KN95 Masks

Coronavirus cases is increasing day by day in the world. Medical and Health professionals are under pressure to cure the virus and save people from this viral infection. To keep medical staff and frontline workers safe, they arrange covid kits and masks, and other medical protective equipment. There are so many masks available in the market for protection now the confusion which is safe to use.

Surgical mask are also known as the medical mask which is mandatory for doctors and other workers to wear. But the surgical mask is not sufficient for the coronavirus. It does not provide adequate protection against the novel coronavirus. Then KN95 mask are a better option for protection from coronavirus infection.

Why Buy KN95 masks?

Doctors and other healthcare workers are in close contact with the corona suspected patient, which is dangerous for their health, and it is hazardous for them. Coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can transfer from one person to another by coming close to them and sneezing and droplets that come out from the suspected person. If doctors and nurses, and other medical staff are not safe, they can also get contaminated and harmful. So always make sure you have an appropriate amount of mask with you to keep you safe.

It should be compulsory for doctors to wear KN95 masks for their protection.
KN(5 masks give protection with the filter. the filtration power of the KN95 mask is 95% which helps in filtering the aerosol, droplets, and other toxin particles from the environment.

It keeps you safe from any respiratory fluid.
To stay safe to you and the person surrounds you. Both are safe.
It is effortless to use, and it is very comfortable to wear for a long duration.
It is the snug fit mask. But it does not provide satisfactory leakproof this is one drawback of this mask.
KN95 masks are manufacture in china. It meets the standards of China, not the U.S.A, but it does not make it useless. Later, Food Drug and Administrative approve KN95 not for the medical purpose but the other purpose.

How Efficient Are KN95 Masks?

The KN95 mask are designed to wear initially for industrial purposes. But now, in thi pandemic condition, this mask is perfect to fit As The KN95 mask gives 95% protection to the user. and it is easy to breathe in this mask. As it covers the mouth and nose of the user and for a long duration also it is comfortable. The safety of patients and medical workers are a priority.

Most of the people are getting infected and recovering, but we have to control the transmission to stop this pandemic. For reducing the number of cases, we need to follow all the instructions and always wear a safety mask whenever going out and visiting the hospital. Then it is compulsory to wear a KN95 mask.

Key Features of the KN95 masks :

Comparison from all other masks like Fabric masks and the Surgical masks sThe kN95 masks have more benefits and more effective. Some are as follows -

1) Filteration :

The KN95 masks are protective masks with filtration power of 95% from airborne particles present in the environment. It also protects from tiny microbes like viruses and bacteria and gives protection from dust particles.

Surgical masks do not provide this type of filtration. You can not depend on the surgical masks for the coronavirus as it is spreading at a high rate. You can not take the risk.

2) Leakage Test :

The KN95 mask has 8% leakproof. It does not provide good, but it is much better than many other masks which are available. Surgical masks are not leakproof same as Fabric masks too.

3) Exhalation Resistance :
The key feature of the KN95 mask is it provides Exhalation resistance. To the wearer, which makes breathing easy and increases the durability of the mask. At the same time, it removes all the contaminants from the environment. cn make you safe.

4) Certification :
The KN95 masks are certified from china government. It does not match the standard of the U.S.A, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health ( NIOSH). It is also approved by the Food Drug And Administration (FDA)

5) Purpose:
The main purpose of the KN95 mask are to give protection to your face and mouth from viral infection and dust particles. And for an industrial purpose, it gives protection from splashes.

Conclusion :

As corona is increasing situation is not under control, we all should follow all the rules of the government. We should eat healthily and wear a mask whenever stepping out from home and maintain distance. Wearing Fabric is also good, but The Kn95 mask gives more protection from a viral infection, and it is easy to wear.

I agree with the facts that KN95 is one of the best precautionary measure that we can take in tackling the corona virus. But one thing that i wanna talk about is the affordability of this mask. As fabric mask is easily afford able so people tend to buy that more in the presence of all these restrictions. So the mask makers should work on lowering the prices of such masks so that factionalism in this regard can be treated as it is required.

How much are well before KN95 masks?

