Online learning management system case study project (SRS)


Online learning management system SRS project. This project provide case study of online learning management system requirements specification and features in online learning system. Can use in software requirements specification. How to create online learning system. How to manage system Features of system, modules, system performance priority of system. Help to start learning management system. Read case study of system understand case study then you create according to your case study of your system.


Online learning system is an application we give online courses to our users. In this application we heir teacher who delivered online lecture and make money for it. Students can pay for their course by paying by credit card or by challan form. With the help of this application our students can also buy students course books in both hard and soft form. user can login the Advertisement page for business purpose ads. Application user can contact for show the page business advertisement. Accountant can pay the teacher salary. Application user can check the job links and quickly apply for best jobs and any user can apply the short courses user can select course. Good opportunities everyone for best skills.



• Can install in window, android, mac.
• Can login,
• Can apply for short courses
• Can buy books
• Can change privacy setting
• Can edit profile
• can contact for ads
• can pay online fee
• can check jobs links
• apply for online classes
• user can upload given page of business links, video.
• Can feedback
• Can buy window application and software. And online pay.
• User can check how many use this application.
• Accountant can pay online salary
• Administrator can check feed back
• Administrator can check how many student, teacher and user application
• Can check book library

Feature of project:

Feature Name:

• Installation setup
• login
• apply for short courses
• buy books
• change privacy setting
• edit profile
• contact for ads
• pay online fee
• check jobs links
• apply for online classes
• feedback
• buy window application and software
• pay online
• pay salary
• check user’s
• check feed back
• Check teacher
• Check student
• Can check book library
• Add post

Non-functional Requirements

This sub-section includes the following
• Usability
• Reliability
• Performance
• Design Constraints
• Portability
• Maintainability License Agreement

Description and priority:

Installation setup in system work is user can install the application window, IOS and Android. So, then user can use the application. This part first of application for pass the next level. User can read some terms and conditions and select the language. All test is done and correct all things user can use this feature.
Second setup is login this part of application feature is output and input right user can use this feature can send feedback. After user login user can use application for this purpose he downloaded application.


Learning system Priority more classes students take and complete with satisfactory grades, the earlier registration appointment students will receive online learning system first priority. And second is user can order the book that receive the order user correct time.


If user want to exist application and ask system user for confirmation user if click yes button and system response time is good. So, stimulus response sequences good.

Author information

name: Azhar Mehmood Shah
E-mail: [email protected],

Project title:

Project name online learning management system it mean that we can take online classes buy books in pdf we can also online payment you can see necessary adds in this websites to find according to your need you can go and check directly links of other websites to search. Its very familiar to ask questions related to your course and find ans.


The student that could not focused on their studies in class lecture. They take online classes to sort out their confusions. This is especially in current COVID 19 situation is very necessary. This is also very important for that persons whose look for job in this circumstance because all the private and govt sectors are closed. People can upload cv on this platform and other check their cv and higher them for jobs. The developed plate provides the jobs online books and students can take easily online classes. Check study ads and user can upload ads in register customer ads application portion. Teacher role in this application. User can upload cv for teaching take money. Part time freelancing opportunities for teacher. Create lecture in home and upload the mention date. Lecture record any time, any place can teacher chose.



• Centralized database management system used in application.
• One server

Describe the application


  1. student use the application purpose take online classes
  2. students can buy course related books
  3. students can pay online fee
  4. students can apply for another online course
  5. students use links, video for course
  6. ads customer can upload ads and ads select categories
  7. Ads user can check application user
  8. Accountant can pay online for teacher pay
  9. Application user can check ads purpose ads study
  10. Very cheap and fastest way to learn


  1. Provide home learning system
  2. Application user security provide
  3. Lot user
  4. Try to world wide application
  5. User feel secure when use the application

Short Explain what the software:

We make our software product for online studies. In this software we give facilities to student as well as teacher. In this software student can take their class by his chosen subject form users chosen teacher. And teacher can deliver their classes make money from it. And teacher can also sell their notes from this software. Accountant can manage all the charges of students and teachers and also the adds management.

