Oportun credit card reviews

Oportun credit card reviews The opportunity visa card is less hectic. There are no income, credit history, or credit score requirements for loans or credit cards. The Oportun Visa Credit Card has no prepayment penalty. The type of debt doesn’t matter. These are available for Oportun Visa credit cards.Poor income or credit makes loan or credit card applications stressful. Banks can’t aid in emergencies. Oportun started lending money a few years ago, whereas others saw this as an endless problem. It has gained popularity since it gives people with bad credit money. Loans, cards and help are available.

Oportun credit card reviews


Oportun bills itself as a “digital banking platform” to provide credit cards and personal loans to a wide spectrum of consumers. With interest rates restricted to 35.99%, it provides both unsecured loans and secured auto title loans. Loan payback terms range from 12 to 48 months. Pre-qualification can be obtained in a matter of minutes without affecting your credit score. No prior credit history is necessary to qualify.
As of the time of publication, opportunity loans were accessible in 41 states, with physical sites in a few places. The San Carlos, California-based company was established in 2005 and has extended more than $12 billion in credit and made approximately 5 million loans.

How does Oportun work?

A credit score is often necessary for a loan between 300 and 700 points. The lender will also consider a borrower who has no credit history on their [bank accounts]. (Closing a bank account) The required down payment is $300. In particular, a variety of things affect the amount available. The state you reside in, your credit history (if any), and prior direct deposit loans with the same provider are just a few factors that can be considered.


Oportun credit card reviews: Oportun provides low-cost, fixed-rate loans on your bank account for terms ranging from 7 to 35 months. Furthermore, the agreed payment amount is not altered and there are no unadvertised, expensive overdraft fees. Additionally, you can increase your payment or pay in advance.

The process has been made simpler by matching the payment window to the pick-up date. The best part is that you may continuously raise your existing bank account’s creditworthiness by paying your bills on time and taking out more deposit loans with low effective annual interest rates.
Oportun does not require a demonstrated credit history from a linked bank account because it evaluates the clients’ financial standing instead. Additionally, you do not need to offer a debit card as security when requesting a loan.
The process for selecting a service provider is relatively straightforward and consists of these three crucial steps: “Start the application,” “Send the documentation,” and “Await loan approval.”

  1. You must first complete your application.
  2. Next, submit the checking account documents online or in person to the Oportun office that is closest to you. Original documents must be approved.
  3. You must wait for the approval of direct deposits and loan terms, such as interest costs, after submission.

Oportun Features

Let’s now examine typical loan types and their characteristics.

Private Loans

They can be used to pay for a variety of personal expenses, such as:

  1. Medical bills
  2. Apartment equipment
  3. Car Repair
  4. Products and services
  5. Vacation or wedding; and
  6. Money borrowed from friends and relatives.
  7. Consolidation
    These loans normally have some limits on their use. It cannot, for example, be used for business or educational expenses. As a result, you should read the terms and conditions ahead of time.

Car Loan

In contrast to private loans, which can be used for a variety of purposes, a car loan can be used to purchase a car or to renew an existing mortgage. Cars are one of the most expensive expenditures most individuals make in their lives. According to the loan terms, you can pay back while driving a new car and having fun. In the event of late payment, your vehicle may be impounded.


Purchasing a home is a life dream for many people. However, very few people can afford to buy a property all at once. Mortgages give you the ability to diversify your financial solutions and payments throughout time. Typically, you must pay a percentage of the sale price of your house.
These expenses are referred to as a down payment. The down payment is typically 20% (or more) of the purchase price. However, depending on the type of mortgage you qualify for, it might be considerably cheaper. The contract is refunded after the down payment until all mortgages are paid off.
Until you make your last mortgage payment, your mortgage holder is your homeowner. If your payments are late, you may face foreclosure and the lender may confiscate your home. As a result, you must keep a close eye on it.

Student Loan

Student loans can be used to pay for educational expenses such as:
• University fees
• Dorm
• Textbook
• Transportation
• Computer
Student loans are frequently the first budgetary loan that a person makes. Most student loans are not required to be returned before graduation. Some student loans have a waiting period of many months before they begin to be repaid.

