Olivia Rose Cameron

Olivia Rose Cameron is the first born biological child of Hollywood actors kirk, Cameron and Chelsea Noble. She was born on July 17, 2001, about 10 years after her parents married. She grew up in a large family with 4 other kids. She has a biological brother called James Thomas Cameron, who was born 2 years after her birth on April 13, 2003.

Olivia Rose Cameron

Who Is Olivia Rose Cameron?

Full Name Olivia Rose Cameron
Age 20 Years Old
Date of Birth July 17, 2001
Place of Birth United States of America
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Father Kirk Cameron
Mother Chelsea Noble
Sisters & Brothers Jack, Anna, Luke, James Thomas, and Isabela, Are Her Children

Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is the father of Olivia Rose Cameron. Kirk Cameron is an actor, evangelist, t.v. Show host and writer from the united states. He was born and raised in panorama, Los Angeles, California.

He is well-known for his role as Mike Seaver on the ABC sitcom growing pains, for which he was nominated for two golden globes awards. Cameron will be 51 years old in 2022. He was born in panorama city, Los Angeles, California, USA, on October 12, 1970.

Films Of Kirk Cameron

Year Name
2014 Saving Christmas
2008 Fireproof
2005 Night of Joy
2005 Left Behind: World at War
2004 Growing Pains: Return of the Seavers
2002 Left Behind Ii: Tribulation Force
2001 The Miracle of the Cards
2000 The Growing Pains Movie
2000 Left Behind: the Movie
1998 You Lucky Dog
1995 Kirk
1995 The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes
1994 Star Struck
1991 A Little Piece of Heaven
1989 Listen to Me
1987 Like Father Like Son
1986 The Best of Times
1985 Growing Pains
1984 Children in the Crossfire
1983 Two Marriages
1983 Starflight the Plane That Couldn’t Land
1983 The Women Who Willed a Miracle
1982 Beyond Witch Mountain
1981 Bret Maverick
1981 Goliath Awaits

Chelsea Noble

Chelsea Noble is the mother of Olivia Rose Cameron.The American actress Chelsea Noble is best known for her role on the t.v. Show growing pains as kate McDonnell.

She has been in a few low-budget movies, often the same ones as her husband. But she hasn’t gotten a big part yet. In December 1964, she was born.

Films of Chelsea Noble

Year Title
1988 Full House
1988 Days of Our Lives
1988 Who’s the Boss?
1989 Cheers
1989 Booker
1989 Growing
1991 A Little Piece of Heaven
1993 Doogie Howser, M.d.
1994 Star Struck
1995 Kirk Elizabeth Waters
1997 Seinfeld
1998 You Lucky Dog
2000 The Growing Pains Movie
2004 Growing Pains
1990 Instant Karma
1990 The Willies
2000 Left Behind
2002 Left Behind
2005 Left Behind
2008 Fireproof
2014 Mercy Rul

Olivia Rose Cameron’s Brother and Sister

Olivia comes from a star family, and she has 5 other siblings in addition to herself. Olivia and her five other siblings make up a total of six people. There are 3 brothers and 3 sisters in a family of 6.

Four Adopted

  • Jack (Born 1996)

  • Isabella (Born 1997)

  • Anna (Born in 1998)

  • Luke (Born in 2000)

Two Biological

  • Olivia (Born in 2001)

  • James, Who Was Born in 2003

Chelsea and Cameron have six kids, but four were adopted before Olivia and her brother James were born. In 6 of them, Olivia and james are the only children of biologists. So Olivia is the only real daughter, and she is also the most important one.


Kirk Cameron is from panorama city in Los Angeles. He is an actor, evangelist, t.v. Host and writer. Chelsea noble played kate Mcdonnell on the show growing pains. Olivia’s star family has 5 other children. Olivia is one of six kids. There are 6 of them: 3 brothers and 3 sisters.

Olivia Cameron Social Media Contacts

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Olivia Rose Cameron’s Net Worth

Cameron’s net worth is unknown to the public. Being a famous child is her main way of making money. We think rose has a good net worth thanks to how she makes money, but she doesn’t like to talk about it.

We’ll add this information to this section when it’s ready. As of 2022, it is thought that her father has a net worth of $22 million and that her mother has a net worth of $5 million.

