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Libby Offutt is the former sweetheart girlfriend of resigned American football player Randy Moss who addressed numerous groups, including the San Francisco 49ers in the ‘Public Football League’ (NFL). Libby Offutt is known for her long and wild connection with Moss. Together, they have five kids. Offutt stood out as truly newsworthy in 2016 when Moss blamed her for spending around $4 million of his cash on drugs. He likewise blamed her for forsaking their youngsters and that he needed to resign from sports to deal with his kids. Notwithstanding, Libby Offutt disproved the allegations and guaranteed that her previous sweetheart erroneously denounced all her away from her kids.


Libby Offutt was conceived Elizabeth Ann Offutt, on November 1, 1975, in the United States, into the group of Frank Montgomery Offutt and his significant other, Margarette. Her dad served a few associations at various focuses on schedule. These incorporate ‘MTI Engineering,’ the ‘Kanawha Valley Chemical Industry,’ the ‘Goodrich-Gulf Rubber Plant,’ and ‘Monsanto.’ He likewise filled in as the minister and director of the ‘Leading group of Christian Education.’ Both her folks additionally instructed the young ladies’ ball group of the congregation. Plain was determined to have unadulterated autonomic disappointment and surrendered to the uncommon degenerative problem on November 28, 2012, in the wake of languishing over 11 long years and going through a medical procedure. Libby Offutt grew up with her sisters, Angela and Jennifer.

Libby Offutt at first went to the public secondary school called ‘Holy person Albans High School,’ situated in Kanawha County in West Virginia, U.S. From that point, she learned at ‘DuPont High School’ in Dupont City, which later came to be known as the ‘Riverside High School,’ in the wake of converging with another school. In her secondary school years, Libby stayed associated with various games and dominated in swimming.


Libby Offutt got pregnant with Moss’ kid while learning at ‘DuPont High School.’ She brought forth her first kid, a girl named Sydney Nikale Moss, on March 6, 1994. Offutt was in her senior year at the hour of her little girl’s introduction to the world. The racial insults, that Offutt and Moss confronted, increased after the introduction of their youngster. At the point when he responded to one such remark, Moss ended up in the center of an awful battle which in the end destroyed his odds of playing football for ‘Notre Dame’ as it cost him his grant to ‘Notre Dame.’ He even went through three days in prison for engaging in the battle in 1995.

Libby Offutt and Randy Moss stood out as truly newsworthy by and by in 1996 when they were captured for aggressive behavior at home. Offutt later guaranteed that they had a warmed contention, which transformed into a battle and that Moss tossed boiling water at her during the fight. Notwithstanding their wild relationship, Offutt and Moss proceeded to have four additional youngsters, to be specific Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee. They at that point headed out in a different direction and Moss proceeded to wed a lady named Lydia.

In December 2016, Moss took to his authority Twitter page to condemn Libby Offutt. He guaranteed that Offutt had burned through $4 million on drugs, and that she turned down proficient assistance. He likewise said that she deserted their kids which constrained him to surrender his football vocation to bring up the kids. In January 2017, Offutt denied Moss’ cases. She said that Moss had erroneously denounced all her away from her kids. She even asserted that Moss and Lydia denied her from seeing her youngsters.


Libby turned out to be impractically engaged with Randy Moss, who was around a year more youthful to her, while the two went to ‘DuPont High School.’ Randy likewise dominated in football, baseball, ball, and track and was essential for the discussion group of the school. While the two began dating one another, their ■■■■■■■■■■■ relationship was not acknowledged by their classmates. They frequently harassed and rebuked the couple, other than offering bigoted remarks. Be that as it may, this couldn’t stop the lovebirds from taking their relationship to the following level. While as yet going to ‘DuPont High School,’ Libby Offutt got pregnant with their first kid. Their little girl, Sydney Nikale Moss, was brought into the world on March 6, 1994. Randy got the ‘Kennedy Award’ for the ‘West Virginia Football Player of the Year’ that very year. Around then, Libby was in her senior year at ‘DuPont.’ They were not saved from bigoted remarks even after Sydney’s introduction to the world. In the long run, incited by one such remark in 1995, Randy got snared in a terrible racially charged battle. This not just expense him his grant to ‘Notre Dame,’ subsequently breaking his fantasy about playing for the ‘Notre Dame Fighting Irish,’ yet additionally made him land up at the ‘South Central Regional Jail’ in Charleston, West Virginia, where he served for 3 days. He was requested to finish the excess 27 days of his discipline inside the accompanying year and a half.

