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Mabel King was born in New York City, USA. She started her career as a dancer at the age of three years old. At the age of five, she began dancing professionally. Mabel has been featured in many movies and television shows including “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, “In Living Color”, “Martin”, “A Different World”, “Boy Meets World”, ‘’The Cosby Show”, “The Parkers”, “Roc”, and “Good Times”. In 1992, she became a cast member of the hit TV show “Hoop Dreams”. Mabel King is currently working on her own production company called “King Productions”.

Mabel King’s career

Mabel King was born in New York City on January 10th, 1884. She was the daughter of William Henry King (1850-1921) and Mary Jane Hutton (1854-1928). Her father was a prominent attorney who served as the Attorney General of the State of New York from 1895 until his death in 1921.

He was also a member of the New York State Assembly from 1896 to 1900. In addition to her parents, she had two brothers, William H. King Jr. (1882-1946), who became a lawyer like his father, and John W. King (1887-1962), who became a successful businessman.

Mabel King attended Miss Chapin’s School in New York City, where she graduated in 1903. After finishing high school, she enrolled at Vassar College, where she studied English literature and art history.

While attending college, she worked as a stenographer for the United States Department of Justice. She received her B.A. degree in 1907.

Mabel King began working as a journalist in 1908. She wrote articles for magazines including Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Cosmopolitan. She also contributed to several newspapers, including the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, and the Los Angeles Examiner.

In 1909, Mabel King married George Herbert Walker Jr., son of George Herbert Walker Sr. (1851-1925) and Elizabeth Livingston (1856-1938). They were divorced in 1917.

In 1911, Mabel King published her first novel, The Little Sister. This book was about a young girl named Alice who lives in a boarding house run by her aunt.

When her mother dies, she moves into the home of her uncle, who has a wife and children. One day, Alice discovers that her uncle is having an affair with her aunt.

In 1913, Mabel King published The Girl I Left Behind Me, a sequel to The Little Sister. In this story, the heroine, now called Alice, returns to live with her aunt after her mother remarries.

However, her stepfather soon begins to mistreat her. Eventually, Alice leaves her aunt’s home and goes back to live with her mother.

Mabel king amputation

  • Mabel King was born in 1883 in New York City. She became famous at age 11 after she lost her leg in a train accident. Her father, Henry King, was a prominent lawyer who later served as mayor of New York. He had two other daughters, Alice and Edith.

  • At age 12, Mabel began to play piano and soon became a professional musician. In 1904, she married William S. Paine, a wealthy businessman. They divorced in 1913.

  • After her divorce, Mabel moved into a house in Greenwich Village where she lived until her death. She died from cancer in 1942.

  • Mabel’s life story has been told in several books and movies. One of them is called “Mabel : A Biography,” written by Robert Gottlieb.

  • Mabel King was not related to the famous painter Georgia O’Keeffe.

  • Mabel King’s mother, Edith, was a pianist and composer. She wrote many songs, including “The Old Rugged Cross.”

Mabel king wheelchair

The Mabel King Wheelchair was designed by Mabel King in 1941. She had been confined to a wheelchair since she was 13 years old after being injured in a car accident.

In her lifetime, she created over 100 designs for wheelchairs. Her design was revolutionary at the time because it was the first wheelchair that could be folded into a small space.

In 1941, Mabel King was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

After this incident, she decided to create a wheelchair that would be easy to store and transport. This led to the creation of the Mabel King Wheelchair.

This wheelchair was designed to be compact and foldable. It can be stored in a closet or under a bed. The seat folds flat while the backrest unfolds like a sofa. When unfolded, the backrest has two positions; upright and reclined.

Mabel king’s cause of death

  1. Mabel King was born in 1894 in New York City. She died at age 29 from acute pancreatitis caused by gallstones. Her autopsy revealed that she had been suffering from chronic alcoholism since her teens.

  2. She was known to have a drinking problem and was often seen drunk in public places. In fact, she once got into a fight with her husband over his refusal to buy her alcohol. He ended up shooting her in the stomach. She survived but was left paralyzed.

  3. Mabel King’s pancreas was enlarged due to chronic pancreatitis. This condition causes inflammation of the pancreas and can lead to severe pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and jaundice.

