Lagenlook clothing and how to style them

Let’s discuss the first things first. What do you understand by Lagenlook? If translated literally, it means ‘layering look’. This European clothing style is made to suit everyone and is best for those who are trying to make a statement of their own dressing style.

Lagenlook is everything about layering pieces of clothing, to create a whole look that reflects your personal style. And the best part? They are fit to be worn by and accentuates any body type. Many are under the impression that in Lagenlook clothing, clothes are layered to hide the flabs, but it is absolutely a misconception. These are designed for all types of figures, which uses your silhouette as a canvas to mix and blend textures, fabrics and colours to set up a style that is exclusively yours.

Lagenlook, the term, was coined in Germany but slowly spread across the European countries. Fashion designers like Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens and Maria Avraam have mastered the style and create unique pieces that are ready to be layered.

Lagenlook clothing checklist

  • Asymmetrical Women’s tunic tops
  • Lace detailed dresses or tops for layering
  • Long hitched or drawstring skirts
  • Clothing with combined fabrics, or that has built-in layers
  • Leggings and/or jeggings
  • Scarves that are enough to create a statement
  • Waterfall jackets
  • Cardigans
  • Oversized, chunky accessories

How to style Lagenlook Clothing

  • Firstly, choose the leggings that would create the base for the Lagenlook. You can opt for classic colours like black, navy blue, grey etc as they are basic shades and can easily be paired with a number of other shades. It is always the easiest to style with basic shades like these.

  • Next, go on creating a layered look with Italian dress es or a classic women’s tunic or top. We love our Empire Lagenlook Dress which looks minimal but super classy. It is a wrap design dress with a cowl neck. It has two front pockets and a high-low tulip hem. It is also super comfortable because it is made with 100 per cent cotton.

For that perfect Lagenlook style, add another layer underneath your dress, with a petticoat. Petticoats are a perfect pair for dresses and tunics. Add layers, and create a statement.

As mentioned previously, to finish off the Lagenlook style, you would require some chunky, statement accessories. Lagenlook is all about your individual style, and to get it all right your accessories should be bold, vibrant and most importantly, you! You can add in a scarf in a pop colour, to make your outfit more vibrant. For summers, go for a light scarf and for winters, a cosy, warm scarf acts great. For the jewelleries you could put up some necklaces, bracelets or statement rings for some added vibe to complete your look. Boots too are a great pair to your Lagenlook style.

Belle Love Italy has a wide range of Made in Italy clothing like tunics, tops, dresses, loungewear and so on, that would be amazing for your Lagenlook Style. There is nothing right or wrong in layering. Layer it and flaunt it, proudly!