Small Business Loan

Small company loans provide the cash flow required by enterprises to improve or expand their present operations. It is also a sophisticated feature for anyone launching a new business. The following business expenses can be met with a small company loan:
• Day-to-day operations
• Business-related assets
• Commercial Equipment
A documented financial products plan outlining how the funds will be spent is normally required when applying for a small business loan. Furthermore, some small business loans necessitate a personal guarantee. In the event of default, it guarantees to repay the debt with personal assets.

Payday Loan

Payday loans can be used to cover practically any expense. Furthermore, it’s very simple to use:
• You are 18 or older
• You have a valid ID
• You have a bank account
• You have a career
If you do not repay your loan by the next due date, it may be automatically extended. This loan is for the sum of the prior loan plus interest and fees. Payday loans can have APRs of up to 400%, making them both quick and expensive.

Oportun Fees & Rates

Personal loans have an annual percentage cost, although other lenders also charge a fee. When deciding if you can repay your loan, consider how overdraft fees may affect your total costs. Oportun has no membership or monthly fees. State taxes may apply.
These costs vary by state and are usually a percentage of the loan. 3% of a $1,000 loan costs $30. Oportun also charges closure payments and check returns.
Private money lenders frequently charge lower interest rates. It’s an “alternative render” for people without bank accounts or low credit scores, but it doesn’t collect fees like payday renderers. Costly loan. Monthly costs are between standard and rip-off loans.

Oportun safety and security

There is nothing unique about the company’s safety and security policies. Oportun solely gathers data to enhance its accredited products and services, compliance with legal obligations, and provision of personalized services.
Your information may also be used for standard website analytics, promotions, and targeted digital advertising.
The good news is that you can refuse to participate in this by selecting the “Privacy Settings” link located at the bottom of your webpage. It does not appear to exchange any sensitive data with other third-party services. It uses an SSL certificate to encrypt it for security purposes.
At least no other assessments raised any worries about the security of the money.

Oportun’s credibility & BBB rating

A Certified Business Support Authority is Oportun. The BBB has given it an A+ grade. It is a nonprofit organization whose main goals are consumer trust and protection. By examining customer complaints, the veracity of advertising, and the openness of company procedures, it rates companies.


However, keep in mind that a positive BBB rating does not ensure a positive working relationship with Oportun. Additionally, you can look up consumer reviews online or ask your friends if they’ve used the company’s services.

Oportun was recently embroiled in a significant scandal, by the way. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the corporation allegedly filed hundreds of lawsuits against low-income Hispanic customers, threatening them with continued repayment of high-interest debts. So, if you are concerned about this situation, you might want to think about using a different financial institution.

Oportun Mobile accessibility and support

The goal of Oportun is to offer useful and easily accessible financial services. It entails creating goods and services that are usable by everyone, including those with diverse abilities, and aids customers in creating a better future. For as many people to use it as possible, it aims to improve usability and design.


Oportun credit card reviews: Oportun has an app for both Android and iPhone. Together, they can offer more chances for customers to improve their financial situation. This new financial tool is available to everyone with a smartphone or tablet.

It is a straightforward program that enables you to invest for the first time, save money, and even lower overdraft fees. Utilize your bank’s digital link to compute smart savings depending on your income and spending patterns. Then unknowingly set aside a little money towards your objective. By performing additional wise financial actions, such as budget management, banking, and other activities, this desktop application grants you financial freedom. Any question can be answered by contacting online mobile assistance at any time.

The Oportun customer service Team

Oportun provides the best service. They want their customers to be happy. Please get in touch with their customer service if you have any further inquiries.

The following personal information should be provided:

• Your full name
• Your address
• Your phone number
• The last four digits of your account number (only for existing customers)
• Reasons for queries, disagreements, compliments, and complaints.
All credit check objections must be notified in writing.
If you are experiencing accessibility issues because of impediments or obstructions, please contact the Oportun customer support staff using the phone number or email address listed on the official website.
It is effective:

  • Monday to Friday: 8 am—8 pm PT
  • Saturday to Sunday: 9 am—7 pm PT
    To preserve your privacy, we ask that you refrain from including your social security number, account number, or any other sensitive information in your email correspondence.

