Kahoot Code Login

Kahoot Code Login: Students need to go to the Kahoot website and enter the six-digit code to enter a specific questionnaire, a simple process to enter the questionnaire.

I need help remembering my Kahoot password. On the login screen, click Forgot Password. Also, send an email to the one connected to your account: your username and each link to create a password in an email.

Brief Description Of Kahoot

Kahoot, a platform for game-based learning, makes it simple to quickly develop, share, and play learning games or trivia quizzes. Fun should be permitted in living rooms, offices, and classrooms.

Creating Kahoot Game

In a couple of minutes, create a fun e-learning system called “Kahoot.” You have complete control over the structure and amount of questions. Use videos, pictures, and figures in your survey to encourage broader involvement.

It’s advised to use Kahoots in groups. It would help if you had a special PIN to join games. You need a large screen if you’re the game’s host. After seeing a question on a shared screen, players respond to it on their own devices.

In addition, to live games, players can receive kahoot tasks for schoolwork or remote training, which they can complete whenever they like.

Share Kahoot With Players

Encourage players to make and share their kahoots after games! You can co-create activities with your coworkers using one of our premium channels for schools or businesses, and you can save time by selecting the right kahoots for your class or lesson plan.

Directions for logging into Kahoot

Logging into Kahoot is necessary.

Below are some concerns to look at before signing into your Kahoot account:

Through Internet Browser

You can login through Internet browser:

Steps To Login
Have a working username, email address, and password.
Internet-capable devices are a must.
The website address for Kahoot’s main page.

Teacher login for Kahoot

To create games, you must log into your Kahoot account. If you are unsure how to sign in, kindly follow the instructions below:

Steps to Login For Teachers
Step 1: Go to Kahoot! to access the Kahoot portal.
Step 2: Enter the login and password.
Step 3: Press the “log in” button to complete.

Log in using Google

In addition, you can access your account by logging in with your Google account:

  1. Select the login option in the top right corner of the Kahoot portal.

  2. Choose the “proceed with Google” link in step two.

  3. Fill in your Google account information on the following website.

  4. Enter your password and select “log in” from the menu.

Log in with Apple

You can sign in to Kahoot using an iOS device:

Step 1: On the Kahoot login page, select “proceed with Apple.”

Step 2: Enter your Apple ID where it asks for it.

Step 3: Click the arrow to proceed.

Step 4: You must enter your password.

Choose Next in step 5 to log in to your account.

Enter the Kahoot code

It must be given to you by the game’s host. Each Kahoot session includes some PIN games. Once a Kahoot has started, they are generated and used on Kahoot. It or in our app so players can join a host’s Kahoot.

Game players cannot make a PIN. The host of the game must provide you with a PIN.

Visit Kahoot. Open our mobile app or the website on your device and choose “Enter PIN” from the menu.

Enter the game’s PIN here.

Send the requested identifier if the host has “player identifier” enabled.

If the “friendly nickname generator” is enabled by the host, choose a random nickname by clicking or tapping the “spin” button. If it’s disabled, type a handle of your choosing:

  • Kahoot! Login to the Play & Create Quizzes App

  • Install the Kahoot app from the App Store or Google Play.

  • Start the app.

  • Then enter the game pin.

How can a forgotten password be restored?

  • Unfortunately, you forgot your password. Use the following advice to find it quickly:

  • Go to Kahoot! to access the Kahoot portal.

  • To reset your password, click the link.

  • Enter your previously activated email after that.

  • Your email will receive a link to reset the system.

  • Click the link when you get it to set up a new password.

  • Finally, select “Reset password” from the menu.

Create a Kahoot account.

This section will now demonstrate how to enroll in a new account. If you lack, you can follow these steps:

  • Go to https://kahoot.com/ to access the Kahoot homepage.

  • Click the “sign up” button in the top right corner.

  • Select the form for teachers.

  • Your email address and password.

  • Please click “Sign up” at the conclusion.

How does Kahoot work?

After logging into your account, as described below, you can create a game.

  • On the “Sign in” tab, enter your Microsoft Cougarnet login credentials (name@cougarnet.uh.edu and password).

  • On the “Permission sought” screen, click Accept.

  • On the “Your account details” page, provide the relevant information. And then click Join Kahoot!

  • Click to pick a template or launch a new game. You can change a game that has already been filled out if you choose a template.

  • By choosing Add question, you may select an inquiry type. As a result, Kahoot will receive a new tile, such as a test, poll, true/false, text data, puzzle, or slide.

  • Type in the “Click to start entering your question” section to add more question content.

  • Ask your inquiry here.

  • Click Settings to change Kahoot’s title, description, cover picture, language, and save-to location.

