Nick Unsworth Net Worth

Nick Unsworth’s net worth is $12 million according to 2022. Nick Unsworth is an incredibly successful performance coach, international speaker, and best-selling author.

Nick Unsworth:

According to Tony Robbins, Nick is among the 1% of marketers and funnel experts in the world. He is the CEO of Life on Fire, and his undertaking is to construct the world’s biggest Christ-focused platform online. In this action-packed episode, Nick shares his inspiring tale of overcoming significant obstacles and eleven failed corporations.

He also stocks an excessive-degree approach on how a website hosting a Virtual Summit can explode your commercial enterprise and position your logo on the map quicker than most may want to even dream.

Nick Unsworth is a serial entrepreneur and commercial enterprise teacher with a focus on Facebook advertising. As CEO of Life on Fire, his undertaking is to encourage the masses to do what they love, relentlessly pursue their ardor, and stay in the dream.

Nick offered a commercial enterprise using 30 years of vintage, coached over 1,750 marketers, and consulted customers with NY Times Best Selling Author John Assaraf, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and lots of extras.

Nick Unsworth is a world-renowned pro-speaker and writer with deep expertise in coaching and advertising. He spoke to people from thirty to fifteen hundred all over the world.

Nick Unsworth has genuine charisma, precise charisma potential to make gaining knowledge fun, and the potential to supply result-producing content. Nick is often the pinnacle-rated audio system at important meetings.

Nick’s cap potential to connect to the target market and content material transport fashion leaves the target market feeling powered and geared up to take movement. His undertaking isn’t pretty much teaching. It’s approximately growing fulfillment testimonies.

Nick offered his first commercial enterprise within the year of thirty and is aware of achieving success and staying in existence on hearth.

Nick has an empowered preference to assist you to be the fulfillment story you have been positioned on this earth to be. It is Nick’s finest craving, and you’ll go away IGNITE empowered, understanding precisely how to make your commercial enterprise.


Nick talks about his reports with close bankruptcies and how he set his thoughts to get beyond the demanding situations that existence supplied him with. He discovered plenty from his disasters and continually located the silver linings in them.

Nick’s Personal Tale In His Own Words:

Nick’s Own Story:

I will be six years old once I buy my first box of matches. This made me look like a demonstrator. I suggest that my entrepreneurial heart began at a younger age. My mom told me the concept that I may want to do whatever and be whatever if I focused my thoughts on it.

I made her correct at a younger age by using a paper course empire at six years old. I saw my buddy’s dad and mom warfare with cash over time.

I noticed the charges and fees on their shoulders to households and vividly recollect them now no longer being capable of attending critical things such as little league video games due to the fact they had been continually running.

I recollect testimonies of uncertainty that came from running for different humans. I thought it would by no means permit that to be me. I’ve looked forward to my future undertaking for approximately eleven years. That’s my adventure.

Nick’s Hot Carmy Rum For The First Time From Home:

When I was in university, I worked in community advertising and marketing and constructed a totally successful commercial enterprise. I make the standard errors of a careless twenty-one-year-old, renting a $50,000 automobile and spending carelessly.

Sure enough, the determined enterprise I began promoting merchandise for went belly up unexpectedly. That is, once I experienced my first actual hardship. I misplaced all of it, after which I owed myself thirty thousand in dues going from commercial enterprise possibility to commercial enterprise possibility.

Pursuing The Dream In The Real World:

I was then given matters collectively and started the actual property commercial enterprise. This will become 2005, though you. I ignored the entire bubble wherein cash was pouring in; however, I solved, I may want to construct an excellent way of life.

In 2007, I stopped transferring to San Diego to paint on an advance payment mission for the Hard Rock Hotel. No more than two weeks after I arrived, the United States economic system reported the “loan meltdown,” which became the most critical monetary disaster because of the incredible sorrow.

I located myself up the creek and was left in a difficult spot. In 2008, I lowered back domestic to CT, wherein I focused on constructing my actual property commercial enterprise and knew I had to get my name out in the market quickly.

My Own First Business :

This is when my new assignment, the “NU Perks Card,” was born. It became a no longer-for-earnings commercial enterprise wherein I was given forty-five nearby corporations in the town to place reductions on my NU Perks Card.

