Pilates Class,strengthening core

PILATES are set of exercises that are done under the supervision of experts,( in class or may not be in class) to strengthen the body core.

For better breathing,to balance pelvic area,and to make symmetry between shoulders,and placement of head and neck.

This method was introduced by john Pilates,that’s why it is called Pilates.some times it is mixed with yoga but it is not so,there are certain similarities and dissimilarities between them.On strengthen muscles it is many time effective than yoga but if you are planning to weight lose then it is not your choice because in yoga or cardio exercise you lose weight on the burning of calories but this set of exercise burn less calories but makes you internally strong.

necessary things in PILATES CLASS
along with some traditional methods there are some modern equipment which assist the body to gain maximum benefits from this like,gym balls,rollers,stretching ropes and joseph Pilates himself gave the concept of spine corrector,wunda chair,ladder barrel.

Pilates working on these principles

as the definition shows that it is based upon five principles that are given below

1:proper breathing

2:The pelvic balance

3:placement of rib cage

  ##  4: **straight shoulder**

5:placement of head and neck

now we see them in detail

proper breathing

proper breathing method means that you have to breath properly,as you have to inhale from nose and exhale from mouth,this breathing technique will help you decrease the tension level ,in other words it will help you to relax your muscles properly.during workout the nature of breathing is important,when you inhale through your nose make sure that your core is engaged with you.it would help you to be more concentrate on things and active brain cells.one thing you should kept in mind during inhale pull in your stomach and pelvic.

The pelvic balance

in pelvic balance the stress is given upon stability and maintenance of S CURVE(inner waist and hip area),during breathing we have to maintain this along with this ■■■■■ bone and hip bone should be on same line,make a diamond with both your thumbs and index finger and place them on middle of your hip bone or under the belly button ,this area should not be pulled in or pulled out,both conditions will damage your s curve and posture.and will be effect your spine expanding and shrinking.

placement of rib cage

whenever you inhale your rib cage should not pop up or shrink it means it should be plain or neutral,means while inhaling or exhaling your rib cage should be strong enough to remain neutral on doing that.

4:straight shoulder

straight shoulder are very effective to keep the posture strong ,but modern life style like excessive use of mobile,computer,driving or uneasy sitting position may cause shoulder to bent inward,to cure such situation simply uplift your shoulder and then bend backward it would maintain your neutral position.again just straigh your arm and then move backward slightly ,you will be in neutral position while doing any exercise.

placement of head and neck

the balance between the head and neck area is also very important,your head must be in right position,it should not be downward or upward and not to a side.straight head with proper gap with neck will help you to make your neck muscles strong.the gap between the head and neck should be equal to one vertical fist.

all of such principle helps us to maintain strong body and inner strong area ,keeping in view all principles of it you may get these benefits.

Benefits of pilates

1:improvement of posture

2:core strength increases

3:lean muscles remedy

4:maximum exercise benefits

5:improve body balance

now we will see them in detail

improvement of posture

our body posture decides and gives impact about overall health,army person by their body built look stronger,same like the case of body builders they also work out to keep their posture in good position,moreover good and strong body posture helps you absorb shocks and uncertain jerks.Pilates helps you in this context to attain good posture.

core strength increases

apparently strong bodies have no core strength and vise versa,reason is that some peolpe have strong core because of their routine life,for example a labour have a strong core and built,because he oftenly lifts the weight so the Pilates stretches your body in such a way that your muscles attain strength and by doing multiple exercise you feel energy in yourself.