Oportun: Is It a Good option for you?

Oportun is a wonderful short-term option if you don’t have a credit history and require money for an unforeseen obligation like rent or utilities. Two of the three major credit refinancing agencies — Experian and TransUnion — have been approached by lenders for bills, according to an Oportun representative. Maintaining the payment deadlines will aid in creating a credit history.


Oportun credit card reviews: For those with poor credit who urgently require a loan, Oportun is fantastic. The smallest loan amount is a mere $ 300, and you can borrow up to $ 10,000 as an alternative to payday loans. Although it is not the most affordable financial institution, it is far superior to more established institutions.

Even yet, Oportun charges greater interest rates than some other lenders. Since you have an excellent credit score and a low income, you should examine interest rates to determine if there are any lower options available.

Oportun-like Apps

What Oportun alternatives exist that have the same features?


  • It is a business that uses data analysis and technology. It offers personal loans to persons with little or no credit history.
  • Established in 2005
  • Type: public
  • Tags: Financial Services, Loans, Fintech.
  • Alexa Website Rank: 138646
  • Market capitalization: $234.3 million

Finance Blue Motor

  • It is a fintech company.
  • Established: 1992
  • Type: private
  • Tags: Financial Services, Loans, Fintech
  • Alexa Website Rank: 625706
  • Market capitalization: £63.9 M

Crédito Real

  • It offers financial assistance to those who cannot be helped by conventional banking institutions.
  • Established: 1993
  • Type: public
  • Tags: Financial Services, Loans, Financial management, Fintech
  • Alexa Website Rank: 101444
  • Market capitalization: $133.3 M

Crescent Bank & Trust

  • This business offers financial services via the internet.
  • Established: 1991
  • Type: Subsidiary
  • Tags: Financial Services, Loans, Banks, Fintech
  • Alexa Website Rank: 549685
  • Market capitalization: N/A

Oportun items

Unsecured personal loans secured personal loans, and a Visa credit card are all offered by Oportun.

Personal loans have the following characteristics:

  • Amounts of unsecured loans between $300 and $10,000
  • 35.99% annual percentage rate maximum
  • Term of Repayment: 12 to 48 months
  • safe Application

Secured personal loans include the following characteristics:

The APR cap for loans between $2,525 and $20,000 is 36%.

  • Most vehicles accepted with a minimum term of 21 months are 25 model years or newer and have less than 250,000 miles.

Credit cards include the following characteristics:

  • Credit lines of $1,000 maximum
  • 24.9% to 29.9% variable APR
  • No need for a security deposit
  • Zero culpability for fraud
  • Chance costs
    The maximum APR for personal loans from Oportun is 35.99%. If you decide to pay off your loan early, there are no prepayment penalties or application fees.
    When your loan is accepted, Oportun does charge an origination fee; the amount is determined by the state in which you reside. Additionally, the business levies cost for overdue payments and rejected checks; consult your loan agreement for the precise amounts.
    One of the few credit cards that might help people with no credit history get access to credit is the Oportun Visa Credit Card, which is offered by WebBank. After a pilot phase, it was formally made available in most states as of August 2021. At the time of this writing, the state or federal government did not issue the card in Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, the District of Columbia, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.
    The key differentiation between this card and its competitors is that neither an SSN nor a bank account is required for application. Like other so-called alternative credit card providers, Oportun’s in-house proprietary technology may consider several factors, such as rent payments, payment history, income, cash flow, and more.
    Other alternative credit cards may provide greater value than this card, therefore not having a credit history alone is a sufficient justification for getting one. But the Oportun Visa Credit Card can be a suitable option if you also don’t have a Social Security number or a bank account.

How to apply for a Personal Loan or Credit Card through opportunity?

Congratulations, you qualify for the credit card if you have checked off all the boxes above and meet all the requirements.
Now that you know how to apply for a card through Oportun, let’s move on.
You might think that the process is a little difficult, but the good news is that this is not the case. The steps involved in applying for a personal loan with Oportun are shown below.

