Paul Du Feu

Paul Bernard du Feu was a builder, writer, painter, and model. He is famed for marrying Germaine Greer, a feminist, and Maya Angelou, a poet. In 1973, he wrote a book called Let’s Hear it for the Long-Legged Women.

Paul Du Feu

Who is Paul du Feu?

Born September 1935
Died January 1, 2013
Nationality British
Spouse(s) Shirley Thompson, Germaine Greer & Maya Angelou
Children 2

Welsh architect, painter, writer, and model Paul Bernard du Feu (September 1935–January 1, 2013). His marriage to Maya Angelou and Germaine Greer, both prominent figures in the feminist movement, brought him to prominence.

In 1973, he released his autobiography, Let’s Hear it for the Long-legged Women. A government servant’s son, du Feu, was born in Wrexham, Wales, in 1935. He spent his formative years in the British capital.

His French last name was brought to the Channel Islands through his forefathers. While studying English literature at King’s College London, he married his future wife, Shirley Thompson, with whom he had two daughters.


He entered the construction industry after finishing his education. For the rest of his life, du Feu lived and worked in California, first in Berkeley and then in Oakland. He passed away in January of 2013.

Marriages of Paul du Feu

  • Marriage to Germaine Greer - Du Feu met his future wife, Germaine Greer, outside a pub on Portobello Road. After this, du Feu became the first male centerfold in British Cosmopolitan.

  • Marriage to Maya Angelou - At a 1971 book signing for her best-selling autobiography, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, du Feu met Maya Angelou in Soho. Friends throughout their lives, Angelou provided financial support to du Feu in his old age.


Let’s Hear it for the Long-legged Women, his sexual memoir released in 1973, reportedly earned him more money than Greer for the advance on the 1970 book.

About Germaine Greer

Name Germaine Greer
Born 29 January 1939
Occupation Writer
Years active 1970–present
Spouse(s) Paul du Feu

Germaine Greer is a writer and public intellectual. She was a leading voice of the radical feminist movement in the 20th century. She specializes in English and women’s literature and has taught at Warwick, Newnham, and Tulsa universities.

  • She has lived in Essex, England, and Queensland, Australia, since the 1990s.

  • It presented a systematic deconstruction of gender and femininity, stating that women were compelled to accept subordinate societal positions to fulfill male ideals of being a woman.

  • Greer is a liberation feminist (or radical). Her objective isn’t equality with males, which she regards as absorption and “living unfree men’s lives.”

  • “Women’s emancipation” didn’t understand the female potential in terms of masculine actual, she wrote in 1999.

Note: She says liberty means claiming diversity as a condition of self-definition and self-determination. It fights for women’s right to “create their values, arrange their priorities, and decide their fate.”

About Maya Angelou

Name Maya Angelou
Date of birth April 4, 1928
Died May 28, 2014
Occupation Writer, poet, civil rights activist
Period 1951–2014

Maya Angelou was a memoirist, poet, and activist. She wrote seven autobiographies, three essays, many poetry volumes, and over 50 plays, movies, and TV productions. She has around 50 honorary degrees. Angelou’s autobiographies focus on her youth and early adulthood.

  • She acted, wrote, directed, and produced plays, movies, and TV shows. In 1982, she became Wake Forest University’s first Reynolds Professor of American Studies.

  • Her writings are utilized in schools and institutions worldwide, yet some US libraries have banned them.

  • Many reviewers consider Angelou’s most famous works autobiography.

  • She criticized, changed, and expanded the autobiography’s format. Her writings explore race, identity, family, and travel.


In young adulthood, various occupations led to her becoming a poet and writer. Fry cook, sex worker, nightclub performer, Porgy and Bess cast member, SCLC coordinator, and correspondent in Egypt and Ghana during the independence of Africa.


Some related questions are given below:

1 - Who was the father of Maya Angelou’s child?

After finishing school in Ghana, Guy Johnson ran a bar on Spain’s Costa del Sol, operated a picture safari firm out of London that took tourists through Morocco and Algeria, and worked on oil rigs in Kuwait. For nearly twenty years, he served in various capacities in the Oakland, California, municipal administration.

2 - Did Maya Angelou have an extramarital affair?

The words of Maya Angelou (1928-2014), an American poet and civil rights activist, ring true in this woman’s actions. She claims she left her unfaithful spouse and callous father to their kid to “make a message.”

3 - Who got Maya Angelou’s inheritance?

Angelou’s son Guy Bailey Johnson and grandson Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson each received a 25% stake in the charity. According to “Maya Angelou’s Son, Grandson Fight Over Poet’s Legacy,” published in Courthouse News, the son is suing the grandson.

4 - How wealthy was Maya Angelou?

Maya Angelou was an American poet, novelist, teacher, activist, actor, and public speaker with a net worth of $10 million throughout her lifetime.

5 - What happened to Bailey Johnson?

Bailey leaves home at age 16 and starts working for the Southern Pacific Railroad, claiming that he and Vivian have reconciled their differences and that he has matured beyond his years.


Welsh architect, artist, writer, and mannequin Paul Bernard du Feu. His marriage to Maya Angelou and Germaine Greer, both prominent figures in the feminist movement, brought him to prominence. In 1973, he released his autobiography, Let’s Hear it for the Long-legged Women.

Even though they were married for five years, they were only together for three. Greer said that throughout their brief relationship, she was unfaithful seven times to du Feu and that her husband was so drunk on her wedding night that he would not let her sleep in a bed.

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