It gave the impression of a commercial enterprise card that is supposed to hold in your pockets. Most purchasers may want to visit some of the excellent eating places in the area, use their NU Perks Card, get 15% off the invoice or 50% off whiskey or something, etc.

I constructed NU Perks Cards to promote them for $20 each. From there, $10 of the acquisition went to the charity of their choice. I aim to get my name out within the network while elevating lots of non-profits.

When I released the commercial enterprise, I made an enormous mistake. I went towards my intestine and relied on “traditional” marketing and a marketing enterprise that advocated TV advertisements.

I spent approximately $50,000 launching the commercial enterprise and matters. I became featured on “Better Connecticut.” It’s a morning show.

I became everywhere in the papers in the town, and the consequences couldn’t be better. The trouble becomes that the marketing and marketing become insanely high-priced, and the ROI becomes unbelievably negative.

I pulled the plug on the high-priced TV advertisements and mastered something that could extrude my existence all the time. My internet site became ranked on the primary web page of Google. Even when I pulled down my advertising and marketing, the visitors kept coming and coming. It becomes implausible to enjoy the electricity of Google.

Furthermore, a substantial countrywide enterprise with a close call noticed that I ranked better than them on Google and was determined to sue me for trademark infringement. I didn’t have the capital to combat it, so I needed to take the commercial enterprise down.

Losing It All:

So once more, I found myself on the verge of financial disaster, looking to discern the next commercial enterprise that I was going to start. I clung to the desire to locate my passion and love what I do.

That’s once I got into net advertising and marketing. I spent an excellent year and a half gaining knowledge of the entirety of every person. I become journeying the USA on credit cards, going from convention to convention to discern how I may want to construct a commercial internet enterprise.

I become so broke that I might carry protein powder with me in sandwich luggage and sneak as much as my motel room while everyone else becomes playing food collectively. I became on the proverbial rock’s backside, however, I knew that the ache would be temporary. I noticed a possibility with Facebook advertising and marketing, and I determined to dive properly in and take no prisoners.

Getting My Mojo Back:

I constructed my weblog and fan webpage and formally stopped promoting homes for my actual property commercial enterprise.

At that point, I became in extreme debt and needed to discern how to pay my payments that had been simply over $3,500 in line with mo due to the fact my credit card debt had become nearly $1,200 in line with the month.

I made the leap of faith, began NU Media 2.0, collected my first five customers within 30 days, and became capable of paying my payments. From there, I worked my tail off and began supporting customers to get effects online, which started to snowball. By my ninetieth day, I had spoken to over 50 corporations and was beginning to choose speaking engagements.

By my 4th month, I landed a $50,000 settlement for ninety days, after which matters exploded. I chose large customers like Keller Williams Realty, BMW, and others. This has caused a whole transformation in my existence and commercial enterprise.

I quickly paid off my debt and became rock and roll. I persevered in teaching over one hundred commercial enterprise proprietors and marketers how to get clients using Facebook advertising and marketing. Along with the manner, I constructed a Facebook application called “Fan Reviews.”

At The Age of 30, He Sells His Business:

The device created extraordinary effects for my customers, and as a result, I had a couple of opportunities to shop for fairness in my commercial enterprise. Selling a commercial enterprise has been my dream for years, and I have a tattoo on my chest of the aim. How’s that for goal setting!? It labored.

Since that enjoyment, I went directly to promote the rest of my stocks within the commercial enterprise so that I may want to position a hundred percent of my recognition on supporting marketers to construct kick-lives and corporations that have actual reason and meaning.

And That’s When Life On Fire Was Born!

It’s undoubtedly extraordinary what takes place while you’re in “alignment” with what your “reason” is in existence. I now recognize that my reason is to support different humans and love each minute of each day, making Life on Fire an “adventure well worth residing in.”

I desire that my tale makes you stop and reflect on your existence and your commercial enterprise. Are you doing what you love? You can do whatever you set your thoughts to, and I hope that you are pursuing your goals.

