can buy from a wide range of products from multiple sellers who are managed by the administrator. Get the commissions divided automatically with adaptive payment systems.

It is ideal for small to medium enterprises who can easily manage demand fluctuations and expand the company’s ability with more suppliers and customers. BigZiel’s multi-seller commercial center assists with arriving at more likely clients and augment the income in less time.

Want to build a multi-vendor marketplace platform like Flipkart or Amazon? Get in touch!

Multi Store eCommerce:

You may create stores based on category, geo location or a network of affiliates. It uses a single admin backend to manage catalogs, products, payments and more.

Multi-site offers a simplified management at the enterprise level and gives the ability to add B2B and B2C under the same channel to reach wide audiences. This helps to open up the opportunities for expanding your store presence and accommodate varying consumer buying behavior to reach potential growth.

If you want a personalized eCommerce experience with targeted marketing, the multi-store eCommerce would be the best choice. Affordable, Scalable, Ready to Go Multi-Store eCommerce Platform

Mobile Commerce Applications:

eCommerce mobile applications help to boost your conversion up to 3x. With Zielcommerce you can build android or iOS applications through native or cross platform app development technologies. Our feature-rich, ready to sell solution is fully synced with the online store perfected for mobile.

Right from browsing to checkout, your mobile eCommerce app has the ultimate features and functionalities to accelerate sales. It provides seamless connectivity with your store’s backend – meaning a single console will take care of the responsibilities across the mobile and web in real time. Want to launch eye-catching mobile apps for your e-store? Get Zielcommerce

eCommerce platforms are not “one size fits all” that will work for everyone. BigZiel’s above mentioned solutions are built for different kinds of requirements. Only you can determine which platform is best for you and your business to outshine the cutthroat competition in the online retail world Want to know our products in a better way?
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