software interfaces\hardware interfaces:

• Html
• C++ language
• Assembly language
• Programmed with very basic instruction • Easily single instruction for adding two integers

Communication interfaces:

• Local network prototype
• Attachments
• Social media 4.1 Software design

System requirements diagram for SRS

DFD level 0:

DFD level 1:

Sequence diagram:

Use case diagram:

Activity Diagram:

Descriptive use case format:

System Actor performance


Use case id Unique id
Name Teaches
Brief description Interact with students and teach them
Actors Teacher
Preconditions Teacher must have Email and Password assigned
Bank account number/ credit card information must be assigned to the teacher’s profile is registered with the banking system.

Basic flow The teacher logins in
View lecture time
Withdrew salary view agreement Take online lecture, attendance block student Select faculty
Access Setting Upload marks upload assignments
Alternative flows When you enter wrong password, login failed.
Exception flow invalid password or email teacher can confirm or change the password by Forget password teacher can change bank account/ credit card info by logging in
Post condition At the end of the use case, all account and transaction logs are balanced, communication with the banking system is
reinitialized, and the card is returned to the customer. The profile information is saved.
Included use case The teacher logs in
Access to withdraw salary
Update assignment
Upload marks


Brief description Student will create account, and
login their id, select faculty , program and search book, generate online challan form and pay their course fee
Actor Student
Preconditions Students must have to login their account with correct password and pay their fee to take online lectures or course
Basic flow Student logins in
View lecture time
Take online lecture, attendance block student Select student
Access Setting View marks upload assignments
Alternative flow If not registered, create account Select subject by search name
Exception flow If not registered, create account Select subject by search name
Post condition Student is logged into system Postconditions: Student is registered for courses

  1. Student selects
    “Register New Courses” from the menu.
  2. System displays list of courses available for registering. 3. Student selects one or more courses he wants to register for. 4. Student clicks “Submit” button.
  3. System registers student for the selected courses and displays a confirmation message. Extensions: System displays message showing which courses were registered, and which courses were not registered along with a reason for each failure… None of the courses could be registered. System displays message saying none of the courses could be registered, along with a reason for each failure
    Included use case Student can select course, Student can enroll into a faculty and select semester info Student can access library
    Student can give feedback.


Brief description accountant can select teacher and amount to pay the salary of teachers
Actor Accountant
Precondition accountant must be registered , accountant have list of registered teachers
Basic flow accountant logs in, selects teacher form the list and select amount for payment
Alternative flow No alternative
Exceptional flow No Exceptional flow

Post condition At the end, the accountant will issue salary, and give it to the teacher or send it to bank account of the teacher t. At the time, according to the contract agreement, accounting staff will make online payments to the list of teachers
Include After login, user can access list of teachers Select amount
Pay online

Contact For adds:

Name Contact for adds
Brief description Institutional student’s or teacher’s organization/ can contact its website for running an ad for their project / organization purposes
Precondition Number of users must be
Valid email and password must be assigned to the user to access it For online payment Credit card info must be registered
Basic flow User logins in with valid email
and password
User is registered in the
User can access contact number User can pay online via credit card
Alternative flow In case of invalid input of login, user can verify by forgot password
Exceptional flow In case of invalid input of login, user can verify by forgot password
Post condition Contact information is saved in current state
Communication and transaction is balanced
Include After login, user can access contact info Pay online


Name Administrator
Brief description Administrators can login to check the teacher’s, student’s record separately to view their payment and fee information It can check balance in order to maintain the record The system provides the list of contacts for ads
Actor Administrator
Precondition Administrators must be registered
Basic flow Administrator logs in Check student record and teacher record Maintain record
Check feedback
Check Library info
Access Number of view students
and fee info Payment info
Alternative flow System displays invalid message when admin enters wrong email or password
Exceptional flow System displays invalid message when admin enters wrong email or password
Post condition Admin information is maintained All the records and information is balanced
Include After login, admin can access record of students and teachers Check and maintain balance.

Create State machine diagram UML:

Informative and useful.