Note Cards

Note cards are a great tool for connecting with people attached emotionally or professionally. They come in handy when expressing gratitude, congratulating, thanking some and much more. Why waste time creating one when you can select from professionally designed templates online. Here you will find how.

Tips To Design A Splendid Note Card

If you wish to create the best designs, you must know a little about how to make it possible. Here are a few tips and steps listed to help you out through the process of designing notecards using templates online.

1. Choose a Note card template

Designhill’s plenty of beautiful note card templates are a great place to begin your journey of creating notecards. As the first and main step towards creating a notecard is picking a template, so go ahead and choose one.

For business purposes, try picking one that matches with your business style and values. It would be better to choose something simple and professional. Selecting a colourful and childlike design will not help out in such situations. For purposes other than business, you can choose anything that suits you and that would be great.

With a wide selection of note card template available, search the design library and pick one for yourself.

2. Customize it

When you select the right template, the next step involves giving it your personal touch. Customize it according to your needs and demands. Align it perfectly with your business or the cause it is for.

Customization may involve changing fonts, images, background, borders, alignment, etc.

Designhill is a platform that offers you a huge variety of customization features to create the perfect designs.

Create a design that matches your brand’s voice and its personality. Designhill can help out to complete this task perfectly.

3. Choose colours carefully

Colours if used correctly can trigger the right feelings and emotions that you wish to. No matter how much effort you put in, if the notecard isn’t able to send the correct message, it will be a waste.

So use the right colours on your note card depending on the emotions you wish to trigger among your audience.

Here is an example to show how colours affect your mind. Red colour is a symbol of passion, love and excitement. But if you look at blue colour, you will not feel any of these emotions. However, blue colour represents tranquillity, calmness and serenity. Similarly, green is a symbol of health and prosperity.

So, use colour combinations that are successful in portraying right values.

4. Use the right size

Another thing that needs to be focussed upon is the size of your notecard. Note Cards come in a lot of different sizes. When you use a notecard template from the Designhill library, select the size that you want.

Or you could just use the notecard in standard size.

Depending on your need you can change the size of your notecard. Need a big one for an important occasion? Make a big one. There are lots of templates available in plenty of different sizes.

The best part is altering size will not lose any of the design elements. The design of your notecard remains exactly the same, no matter how big or small you make it.

5. Print in and send out

The last step of this designing process includes just saving the work you have done and sending it to as many people you want. If you do not need it now, just download the design you created and save it for future use.

There are a variety of ways to share your notecard. You can either download it and share it through social media platforms or email it. Also, if you prefer it the old fashioned way, print and send your notecard manually. Use the best service available to keep the quality of notecard intact while getting it printed.

Best Notecard Templates

So, here are a few templates that you can try out while designing one for yourselves.

  • Template 1

This template is a Thank you note card. It can be used to thank someone for their service or help.

You can even send this to your family members to show how you value their efforts or to the people who attend your function or gathering.

You can mention names of the receiver to make it better.

This note card template uses a clear and friendly font. Also, the colours used in the template will bring a calming effect to the viewer’s mind, building an emotional connection between sender and receiver.

  • Template 2

This template is designed as a motivational card. Send this to your loved ones or to the people that you care about. Let them know that they are not alone and can overcome every obstacle.

The wordings on template combined with your feelings will definitely help the reader.

Also, you can always customize it and add your personal touch to the template.

  • Template 3

Send these templates to one of the most important people in your lives. Share your feelings and congratulate me on different occasions using this template.

You can customize it and use it for any occasion or festival you like. In addition to this, you can even add pictures of people you are sending this note card to.

  • Template 4

The template number 4 is particularly designed for a special occasion named Ramadan.

Wish and send your greetings to your loved ones and friends by using this special note card template this year.

Not only this festival, customize and use this template whenever you like.

  • Template 5

Want a notecard template as a student? Don’t worry there are plenty of templates in this category too.

This template has various details mentioned related to study. You can easily write important details on this note card and keep it or share with your fellows.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How do you create a business card?

Follow these simple steps to quickly create notebook cards using:

:card_file_box: Adobe InDesign

:card_file_box: Illustrator

:card_file_box: Microsoft Word

:card_file_box: Publishe

:card_file_box: Apple Pages

:card_file_box: QuarkXPress or CorelDraw.

Q: What is the purpose of using note cards?

Note cards help you keep track of important points and keep up the good content. Write your speech in words. Communicate your drawing ideas to each note card. Make sure you add access, key points, support details and results.

Q: Where can I print my maps?

The UPS store can do your holiday greetings, thank you cards, notifications and more. It is easy to make personal greeting cards. Types of printing: two-sided

Q: What is a note card?

Index cards (or writing cards in English and Australian system cards) consist of a card (thick paper) cut to the usual sizes used for writing and storing small amounts of information.


Designhill has a brimming collection of note cards templates in its library. Go and pick one for yourself for whatever purpose you like. Edit it as per your needs and share. Also, these few templates pinned above can be used however you like. So, instead of wasting hours on designing yourself, use these stunning templates instead.

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