  • You must select “Personal Loans” once you’ve arrived at Oportun’s official website.
  • Click the “Get Started” button that appears. Enter your postal code and hit the “GO” button.
  • Following that, you will have a choice. It will depend on whether you want to apply for the loan online or over the phone.
  • Just confirm your ZIP code if you plan to apply for a loan with Oportun online before continuing to the preapproval for the credit phase.
  • To complete the application, you must supply your basic information (name, DOB, and email address).
  • To proceed with your application, you must now wait a short while for the results of your pre-qualification check. Cross-check whether the information you provided was accurate once it has been qualified.
  • You must have a few documents on hand before moving forward. And submit some additional crucial information, such as evidence of your identity, salary, address, references, marital status, etc.
  • And it’s finished.

Here are some things you should know about Opportunity Loans, though, before that.

  • The loans range in size from $300 to $10,000.
  • Be careful to read all the terms and conditions, policies, and disclaimers before you apply for the loan, so you have them on hand for future use.
  • You won’t have to wait long as Oportun will handle your loan in only one business day.
  • Only a few US states, including Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Idaho, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, Wisconsin, and Utah, offer Oportune’s lending services. Therefore, if you reside in one of these states, Oportun is a go.

What are the requirements for Oportun Visa Credit Cards?

You should be aware of a credit card’s qualifying requirements before deciding to apply for one. whether you have any chance at all to get that card.
So, if you’re considering getting an Oportun credit card, we can assist you in doing so.
Oportun offers credits in the same manner as every other site. The following qualifications apply to the Oportun Visa credit card:

  • To avoid having your credit application denied, be sure to read everything completely.
  • You shouldn’t worry about being rejected, though.
  • Why? It’s because almost no checkbox is anything you wouldn’t select
  • Being older than 18 years old is the first requirement that you must meet.
  • You must reside in the US to apply for a credit card or loan from Oportun.
  • What if you don’t live in the US? Can you apply for a loan or credit card?
  • Stay put! There is no need to be concerned because there is still a chance for you even if you are not a US resident in these situations!
  • One of the rare businesses that accept non-US citizens is Oportun.

What then should I do?

Oportun credit card reviews: Residents who do not have US citizenship may apply for the Oportun visa credit card through a separate US-incorporated company.
You could also require a few important papers. You might require a current ID card. (It can be your driver’s license or passport.) You will also require documentation if you are not a US citizen.
You will also require up to 4 referrals and income documentation.

What is the Oportun credit card’s Initial credit limit?

Oportun credit card reviews: Visa credit cards with generous credit limits may be able to provide you with loans or cash. You must first approve your card.
If you qualify for a bigger amount, it’s unclear though.
The Oportun Visa credit card has a credit limit that begins at $300. This means that if you can get one for yourself, you can get at least $300 for your small business or other purposes. You might be able to obtain a sum greater than this. When you have.

How soon can you obtain an Oportun visa credit card?

It is not a lengthy, difficult process. In contrast, you can receive your Oportun Visa Credit Card in 7–10 business days, as opposed to other platforms. When your credit card has been approved, Oportun will send you a mail notification.

Following are five details concerning the card:

1. You can qualify without having a bank account, a Social Security number, or a credit history in the United States

Oportun Visa Credit Card doesn’t have many standard credit card conditions. Credit history affects credit ratings. Oportun’s innovative technology may investigate additional data points, such as pay stubs, bank account information (if you have it), income, occupation, industry, and personal references.
Without a Social Security number, you must confirm a U.S. address in one of the card’s states. Oportun accepts government-issued picture IDs to verify identity.
Without a U.S. ID or bank account, the company’s algorithm can evaluate other characteristics. You can also pay with cash at any MoneyGram location, including CVS and Walmart, for a charge. (But if you’re eligible for a free bank account, you’ll save money.)

