Nate Jacobs

Nate Jacobs is the main character in Euphoria’s first and second seasons. He is portrayed by Jacob Elordi, while Gabriel Golub portrays his younger counterpart.

Who Is Nate Jacobs?

Quick Facts

Name Nate Jacobs
Birthday 2000
Age 22
Gender Male
Height 6’5" (196 cm)
Hair color Dark brown
Role Actor
Eye color Brown

Nathaniel “Nate” Jacobs is a primary protagonist in the first and second seasons of Euphoria’s television show. His younger self is represented by Gabriel Golub, while Jacob Elordi takes on the role of the older version of the character.

Nate is a well-liked East Highland High School student and holds the starting quarterback position. However, he has a deeply established sense of aggressive behavior due to his ideals regarding toxic masculinity, his upbringing, and the challenges he encounters due to his sexuality.

This is because he faces struggles with his sexuality. He hides his feelings from others by relying on his good looks, high social standing, and fury. He has a tumultuous on-and-off relationship with Maddy Perez.

Personality of Nate Jacobs

Nate Jacobs is a confident “bad boy” with aggressive and violent overtones. He depicts himself as hyper-masculine, charismatic, attractive, dominant, and habitually dominating people physically and sexually.

  • He boasts about his ability to control women and takes pleasure in his manly features sexually. Due to his view of his father’s masculinity, he is also incredibly unstable and aggressive.

  • He was raised with a poisonous notion of masculinity, and when threatened, he becomes enraged, aggressive, vicious, and destructive. He explains his convictions by saying everything should be straight and in order, and he’s committed to showing to others - and himself - that he’s ambitious, proud, and hyper-masculine.

  • Nate’s façade belies his complexity. Deep bottom, he’s insecure while appearing knowledgeable, bossy, and judgemental. Nate Jacobs’ anxieties that he would turn out like his father and that he is unassertive and insecure motivates him to keep control via manly for approval.

  • Nate had been aware of his father’s proclivities since he was 11 years old, fueling much of his testosterone and guilt. Throughout the series, it’s indicated that he’s not strictly heterosexual and fights with his father’s affairs, which drives him to maintain a manly image of leadership.

Nate’s father’s double life ingrained in him a desire for control. Like Cal Jacobs, who portrays a clean, respectable, and professional front to mask his ■■■ and sensual inclinations, Nate feels torn.

To others, he maintains an overconfident, arrogant, and aggressive exterior, but deep down, he needs adherence to his strict ideals of masculinity to have a purpose. That’s why he’s so ambitious and motivated to work out, play football, and be hostile to those who challenge him.

If he is not the perfect, idealized version of a man - physically gorgeous, confident, ambitious, and dominating - then he is no better than his father, whose duplicity and double life traumatized him into refining his gym routine and instilling his belief in hyper-masculinity.


Nate Jacobs is a man whose vanity and ambition are out of control; he viciously attacks anybody who challenges him. He embodies the belief that with enough authority and compliance with normative ideals, one can get away with anything. Throughout the series, he commits cunning, evil, and disgusting acts to exert power and adhere to his self-idealized notion of masculinity.

Career Of Jacob Elordi

In the sequel The Kissing Booth 2, which began filming in Cape Town in the middle of 2019, he returned to the role. The film is scheduled for release in July 2020. On August 11, 2021, Netflix released The Kissing Booth 3, in which he also appeared.

In 2019, Elordi played the lead role of Nate Jacobs in the HBO series Euphoria and also appeared in the horror thriller The Mortuary Collection. Deep Water, an erotica thriller by Adrian Lyne, starred Elordi in 2022.

The forthcoming thriller Saltburn, written and directed by Emerald Fennell, and The Sweet East, written and directed by cinematographer Sean Price Williams, have Elordi in starring roles. In the forthcoming movie Priscilla, Elordi will portray the role of Elvis Presley.

Relationships of Nate Jacobs

Maddy Perez

Rue first told Nate about Maddy’s baldness, which drew his attention. Nate frequently took out his frustration on Maddy, injuring her neck badly on one occasion. Despite knowing intellectually that they are mutually destructive, they frequently break up and makeup, using third parties to stoke jealousy and drive a wedge between each other.

Jules Vaughn

Jules is the victim of sexual harassment on two separate occasions in the pilot: first, while riding her bike, Nate catcalls her, and later, at a party, he makes sexual threats toward her. The second trigger an emotional outburst from Jules, during which she draws a knife on him and, later, wounds herself to illustrate that she is invulnerable.

When Nate found out that Jules had slept with Cal, he pretended to be a guy called Tyler on the internet and started talking to Jules, eventually getting her to give him sexually explicit images. A romantic or sexual attraction to Jules is hinted at, even if his initial motivation was to safeguard his father.

Nate (still posing as the made-up Tyler) approaches Jules at the carnival and proposes a meeting by the lake, claiming he has a romantic connection with her. At first, he kisses her and puts his finger on her lips, urging her to “open her mouth,” much like his father did when they were sexually connected.

Nate stops when Jules urges him to stop and then threatens to take Jules’ nudes to the police, registering her as a sex offender and ruining her life if she doesn’t keep quiet about Cal. After Nate was falsely accused of attacking Maddy at the carnival, he used his influence over Jules to get her to tell the police that the real Tyler had assaulted Maddy. This led to Tyler’s arrest.

Note: Nate has blackmailed and threatened Jules, yet she still feels for him because of his “Tyler” character. The fact that she fell in love with Tyler is demonstrated by her hallucination of Nate/Tyler at the club.


Some related questions are given below:

1 - Do you think highly of Nate Jacobs?

There are folks like Nate in every corner of the world, making him the most realistic TV villain ever. Nate’s second kill on Maddy, which he claimed was in jest, must be addressed in the final episodes of Season 2.

2 - Do you think that Nate Jacobs has feelings for Jules?

The Key Piece of Information You Ignored. Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) learns that his son Nate (Jacob Elordi) is “in love” with Jules in the third episode of season two, titled “Euphoria” (Hunter Schafer).

3 - What mental illness does Kat have in Euphoria?

When Kat loses her employment, she experiences an internal conflict over who she is. She suffers from severe anxiety due to her inability to determine her own goals and identity, and as a result, she has experienced several breakdowns. Despite Ethan’s best efforts, she is unhappy in their relationship and cannot bring herself to love him.

4 - Why is Nate Cal’s biggest regret?

So, I guess this is goodbye. Cal’s older brother Aaron was the infant who stood in the way of him and his first love, Derek, and the remark about Nate being Cal’s worst regret stands out even in the context of the entire speech.

5 - Who is Nate Jacob in love with?

During the second season of “Euphoria,” Nate develops romantic feelings for Cassie. He saw in Cassie everything he had ever wanted in marriage; she was subservient, dressed the way he liked, and could be his perfect wife.


Everyone hates Nate Jacobs in Euphoria. Jacob Elordi portrays the attractive teen as coarse, deceitful, and occasionally scary. Elordi says preparing for such a difficult part takes a lot of work. Nate’s perspective of love is poisonous. Nate’s interests in people include girls with fears and personal troubles who care about their surface appearance.

He may pose as their support, offering them attention and security, only to grow infatuated and believe they need him. He’s picky about females’ looks and attire. Nate feels empowered to use them and demand they do what he wants as if they were his property. When he finds someone who obeys him and has all the attributes he likes, Nate dreams of spending his life with them and having a family.

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