Kids Pendamic Training

In junior classes you must have sung a jingle in your scool "Ring-a-ringa- roses a pocket full of poses " It was actually a pendamic training poem which was written in lieu of plague which infected a large scale of population around the globe .lt not only prepared young ones for any worse condition of too many deaths but also teaches about some precautionary measures to be adopted to save lives .

How to train your Kids for pendamic

Now in liu young ones are again needed to be educate in a funway to ensure their safety .According to researches too much precautions and safety measures being implemented in the educational institutions are creating confusion and loosing self confiedence in little champs which can be alarming in the future as a personality lapse of the future generation.

The children are feeling hesitation to go on public places and gatherings which is an alarming situation for health experts

what to do and what to avoid

Never force the young ones to wear mask or sanitize but slowly convience them to do so. Never creat a horrible situation about the pendamic but calmly realize them the situation. Do not implement too much restrictions in order to outdoor activities but allow them to play outside while wearing gloves

Wearing a mask all the time may be a sense of irritation for them in this case do not insist


Pandemic can be caused by disease which is a game changer and our lifestyle is totally changed this situation is very confusing for young ones we should tackle it technically in order not to disturb the kids mentally.