2. There may be an annual fee but there is no security deposit

The Oportun Visa Credit Card does not require a security deposit. Depending on your credit, you may have to pay a $29 annual charge.
If the annual fee could be eliminated, the Oportun Visa Credit Card may be kept open longer. Length of credit history affects credit scores.
There are cards in this category without annual or other fees. Example: Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card. WebBank may utilize an algorithm that considers income, savings, and spending in addition to FICO credit scores to determine eligibility.
This card earns up to 1.5% cash back, like cards for those with good credit, unlike the Oportun card. To qualify, you need an SSN and bank account.

3. It provides a $1,000 credit limit

For those who are new to credit, the Oportun Visa Credit Card has a respectable $1,000 credit limit. Your creditworthiness will determine your credit limit, just like it does with any credit card. Over time, you might also be able to obtain a credit limit increase. According to a corporate spokeswoman, Oportun conducts routine evaluations to determine your eligibility for a raise. A greater credit limit can result in you using less of your available credit, which is another important aspect of your credit ratings.
Even yet, there are cards on the market that have larger restrictions. For instance, the credit limit on the Petal® 2 “Cash Back, No Fees” Visa® Credit Card might vary depending on your creditworthiness from $300 to $10,000.

4. A high APR can be expensive

The Oportun Visa Credit Card’s interest rate fluctuates from 24.90% to 29.90% in August 2021, making balance transfers unwise.
Maybe not. First-time credit card customers often have high-interest rates to reduce the issuer’s risk. If you make full and timely payments each month, the card’s APR is useless. Only borrow what you can afford.
If you’re willing to forgo carrying a balance on some cards, you can avoid interest at the start of your credit journey. The Tomo Card, which doesn’t allow balance transfers, offers no fees or interest. 1% cashback. It’s a way to build credit without fees or interest. The card issuer’s innovative technology examines income, account balances, and contact information. Without a Social Security number, you may qualify with a bank account.

5. It notifies the three credit bureaus of payments

Payments made with the Oportun Visa Credit Card are reported to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian, the three credit bureaus. These businesses keep track of the data required to determine your credit ratings. It’s a fantastic benefit to have on a credit card, especially if building credit is your main objective. Prospective lenders can more easily assess your likelihood of repaying a loan by looking at your payment history as reported by all three bureaus.

Oportun is it real?

Oportun credit card reviews: A reputable lender with more than 15 years of experience, Oportun became public in 2019. With its loans, you can get quick access to money for almost anything. For candidates who don’t have excellent credit or have no credit history, it’s a good alternative. The APR on an Oportun loan, however, can go as high as 35.99%, so it’s important to compare offers from other lenders to get the loan with the lowest interest rate first.

Pros and Cons of Oportun

Oportun credit card reviews: We focus not only on the company’s benefits, but as it provides the viewer with objective information about the render. Following are the Pros and Cons as mentioned:

Pros Cons
It is a quick application. A loan application can result in a loan being approved the same day. A highly effective annual interest rate in exchange for strong credit. The yearly percentage rate is sufficient. No, it is not an advantage.
Make a credit history. Getting a loan might help you establish credit even if you have no history or a low FICO score. There aren’t many credit lines. You can get a loan of up to $10,000.
Competitive annual percentage rate. It offers an affordable annual percentage rate for borrowers with low creditworthiness. A loan fee. For all personal loans, Oportun levies a processing fee or tax stamp fee.

Criteria used in our Evaluation

Oportun credit card reviews: We discovered during the assessment process that Oportun offers a fantastic offer tool and has been accredited by the Business Support Authority since 2016 (opens with a new account). On many financial services websites, it has a generally positive reputation.
It lacks an online calculator, in contrast to many other lenders of capital. Therefore, throughout the bidding procedure, you will have to enter your client’s information. It takes at least 10 minutes to finish the application. It is theoretically feasible to withdraw money in a single day.


Oportun credit card reviews: Oportun is reasonably simple to comprehend and respond to about interest rates and customer care. The business only enables lending to borrowers who can set up repayments. They wish to create regulations for this aim (certificate of income, etc.).
Additionally, it collaborates with American credit reporting companies to help consumers with credit scores of 0 or severely low ones improve their situation going forward.
Opportunity loans are pricey. But it appears to be a fantastic alternative to payday lenders. Before turning to a payday loan firm for assistance if you don’t have a loan and need to raise money, you should get in touch with Oportun.