The Well Before KN95 covers start at $1.99 each and are accessible in an assortment of styles including standard ear circles, movable head ties with a froth nose strip, customizable ear circles with a froth nose strip or a 3D style movable lash with a froth nose strip. You can get them in white or dark tones and standard or little sizes
Are KN95 masks FDA approved?
The FDA EUA list incorporates KN95 cover producers that are approved. The KN95 veils on the EUA list are approved for use in a medical services setting by experts, however they are not on the NIOSH …
Are N95 masks authorized?

NIOSH numbers are just accessible on N95 covers. The FDA EUA list incorporates KN95 cover producers that are approved. The KN95 covers on the EUA list are approved for use in a medical care setting

** What Does KN95 Mean?**

KN95 represents the administrative norm for sifting facepiece respirators that are confirmed in China. The administrative standard alludes to a plan that guarantees filtration productivity, tight seal with the face just as least spillage.

The certificate is applied regarding use against non-slick particulates, just as the current use against the COVID-19.

Notice that the necessities for a KN95 certificate are practically equivalent to the prerequisites for the US N95 separating facepiece respirators.

That is the reason both KN95 and N95 give similar degrees of assurance, as indicated by worldwide norms and accreditations.

What Does A KN95 Mask Protect You From?

The KN95 mask should give compelling respiratory security against a wide range of particles, including microbes and infections.

The KN95 veils are likewise expected to give 95% assurance against all particles that are more prominent than 0.3 µm in measurement.

This implies that the veil should shield you from microscopic organisms, infections, contamination particles, fine particles, dust, exhaust cloud, dust, and decrease the danger of microorganisms and viral diseases.

Coronavirus is a contagious disease and best way to safe ourselves from this lethal ailment is by following all the precautionary measures strictly. The SOPs prescribed by the medical practitioners include the proper and compulsory use of mask. As it is one of the best ways to stop the transmission of the virus from one person to another and also from the contaminated environment to a healthy person. But the confusion here is that there are varieties of masks available among them which one is the best to be used. No doubt KN95 Masks is more preferable as compare to fabric or surgical masks in this regard.

There are a number of reasons that why this mask is preferred over the other types of masks. The main reason is its characteristic features which are maintained during its manufacturing process.


The masks have the following characteristic features enabling it to be best suited to be used in this pandemic situation for preventing and stopping the transmission of the contagious viral disease to the maximum possible extent:

  • The mask is usually manufactured with the multi-layer protection technique, usually 5-layers protection.
  • Melt-blown fabric, hot air cotton or nonwoven fabrics are used in making the multi-layer protection mechanism.
  • The fabric used in its making is hydrophobic, which makes the mask water and droplet proof.


The unique appearance and style of the mask add more to the comfort of its users. The mask is available in different colors but mostly it is available and also preferred by the consumers in white color.

The distinguishing features which add to its uniqueness are:

  • 3D foldable design
  • Particles Filtering Efficiency (PFE) up to 95%
  • Adjustable elastic ear-loop which make it durable for continuous long term usage
  • Invisible nose clip which help in air tightening the mask for the user to prevent any leakage
  • Comfortable to wear


In the pandemic situation of coronavirus all we can do to save ourselves from the lethal ailment is by properly following the SOPs which include the use of mask. And best type mask which is most suitable considering all its features and properties is the KN95 Mask.


One of the most reported issue which most of the people encounters in the availability of the mask. Consumers complains that due to high demand in the current situation the manufactures fails to provide the adequate amount of the product in the market which eventually adds more to the chaos. Some effective measures should be taken to overcome this issue in order to promote healthy environmental dealings.

Can mask prevent the transmission of COVID-19?

Mask is a great weapon to fight against the coronavirus but it is not the only thing we should use side by side we also have to follow the other precautionary measures as well like social distancing, frequently washing hands for up to 20 seconds, avoiding contacts with each other etc.

Who is at risk of coronavirus?

The reports confirm that the virus can infect people of all ages. The one who are at a greater risk of getting infected are the old aged citizens and the people already unfit medically either suffering from any type of illness.