Lowe's bend

Lowe’s bend. Lowe’s bend serves approximately 19 million customer transactions per week in the United States and Canada. Lowe’s services approximately 2,200 home, upgrading and hardware stores and employs almost 300,000 associates.
Lowe's bend

A brief history of Lowe’s

Date Occasion
1921 First general store opens
1946 Lowe’s of Today is Born
1961 Lowe’s goes public
1981 Enumerated on LSE
1982 Crossed one billion
2007 Became an international company
2021 Turns 100

Lowe’s Bend installation services

You can get your home improvement projects done right with the network of their professional installers. Lowe’s upgrades your home by helping in installing windows, fences, floors, roofing, appliances, and more around the home. Lowe’s Bend has special financing options to help get the mission done at the right time and for the right price.

Lowe’s bend team of experts

Lowe’s bend higher talented, skilled, and qualified experts, from their store acquaintances to their contact centers and communal teammates. To maintain the quality of their products and surfaces, they hire artistic thinkers and doers. They own faculty rich with product and project knowledge. And have an associate’s expertise in, revamping, and remodeling, and offer support in-store, in-home, and on-the-job sites.

Lowe’s bend owns a team of more than 300,000 associates and their families. They claim to build an environment where their associates feel safe, esteemed, and equipped with the required skills, knowledge, and tools that they need to grow and serve Lowe’s customers.

Lowe’s owns a home improvement store, where they offer a wide variety of home development and upgrading items and services, which makes them a true one-stop-shop for home improvement.

Lowe’s bend Vs Home Depot

Lowe’s bend being a giant in home improvement has its biggest competitor in the field, Home Depot. Let’s check out the difference amongst the two of them.

Of all home-improvement chain stores, Home Depot and Lowe’s are the primes.

You can see at first glimpse that Home Depot is 30% larger than Lowe’s in terms of revenue and member of staff count.

This is astonishing given both have the same number of stores, and Lowe’s stores are bigger than that of Home Depot.

There’s only one clarification for the surprising result, Home Depot is more well-organized with its sales than Lowe’s. The greater proficiency of Home Depot is ostensible in the “sales per square foot”

Overall, Home Depot promotes slightly better prices than Lowe’s, but either store may be cheaper than the other given a specific item. Also, Home Depot has a price bout policy, and so does Lowe’s, meaning one store will price match the other if asked.

Home Depot (HD) is a better venture than Lowe’s (LOW) based on the financial study of current market conditions. Remarkably, both have about the same assessment but Home Depot shows stronger growth potential.


On August 4th, 2020, Home Depot proclaimed that it will open 3 new distribution centers in Georgia. This 18-month project is part of Home Depot’s plan to start 150 new supply chains across the country. Home Depot hopes that this growth will make it accessible to 90% of the U.S. population.


On August 12, 2020, Lowe’s also publicized that it plans to enlarge its supply chain by opening 50 delivery stations over the next 18 months. This is predictable to allow the company to improve its home delivery channels as well as cater to the increasing demand for home improvement products.

Lowe’s bend claims to provide the best home installation services through their team of experts and stands out because of their remarkable products. But if we compare Lowe’s with its competitor, Home Depot, we get to know that Home Depot slightly edges out Lowe’s in most of its services.

Services provided by Lowe’s Bend

After having an introduction with Lowe’s Bend, let’s have a look at their home improvement and upgrading services. From flooring to the window, countertops to fencing you have to follow some simple steps to ensure that they get everything done in time and in a proper way.

Step 1: Schedule your free meeting

Lowe’s bend offers you to schedule a free in-home appointment for their project expert to visit your home and judge your needs. They will inspect your home, do a proper analysis of material options, share samples with you, and discuss your budget and requirements.

Step 2: Get your quote

Your costing is based on your home’s exclusive requirements and dimensions.

Step 3: Installation day

From start to finish, all installation details will be brought about by your project team. With top-quality products and reliable installers, you can feel confident in your upgrading investment.

Appliances Lowe’s bend will install

  • Dishwashers
  • Over-the-range microwaves
  • Wall ovens
  • Cooktops
  • Gas ranges
  • Gas dryers


Are you thinking about a unique flooring installation that not only gives aesthetic looks but is also pocket friendly? Considering a new flooring installation will lead you to plenty of flooring companies and floorboards contractors to choose from. Well, here comes Lowe’s bend. They offer you to get a proficient installation from them proposing:

Their licensed independent floor installers,

One-year labor warranty

Special Financing so the project fits your budget.

Their offer is valid, whether you want laminate flooring installation, hardwood flooring installation, tile flooring installation, or vinyl flooring installation, they claim to have the right products and budget for your project.

Get your floor installation done

For your convenience, we will here discuss the procedure that you may go through for your window installation work to get done by Lowe’s bend.