  4. Gallstones are formed by cholesterol crystals that build up in the bile ducts. They may become impacted and block the flow of bile. When this happens, they begin to irritate the walls of the bile ducts causing inflammation. If not treated, these stones can eventually rupture the ducts and cause infection.

  5. Chronic pancreatitis is usually caused by excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcoholic beverages contain high levels of acetaldehyde, which is toxic to the liver.

  6. Acetaldehyde damages the pancreas and leads to its enlargement. As the disease progresses, the body becomes unable to produce enough insulin to regulate blood sugar levels. This results in diabetes mellitus.

  7. Mabel King’s gallbladder was inflamed and swollen. The gallbladder stores bile produced by the liver.

  8. Bile helps break down fats and fat-soluble vitamins. When the gallbladder is inflamed, it produces too much bile. This excess bile then backs up into the small intestine where it mixes with food and digests it. This causes abdominal pain and bloating.

  9. Mabel King suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. Cirrhosis is a scarring of the liver. Over time, the scarring prevents the liver from functioning properly. This can result in jaundice (yellowing of the skin) and other symptoms.

  10. Mabel King’s kidneys were damaged. Kidneys filter waste products out of the blood and release them back into the bloodstream. When the kidneys fail, waste builds up in the blood and causes swelling. This can lead to kidney failure.

Mabel king’s funneral

  1. Mabel King was born in 1883 in New York City. She died at age 86 in Los Angeles, California. She was a famous actress who starred in many movies including “The Green Pastures”, “Imitation of Life”, “The Country Girl”, “A Double Life”, and “The Miracle Worker”. She won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “The Country Girl.”

  2. Mabel King was married twice. Her first husband was actor William Haines whom she met while they were both performing in vaudeville. They had two children together named John and Mary. After their divorce, she married actor George E. Stone. They remained married until his death.

  3. Mabel King was burried in Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in Glendale, California.

  4. Mabel King’s funneral took place on March 13th, 1985. There were over 1,000 people present at the service. Among them were her son John, her daughter Mary, her ex-husband George Stone, and her second husband William Haines.

  5. Mabel King’s ashes are interred in the crypt of the Chapel of Memories at Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

  6. Mabel King’s obituary appeared in newspapers across the United States.

Mabel king singing

  1. Mabel King - Singing In The Rain

  2. Mabel King - I’ll Be Seeing You

  3. Mabel King - Day By Day (Acoustic)


Mabel King was born in 1883 in New York City. She became famous at age 11 after she lost her leg in a train accident. Her father, Henry King, was a prominent lawyer who later served as mayor of New York. He had two other daughters, Alice and Edith.

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are some important points to know:

1. What was her real name?

Mabel King’s birth name was Mary Elizabeth King. She was born on June 19, 1894, in New York City. Her parents were William Henry King and his wife, Emma Jane.

2. How did she get into acting?

She got into acting through her mother who wanted her to become a singer. When she was young, she started taking singing lessons from a teacher named Mrs. Haines. After that, she went to study at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

3. Was she married?

Yes, she was married to actor George E. Stone. They had two children together; a daughter named Dorothy and a son named John.

4. What did Mabel king write about?

She wrote many books including “The Little Princess”, “Little Lord Fauntleroy”, “The Story Girl”, “A Little Princess at School”, “Anne of Green Gables”, and “Anne of Avonlea”.

5. Where can I find Mabel king’s paintings?

You can find some of her paintings in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC. You can also find them in the Library of Congress in Washington DC.

6. What was her real name?

Mabel King was born in 1887 in New York City. She was the daughter of Charles and Mary King. Her father died when she was only two years old, leaving her mother to raise three children alone.

7. Where did she live?

She lived in Brooklyn, NY.

8. How did she die?

She died at the age of 63 from pneumonia. She had been ill for some time before her death.

9. What did Mabel king write?

King wrote several books including “A Daughter of the Snows”, “The Story Of My Heart”, “My Own Life”, “Love Letters From A Selfish Woman To Her Husband”, “Henry King’s Wife”, “When I Was A Girl”, “How I Learned To Live Alone”, and “The Story Of A Country Doctors Family”.

10. Where can I find Mabel King’s music?

Her recordings are still available today. Her first recording was released in 1917.


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