The Family Celebrates Their Differences

There are bound to be differences in a family with six kids, but in the Cameron family, those differences are something to be proud of. "our family is made up of people of different races.

So we all have different colors, different backgrounds, different skills, and different gifts. And the things God brings together for our family make a beautiful mosaic, "said kirk.

The Facts About Olivia Rose Cameron

  • Olivia Rose Cameron is famous because her parents, Kirk Cameron and Chelsea noble, are also famous.

  • She is 21 years old and running. On July 18, 2001, Olivia was born.

  • She was born with a brother named James, and their parents gave her 4 other brothers and sisters. Jack is 23, isabella is 22, and is 21, and Luke is 19.

  • She is a good artist and painter. She also posts a lot of her art on an instagram account called “live canvas,” which is often called “live canvas.”

  • She doesn’t have a wiki page yet, and a lot of her bio isn’t on the internet either.

  • Kirk, her dad, and chelsea, her mom, got married on July 21, 1991. Growing pains, an ABC sitcom, made them both well-known.

  • Olivia believes in Jesus. Also, her father was an atheist when he was young, but when he was 17, he became a Christian.

  • Taking into account her age, she must have just finished high school. So, it seems likely that she is now in college. But no one knows what she did in school or where she went to college.

  • Her father is worth about $22 million, and her mother is also worth about $5 million, according to estimates.

  • She has an Instagram account, but for now, it is private.

  • Olivia Rose Cameron Profession and Instagram

Live Canvas

Olivia Rose wants to be an artist, so she has decided to be a painter and calligrapher. She is a good artist and painter. She also posts a lot of her art on an Instagram account called “live canvas,” which is often called “live canvas.”

she has a lot of people who follow her on Instagram, but she is very private, so she keeps her account closed. Olivia is just as pretty as her mother, and one day she will have a lot of fans.


Rose hasn’t said anything about her relationships, so we don’t know if she’s married or single. No one knows how rich Cameron is. Her job as a celebrity kid gives her money. Rose has a good amount of money, but she doesn’t like to talk about it. Olivia rose wants to be a writer or painter, so she does both. She is a very good artist.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

There are some questions related to Olivia Rose and Cameron.

1 - Who Is Olivia Cameron?

Olivia Cameron is the daughter of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea noble, two American actors. She is the second youngest of six kids that her parents have.

2 - Olivia Cameron Is How Old?

Rose is an American citizen who was born in the united states on July 18, 2001.

3 - Olivia Cameron Is How Tall?

Rose is about average height, but she hasn’t told anyone what her height is. Once we get it from a reliable source, we’ll list her height.

4 - Does Olivia Cameron Have a Husband?

We don’t know much about rose’s love life yet. We’ll let you know if she starts dating or if we find out anything useful about her love life.

5 - How Much Money Does Olivia Cameron Have?

Rose hasn’t said how much money she has yet. We’ll add to this section when we know for sure how much money she has and what properties are in her name.

6 - How Much Money Does Chelsea Noble Have?

Noble, Chelsea the American actress Chelsea noble has a net worth of $5 million. Chelsea noble was born in December 1964 in cheektowaga, new york. From 1989 to 1992, she was best known for playing the lead role of Kate Macdonald on the t.v. Show growing pains.

7 - How Much Money Does Candace Cameron Have?

In 2019, $ 10 million is how much candace Cameron bure is worth. Celebrity net worth says that candace’s childhood role as Dj tanner opened up a lot of doors for her and made her $10 million.

8 - Where Does Olivia Live?

Olivia hasn’t told anyone exactly where he lives because of personal reasons. We will change this information if we find out where her house is and see pictures of it.

9 - Is Olivia Alive?

Olivia is still alive and doing well. No one has heard that she is sick or has any other health problems.

10: Why Did Kirk Give Cameron a Family?

Adoption is a unique thing. My adopted kids know that they are part of our family because we wanted them to be. We’ve picked them. All adopted children should know this special thing.

11 - When Did Kirk Cameron Meet His Wife?

Private life. In 1991, Cameron, who was 20, married his girlfriend Chelsea noble, who was 26 and from the t.v. Show growing pains.

