Miles Teller Height

Miles Teller Height is 6’ 1" (1.85 m). He was born and raised in the United States but is now an actor. Teller was the product of a real estate agent mother and a nuclear power plant engineer father, both of whom worked in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.

Who is Miles Teller?

Quick Facts

Name Miles Teller
Age 34 Years
Birth Date February 20, 1987
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Birth Place Downingtown, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Occupation Actor
Height In feet - 6 feet
Weight In Kilograms- 76 kgs
Relationship Keleigh Sperry ​(m. 2019)

Miles Alexander Teller entered the world on February 20, 1987. He was born and raised in the United States but is now an actor. In addition to The Spectacular Now and Whiplash, his filmography includes Downingtown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, which is Teller’s place of birth.

Maverick was released in 2022. Only the Brave co-star Joseph Kosinski, with whom Teller has worked before, and this picture is his directorial debut (2017). The duo reunited for the film Spiderhead, available on Netflix (2022). Too Old to Die Young (2019), a crime thriller on Amazon, and The Offer (2022), a miniseries on The Godfather for Paramount+, featured him as a leading actor.

Early life

Teller was the product of a real estate agent mother and a nuclear power plant engineer father, both of whom worked in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. He’s the middle sibling, with Erin and Dana being his elder sisters. In addition to having English and Irish ancestors, his paternal grandfather was of Russian Jewish origin.

At twelve, Teller and his family relocated to Citrus County, Florida, from Pennsylvania and Delaware. As a child and adolescent, he performed the alto saxophone, drums, piano, and guitar and was president of his high school’s theatre club. He was also an avid baseball player with aspirations of making it a professional. He completed high school at Lecanto High School, Florida.

Miles Teller Weight And Height

What is Miles Teller’s height and weight? Miles Teller weighs around 167 pounds (or 76 kg). He measures an impressive 182 centimeters (5 feet) in height. The 34-year-old was born in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, on February 20, 1987. Pisces is one of the zodiac signs he falls under. He was born and raised in the United States but is now an actor.

How Tall Is Miles Teller, Anyway? He measures an impressive 182 centimeters, or 1.82 meters, in height. Currently, Miles Teller is happily married to Keleigh Sperry. Since 2013, he’s been seeing model Keleigh Sperry.

A film they were in together, “Whiplash,” which was released in 2014 and became a big hit, sticks out in my mind. Miles Teller’s early fame was cemented by his performance in the film “Whiplash.”

There is no way I can give you an accurate impression of Teller’s build from his height, so I’ll go into more detail regarding his weight now. The Teller weighs around 185 pounds per Life&Style (approximately 84 kg).

Note: The Teller thus has excellent measurements in terms of both height and weight. Teller’s body, meanwhile, appears to be perfectly balanced. And as I said at the outset, it’s for that reason that it stands apart from the others.


Between 2004 and 2010, Teller made multiple short films. After graduating from Tisch in 2009, Nicole Kidman selected him for Rabbit Hole (2010). Teller appeared in the high school musical Footloose and the 2011 adaptation. He starred in 21 & Over and The Spectacular Now in 2013.

Teller played Peter Hayes in Divergent (2014), Insurgent (2015), and Allegiant (2016). (2016). He portrayed Mister Fantastic in Fantastic Four (2015) and David Packouz in War Dogs (2016). He trained for five months to play Vinny Paz in Bleed for This (2016).

In September 2021, filming on The Offer, a Paramount+ miniseries on the making of The Godfather, was momentarily suspended owing to COVID issues. April through June 2022. Blake Lively directed “I Bet You Think About Me,” Taylor Swift’s music video, in November 2021.

Keep in mind: He was apprehensive about taking the position because of the possible success and attention he would receive. Cruise convinced him he was perfect for the part. Miles Teller pitched a sequel to the studio in May 2022. He pitched the Top movie: Rooster. By July, he said he was in talks with Tom Cruise for a sequel. Teller said he’s never encountered anything like his received attention and love.