Life is too brief now, no longer to. If you have made it this far, I’d like to listen to your thoughts and give feedback. Also, if you’ve located your passion and you’re living out your goals, then proportion your tale with me through the input below. Looking forward to speaking soon, Nick.


Nick additionally talks about his record of unsuccessful partnerships and how they caused many of his commercial enterprise disasters. He also shares the cruel position and awful choices made in one’s disasters.

One very last critical element of his fulfillment that we will dive into is his capability to construct effective networks by attending occasions and meeting all matters related to your commercial enterprise!

About Nick Unsworth:

As CEO of Life on Fire, my undertaking is to improve your overall performance in existence and commercial enterprise by using NLP, hypnosis, and private improvement techniques.

Nick offered a commercial enterprise with the aid of using 30 years of vintage, coached over 2,551 people, and has consulted customers with Daymond John from Shark Tank, Mark Divine from Navy Seals, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and extra.

Top Skills:

  1. Coaching and Business Coaching

  2. Communication/Public Speaking

  3. Creating worthwhile occasions

  4. Presentations or webinars that convert


They are helping marketers clarify their imaginative, prescient, and actual reasons and create a movement plan. When a person exits a commercial enterprise or is transitioning, this is my sweet spot. To assist them, discern what they can do for themselves to satisfy them.

How I Can Assist You:

  1. Inspiring/Motivating your target market or personnel with a tailor-made message

  2. Help you or your personnel paint an overall performance.

  3. Event consulting is on the way to creating worthwhile occasions that stand out.

  4. Webinar presentations to transform online

  5. So you are residing your existence on hearthplace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few FAQs associated with Nick Unsworth:

1. What type of work does Nich Unsworth do?

Nich Unsworth is a professional writer and director. He has written and directed several feature films and television shows.

2. What are some of Nich Unsworth’s most notable works?

Nich Unsworth is most well-known for writing and directing the films The Usual Suspects, Memento, The Prestige, and Inception. He also created and directed the television series Carnival Row.

3. How did Nich Unsworth get his start in the film industry?

Nich Unsworth began his career as a script reader for a production company in London before becoming a freelance writer. He then wrote and directed his first short film, Larceny, in 1995.

4. What awards has Nich Unsworth won?

Nich Unsworth has won several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for The Usual Suspects, a BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay for Memento, and a Saturn Award for Best Director for Inception.

5. What other projects has Nich Unsworth been involved in?

Nich Unsworth has been involved in many other projects, including writing and producing the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises and producing the television series Legion.

6. How has Nich Unsworth experienced success as a director?

Nich Unsworth is known for his unique visual style and his innovative storytelling techniques. His films often feature complex plots, nonlinear narratives, and dream sequences.

7. What is Nich Unsworth’s most recent project?

Nich Unsworth’s most recent project is the Netflix film The Old Guard, which he wrote and directed.

8. What is Nich Unsworth’s upcoming project?

Nich Unsworth is currently working on a new television series for Netflix called Memento Mori.

9. What is Nich Unsworth’s net worth?

Nich Unsworth is estimated to have a net worth of around $50 million.

10. What is Nich Unsworth’s favorite film?

Nich Unsworth has stated that his favorite film he has made is The Prestige.

11. I’ll write a few Nick Unsworth quotes.

"I exceptionally endorse the philosophy of under promising and over handing over to create “surprising bonuses.”

"So whether or not you’re up against a wall in your commercial enterprise, or if Facebook is disapproving each advert you create, you’ve been given to assume like a winner and discover a solution. There’s continually a manner. "

12. What did Nick Unsworth proportionate in his e-ebook of advertising and marketing?

In the e-book, Unsworth, and Shoopman proportion their finest secrets and techniques for developing a commercial enterprise through Facebook. However, outside the preliminary chapters, Unsworth also stocks his entrepreneurship training.


Nick Unsworth is a man who labored to make his existence a role model. His presence has numerous ups and downs, with lots of effort. But he by no means surrenders and lives humble, active, and patient.

He additionally loved his existence like ordinary humans, married his love, and had appropriate and awful days; however, his dreams were continually focused. He further posted his e-ebook for advertising and marketing, his improved manner, and all his adventures.

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