Marcus T. Paulk as Myles in Moesha

Marcus T. Paulk as Myles in Moesha Marcus T. Paulk is an American rapper, dancer, actor, and musician. Marcus has played significant roles in many movies and TV shows. He is famous for playing Myles Mitchell on the UPN series Moesha, which premiered from 1996 to 2001. In Moesha, Marcus is Moesha’s younger sibling.

About Moesha

Moesha is an American television comedy of UPN that ran from January 23, 1996, until May 14, 2001. The series moves around an African-American teenager Moesha Denise Mitchell who resides with her upper-middle-class family. It aired on UPN as a mid-season replacement. Later, it became the network’s biggest hit and one of the most popular shows over its entire run.


Moesha is an American television comedy show which revolves around an upper-middle-class family.

Overview of Moesha

The show’s central character is Moesha Mitchell, a high school girl living with her family in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Leimert Park. After giving birth to Myles Mitchell, Moesha’s younger brother, Marguerite Jennings, passed away. On February 9, 1979, Moesha Mitchell was born in Los Angeles. Her father, Frank, married Dee, the vice principal of Moesha’s high school. Moesha was against this marriage. The show addressed real-life social concerns impacting youth.


The story revolves around a girl named Moesha. This series highlights the difficulties youth face in society.

Role of Marcus T. Paulk as Myles

On November 8, 1987, Myles Mitchell was born in Los Angeles. He is Dorian Long Mitchell’s half-brother and the younger brother of Moesha Denise Mitchell. During the show’s early seasons, Myles was notorious for pulling practical pranks. Myles turned to ■■■■■■■■■ when Moesha left the house after a fight with their father, Frank. Myles said in therapy that he didn’t feel like he belonged in the family. Marcus claimed that his sister received all the attention. He admitted to her that she prioritized her friends over him. Before his alleged kidnapping, Myles was last spotted in the final episode.

Main characters of Moesha

The main characters of Moesha are as follows:

No. Main characters
1. Brandy Norwood played the role of Moesha Denise.
2. William Allen Young played the role of Franklin Mitchell.
3. Sheryl Lee Ralph played the role of Deirdre Mitchell.
4. Countess Vaughn played the role of Kimberly Ann.
5. Marcus T. Paulk played the role of Myles Mitchell.
6. Lamont Bentley played the role of Hakeem Campbell.
7. Shar Jackson played the role of Denise Jackson.
8. Yvette Wilson played the role of Andalusia Louise Wilkerson.
9. Ray J played the role of Dorian Long.
10. Fredro Starr played the role of Quinton Brooks.

Main characters of Moesha

Where to watch

Moesha is available on the following platforms:

Seasons of Moesha

The details about the seasons of Moesha are as follows:

Season No. Aired in: No of Episodes:
1. 1996. 14.
2. 1996-97. 24.
3. 1997-98. 23.
4. 1998-99. 22.
5. 1999-2000. 22.
6. 2000-2001. 22.


Moesha gained the following awards:

  • It gained two NAACP Image Awards in 1997 and 1998.
  • It gained two SHINE Awards in 1999 and 2000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequent questions people ask about Marcus T. Paulk as Myles in Moesha:

1. Mention the names of Myles’s friends.

The names of Myles’s friends are:

  • Sammie.
  • Tony.

2. What is the occupation of Myles’s sister Moesha?

Moesha was a writer or journalist by profession.

3. Mention the names of Moesha’s friends.

The names of Moesha’s friends are as follows:

  • Kimberly Parker (Kim).
  • Hakeem Campbell.
  • Denise Jackson (Niecy).
  • Andell Wilkerson.

4. Mention the names of Moesha’s love interests.

The names of Moesha’s love interests are as follows:

  • Hakeem Campbell.
  • Quentin Brooks (Q).

5. What are the names of Myles’s family members?

The names of family members are as follows:

  • Myles’s stepmother is Deidre Mitchell (Dee).
  • Frank Mitchell is Myles’s father.
  • Moesha Mitchell is Myles’s only sister.
  • Dorian Long is Myles’s half-brother.

6. What were the nicknames of Moesha?

The nicknames of Moesha are Mo, Baby Girl and Pumpkin.

7. Why was season 7 canceled?

After the sixth season, Moesha’s ratings dropped, and UPN decided not to continue airing the show. The series ended with Myles’s kidnapping.

8. Who stole the cash from Moesha?

Moesha gets irritated when someone enters her school locker and takes her money, which she saved for Mother’s Day. She ignores Kim’s belief that her locker mate Gabriella is the thief.

9. Do Nikki and Stanley have a relationship?

In the series finale, At Last, where Stanley marries Nikki after five years of her following him.

10. Mention the names of the production companies of Moesha.

The production companies of Moesha are:

  • From seasons 1 to 2, the production company was Regan Jon Productions.
  • From seasons 3 to 4, the production company was Serendipity Productions.
  • From seasons 3 to 5, the production company was Jump at the Sun Productions.
  • Big Ticket Television.

11. Does Moesha marry Q in the end?

After Moesha and Q got engaged, Q tried to sell her engagement ring and became unhappy when she refused to give it up. When Moesha realized she could do better than Q, she ended their relationship.

12. In which episode does Moesha become pregnant?

In Season 6, Episode 22 of Rotten Tomatoes, Moesha became pregnant.

13. What happened to Moesha’s mother?

Marguerite Jennings is the deceased mother of Myles and Moesha. She was born in 1955 and died in 1992 at a nearby hospital in Los Angeles, California, due to illness.


Marcus T. Paulk as Myles in Moesha:

  • On November 8, 1987, Myles Mitchell was born in Los Angeles.
  • Marcus played the role of Moesha’s younger sibling.
  • Myles was notorious for pulling practical pranks.

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Myles From Moesha

Myles from Moesha Marcus T Paulk portrayed Myles in Moesha. The birthplace of Myles Mitchell is in Los Angeles. Myles was infamous for pulling practical jokes throughout the series’s early seasons. When Moesha left the house after the fight with their father, Frank, Myles became addicted. Myles stated that he is an ignored child. He was last seen in the finale before his suspected kidnapping.

Rating of Moesha’s Seasons

The rating of all the seasons is as follows:

Season No. No of Viewers: Ranking on TV:
1. 3.5 M. 141.
2. 3.5 M. 134.
3. 4.0 M. 141.
4. 3.3 M. 137.
5. 2.4 M. 130.
6. 3.3 M. 130.

Nickname of Myles in Moesha

In seasons 5 and 6, the nickname of Myles was Little Man.


Myles from Moesha:

  • Marcus Teller Paulk depicted the role of the younger brother of Moesha.
  • Myles claimed that he is not part of the family.

Myles in Moesha

Myles in Moesha In the series Moesha, Dorian, Moesha and Myles Mitchell are siblings. After a family fight, Myles dealt with his dysfunction by using drugs. He admitted to Moesha that she was less important to her. Myles was fond of playing musical instruments. The finale featured Myles’ appearance.

Series Information

Genre: Comedy.
Producers: Jacquelyn Edmonds, Fred Johnson, and Warren Hutcherson.
Creators: Sara Finney-Johnson and Vida Spears.
Language: English.
Music composer of the theme: Kurt Farquhar.
Rated on: TV-PG.
Studio: CBS.
Total of episodes: 127.


Myles in Moesha:

  • Myles is the brother of Moesha.
  • He was fond of playing instruments.
  • He disappeared in the last episode of the season.