  • Choose “Done” This is shown in the top right corner of the page. Click here to return to your dashboard once you have finished creating your Kahoot.

  • The window that emerges can be used to test your game or share it with the players. To participate in a shared Kahoot, they must also have a Kahoot account.

3 Ways to Use Kahoot

If you still need assistance utilizing Kahoot, please read the instructions below. You can abide by and design a game on your own:

Review for Evaluation

In our lectures, Kahoot was mainly used as an exam practice. We will play Kahoot rather than distribute a packet of study materials.

I could complete two rounds of 25 questions in the 40 minutes allocated for class. My favourite feature of Kahoot is how it shows student responses as a percentage for every letter option. If I found an error or a problem where fewer than 70% of the participants gave a wrong answer, I could immediately halt the game. There is no way to tell who messed up, so there is no need to worry about making anyone look bad.

Verify your comprehension

Kahoot may be a fantastic tool to split class time and assess students’ comprehension. You can rapidly create a Kahoot with three or five questions after introducing students to new information and asking them to respond.

It’s just a playful formative evaluation. You would therefore receive feedback right away. It might also be used as a class closing activity.

Team up

You could quickly turn this into a team game where you divide the class into multiple groups and then tally the results at the end, though I enjoy activities when every student plays.

The only issue with this tactic is that one student can accidentally reveal the solution to the other students. Consider including a clause that says engaging in social interaction is illegal.

The lower-level students in your class who leave after a few questions because they realize they have little chance of succeeding might benefit from this strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some frequent questions people ask regarding Kahoot Code Login:

1. What is the Kahoot PIN code?

A game PIN is a unique, temporary identifier code for the game you want to join. The PIN is activated when someone starts a game.

2. How do you enter a PIN in Kahoot?

Open your device’s browser and go to Kahoot it, or open our mobile application and tap Enter PIN. Enter a game PIN. If the host has activated a “friendly nickname generator,” click the “Spin” button to choose a random nickname.

3. How do you get 1000 points in Kahoot?

With Kahoot! If you answer the question correctly, you will get 1000 points (unless the creator of the quiz changes. If you get a wrong question, the streak will reset, and you will no longer receive bonus points.

4 . Can I do a Kahoot for free?

You can make a free Kahoot account and play a free Kahoot game. You can use this game at family gatherings to catch up on everyone’s activities or at business meetings to check that your coworkers have been paying attention.

5. Can you see who answered what in Kahoot?

After the deadline or after all answers have been submitted, and the student will be informed immediately whether the answer given was correct or incorrect.

6 . What are the downsides of Kahoot?

One of the most significant drawbacks to Kahoot is that tracking student progress is complex. Since multiple players are connected to the same platform, they must have a strong WiFi connection. Otherwise, it wouldn’t work.

7. How long does it take to play a 20-question Kahoot?

The time required to play is 20 seconds to 4 minutes. Responses can be up to 20 characters long. Each player enters an answer, which is displayed in a word cloud.

8. How can I locate my Kahoot PIN?

At the top of the display is a unique game PIN code. The players visit Kahoot! Then input their nickname after the game’s PIN. When you can see the handles of every player in the lobby and waiting for the screen, click Start. Use the mouse or space bar to go to the next topic in the game.

9. What is a Kahoot number?

Game PINs are unique to each Kahoot session. They are generated when a Kahoot is started and used on Kahoot so that students can join a Kahoot leader.

10. How Do I See My Kahoots?

You can search for public kahoots, including yours, using the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the screen. Please search for a topic you want to find kahoots or enter the user’s username to see the public kahoots they have created. As you type, a list of standard matching terms is produced below.

11. How is Kahoot played?

How to play Kahoot! in the classroom

Log in to your account

Press on the Kahoots tab at the top of the menu.

  1. The Kahoot quiz screen displays
  2. Choose the classic (player versus player)
  3. The screen will show the game lobby with the game PIN and login instructions.
  4. Students enter their PIN code in Kahoot!
  5. Students enter a nickname and click OK, let’s go!

11. What are Kahoot staff members?

A Game PIN is a temporary code specifying which game you want to participate in. This PIN code is generated when someone starts a live match or assigns a challenge.

12. What is a Kahoot Quiz?

Kahoot! is a tool that uses technology to manage quizzes, discussions, or surveys. It is a game-based class response system that the entire class plays in real-time. Questions about multilingualism appear on the screen projected. Students use their computers, tablet, or smartphone to respond to the questions.

13. How many digits does a Kahoot code have?

A Kahoot code has six digits.

14. Is the Kahoot app free?

Kahoot! It’s free for teachers and their students, and it’s our commitment to support it as part of our mission to make learning exceptional.

