Parker Schnabel Net Worth.

Parker Schnabel net worth : The eccentric 27-year-old is known for adopting his family’s gold mining business. Parker Schnabel net worth is $8 million.

Parker Schnabel Gold Rush

What is Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth?

Parker Schnabel Net Worth $8 million
1. Age 27
2. Date of birth June 22, 1994
3. Hometown Haines, Alaska
4. Nationality American
5. Career Gold miner, reality tv star
6. Relationship Status Single
7. Major Wealth Source Mining, reality tv Gold Rush

Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Gold Rush star, Parker Russell Schnabel was born on July 22, 1994 in Haines, Alaska. Born to parents Roger and Nancy Schnabel he is 27 years old as of 2022.He got involved in mining at the early age of 5 and grew up working alongside his grandfather. A mining firm, Big Nugget, that belonged to his grandfather became the 1st opportunity for him. Parker speaks highly of John.

Schnabel learned to operate heavy machinery earlier, owing to his early start. In high school he played for the basketball team and gained stardom. Parker Schnabel’s wealth has multiplied, all credits to the mining business.


Post his high school graduation Parker took over the mine operations and used to work for his grandfather.

  1. He shot to fame starring in a Discovery Channel production, Gold Rush Alaska which premiered in 2010.
  2. Following that, he further started in Gold Rush: The Dirt through out the years from 2012 to 2016.
  3. Discovering 1029 oz of gold.
  4. Parker’s assistance of the miners at Porcupine Creek played a role in making him famous.

Gold Rush Spinoffs

A spin off of the hit reality tv show Gold Rush, Gold Rush: Parker’s Trails aired the following year starring him. Parker Schnabel worked as a producer on all 3 shows. By the age of 24, he had mined gold worth $13 million. Point to be noted, his success has not been handed to him on a platter. Although he had opportunities, he is a hard worker which made him who he is.

Career Highlights

Parker Schnabel’s uncanny ability to find gold is a key factor of his success and popularity both on the reality tv seasons of Gold Rush and his business. Deservedly so, he is a recipient of widespread recognition and popularity. At a young age in his teenage he managed to find 1029 ounce of gold, with which even experienced struggled. It was found to be worth $1.4 million.

Summing Up: Parker Schnabel Net Worth

Parker Schnabel’s interest in mining and leadership expanded the operations and opened paths towards huge success. The Gold Rush seasons where he worked as a producer made him a famous personality but not without working for it. He has 1.8 M followers on Facebook and 457k on Instagram.

Parker Schnabel Net worth in 2022

Last updated, Parker is worth a staggering $8 million dollars majority of which comes from the mining company he took over from his grandfather. The turning point came when he dropped the idea of attending university and instead diverted all his attention to mining. In doing so he took greater responsibility than most kids at that age are prepared. Can you imagine no confusion when you must choose a course?

Gold Rush Wikipedia

The global information hub, Wikipedia is in criticised from time to time for displaying false information. Celebrity net worths are more accurately an approximate sum. Parker Schnabel started out as an enthusiastic youngster and has gained several fans. Wikipedia does not directly display information on a specific page but a Gold Rush section on Wikipedia mentions the worth of Parker.

Latest, there is no specific amount mentioned but there is a Gold Rush season 12 section. Parker and his crew were able to mine 8309.75 oz gold. Gold Rush season 12 began airing on Friday, September 24, 2021.


“I don’t know, you just kind of get focused on working and most of the time it doesn’t bother you too much. I love riding my bike.” –Parker Schnabel

If you are passionate about something you work for it. Necessarily, you will need time off at a time. What happens when you are exhausted from work? Go for an interest or another hobby. Hit your refresh mode. Having fun doing your thing and making money sounds great, right?


Parker Schnabel’s net worth is the result of the mining business. His ability to find gold is a key factor of his success and popularity both on the reality tv seasons of Gold Rush and his business. In spite of that, the richest person on Gold Rush is not Parker. Dutch-born Canadian miner Tony Beets net worth is approximately $15million. Parker Schnabel’s interest in mining and leadership expanded the operations and opened paths towards huge success.


Parker Schnabel’s interest and the need to succeed was the driving force behind his career as a gold miner. According to him, working with his grandfather was one of the most memorable highlights of his career. John Schnabel made him head of the mining operations when he was only 17 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Most of the users look for the following snippets. How much do you believe you know him and Gold Rush?

1. Who’s the richest on Gold Rush?

Tony Beets is the richest person on Gold Rush and that too by a significant margin.

2. What is Parker Schnabel’s dad worth

Roger Schnabel has a net worth estimated to be $7.5 million.

3. How much money does Parker Schnabel make per episode?

He makes approximately $25,000 per episode.

4. Where does Parker Schnabel live?

This man is always moving, mining out. Few years ago rumors claimed that he bought a $950,000 mansion in California but he shut down everything claiming he is homeless and a nomad.

5. What does Parker pay Mitch?

Reportedly, Mitch earns a $100,000 per season, which makes it $25,000 per episode. This however, does not include any gold nugget hauls.

6. Who is Parker dating?

This Discovery Channel star from the Gold Rush reality tv show, last dated Ashley Youle. The duo broke up later. As of now, there are speculations about him traveling with Tyler but we do not know anything in concrete.

7. Why did Brandon leave Parker Schnabel?

Brandon left Parker Schnabel’s crew due to a public feud. The fight made him rethink if he could carry on with their dynamic, as he claims.

8. Are Rick and Parker still friends?

Although conflicts occurred when Rick Ness left the crew but Parker said he understood the need for being his own boss. They recovered from the initial shock because of their belief in working as a team.

9. Who is the owner of the Big Nugget Mine now

Parker Schnabel worked for the Big Nugget before starting a company of his own. Now, he owns a company by the name, ‘Little Flake Mining’.

10. What is Parker from Gold Rush doing now

The Gold Rush star is doing fine. As it seems, his business is expanding. Parker Schnabel’s net worth is going in a positive direction owing to the Gold Rush seasons and his mining business.

Say you get 1000 oz of gold, what’s the first thing that you will do?