Step 1: Choose your floor type

Select your flooring type from Lowe’s bend’s online website or physical store.

Step 2: Schedule your floor dimensions

With Lowe’s bend associates you will schedule an in-home appointment for a qualified self-determining installer, who will measure your space and evaluate your flooring needs.

Step 3: Get your quotation

After your flooring measurement is assessed, Lowe’s bend will follow you up with a costing. This quotation will take in product and labor along with financing options to fit your budget. You can question them about anything you are concerned about.

Step 4: Have your floor installed

Once the installation of your floor is complete, your installer will clean up, examine the manufacturer’s care and upkeep instructions with you, and ensure you’re 100% satisfied.

Lowe’s bend window installation project

Lowe’s bend offers seamless window installation, whether you need a single window swapped or auxiliary windows for your whole home. They also offer a vast collection of high-quality house windows, including

Aluminum windows

Pella windows

Vinyl windows

ReliaBilt windows

JELD-WEN windows

Fiberglass windows &

Wood windows

With that much variety available you will have no trouble finding the right windows for your low-priced project.

Upgrade your kitchen counter

Step 1: Submit your information

Fill out an online form from the Lowe’s bend website. Once you submit your information, they will connect you to work virtually or in-person with a Lowe’s countertop specialist.

Step 2: Consult with their kitchen specialist

You can meet their experts remotely from your home or one-on-one in a store. During the discussion, you can ask them about countertop materials, colors, and designs. You can also discuss Lowe’s service options, which cover almost everything, from measurement to installation. You should be prepared well about your queries leading to your existing countertop layout and initial measurements to get a project quote. Leverage Lowe’s bend measure guide to getting started.

Step 3: Schedule an In-Home Appointment

Once you provide them with payment, a local, certified, and insured independent installer will schedule an in-home appointment with you to review your design and create a custom countertop template.

Step 4: Countertop installation initiates

Once your template is complete, your selected countertop material will be made-up. The installer will reach out to schedule an exclusion of your old countertops if needed, and the installation of your new countertops.

Fencing types by Lowe’s bend

Chain Link Fencing

  • One of the most reasonably priced, low-maintenance, and hard-wearing fencing materials
  • Perfect for keeping annoying animals like stray raccoons out

Vinyl Fencing

  • Low upkeep with a highly durable construction
  • Clean, modern, and stylish

Wood Fencing

  • Traditional look with suitable privacy
  • Strong but needs ongoing maintenance (painting/staining) to defend against the elements

Metal Fencing

  • Proper look that highpoints the surrounding landscape
  • Great durability and nominal maintenance

Lowe’s bend offers a variety of products and services from flooring to window installation, from kitchen counter to fencing. They also give you an option to arrange a comprehensive meeting with their associates and discuss everything.

In-Store Pickup offer

Lowe’s bend offers another great service known as their In-store pickup offer. According to this offer,

  1. You can buy your upgrade item online and choose for FREE Store Pickup at checkout.
  2. When step one is done, wait for an e-mail or a text from them. Head to the store after you receive your Ready for Pickup e-mail or text.
  3. Head into Lowe’s: Look for bright blue pickup signs. This sign will direct you to your store’s pickup desk.

Curbside Pickup offer

  1. You will some similar steps like buying online. Then choose FREE Store Pickup at checkout.
  2. Wait for Lowe’s’s e-mail or a text. Go to the store when you receive your Ready for Pickup e-mail or text.
  3. Look for Curbside Pickup Parking, then select I’m Here in your Ready For Pickup email or text. You can also get it quicker by using the Lowe’s app.

Get Faster Pickup at the Store

You can also use the Lowe’s app to check-in, so they can get your items ready as soon as possible.

To place your orders using buy online, Store Pickup:

  1. Order online and choose FREE Store Pickup at checkout.
  2. Wait until you get a Ready for Pickup email notification. If you have placed an order for pickup at multiple stores, then you will receive separate emails notifying you when items are ready for pickup at each store.
  3. Click On My Way and choose In-Store Pickup.
  4. Head to the store.
  5. After parking your vehicle and let them know that you’ve arrived.
  6. Follow the bright blue pickup signs to the customer service desk. Some stores may have separate selected pickup areas.
  7. Conditional to the size of your item(s), they may be positioned in a locker. Your order confirmation email will link this and provide you with a QR code to scan at the locker to recover your item(s).
  • You should also bring your government-issued photo ID and the order number or confirmation email.​
  • If your validation indicates that your items are available within a locker, save the QR code from your order confirmation email and place it under the Scan Here sign, which can be found on the locker to retrieve your items. Your locker door will open. If you need help or your door doesn’t open, then you can visit the customer service desk for assistance.