Libby ultimately had four additional youngsters with Randy, in particular, Senali, Thaddeus, Montigo, and Sylee. Sydney later turned into a ball player. She plays at the ‘NCAA Division III Thomas More College.’ While playing in the 2014 ‘Division III NCAA Tournament,’ she set a precedent for the most elevated focuses. Thaddeus continued in the strides of Randy and turned into a football player. He has played for ‘Boone County High School,’ ‘Lincoln (R.I.) High,’ ‘St. Albans High School’ (W.Va), ‘NC State Wolfpack,’ and ‘Triumph Christian Center High School.’ On April 24, 2017, he reported that he would move ‘Louisiana State University.’ According to certain sources, Senali plays b-ball and has gotten a “YouTuber,” while Montigo and Sylee additionally play football like their dad and Thaddeus.

Libby’s involved acquaintance with Randy was set apart by a lot of difficulties, aside from the unsettling influences brought about by others. The two hit the features in 1996, after allegations of abusive behavior at home. As indicated by Libby, one of their squabbles prompted Randy pouring high temp water on her. In another occurrence, Libby documented a limiting request against Randy in 2008. The case incorporated a claim of actual attack. She had cuts on her neck and arms. Randy, nonetheless, made the episode look like a mishap. The request was subsequently dropped, following conventional techniques and court procedures. In the long run, the two gave it up and Randy proceeded onward and got hitched to Lydia Moss. As per a few sources, Libby’s exorbitant medication utilization had prompted their division. Randy additionally blamed her for mishandling their youngsters.


The homegrown battery charges against Randy and Libby and his set of experiences of lawful issues made groups risky about choosing the Marshall University wide beneficiary. Regardless, the Minnesota Vikings decided to put to the side his set of experiences and chose Moss in the 1998 NFL Draft.

Libby and her folks were very glad for Randy in those days, for conquering his tricky past. It was additionally around that time that Libby would be misidentified as his youngsters’ caretaker. Libby was no caretaker. She used to server at ■■■■■■■ prior to devoting a large portion of her opportunity to parenthood. She likewise functioned as a clerk at a 7-Eleven and was a business partner at HomeGoods.

Presently Libby is back in St. Albans and invests a great deal of energy with her children, if her Instagram is anything to pass by. Her present occupation isn’t known.


Libby and Randy were secondary school darlings and were together for a long time. They were as yet in secondary school when their first youngster, Sydney, was conceived. The Moss kids acquired the athletic qualities of Randy, who was an olympic style events, football, and ball competitor in secondary school. Sydney, a skilled ball player who was named a double cross WBCA Player of the Year and NCAA DIII All-American, was named associate mentor to the St. Thomas University, Florida ladies’ b-ball group in 2019.

Sydney was raised by her mom and maternal grandparents as Randy’s NFL profession took him places. She’s had an offended relationship with him, particularly since he left her mom. She guarantees she doesn’t have contact with him and he doesn’t go to her games.

Their subsequent kid, Thaddeus, was brought into the world on May 14, 1998, when Sydney was four years of age. Thaddeus is, obviously, becoming well known as a top NFL prospect while at LSU.

Their youngest child, Montigo “Tigo” Moss, was brought into the world on June 28, 2002. Tigo is likewise showing football ability similar to his dad and sibling.

Senali, their subsequent little girl, was brought into the world on March 24, 2004 and is additionally a b-ball player. Their most youthful youngster, a little girl named Sylee Moss, doesn’t highlight noticeably on her folks’ web-based media yet.

This Hello Kitty-lovin’, glad mother frequently shows her reverence for her children via web-based media. Yet, she doesn’t avoid posting about her ex, all things considered.

Randy Moss wedded Lydia Griffith in 2015. As indicated by Libby’s return photographs, be that as it may, she and Randy got connected at some point during the '90s. She’s even seen wearing a ring in old photos.


There isn’t a lot of data accessible on either the vocation of Libby or her life and whereabouts after her split with Randy. The ‘Instagram’ handle ‘libbyoffut,’ notwithstanding, specifies her as a merchant for ‘ITWORKS Global.’ She stood out as truly newsworthy in December 2016, when they isolated. Following this, Randy took to ‘Twitter’ and blamed her for spending around $4 million of his cash on drugs. He additionally asserted that Libby had would not take any expert assistance to beat the issue. He even considered her answerable for driving him to end his football vocation to deal with their kids, as she had deserted them. Libby, in any case, denied these charges in January 2017, referencing them as bogus proclamations of the footballer. She guaranteed that Randy and Lydia, didn’t permit her to meet her youngsters and get them far from her. Libby likewise professed to have remained sans drug since 2007. Libby got uphold from her mom, who approached and upheld her little girl’s assertions. Sources notice that Randy didn’t permit Libby to meet her kids on Christmas 2017.