Lean muscles remedy

in spite of strong built,some lean muscles cause pain and anxiety in yourself and the cure of such muscles is often psychotherapy and in home remedy is Pilates that have multiple set of exercise of stretching,bending,moving, that helps you to strong lean muscles.as we told earlier neck muscles and s curve muscles are also disturbed by this.

maximum benefits of exercise

through these exercises and workouts you can take the maximum advantage of exercise,we mean that in less time you can reach to your goal like making of muscles,abs,six packs etc

improvement of balance

one who can keep balance,feel stronger for a long time.ancient times the balance of body use to be parameter for health.so balance between shoulders,stretching arms,enough space between head and neck and spinal code balance are related to pilates.

some pilates class exercises

there are lot of exercises that are done in pilates classes but we will some of them which are more effective

kneel down exercise

in such exercises you have to sit on floor and slightly kneel forward and try to touch one toe as the other leg is bent and one is straight.you will try to touch right toe first.during this exercise you will inhale and exhale properly without long gaps it will strengthen your thighs and area above feet.
now repeat the whole process by stretching the left leg and bending the right one,and same pattern of inhaling and exhaling.in 30s you will burn about 20 calories.

knee exercise while laying

for stronger knees lay down on your back and keep one leg straight and one leg bend with corner making by knee,holding position for 40 s you will burn about 25 calories and same workout will be done by bending other knee and stretching one leg.this is very effective for stronger skeleton and rib case and shaping the hip area.

stand on one knee

in this exercise we put all of our weight on one knee then other knee to make knee stronger and fit.for doing such exercise stand on you both knees,then bend one knee upward making a triangle of 90 degree and both your hands should be straight towards sky,try to hold this position,and try to bent your arm to backwards,keep moving.this would help you to attain strong body structure.

table exercise

*in such exercise you have to make a table position by bending both your legs and arms too ,toward earth,you will form a table.this position will help to reduce hip fat and shape your whole body,in 90 s you will burn about 60 calories.

legs stretching

lay on your back and raise legs one by one ,slowly stretching your legs towards sky will help you to burn about 70 calories in 60 s.

leaning while laying

in this exercise lay on your back and lean to right side fully and then on left side,this will help to make waist area in shape and strong arm and backbone.

##Pilates vs yoga…which is more effective???

pilates is often mixed with yoga but it is not so,there are many differences between them but in some exercise they are same,the first and the major difference between both of them is that yoga is the name of holding position and in pilates you keep moving your limbs and muscles.
yoga is very effective for weight lose but pilates includes different exercises that gives stregnth to your bones,body structure and balance between the body parts.

yoga is without equipment but in pilates different non traditional equipment assists the process like stretching ropes,gear etc.
Thus we can say
there are many benefits of pilates along with healthy inhaling and exchanging,your lungs get proper oxygen and proper breathing makes you strong internally.benefits of pilates are improvement of posture,core strength,lean muscles recovery,benefits of maximum exercise and maintenance of balance between organs.
some exercises we shown that are much beneficial for health.they help to keep balance.


we saw in detail about the pilates class that are set of exercises,they do not lose the weight but the assists to gain strong body and muscles with balance,to some extent it is like yoga but we can say it is one step after yoga when you atain your required weight then you always wish about strong body with pilates you can easily attain this.basically the Pilate work on five major principles and they are proper breathing,balance we saw in detail about the pilates class that are set of exercises,they do not lose the weight but the assists to gain strong body and muscles with balance,to some extent it is like yoga but we can say it is one step after yoga when you attain your required weight then you always wish about strong body with pilates you can easily attain this.basically the pilate work on five major principles and they are proper breathing,balance of pelvic area,placement of rib cage and keeping shoulders in balance without leaning of pelvic area,placement of rib cage and keeping shoulders in balance without leaning,and gto maintain an effective gap between the neck and head.


1:What are Pilates classes like?

pilates classes are form of classes in which you do exercises of diffrent kind to make you strong internally and they dont help in weight lose properly,but it gives strength to the body.

2:How long does it take to learn Pilates?

normally within 2 weeks you can see the effects of pilates but it is suggested that take the classes 3 times in a week.

3:Can you lose belly fat by doing Pilates?

pilates does not focus on losing fat,but on the whole it shape up the body.



pilates is an exercise technique that helps you to gain strong body and muscles,short duration multiple exercise along with assistance of certain equipment boost the energy level,inhaling and exchaling pattern improves taht have multiple effects on mind and body.

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