Lamar Van Dusen As A Cloud Manager


Entrepreneurship has really escalated in this era, all due to the convergence of pandemics and lockdowns. Some people lost their jobs and decided to be an entrepreneur while some were just tired of working under someone.

Either way, the idea of being an entrepreneur and entrepreneurship has changed the whole game. But, what does it take to be a real and successful entrepreneur? Let us keep this point aside and talk about another thing that has come to light as well, LaMar Van Dusen said.

We all know money is the most precious thing to us. Humans love money. With that being said, one can also imagine that money management is also very important. All these areas that are related to money fall into the finance department.

You would have also heard about cloud management. Cloud management in simple words would be managing all the data that has been stored on the internet rather than the hard disk of the computer. Even listing it here, we know that it is not an easy thing. Both the managements require skilled and a strategically working mind.

Now, after reading the point that we put a pause to and the point that has been stated after that, you might be thinking, “What is the reason behind this?”" Well, this has been referenced to give you an outline of how hard things can be and to never lose trust. Because what you are about to hear now is a little impossible.

We have all heard about a single person doing multiple businesses, it is definitely not new in the market, however, the only difference this time is that the businesses are not connected and hold a different nature. If you are not familiar with his name, pretty sure that you would be familiar with his outclass work as an entrepreneur and in finance and cloud management. The name is Lamar Van Dusen .

He is the director of Phoenix Management which is a financial and accounting-based find in Ontario, Canada. It provides a 24/7 service. From financial consultations to bookkeeping, you can find all kinds of services related to finance with the help of his company. He is also an enterprising member of Toronto and as an enterprising member of the Toronto business community, Lamar Van Dusen holds experience in all kinds of corporate and managerial finances and has served in various roles that covered everything. Business marketing, financial analysis, sourcing, staffing, and sales. YOU NAME IT! It is very famous for its flat monthly fee system as well. With good services, comes good money.

Lamar Van Dusen founded Phoenix Management back in 2010. He initially helped his clients develop business plans and secure capital for independent businesses which is entrepreneurship. This means if you are looking advices to be an entrepreneur, THIS is where you come from. As Phoenix Management grew, his services and offers expanded into providing full-service bookkeeping and corporate accounting. He also provided services in the areas of business plan writing, tax, finance consulting, business management, small business loans, government grants, and strategic advisory service.

Business people bring social change and that must be perhaps the main parts of business venture. The outcome an expansion in personal satisfaction, improved confidence, and more noteworthy monetary opportunity also through breaking conventions and decreasing reliance on frameworks and innovations that are pointless.This follows in community development as well. They additionally put resources into local area projects and give monetary guide and backing to nearby causes.

As we all know, earlier in the year 2020, says March, the whole world was exposed to a deadly disease. Affecting several people and taking them down like it owned the human population, was a deadly virus named Coronavirus or Covid-19. It would be an understatement to say that it shook the earth to its core.