Pick up exclusions and conditions

Lowe’s bend will email you when your item is ready for pickup. Most of the orders are generally available for pickup within three hours of when you placed your order. Though, some aspects may result in postponements. In that case, you should wait for a notification from Lowe’s informing you when your items are ready for pickup. If you’re not sure what the customary pickup time is for your item, please contact your store for information.


  • Tinted paint
  • Items requiring assembly
  • Big and bulky items
  • Bulk orders
  • Installed sales items
  • Delivery service

Cases of excluded Items:

  • Lumber and other building materials
  • Flooring
  • Major appliances
  • Countertops
  • Cabinets

Pick up conditions:

Lowe’s also have some terms and conditions for their pickup services.

Items will be obtainable for pickup during normal store hours.

Consult your store’s page on Lowe’s website for applicable store hours.

Unless they notify you about the availability of your item, otherwise, orders placed four hours before closing will be available for pickup the following day.

Buy Online, Store Pickup lets you make purchases through the Lowe’s bend website or the Lowe’s mobile app and pick them up at your local Lowe’s bend store at no extra charge. If all your desired items aren’t available for pickup in one store, you are free to select multiple stores for pickup.

Lowe’s bend offers you to shop online and pick up your purchased item at their stores. You can follow easy steps to avail of this service. But you have to fulfill their terms and conditions too.

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Lowe’s bend

1: Is Lowe’s bend cheaper than Home Depot?

When all prices are an average of out, Home Depot and Lowe’s showed to have the same prices . Lowe’s and Home Depot stores engross in viable pricing, so it is common to find similar popular items priced within pennies of each other.

2: Is Lowe’s hardware owned by Walmart?

Though Walmart does own a notable number of brands both in the US and outside, the company does not own Lowe’s. Lowe’s bend is a publicly-traded company that does not have a widely held shareholder. Walmart owns no shares. So, Lowe’s functions independently of Walmart.

3: What is better quality Home Depot or Lowe’s?

To provide a wide specimen, Yelp suggested customer reviews of 250 individual Lowe’s and Home Depot stores across 5 major U.S. urbanite areas. From these 250 stores, review norms were matched. On a five-star system, Home Depot to some extent edged out Lowe’s by a half-star.

4: What does Lowe’s do that Home Depot doesn’t?

Home Depot can point to higher sales numbers in its stores. Also, Home Depot profligates in more money than Lowe’s bend through store sales on average. The company also boasted better working competence.

5: Is Lowe’s an American-owned company?

Yes, Lowe’s, is an American retail company specifying in home improvement. The headquarters of Lowe’s bend is in Mooresville, North Carolina, the company runs a chain of retail stores in the United States and Canada.

6: Who is older Lowe’s bend or Home Depot?

Lowe’s originated in 1946, while Home Depot was established in 1978 . So, Lowe’s bend is older than Home depot.

7: Who is Lowe’s’s new CEO?

Marvin Ellison is the new CEO of Lowe’s.

He is an American business executive. He serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Lowe’s, joining the company on July 2, 2018. He was formerly the CEO of J. C. Penney and ought to be since August 2015.

8: Which is more popular Lowe’s bend or Home Depot?

According to a Bank of America survey of 1,000 millennials, reported by US News, 64% said Home Depot was their top choice for home-upgrading shopping, while 53% favored Lowe’s.

9: Does Lowe’s bend give a senior discount?

Lowe’s does not offer any senior discount as a corporate policy . Lowe’s stores don’t have a specific senior citizen membership card or another form of ID to show to get a discount. The stores count on a variety of other sales, promotions, and discounts

10: Is Lowe’s bend owned by a black person?

Lowe’s CEO Marvin Ellison generally knows about racism. He grew up in a keep apart rural Tennessee, where his father was an insurance salesman and his mother was one of the first in their family to graduate from high school. But Lowe’s is said not to be owned by a black person.

11: What is the difference between Home Depot and Lowe’s?

Lowe’s has been in business for about 30 years before Home Depot . Home Depot has 2,284 stores in North America, while Lowe’s has about 2,370. Lowe’s stores also characteristically have a few more square feet of space than Home Depot stores.

12: How do I get 20% off at Lowe’s?

You must open your account on the store’s website. Then ask the cashier to apply a discount (barcode) at the time of in-store purchase . Accounts can be opened online, via Text-to-Apply or QR code: You will receive a one-time coupon/advertising code, which may be used in-store or online.


Lowe’s bend serves as the home improvement products store and services. They have a vast variety of products available with skilled staff to serve you with the best. But if compared with Home Depot, they are facing tough competition. They also provide you with an option to arrange a meeting before starting your project. In this meeting, you can discuss all your concerns and queries with their expert.

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