12 - What Faith Is Candace Bure?

Bure is a republican and a conservative. She became a christian when she was 12, and she says that her faith is what keeps her marriage together. She said that when she was in her early twenties, she had bulimia nervosa.

13 - Olivia Cameron’s Height?

Rose is about average height, but she hasn’t told anyone what her height is. Once we get it from a reliable source, we’ll list her height.

14 - Who Does Kirk Cameron Marry?

She is an actress from the united states. Her role as kate mSmall planeMcDonnell on the t.v. Shows growing pains made her famous. Kirk Cameron, who she worked with on growing pains, is her husband. She is candace Cameron bure’s sister-in-law. Candace used to be on the show full house.

15 - Was Ahna Cameron Born into a Family?

Olivia rose Cameron is a well-known actress. Kirk Cameron and his wife, actress Chelsea Noble, adopted their four oldest children, jack, isabella, anna, and luke when they were in their early twenties. However, the 37-year-old actor never fails to express his love for his children. Or is the daughter of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea noble, two American actors

16 - Does Kirk Cameron Have His Own Children?

You may be surprised to learn that he later married Chelsea Noble, his co-star from the show, and went on to have six children of his own.

Currently, between the ages of 19 and 25, Olivia, James, Isabella, Luke, Ahna, and Jack Cameron are older than Kirk was during the height of his career.

17 - Is Chelsea Noble’s Marriage to Kirk Cameron Still Going Strong?

Cameron fell in love with Chelsea noble, who played his girlfriend on growing pains. When Cameron and noble married, they were both 20 years old. They have been married for almost 30 years and have six children together, four of whom were adopted.

18 - What Kind of Faith Does Kirk Cameron Have?

Cameron is now an evangelical Christian who works on faith-based projects. Four years ago, when he spoke out against same-sex marriage in an interview with piers morgan on CNN, he didn’t make many friends in progressive Hollywood.

19 - What Is the Name of Cameron’s Youngest Son?

Olivia Cameron’s name comes from the latin word “oliva,” which means “olive” or “olive trees.” James Cameron is the youngest son. James Thomas Cameron, born April 13, 2003, is the youngest member of the Cameron family.

20 - Is Bella Cameron a Biological Child?

The star is one of the lucky kids that Chelsea noble and her husband, Kirk Cameron, took in and raised as their own. Chelsea and Kirk are two of the most talented performers in Hollywood. They are proud to have two children born to them and four children they adopted, one of whom is Isabella, Cameron.


Olivia Rose Cameron is one of the daughters of Kirk Cameron and Chelsea noble, two American actors. She is the second youngest of her parents’ six children. She and her brother James are the only two who were born into the family.

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Olivia Rose Cameron, The first biological child of Hollywood stars Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble is named Olivia Rose Cameron. On July 17, 2001, she was born, around ten years after her parent’s wedding.

olivia rose cameron

Olivia’s Biography:

The first biological child of Hollywood stars Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble is named Olivia Rose Cameron. On July 17, 2001, she was born, around ten years after her parent’s wedding.

She grew raised with 4 other children in a big household. James Thomas Cameron, her biological brother, was conceived on April 13, 2003, two years after she was. But her parents also adopted three additional children.

Olivia Rose Cameron has managed to have a very low-profile existence despite being the daughter of well-known celebrities. Where she received her schooling is unknown.

She does not currently appear to be following the same career route as her parents.

Full Name: Olivia Rose Cameron Spouse: N/A
Birth Place: USA Parents: Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble
Date of Birth: 17 July 2001 Siblings: James Thomas Cameron, Isabella Cameron, Luke Cameron, Anna Cameron, Jack Cameron
Education: N/A Occupation: N/A

Olivia Rose Cameron Parents

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble are Olivia Rose Cameron’s parents. They are both actors in Hollywood.

The main star is Kirk Cameron, who has acted in programs like Growing Pains, a well-known ABC comedy that ran from 1985 through 1992. He is a devoted Republican and Evangelical Christian; he has even spoken at the CPAC convention for the right.

Kirk’s influence in Hollywood has diminished, and he seldom receives any jobs, maybe as a result of his convictions, which include the notion that “homosexuality is unnatural.”