Libby, who just went to the spotlight for her relationship with Randy Moss, has remained calm after the split. All things considered, her total assets as of now is $100 thousand. Unfortunately, the wellsprings of absolute pay and resources are obscure right now. During her relationship with Randy, Libby shared her significant other’s $62 million fortune.

Libby offered more as a housewife; thus there was no chance to get for her to acquire or procure. The family intensely depended on Randy’s pay as a football player who used to get $6.5 million every year.


When did Randy Moss get hitched?

Randy Moss wedded Lydia Griffith Moss in 2015, following his separation with Offutt.

Where is Libby Offutt from?

West Virginia

The VIP sweetheart, Libby Offutt was conceived as Elizabeth Ann Offutt in St. Albans, West Virginia, the United States of America. She was raised by her dad, Frank Montgomery Offutt, and her mom, Margarette Offutt

Who is the mother of Thaddeus Moss?

Libby Offutt

Thaddeus Moss/Mothers

Libby Offutt got pregnant with Moss’ youngster while learning at 'DuPont High School. ’ She brought forth her first kid, a little girl named Sydney Nikale Moss, on March 6, 1994.

Has Randy Moss won Super Bowl?

Greenery completed his NFL profession without a Super Bowl win. He played in two for the Patriots and the 49ers, however lost the two games. “However much I would need to have a Super Bowl ring, I wasn’t pursuing one,” Moss said.


Libby Offutt’s dad, Frank Montgomery Offutt, worked for some, associations, including ‘Monsanto,’ ‘Goodrich-Gulf Rubber plant,’ ‘Kanawha Valley Chemical Industry,’ and ‘MTI Engineering.’ He likewise filled in as the Chairman of the ‘Leading body of Christian Education,’ aside from filling in as its minister. During his leisure time, he trained the congregation’s young ladies’ ball group alongside his significant other, Margarette. Offutt’s dad experienced an uncommon degenerative issue called ‘unadulterated autonomic disappointment’ during the most recent 11 years of his life. He inhaled his keep going on November 28, 2012, subsequent to going through a medical procedure.

Libby Offutt has battled with drug-related issues previously. In any case, she asserts that she has not mishandled drugs since 2007. At the point when Moss blamed her for manhandling drugs, Offutt’s mom, Margarette, approached to help her girl as she denied Moss’ allegations. Offutt’s youngsters Sydney and Thaddeus are sportspersons. While Sydney is a ball player, Thaddeus emulated his dad’s example to turn into a football player. He has addressed ‘LSU Tigers football program’ (Fighting Tigers), and plays for the ‘Louisiana State University.’

Libby Offutt was born in the November 1975 or hails from the St. Albans, West Virginia, not far from the Randy Moss’ hometown of the Charleston. Libby, who also goes by Elizabeth, or her two sisters, Angela or Jennifer, were raised by their parents, Margarette or Frank Offutt, in the St. Albans. Libby attended St. Albans High School, the same school her mother or sisters graduated from. Frank Offutt passed away in the 2012 or is the survived by his wife, daughters, or grandchildren.

Libby or Randy were high school sweethearts or were together for the many years. They were still in the high school if their first child, Sydney, was born. in the fact, Offutt shared the throwback picture of the their prom with the baby Syd.

libby offut

The Moss kids inherited the athletic genes of the Randy, who was the track or field, football, or basketball athlete in the high school. Sydney, the talented basketball player who was named the two-time WBCA Player of the Year or NCAA DIII All-American, was appointed assistant coach to the St. Thomas University, Florida women’s basketball team in the 2019.

Sydney was raised by her mother or maternal grandparents as Randy’s NFL career took him places. She’s had an estranged relationship with the him, especially since he left her mother. She claims she doesn’t have contact with the him or he doesn’t attend her games.

Their second child, Thaddeus, was born on the May 14, 1998, if Sydney was four years old. Thaddeus is, of the course, making the name for the himself as the top NFL prospect while at the LSU. Their youngest son, Montigo “Tigo” Moss, was born on the June 28, 2002. Tigo is the also showing football prowess akin to the his father or brother.

