Memorable Myths of Libra Birthstone

The month of October is attendant with the highly praised seasonal variation and naturally dynamic colors. It is merely suitable perhaps the most manifold, colorful and owning the mystical attributes Libra Birthstone is the birthstone for October-Opal.
Having the introduction of “Eye Stone” Opal is truly banquet for eyes. Owning thunder stroke in the rainbow, bouncing back in an ocean and reflecting to the blazing sunset, its lavish is incomparable. The optic stunner galvanizes affection and aim, innocence and purity, luck and prosperity.

In spite of unverified mythical knowledge that were revealed in 19th century, Opal was justified in 20th century and in the current era, it is one of the most valued gems without any ambiguity, as the stone for those having date of birth from 22 September to 21 October, as a gift for 14th wedding anniversary and attractive gemstone for anyone who love to wear it by inspiring its dazzling outlook and stunning beauty.

Opal has dazzling color attraction but its value is less than the widely used gemstones like Emerald or Diamond. Before purchasing the Libra Birthstone, make sure what you are going to purchase because of its complex color scheme and with popular myths are main cause of attraction for all.

Opal is a special stone having 20% water in its composition. The diverse colors of gemstone are due to this natural fact as light bounce back from the air and the water that has been accumulated in the slits since centuries. The main cause of hydration is rain that pushes the Silica into the underneath rocks of the earth; after high temperature and pressure on the surface of the earth, Opal is formed after the evaporation.

Opal doesn’t belong to the crystal family due to its amorphous structure. The amorphous and uncertain nature is well known attributes as not two Opal stones in the world own same physical features and many of them exit in dynamic attractive color schemes. Luster of common Opals is not matching with the precious Opals but they are in the market in playful colors in soft texture.

Origin of Libra Birthstone

Opal has been discovered in Australia since 19th century, the main supply of the current era arrives from the same source. This gemstone is national stone of the Australia. Today there are many countries across the globe doing trade in the Opal. These countries are Ethiopia, Mexico, Brazil and United States.

Precious Libra Birthstone

The Opal possessing the rainbow colors are the found very rare in very less locations of the earth. They dish up ablaze bands of colors when disclose in the light. This vivid color is not due to the presence of pigment inside the stone but is due to the optical effect created when light is incident on the silica sphere and diffraction slits to produce band of colors. The diffraction pattern of light depends on the size and pattern of the silica spheres.

History of Opals

The first Opal is associated back to the Indian culture and it was first brought to the Western countries from India. In ancient days in Indian history it was called with Upala, a Sanskrit word having meaning “ precious stone”. In Roman history it was named with the word Opalus; today the English word Opal is used that is originated from Greek word Opallos , means “to see change”. In history Roman created a market for Opals.

Powerful Attributes of Libra Birthstone

In reality for thousands of years in the past Opal had significance importance for religious association

  • According to Romans Opal was the queen of gems and is linked with truth, hope and purity.
  • In 14th century it was firm belief about the Libra Birthstone’s power to be a main obstacle for evil and strengthens one’s sight.
  • Indian also used to believe that this stone has memory healing property and assists its owners in meditation.
  • Libra Birthstone Color makes it unique among the gemstones.
  • Greeks also thought it panacea for various diseases.
  • According to Greek astrologers, Libra birthstone transfers energy among the owners to delete the excess thoughts from the brain and to save energy for future.
  • During the Middle Ages this stone was used as amulet to save the owners from negative and destructive thoughts and strengthens the mind and memory.
  • In history it was thought as amulet that transforms energy in the wearer to differentiate between the foe and friend. People of that time confess when enemy is around you its color become pale but in case of friend its color will turn red.
  • Opal is thought as “transformer stone”. This stone is considered to modify our prospects or relations. Here transformation means to change our lives by owning the stone for long duration. It is lavishing stone with high attributes of negative energy as well as promoting positive traits in the person who wear it for growth of their personalities.