OCR:‌ ‌Convert‌ ‌Your‌ ‌Images‌ ‌to‌ ‌Text‌ ‌Online‌ ‌

It is pretty easy to take words and put them on your sheet. However, taking an image and turning it into text is another ball game. You must have scanned pages with a regular scanner, or, taken a photo of some text to be shared with someone. But, whenever you scan something, you get a saturated image, with a reduced quality. You get the scanned image in JPEG that is usually a photo image.

These images are not editable or cannot be copied if you want to share the text with someone. That is where OCR is used. It stands for Optical Character recognition. When you scan some text or a page or click a photo of the text, you can change that into a word document using OCR online.

There are free online OCR tools available that you can apply to the document. The OCR converter will give you a word document that can be further edited.

How OCR online works?

When you use an OCR converter, it reads the scanned text. The system matches all fonts and alphabets to form a word that fits the sentence. In the case of using OCR online handwritten scanned copy, there are few chances of errors as handwriting is different from the computer-generated text. In the case of scanning images, there is very little chance of an error because it scans each alphabet.

Let us see an OCR online scanner, and it’s working.

Searchenginereports. net Image to Text Converter:

This free OCR converter can convert your photos to text and documents such as image files to a word format. This optical character recognition tool supports many languages which include Japanese, Korean and Chinese. This OCR online tool can convert your scanned images and texts into an editable format. The documents that are converted look the same with columns, tables, and graphics.

Users can use this platform without going through any installation process. This system is very sharp in recognizing photographs and other digital images.

How does it work?

The image to text conversion can be accessed by using searchenginereports. Using free online ocr, you can easily scan Image to text with this OCR converter and find all the words present in a document and convert them. The system goes through each word and matches it to the database to form a pattern of sentences. Ready to be downloaded and saved for you to use whenever you desire.

Online OCR for documents and images:

The OCR.Space online OCR is a program that converts scans or images of texts into editable versions. This OCR software can also convert PDF files into editable word documents. Online OCR is a free program to be used, and one does not even have to register for it. The software supports JPG, GIF, PNG, and PDF documents as input. It also supports multi pages and multi-column texts and documents.

This software can take an image up to 5 MB at a time. Abiding by the privacy policy, the software provides results in real-time without storing any data. The system has a large database of languages the user can choose for their document.

How it works:

The user visits the site ocr. space for free online ocr. The interface is user friendly, so it hardly takes a few minutes. Everything is marked and presented on the home page for the user to get started.

The user uploads a file using the Choose file button. Or, can paste the URL of the source file in png, jpg, web, or pdf. Using the ocr converter, the user can also drag and drop images. Once done the user moves to choose the language of the uploaded file. The user has auto options to enlarge content, receipt scanning and table recognition, and auto-rotation of the image.


The user then proceeds to start ocr online on the given document. Within a few minutes, the document is converted into word format. The document can then be saved on your device and used in editable format.