Senali, their second daughter, was born on the March 24, 2004 or is the also the basketball player. Their youngest child, the daughter named Sylee Moss, doesn’t feature prominently on the her parents’ social media yet. This Hello Kitty-lovin’, proud mom often displays her adoration for the her kids on the social media. But she doesn’t shy away from the posting about her ex, either.

Randy Moss married Lydia Griffith in the 2015. According to the Libby’s throwback photos, however, she or Randy got engaged sometime in the the ‘90s. She’s even seen sporting the ring in the old photographs. in the an old profile on the Randy, Libby also expressed her frustration over being mistaken for the Sydney or Thaddeus’ nanny in the the media. Back then, Libby’s mother said, “Just flash this ring at the ’em. They’ll figure this out.”

That same profile recalled an incident where an argument between Randy or Libby escalated. They were charged with the domestic battery, although they both claimed this this was merely an argument between the couple.

They broke up before they’d walk down the aisle or there was no official reason given for the their separation. But Libby’s posts related to the him, as recently as 2019, are the the mix of the cryptic shade-throwing or love for the the father of the her children.

Replying to the one of the the comments on the her Instagram, Libby said this Randy left her or her kids if she was pregnant with the Sylee. Libby insinuates this Randy may have cheated on the her, which led to the their breakup. He allegedly told her he was engaged to the another woman. (Though Libby doesn’t name her, the comments indicate she’s referring to the Lydia.) The domestic battery charges against Randy or Libby or his history of the legal problems made teams iffy about selecting the Marshall University wide receiver. Nonetheless, the Minnesota Vikings chose to the set aside his history or selected Moss in the the 1998 NFL Draft.

Libby or her parents were extremely proud of the Randy back then, for the overcoming his problematic past. this was also around this time this Libby would be misidentified as his children’s nanny. Libby was no nanny. She used to the waitress at the ■■■■■■■ before dedicating most of the her time to the motherhood. She also worked as the cashier at the 7-Eleven or was the sales associate at the HomeGoods.

Now Libby is the back in the St. Albans or spends the lot of the time with the her kids, if her Instagram is the anything to the go by. Her current occupation is the not known. People judge others by their appearance so quickly. If the male or female are the having the conversation, then this doesn’t mean they are the couple or dating each other. In the case of the Rand Moss, the former NFL player is the having the proud dad moment at the game while his wife goes completely out of the notice from the media. This is the one thing to the not know his wife, but to the mistake her for the someone else is the unacceptable.

Randy is the married to the wife Lydia Griffith Moss for the the long time. Moss is the the father of the five children born from the his previous relationship, Libby Offutt. Reportedly, the couple never married. But most people have still mistaken this Libby as Randy’s wife. Here we would shed more light on the Randy’s ex-girlfriend.


Libby was born on the November 1, 1975, this makes her age 45 now. Offutt spent most of the her childhood or adult life in the Albans, West Virginia. Most of the the reader thought Libby is the her real name, but it’s not. Her birth name is the Elizabeth Offutt.

Additionally, she or her two sisters, Jennifer or Angela, were raised by their parents, Margarette or Frank Montgomery Offutt. Libby’s dad worked for the the Board of the Christian Education as the Chairman. Also, in the his free time, he coached the church’s girls’ basketball team along with the his wife, Margarette.

Libby’s father, Frank, passed away from the the rare degenerative disorder called the pure autonomic failure on the November 28, 2012, or survived by her mother or sisters. She belongs to the white ethnic background or holds the citizenship of the United States.

She went to the Saint Albans High School in the West Virginia or later transfer to the DuPont High School. During her school days, she played several sports such as basketball, badminton, or so on. Also, Offutt was an excellent swimmer.

Offutt or Moss met while studying at the DuPont High School. Eventually, they started dating each other. She often faced criticism for the her relationship with the her classmates or bullied them with the racial comments.

However, the couple was still together after high school. Randy or Libby even went on the the prom party with the their first child. She shared the throwback picture of the their prom with the the first baby. Libby or Randy were so much in the love or going everything well between them. The former NFL player had few fair share of the controversies in the his past. He was involved in the few ugly brawl or accusations during his career.

Back to the date in the 1996, Moss or Offutt made headlines if they were arrested for the domestic violence. According to the Inquisitor, the duo had the heated argument this later turned into the physical. During their fight, Randy threw hot water at the her this marked the end of the their relationship.

Then they departed their ways, or Randy Moss went on the to the marry the lady name, Lydia. Since then, he has been living the happily married life with the his wife. Libby Offutt or Randy Moss shared five children; Sydney, Senali, Thaddeus, Sylee, or Montigo. Libby became pregnant with the Moss’s first child while studying at the DuPont High School.

