Pop Smoke Height

Pop Smoke height was 1.77 meters tall and weighed 73 kilograms. Pop Smoke was a well-known rapper from the US. He used to sing for the Victor Victor record label.

Who is Pop Smoke?

Quick Facts

Name Pop Smoke
Date of Birth July 20, 1999
Date of Death February 19, 2020
Birthplace Hometown New York City, US
Nationality American
Gender Male
Death February 19, 2020
Religion Christianity.
Sun Sign (Zodiac Birth Sign) Cancer.

American hip-hop legend Pop Smoke. He previously recorded for the Victor Victor label. His birth name, Bashar Barakah Jackson, is less well-known than his stage name.

His mixtape, released in 2019, was his first public appearance. “Welcome to the Party” is his debut single, released in 2019. The rapper dropped another single titled “Meet the Woo” the same year, which became viral after just a few days online.

Childhood, Parents, & Education

Rapper Pop Smoke Bashar Barakah Jackson, who will turn 20 in a few months, was born in New York City on July 20, 1999. His Panamanian dad met a Jamaican mom. Smoke had a sibling, a brother named Mike Dee, who was the oldest child in his family.

As a New York native, he finished his secondary education at a regional institution. He aspired to be a professional basketball player and played the sport on the school team.

Supposedly, the rapper was kicked out of school while he was only a freshman. His suspension was due to his possession of a firearm. On top of all that, Bashar was under house arrest for over two years.


With the diagnosis of a heart murmur at age 15, he had to abandon his academic pursuits. The late musician attended Rocktop High School during his time there. He could attend the elite preparatory school thanks to a basketball scholarship.

Personal Life & Romantic Affairs

He had already devoted himself entirely to his singing in his early twenties. Throughout his life, he avoided having his name linked to any scandal. Pop Smoke had a lover whose name was “Jazzyy Mulani.” It was revealed to us by many sources that he was pretty timid in this respect.

He used to spend much of his free time with Mike Dee. There is a good chance Pop will also be in a photo if Dee is in it. They had a picture session together the day before Pop passed away.

Mike Dee responded to questions about Pop Smoke with an Instagram post in which he pleaded for compassion. It seems like Bashar was quite sore in the statement, as he stated that he would not be giving any interviews or releasing any information.

Pop Smoke Height

Pop Smoke, the rapper, stood 1.65 m (165 cm) tall and weighed 59 kg. Pop Smoke’s measurements were 35 inches at the chest, 30 inches at the waist, and 14 inches at the biceps.

When he first joined Twitter in May 2019, Pop Smoke quickly amassed a following of over 220k, and his 48 Instagram photos have already amassed more than 3.6m likes and follows. His birth name was Bashar Barakah Jackson.

The rapper appeared on stage alongside Pusha T during the “Best Day Ever” event in Coney Island. More than a million people follow his realpopsmoke account. In July 2019, Pop Smoke dropped their first mixtape, Meet the Woo. In 2020, on February 7, he dropped his second mixtape, Meet the Woo 2.

Note: Pop had just passed away and had dark brown eyes and hair to match. Pop Smoke also sported several tattoos on a variety of his body areas. Pop died at the age of 20 in February 2020. His star sign is Cancer.

Who Was Pop Smoke? All About His Death

He was just 20 years old when the talented rapper and vocalist Pop Smoke passed away. On February 19, 2020, he was killed in the comfort of his home in Hollywood Hills, California.

It has been alleged that Pop was murdered while taking a bath in his home’s bathtub. The Los Angeles Police Department took Jackson to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where a thoracotomy was done on the left side of his chest. However, he was pronounced end after only a few hours.

The police determined valuables, including a gold watch, were taken from the residence. One of the five murders, a 15-year-old, told police that Pop was slain because he refused to give the robbers the valuables they demanded and struggled with them. His Rolex watch was stolen and resold for USD 2,000.

Note: Pop Smoke’s assassins broke into the rented house where he was staying at 4:30 a.m. and murdered him. The five men who killed him were concealed by hoodies and wore ski masks.


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While Pop Smoke’s presence on the Hip Hop scene was brief (just three years), his influence is immense and will continue long after he’s gone. Two years ago, Pop Smoke, a talented American rapper, was killed in a home invasion burglary. He was expected to leave behind a fortune of over $2 million US dollars when he passed away on February 19, 2020.

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