PM Is Going to Activate 3G/4G Services In Waziristan

PM visited wana

On Wednesday Prime Minister Imran Khan, during a visit to wana has announced the activation of 3G/4G broadband services in Waziristan from today.
PM Imran Khan made the announcement in a ceremony held in Wana during his visit to the South Waziristan today for inaugurating different uplift projects for the tribal people.


During addressing a ceremony of Kamyab Jawan Program, the premier said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has highlighted to develop tribal areas and Balochistan. He vowed that maximum efforts will be made for tribesmen by providing all education facilities including colleges, schools, universities and scholarships. He announced to establish a technical college in tribal areas in order to groom technical skills of youth.

Activating 3G\4G Serivces

Internet Services
“I know that 3G and 4G is important for education and development this were a huge demand of the youth, one that was justified,” The premier said.

He announced that 3G/4G services will be activated in Waziristan from today and said that he has discussed the matter with the army chief and ISI chief.

He further said that employment is the biggest challenge after education. During the last 15 years, Wana witnessed destruction on large scale due to terrorism.

He said Kamyab Jawan Program is just a beginning as the government will continue its efforts to develop all tribal areas and Balochistan.

The prime minister went on to explain that “security issues” were a major reason in the delay behind providing 3G/4G internet services.

India is trying its best to spread terror in Pakistan. We know of their efforts to spread chaos in Balochistan we have all the knowledge. Even in Waziristan, they are trying to whip up the youth against Pakistan. So that is why there was a problem regarding 3G/4G services which terrorists could also use.

Sacrifices of Waziristan’s people

The people of Waziristan rendered most sacrifices in the liberation war against the British Empire and many of the tribesmen belong to Waziristan went to fight freedom war alongside Kashmiris. PM Khan said that he is fully aware of the spirit of Waziristan people.

We knew the traditions of the tribal people and the government will give respect to their elders.

It was a difficult task to merge the tribal areas with the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province and some elements tried to create anarchy over the move.

He paid tribute to the tribesmen for playing their role during the merger of tribal districts with KPK province.

Poverty line

The prime minister stated that approximately 70 per cent of the population lived below the poverty line in Waziristan. “That is why we have the Ehsaas program, the aim of which is to uplift those living below the poverty line by giving them cash stipends and scholarships.”

KPK Gvernor

“KPK governor and chief minister have been invited here to listen to your demands. CM Mahmood Khan has assured the federal government to hold consultations with you.”

Plantation of Olive trees

He announced to start a plantation drive of olive trees from next month and the responsibility to protect the trees will be given to locals.
This is the best area for growing olive trees. We have carried out a survey.

ADR system

He said that the Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) system, which is essentially the jirga system, would consist of elders. “We are just changing the name, you will take decisions,” he said, assuring the people that the government was aware of the people’s traditions.

Double the NO. Of scholarships

He directed his aide on youth affairs Usman Dar to double the number of scholarships to the tribal youth. He asked the KPK government to resolve water issues by constructing dam besides providing health insurance to all families of Waziristan.