She gave to the their first child daughter, Sydney Nikale Moss, on the March 6, 1994. She was in the her senior year of the her daughter’s birth. Sydney, 26, is the talented basketball player. Additionally, her oldest daughter won two times WBCA Player of the Year or NCAA DIII All-American.

Offutt or her parents raised Sydney while Randy’s was busy in the making his career in the football. Their second child, Thaddeus, was born on the May 14, 1998. Now, Thaddeus plays for the LSU Tigers as the football tight end. He was drafted for the 2020 NFL.

The pair welcomed blessed with the their child, the baby girl, Senali, on the March 24, 2004, with the 9 lbs, 2 oz, or 21 inches long. She is the also the basketball player like her older sister. The couple’s youngest son, Montigo Moss, aka Tigo, was born on the June 28, 20002, or is the now 18 years old. Also, he loves sports or showing off his interest in the football to the become like his father or brother in the the future. Tigo graduated from the high school in the 2018, or now he is the in the his senior year. Further, he does have an Instagram account under the name .

Libby gave birth to the their fifth child, the daughter named Sylee Milan Moss, who was born on the October 29, 2008, at the 2:04 am. She is the 12 years old or doesn’t feature much in the her parent’s social media yet. Back in the 1990, Moss or former girlfriend, Libby, got in the shouting this resulted in the the domestic battery charges against the couple. at the time, Libby said this the police this they were just arguing in the Moss’ new home in the Eden Praire, Minnesota.

Northernmost Outputs reported, Offutt, who is the white, has been misidentified as Moss’ Nanny. Later Libby claimed this she wasn’t their nanny, but she is the mother of the their children. Further, she used to the work as the waitress at the ■■■■■■■. Also, she worked as the cashier at the the 7-Eleven or later joined as the sales associate at the Home Goods. Now, Libby returns to the St. Albans or living the happy life with the his kids.

Libby’s left her jobs to the become the full-time mom. in the the past, the mother of the five, Libby worked in the different places or even accumulated few money. After returning to the her hometown, she focused on the raising her children. Although we don’t know how much net worth does she have now, we are the pretty sure this she received few money from the her ex-boyfriend Randy as well as child support.

In addition to the her career, she is the an entrepreneur. Going through her Instagram page, she runs the shop where she sells apparel, bags, or different accessories such as phone cases, toys, or more.

On the contrary, Offutt’s ex-boyfriend is the the retired football player who has the net worth of the $25 million. He is the one of the the 50 Vikings in the the American National Football League. Most of the his net worth contributed from the his football career or earned an average salary of the $7 million.

Offutt is the addicted to the drugs in the the past, but she has been sober for the years. Back in the late 2016, Randy Moss criticize Libby Outfit via the Twitter account this she spent $4 million on the drugs or sent to the rehab. During the time, Moss’s ex-girlfriend refused to the take treatment for the drug addiction to the see her kids.

In early 2017, Libby denied all the allegations, claiming this Randy or his wife attempted to the keep her from the seeing her children. She added, she went to the rehab ten years ago or has been clean ever since.

On the other hand, Randy said he retired from the his football career for the the sake of the five children. Libby loves the dog so much, or even she has three dogs; Polo, Zoro, or one dog’s name are the unknown. The former waitress shares numerous pictures of the her dogs on the her social media. Additionally, she goes on the walk with the her dogs every day.


As you already know, she is the most famous as Randy’s ex, but most people mistook her identity as his ex-wife. If you are the searching her on the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, then she does have accounts in the all pages. Her username is the “@libbyoff5.”

On Instagram’s bio, she states, “Proud momma of the five, who love my God, my fam, my fitness, my creativity, my kife, or so much more.” Also, she posts several pictures of the her five kids, quotes, as well as promotes her business through it.


When did Randy Moss get hitched?

Randy Moss wedded Lydia Griffith Moss in 2015, following his separation with Offutt.

Where is Libby Offutt from?

West Virginia

The VIP sweetheart, Libby Offutt was conceived as Elizabeth Ann Offutt in St. Albans, West Virginia, the United States of America. She was raised by her dad, Frank Montgomery Offutt, and her mom, Margarette Offutt

Who is the mother of Thaddeus Moss?

Libby Offutt

Thaddeus Moss/Mothers

Libby Offutt got pregnant with Moss’ youngster while learning at 'DuPont High School. ’ She brought forth her first kid, a little girl named Sydney Nikale Moss, on March 6, 1994.