Places Where Hiring Security Guards Is Inevitable

Although hiring security guards has become significant for all kinds of businesses, properties, and premises wherever people live, work, or where expensive belongings are stored, manufactured or sold. There are some scenarios where having the most experienced and reliable security guards is inevitable.

Jewelry Shops

Businesses that deal with jewelry are among the most vulnerable spots for theft, burglary, and robbery. These expensive possessions that are small and light are easy to hide and steal and can be carried for long distances without others noticing. These are some of the reasons why jewelry dealers, designers, and manufacturing places must have competent, reliable, and experienced security guards on duty 24/7, 365.


Talking about expensive possessions, nothing can beat a museum. The things you see inside a museum does not belong to a single person but are parts of national or even international heritage.

If someone steals something of this value, it is seen as a significant loss to the museum and the entire nation. This is often viewed not as a financial loss but a loss of national integrity and image.

Any compromise made on the security and integrity of the national possessions can cost heavily. Museum owners and managers must ensure they do their best not to leave any weak spots that are not monitored properly on their premises. There must not be a single instance where a security lapse occurs.


One of the most demanding places to have security guards with optimum training and experience is a bank. Hefty amounts of money coming in and coming out of the building makes it a top target for robbers. One of the most frequent robberies you hear about worldwide is a bank robbery.

Money Changers

Criminals who are after money can’t resist when they see a money changer with weak security. A money changer deals in local and foreign currency. This makes it a heaven for robbers.

There must be competent security guards who are not only attentive and vigilant but skilled enough to handle thieves and robbers on the spot. Guards who are good with weaponry and also unarmed combats are the most suitable for this position.

A closed area such as a money changer’s place does not require long-range or even mid-range shooting skills. Instead, guards must be good at fist-fighting, grappling, and unarming the offenders immediately.

Antique Collectors

If someone is eyeing becoming an overnight billionaire, the easiest way is to rob an antique collector’s place. These are priceless items which can be sold at an amount you want. The only thing required is a sensible and considerate buyer of the antiques.

This will depend on the likes and dislikes of a buyer. A person who has a passion for possessing a specific antique piece will pay anything to complete their collection.

Car Collectors

Classic, antique, exotic supercars, and other unique value cars are valued possessions of a car collector. Again, the value of a car is something that only a car lover can assess. The older the model of a functioning car is, the more resale value it will have in the market. Of course, this will depend on how well the car is maintained and whether it is fully functional or not.

A car collector’s garage is the prime target of criminals who wish to steal and then sell one of a kind cars to turn a profit. You must ensure that your security guards know the premise well and the cars they are protecting.

For a car collector, it is not about money. However, the emotional attachment and the prestige a collector enjoys in the car lovers’ community are lost along with a stolen car.