Facts About Miles Teller

  • Lecanto High School, located in Lecanto, Florida, graduated with honors (2005).

  • I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2009.

  • Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute was where he completed his training in method acting.

  • Erin and Dana are the two elder sisters she has.

  • Contains United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Poland, and Russia ancestry.

  • In addition to that, he was an alto saxophonist in a rock band.

  • The actors Shailene Woodley and Nina Dobrev are good friends of hers.

  • In 2013, he was awarded Rising Star at the Napa Valley Film Festival.

  • A supporter of the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia Flyers, and the Philadelphia Phillies.


Some related questions are given below:

1 - How old was Miles Teller in Footloose?

After a car accident that claimed the lives of several teenagers who were returning home from a party, a ban on dancing was instituted in that region. Willard, played by Teller in the remake, is an adorable goofball who befriends Ren and subsequently learns to dance in a montage set to “Let’s Hear It for the Boy,” much as he did in the original. Teller was 23 years old when he played the role.

2 - What kind of racial background does Miles Teller have?

His maternal grandfather was of Jewish descent from Russia and had English and Irish ancestry. His Russian-Jewish great-grandfather was his father’s paternal ancestor.

3 - What was Miles Teller’s salary for his role in the movie?

Miles Teller, sometimes known as Rooster, got the highest income for his role in the movie Maverick, but it was far lower than what Tom Cruise made for his work on the film. According to reports, the actor who played Spider-Man made $3.5 million. It has been reported that Jennifer Connelly receives $3 million for her performance as Penny Benjamin.

4 - Is it true that Miles Teller was in the first version of the movie?

Teller plays Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw, the son of Anthony Edwards’ character “Goose” from the first movie. Anthony Edwards played this role in the original movie, released in 1984. Tom Cruise reprises his role as Pete “Maverick” Mitchell from that film in the recently released sequel.

5 - What kind of salary did Miles Teller take home for his work in Whiplash?

Many people may find it difficult to believe that Teller only received $8,000 for his performance as Andrew Neiman in the film Whiplash. However, it was a worthwhile sacrifice to make because of the character he played in the movie, which ultimately led to his being one of the most recognized performers in Hollywood.

6 - What caused Miles Teller’s meteoric rise to fame?

In addition, he has starring roles in all three “Divergent” films, which were adapted from novels by Veronica Roth. While Teller has been in the business for nearly a decade, his stardom skyrocketed in 2022 when he co-starred as Rooster alongside Tom Cruise in the next film.

7 - Is there a happy ending in Whiplash?

No, the film is not about finding joy. The couple does not make up; no PDA is exchanged. The final grin on Andrew’s face is that of a dog who knows he’s done right by his master.

8 - What does the final scene in Whiplash mean?

Andrew substitutes for Fletcher’s concert band in Carnegie Hall in the final scene. This is Fletcher’s final ploy to humiliate Andrew publicly by having him play the wrong music after being cued up.

9 - What exactly does Whiplash want to say?

Its central topic is an individual’s or group’s battle against, and eventual subjugation to, the quest for power and perfection in the hope of achieving, or not achieving, the highest possible success. In his virtually free-form adaptation, Chazelle reveals the formula and its symbolic components, making the formula itself a central theme.

10 - Is Whiplash a true story?

While filmmaker Damien Chazelle’s drummer experiences inspired the film Whiplash, the film itself is not based on a true tale. By all accounts, Chazelle is a formidable human being. His film is a serious Oscar candidate, and he’s only 30 years old.


Miles Alexander Teller played jazz musician Andrew Neiman in Whiplash, and. Teller made his cinematic debut in 2010 and came to fame for his main roles in The Spectacular Now (2013) and the Divergent film trilogy (2014–2016). His breakout role was in 2014’s Oscar-winning thriller Whiplash. His art has since won praise. After Whiplash, he became a starring guy, appearing in the romantic comedies Fantastic Four (2015) and the biographical features War Dogs and Bleed for This (2016).

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