His 2014 movie ‘Saving Christmas’ was a catastrophic disappointment, making it to the list of IMDB’s lowest 100 movies ever.

Chelsea Noble, his wife, has not fared much better in the entertainment industry. She has acted in a number of low-budget films, frequently in tandem with her spouse.

Olivia Rose Cameron Siblings

Olivia’s sibling’s number 4. James Thomas Cameron, her biological brother, is two years her junior.

Her three adoptive siblings, however, are all older than she is. Jack Cameron, 25, Isabella Cameron, 24, and Anna Cameron are the three (23).

Olivia Rose Cameron Occupation and Salary

Olivia Rose Cameron does not yet appear to be planning to pursue acting as a career, despite coming from an acting background.

Many Hollywood stars give their kids acting parts when they’re still young in order to prepare them for a life on the big or small screen. With Olivia, this has not been the case.

Therefore, it is unclear what she will study in college and what her future profession will be.

There is no information known on Cameron’s wealth. Her work as a celebrity child is her main source of income. We think Rose has built up a respectable net worth from her many revenue streams, but she likes to keep it a secret.

Once this data is available, we will update this area. As of 2021, the combined net worth of her mother and father is predicted to be $5 million and $22 million, respectively.

Olivia Rose Cameron Age

Cameron was born in the US on July 18, 2001, making her 20 years old as of 2022. She was born on July 18th every year under the sign of Cancer.

Olivia Rose Cameron Father Kirk Cameron

Born and raised in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, Kirk Cameron is an American actor, evangelist, TV show host, and writer.

He received two nominations for Golden Globe Awards for his performance as Mike Seaver in the ABC comedy series “Growing Pains,” for which he is well-known. By the year 2020, Cameron will be 50 years old. He was born in Panorama City, Los Angeles, California, on October 12, 1970.

Olivia Rose Cameron Married

It is unknown whether Rose is married or in a relationship because she hasn’t made her relationship public. As soon as new information is available, it will be updated with regard to her relationship.


Chelsea and Kirk, Olivia’s parents, had Olivia (mother). Her parents wed on July 21, 1991. She has four more brothers and sisters who were adopted by their parents in addition to her biological brother James. Jack, Isabella, Ahna, and Luke are their names.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Olivia Cameron?

Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, two American actors, are the parents of Olivia Cameron. Among her parents’ six children, she is the second youngest.

2. How old is Olivia Cameron?

Rose is an American citizen who was born on July 18, 2001, in the country.

3. How tall is Olivia Cameron?

Rose is of ordinary height, although she hasn’t revealed it to the world. Once we obtain confirmation of her height from a reliable source, we will include it.

4. Is Olivia Cameron married?

Rose’s romantic history’s specifics are still being examined. When she enters a relationship or whenever we learn something useful about her love life, we’ll let you know.

5. How much is Olivia Cameron worth?

Rose is still keeping her wealth a secret. When we get and verify information on the wealth and properties registered in her name, we will update this section.

6. Where does Olivia live?

Olivia hasn’t disclosed his exact address due to privacy concerns. If we learn the location and see pictures of her home, we will update this information.

7. Is Olivia died or alive?

Olivia is still with us and doing well. There have been no reports of her getting ill or experiencing any medical problems.

8. Who is Kirk Cameron married to?

On July 21, 1991, Cameron wed Chelsea Noble, another Growing Pains cast member. They currently have six children—Jack (born in 1996), Isabella (born in 1997), Anna (born in 1998), and Luke—four of whom were adopted (born in 2000).

9. Is Kirk Cameron rich?

How much money does Kirk Cameron make? American actor, producer, and director Kirk Cameron have a $10 million fortune.

10. How did Kirk Cameron meet his wife?

The two originally met on the set of Full House, where Cameron’s younger sister, Candace (“D.J. Tanner”) had a recurring part. Although Cameron and his wife, Chelsea Noble, fell in love when their characters were dating on Growing Pains, the two had really met before.


Kirk Cameron and Chelsea Noble, two American actors, have a daughter named Olivia Rose Cameron. She is one of her parents’ six children, and the second youngest. She is the only member of the family that was born, along with her brother James.