Customer Reviews for Oportun

Oportun credit card reviews: Unfortunately, there aren’t many Oportun reviews on the internet. The company is absent from consumer review websites like Trust pilot or Consumer Affairs.
Nevertheless, the BBB has approved them as a business since 2016 and they have an A+ rating. They have 90 complaints that have been settled in the last three years, earning them a 2.5/5 rating from BBB customers.
158 complaints were sent to Oportun by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. 34 dealt with debt recovery, while 66 dealt with personal loans. However, Oportun seems to have addressed most of these issues.
The lack of Oportun reviews could be attributed to the challenges the company had in 2020. Oportun’s aggressive debt collection and litigation tactics came under heavy scrutiny during the COVID-19 outbreak. However, they have now fundamentally altered their approaches to assist those who are in need.

Security & Privacy Policy

Oportun credit card reviews: The company’s security and privacy practices didn’t cause us to have any concerns. Oportun only collects the information required to meet regulatory requirements, offer personalized services, and sell its goods and services.
Your information may also be used for ordinary website traffic analytics, targeted digital advertising, or promotional purposes. The good news is that you may opt-out of this by clicking the “Privacy Settings” link at the bottom of their page. There is no proof that they communicate with other outside sources to exchange information.
Although the website is secured with an SSL certificate, it doesn’t appear that any additional security measures are in place. However, other Oportun.com reviews did not find any security-related issues.


Oportun Loans in Edwards

Edwards offers modest and large personal loans ranging from $500 to $35,000. Their APR interest rate, which runs from 8.99% to 17.99%, is competitive. You may also apply for terms as long as 60 months.

Oportun Loans vs. Avant Loans

In comparison to Oportun, Avant offers larger personal loans up to $35,000 with longer terms of up to 60 months. Furthermore, you qualify for generally lower APR rates beginning at 9.95%. Avant Loans seems to be more forthcoming with information and has higher ratings for client satisfaction.

Oportun vs. Lending Point

Like Oportun, Lending Point is willing to consider applicants with bad credit. With money ready in only one business day, it’s a great option for quick personal loans as well. Up to $25,000 in loans are available with terms ranging from 24 to 48 months.


Oportun credit card reviews: According to Oportun reviews, the company’s lax eligibility conditions are the primary benefit of applying for a personal loan there. Anyone can get rapid cash thanks to Oportun, including non-US nationals and locals with no credit history or low credit scores.
It won’t take long to apply for a loan, and you should get the money within one business day. You can even obtain a secured loan using your automobile as collateral or recruit a co-signer if you need more negotiating power or want to lower your interest rates.

Frequently Ask Question

Some questions are related to the keywords " Oportun credit card reviews" as below:

1.In which bank does Oportun deal most frequently?

The two most important banks in the world back Oportun. WebBank and FDIC Member. Both financial institutions will monitor your accounts and report any suspicious activity to the major credit reporting agencies.

2.To what extent does Oportun function as a legitimate lending institution?

Loans from Oportun, a California-based lending company, may be more affordable than traditional options like auto title loans and payday advances. Oportun is the best alternative to traditional banks if you keep getting turned down for loans. You can use this to apply for personal loans and credit cards ranging from $300 to $1,000, both secured and unsecured.
However, you’ll need an established credit history and reliable income if you want a credit card with a $1,000 limit.

3.Will Oportun lower my credit score?

Not! Oportun is a funding resource that does not impact your credit score while displaying your pricing options.

4.Who do I talk to at Oportun?

Oportun’s support team is available whenever its users need it. Oportun can be reached at 8664886090 or via official email

5.Has the Oportun Visa Credit Card a welcome bonus?

There is no cash sign-up incentive for this credit card.

6.Does Oportun Visa Credit Card provide a yearly reward for loyalty?

There is no cash loyalty incentive available with this card.

7.What are the advantages of the Oportun Visa Credit Card?

It offers the following advantages:

  • Zero culpability for fraud
  • reports to significant credit bureaus

8.What are the Oportun Visa Credit Card’s applicable APRs?

