Nawaz Sharif's Passport Will be Cancelled on February 16: Sheikh Rasheed

While addressing to a press conference in Islamabad, the home minister (Sheikh Rasheed) announced that Nawaz Sharif’s passport will be cancelled on February 16. After announcing that, he refused to discuss it further.

Taking of Iqama

He further mentioned that it is not fair to take iqama(work permit). He said why did Nawaz Sharif do that? it seems like he has no faith in his country? He declared that opposition has been recognized as money launderers and it is exposed. Because taking iqama shows that a person is not honest with his country. He gave his example, that if I take iqama, being a home minister, it also means that I have no faith in my land.

Legal Stay in Danger

On the other hand, if passport is cancelled then Nawaz Sharif’s stay in UK would also be in danger. Khalid Azim said that Visa is granted on your passport and if a country cancels a passport then your legal stay becomes uncertain.

Once a rustic withdraws or cancels its passport it says that this national isn’t any longer a legitimate document holder, he explained. the united kingdom does not have surrender written agreement with Pakistan however once his passport is cancelled, it makes Pakistan’s petition for Nawaz’s deportation stronger.

Why Nawaz Sharif left the country?

It is to note that Nawaz Sharif has been living in UK since November last year because of his treatment. Remember that he was sentenced to 7 to 10 years in prison because of the case of AL-Azizia steel mills. In november 2019, Govt. allowed him to leave the country after his health deteriorated. Let’s see what UK does in this regard.