Menstrual Cups

In the past decade and especially in the times of COVID-19, because of awareness and necessity; the reusable menstrual cup is being used a lot by menstruatorsmenstruators. This is primarily for five reasons;

  1. Can be reused again and again from 6 months to 10 years, if maintained well.

  2. Zero dependence on Tampons or Sanitary napkins, so no constant purchase needed.

  3. Extremely cost-effective.

  4. Extremely hygienic because the menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone. On the other hand, rubber and plastic menstrual cups are neither hygienic nor safe; while they are usually of bad quality.

  5. Extremely convenient to use, clean, and store.

They are also known as organic menstrual cup. This flexible, small, funnel-shaped cup can be inserted into the vagina for catching and collecting the menstrual fluid. Since they can hold much more fluids than any other method, it becomes the most eco-friendly alternative to sanitary napkins and tampons; which add to medical waste. Furthermore, a Shecup can be worn for nearly 12 hours at a stretch; depending on the fluid flow during the menstrual period.

Why Practice Care And Caution?

Just like any other personal hygiene products, there are some possible inconveniences that may arise due to improper care and lack of caution. They may very well be averted if a person is aware of how to make the right use of a reusable menstrual cup. They are indeed much cost-effective and eco-friendly, but there are few things that must be kept in mind when using them.

  • Cup Removal Could Be Messy: At times a woman may find herself in a spot which would make it awkward or difficult to remove the Shecup and clean it. This could mean that there may be a possibility of spilling the fluids during the removal process.

  • Difficulty In Insertion And Removal: At times a woman may find that she is not able to make the tidy fold when she has to put in the menstrual cup in her vagina. Or she may be having a difficult time in pinching the menstrual cup’s base to pull it down and finally out. But after using Shecup in the few menstrual cycles, it becomes easier to put it in and remove.

  • One Size Fits All: Many menstrual cup manufacturers have spread wrong information about it that different users need a different size. However, Shecup has introduced a menstrual cup that fits all. In short, “Different Size for Different Users” is a marketing tactic that is used to make more sales. Thus, buying Shecup is a true solution for any woman.

  • Allergies To The Material: Few brands of menstrual cups are built from materials that are latex-free, which makes it perfect for women who have allergies to latex. While many brands make their menstrual cups from PET and rubber, which can cause serious allergies and hygiene issues. But Shecup is made from medical grade silicone, which makes it absolutely allergy-free and safe to use.

  • Vaginal Irritation: There is a high probability of irritation in the vagina if the menstrual cup is not cleaned, dried, and cared for well. Furthermore, the insertion of the menstrual cup must be done with extreme care.

Final Words

Hence, the upkeep and usage techniques are to be paid extra attention to. Thus using organic menstrual cup with caution and care would be best to have safe periods every month.