The average regular APR is 15% for all credit cards and 17% for accounts with a balance, according to the Federal Reserve Board. Regular APRs on this card is higher than typical.
The variable purchase APR for the Oportun Visa Credit Card runs from 24.90% to 29.90%. Additionally, it features a variable APR for cash advances that runs from 24.90% to 29.90%.

9.Is there a promotional APR available for balance transfers on the Oportun Visa Credit Card?

No, there is not an introductory APR deal included for balance transfers.

10.Does Oportun Visa Credit Card give a promotional APR on fresh purchases?

Oportun Introductory Offer for Visa Credit Card Purchase
Initial Rate: 24.90%
On eligible purchases, this card does have a 24.90% introductory APR rate.

11.How much does the Oportun Visa Credit Card cost?

The following charges are due:

  • Fees for the Oportun Visa Credit Card Range from $0 to $49 Per Year
  • 0.0% foreign transaction fee

12.Is there a foreign transaction fee for using an Oportun Visa Credit Card?

There are no foreign transaction fees with this card. Avoiding foreign transaction fees can save you hundreds of dollars in costs when you go outside of the country if you are a regular traveler.

13.What is the login page for the Oportun Visa Credit Card?

This link will take you to the Oportun Visa Credit Card login page.

14.How are Oportun Visa Credit Card’s user interface and customer service rated by customers?

We don’t yet have enough reviews for this product to give a trustworthy Super Money community rating.

15.Do credit bureaus receive reports about your Oportun Visa Credit Card account activity?

The following credit reporting agencies are informed about your account activity by Oportun Visa Credit Card:

  • Equifax
  • Experian
  • Transunion
  • Regularly paying creditors who report to one or more credit bureaus on schedule would show that you are responsible with money and could help you build better credit.

16. How to Apply for Obtaining an Oportun Visa Credit Card?

  • Visit the webpage for the Oportun Visa Credit Card.
  • Complete the application. Standard financial disclosures such as your Social Security Number, postal address, and annual income are usually required.
  • Check that all the information on your application is correct before you send it in.
  • Check out our guide to the top credit cards for bad credit if your credit score prevents you from being approved for this credit card.

17.Is the Oportun credit card unsecured?

The Oportun card is an unsecured product that provides starting credit lines of up to $1,000, unlike other card products that are accessible to financially responsible persons with little or no traditional credit history.

18.Can you pay Oportun off sooner?

There are no penalties for early payments. One great approach to reducing interest costs is to make additional payments and pay off your loan early. With Oportun, you can pay off your loan early without being penalized for doing so.

19.Is there an annual charge for Oportun?

The annual charge for the Oportun Credit Card ranges from $0 to $49. Depending on your creditworthiness, the annual charge for the Oportun Credit Card may be greater or lower than the typical annual price for new credit card offers. With the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card, there are additional fees to be aware of.

20.Is my Oportun credit card accepted at ATMs?

The cash advance cost for the Oportun® Visa® Credit Card is 3% (minimum $10) for every transaction, whichever is higher. When using the Oportun Credit Card to make cash withdrawals at an ATM, a cash advance fee is assessed.

21.Is Oportun Visa available as an app?

We provide loans at Oportun with manageable and predictable installments. Once you’ve obtained a loan, you may easily keep track of your payments by adding these as a fixed item in your app. Analyze the findings at the end of the month and make choices that will help you reach your financial objectives.

22.What exactly is Oportun?

An organization that lends money to people is called Oportun. The organization’s headquarters are in San Carlos, California, and it was created in 2005. Oportun offers up to a $10,000 loan. It offers a range of loans, including personal, auto, home, and school loans.

23.How long does it take to deposit an Opportunity Loan?

Oportun loans are renowned for their quick deposits; as soon as your loan request is authorized and your application is finished, they deposit the requested amount in your bank account in no more than one business day.


Oportun credit card reviews: Therefore, if you are unable to obtain a loan or credit card from major banks, it is an excellent platform to have money. Even though it is helpful, you also need to consider its drawbacks. It is a less efficient approach to acquire money because of the disadvantages. After all, the interest rate is very high.
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