Oxygen Concentrator

An oxygen concentrator is a medical device that gives you greater oxygen. Your physician may additionally prescribe one for you when you have a health condition that reasons your oxygen level to drop too low.
it may assist some people who have problem respiratory because of conditions like:
• Bronchial asthma
• Lung cancer
• The flu
• COVID-19

You need to get your physician’s ok before you purchase or use an oxygen concentrator. using one without their guidance or a prescription may be dangerous. If the doctor thinks a concentrator is probably proper for you, they’ll can help you recognise how much oxygen to take and how lengthy to use the tool.

How Does It work?

An oxygen concentrator isn’t the equal component as an oxygen tank, which gives you liquid or gas oxygen. instead, the concentrator is a device that attracts in the air round you and filters out the nitrogen.
a thin tube runs from the device in your face, providing you with purified oxygen thru two open prongs under your nostrils. some human beings use a facemask to get a better attention and float of oxygen.
There are kinds of concentrators: a bigger model you could use at home, and a lighter, portable version you may use at the go.

How Do i use an at-home Unit?

Your physician would possibly prescribe this for you in case you need regular oxygen even as you’re in your property or drowsing. It runs on energy, so that you want to maintain it plugged in all of the time for it to work properly. (in case you locate it drives up your electric powered bill, you can inform your energy corporation which you’re jogging medical gadget and ask if they are able to provide you with a discount.)
Observe the tool’s instructions on how to use and keep it. The physician will tell you what level to set the oxygen flow fee to – that’s range of liters in keeping with minute. Don’t exchange the rate your medical doctor prescribed except they tell you to.

Those adjustments should help the concentrator paintings higher for you:

Add a humidifier

If the greater oxygen you get dries out your nostril, you may be capable of attach a humidifier bottle to the unit. You fill it with distilled water, and it makes the oxygen you breathe moister.

Lengthen the tubing

You can increase the tube that runs from the system in your nostril through up to 50 feet with a hose attachment. if you try this, be cautious now not to trip on the hose while you stroll around.
a way to smooth Your Concentrator
You’ll need to provide your concentrator gear a regular cleansing.

Tubing or facemask

Wash once a week with warm water and mild dish cleaning soap. easy it extra often in case you get ill. permit it air dry, and don’t let water get inside the tube. If the tubing appears damaged, get a substitute out of your oxygen dealer.

Humidifier bottle

In case you use one, smooth it each 3 days with warm water and slight dish soap. Rinse it with hot water. you could also soak it in a combination of vinegar and water for a few minutes to clear out any leftover micro organism. Dry the bottle with a paper tower, then air dry it.

Concentrator filter out

Clean it as soon as a month. Take it out and dunk it into a easy box that’s packed with water and mild dish cleaning soap. Scrub with a washcloth to put off any dust or dirt, then rinse it below water to cast off any soap residue. Lay the filter on a dry, easy towel and permit it air dry completely earlier than you placed it returned within the concentrator.

How Do i exploit a transportable Unit?

This smaller concentrator works further to the at-domestic version, only you could use it out of doors and to your car. It runs on a chargeable battery. The tool suits in a p.c. which you convey with a take care of or with a sling that goes over your shoulder, amongst different options.

Transportable concentrators

Transportable concentrators provide you with oxygen by means of “pulse dose,” which means the oxygen comes out in small bursts every time you inhale. a few fashions also can come up with oxygen at a consistent drift charge. talk for your doctor to ensure which you’re getting the right quantity of oxygen from either putting.
observe all of your medical doctor’s guidelines and the commands that came with your device.

You’ll also need to:

• carry a further battery. even though your tool’s display panel must tell you how an awful lot battery lifestyles is left, convey a spare with you if you received’t be lower back domestic for some time.
• smooth your tools frequently. Wash the tubing or facemask once per week with warm water and mild dish cleaning soap. smooth them extra often if you get unwell. allow them to air dry, and don’t let water get inside the tube. If the tubing seems damaged, get a substitute from your oxygen provider. follow the maker’s commands on a way to clean the clear out.

What safety Measures must I Take?

To hold you and your family secure when you use your oxygen concentrator:
• in no way use any kind of oxygen tool close to an open flame or at the same time as smoking.
• maintain the device in an open area. This makes it much less possibly to interrupt or overheat.
• Don’t block any vents on the concentrator. That makes it more difficult for it to do its activity.
• if your device beeps or sounds an alarm, check the coaching guide. it could imply something’s incorrect, and you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the proper quantity of oxygen.
additionally, by no means buy an oxygen concentrator that’s being offered with out a prescription. those aren’t permitted by way of the FDA. the use of a concentrator without a prescription or your medical doctor’s steerage should result in risky fitness troubles, like getting too little oxygen – or getting lung damage from too much oxygen. it can additionally delay you from getting remedy for conditions like COVID-19.

While must I call the physician?

select up the smartphone if you observe modifications to your respiration or oxygen ranges. also call the health practitioner if you have symptoms of COVID-19, like:
• Fever or chills
• Cough
• problem breathing
• Fatigue
• Muscle or frame aches
once more, don’t change your device’s oxygen degrees except your medical doctor tells you to.

An oxygen concentrator aids in the delivery of oxygen to patients with low blood oxygen levels. We have a large selection of Philips concentrators at the most affordable oxygen concentrator price in Bangalore.

The two most common types of concentrators are portable oxygen concentrators and home oxygen concentrators. Furthermore, each concentrator type has its own set of advantages.

The majority of us will be torn between purchasing a low-cost oxygen concentrator and renting one. You can always select a concentrator based on cost and convenience. A portable oxygen concentrator is more expensive than a standard concentrator.