Key Concepts For Making The Marketing Plan Of The Business In 2021

Marketing Vision

Wood Art commenced in 2005, we have demonstrated to have the option to deliver condition of artistry structures which made the workplace simpler and convenient for the corporate masses, what’s more, still in a race to make imaginative structures that can encourage the person in a manner that can be gainful and pro efficient. Our promoting plan is to extend our scope to generations and design that can serve enormous associations.

Personal goals

  • To provide more customize solutions and business plans to our customers and business associates.
  • To submit task of Strategic Marketing.
  • To sell the ultimate benefits to the client of a product and not the product itself.

Some time for accuracy we also require the Online Business Tools for running the operations smoothly.

Business goals

  • Increase the offers of this current year.
  • Increase the clients, for example, enormous associations.
  • Advancement in organization’s infrastructure.

Strategic goals

  • To accomplish Product improvement and Market advancement.
  • Improve responsiveness towards clients.

Tactical goals

  • Talent securing for limited-time campaigns.
  • Analyzing criticisms from existing clients.
  • Utilizing new marketing tools for overall mindfulness.


Wood Art has worked in various fields over some time. We strive hard to make work more straightforward for our customers and associates while providing customized solutions for customers.


We have several showrooms worldwide, and we know soon opening our online e-commerce store because we will increase our customer base. So we have a favourable position of being known in the market. New clients will randomly enter our showroom to investigate the prototypes, catalogues, and instant articles. Our proficient employees and advisors are specialized sound and prepared to handle and answer their queries.

We have created CRM to counter queries, data of clients and to look into purpose. If a client of the instant item places the request, then coordinations are furnished with establishment team. And if the client’s request is given on catalogue design, then advance payment is required and lead time is given to the customer until the order is furnished.

Gap Dashboard

Our self-projection is 30% addition in turnover.

The sensible methodology could be 5% expansion or the other way around as we have improved our capacities for the huge association from S.M.E.'s.

Ideal Customer

Wood Art’s primary focus is on large corporate organization home-based and making an extended relationship with a client by giving them office. Home solutions, both like our cliental, be in strong bonding with us. We have detailed information about our customers. Among them, they are positioned as Gold, silver and bronze. The perfect customer is placed as Gold, who is reliably working with us and committed. And positions show their degree of loyalty; given specific services, such as service, discounts, and membership. We give the card to the best customer and guarantee quality administrations to them in priority.

Market Needs

The furniture showcase industry is tremendous and versatile in Pakistan. There are numerous providers from where customer can get the home and office furniture. The distinction is there product design, quality and service.

While our work is on innovation in designs, portability, and solution, our job is our worship, and we are committed to our customers at all levels.

Market Trends

According to research and development work, we have concluded that know smart things are more encouraged, which could be multifunctional appealing with space. The light and portable furniture are more in demand each with multiple users.

Market Description


Age: 22-60+, Revenue: 900k+/year, Sector:Public and Corporate.


As customer needs to focus on their core issues and not searching for suppliers, we encourage to provide a new and compact design with quality of work will provide different and complete solutions under one roof.


They are enjoying their centre business and time is valuable for them.


Our optimal customers are little to average size associations and now enormous associations, i.e., government organizations. So our customer in Private division areas, i.e. in Karachi Shahr-e Faisal, I. I Chundrigar Road, S.I.T.E., D.H.A and so forth and other main cities of Pakistan and then international.


Our best clients are business entrepreneurs and higher management of any organization. At the same time, about 40% of Pakistan’s populace is labour.


Our optimal client is one who searches for advancements and quality. Who are refreshed with the patterns and need selective plans.


Our optimal client ought to be an organization and invest more energy in its central issues. They need one window arrangement suppliers for office.


Our customers are S.M.E.'s and now enormous organization in Public and private divisions both. Karachi’s territories are Site Industrial Shershah, D.H.A., Korangi Industrial, Schools and Universities, Shar-e-Faisal, Clifton.