15. Can I play Kahoot by myself?

Personal devices Each player needs a device to participate in https://kahoot.it. Using iOS or Android devices, you can join via our mobile app.

16. How do you play Kahoot alone?

Kahoot! Primarily performed live in groups. But you can also play alone! To play Kahoot on a single system, use our iOS or Android app. Alternatively, you can use the preview feature to host a live Kahoot with such a simulated phone within the same screen.

17. Can you play Kahoot with strangers?

You can use both! However, the new Kahoot has something delicious! The app ensures that learning doesn’t stop after playing a live game. It allows you to play educational games and fun trivia questions anywhere, anytime, alone or with friends.

18. How can I get my Kahoot back?

All recently deleted kahoots should be in a recently deleted folder. To get them back, you must press a restore

e button on that Kahoot once it has been permanently deleted. Permanently removed Kahoot should be done 30 days after Kahoot is removed. Favorite kahoots cannot be deleted.


Kahoot! is a tool that uses technology to manage quizzes, discussions, or surveys. It is a game-based class response system that the entire class plays in real-time. Questions about multilingualism are projected on the screen. Students answer the questions with their smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Kahoot Code login is a game-based learning stage that makes it simple to make, offer and play learning games or random data tests in minutes. Release the fun in homerooms, workplaces and lounge rooms.This “Set of principles” is Kahoot’s! primary moral structure and depicts assumptions, responsibilities and necessities for how we should act.

:arrow_right: Our motivation and qualities

  • Our motivation is to make learning marvelous. The reason sets the heading for our decisions and needs. It rouses development and drives change. All that we do should be in accordance with our motivation.

  • Our qualities portray how we will convey our motivation. They portray what we anticipate from one another, and from our project workers and colleagues.

  • The qualities mirror the manner in which we assemble and foster our item’s provisions, they sway plan in the visual character of the item, our image and our group mindset.

  • We consider our qualities as visual tokens of basic attributes which shape and guide our ordinary activities to drive greatness in business activity and needs. The Values at Kahoot! are:

  • We are playful Play is the primary language we learn. It’s the means by which we find the world and comprehend our place in it. At the point when we make learning fun, we make it connecting with for everybody.

  • We are curious Curiosity is important for human instinct, and it lies at the core of every extraordinary undertaking. It’s what transforms students into stunning pioneers — and keeps those pioneers learning.

  • We are inclusive We’re cooperative individuals at Kahoot! furthermore, accept that no student, or worker, ought to at any point be forgotten about. Kahoot! endeavors to guarantee that everybody gets the opportunity to succeed.

:arrow_right: Who the Code applies to

  1. The Code of Conduct applies to any individual that is utilized by, conveys work to or is occupied with the Kahoot! Gathering (the “Gathering”), including board individuals and our colleagues.

  2. To guarantee that the Code is executeds, Kahoot! ceaselessly directs preparing of its representatives on these issues, including during onboarding of new staff.

:arrow_right: Compliance with laws and guidelines

Representatives will consent to material laws and guidelines. This applies to both outer prerequisites and inward guidelines, including law, guidelines, approaches, monetary authorizations, directions or overseeing records in Kahoot!

Kahoot! Is explicitly distracted with regards to observing contest laws which apply to all business courses of action, regardless of whether they are in composed, ■■■■ or some other structure. Value fixing, bid fixing and other enemy of serious practices are precluded.

Infringement of appropriate laws and guidelines are not OK. Any infringement or resistance will be taken care of as per Group method and may include responsibility under work, criminal and misdeed law.

Kahoot! ought to have a culture where there is receptiveness and a low limit for revealing unlawful or unpardonable lead. This implies infringement of legitimate principles, composed moral rules or moral standards.

Representatives are qualified for submit unknown warnings and can have confidence that the notices will be treated in a legitimate and secret way.

Our Whistleblowing Rules apply to these notices, yet they don’t have any significant bearing to issues identifying with individual representatives’ business connections, for example, faculty clashes or debates to the work arrangement.

:arrow_right: The Kahoot! Way

:arrow_right:Corporate obligation

  1. Kahoot! assumes corporate social liability and adds to a feasible, monetary, social and ecological advancement in our industry. We think connecting with learning is the way to improvement and strengthening at school, at home and at work. Kahoot’s! center as an organization is to work in a maintainable manner, in arrangement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) and the effect on learning we’re expecting to make all throughout the planet.

  2. Quality schooling: SDG 4 is to guarantee comprehensive and fair quality training and advance deep rooted learning openings for all by 2030. SDG4 is critical to Kahoot’s! central goal and tasks.

  3. We add to proficiency, numeracy, beating language boundaries, making learning more comprehensive, and guaranteeing that students obtain information to advance economical turn of events.

  4. Kahoot! upholds quality training through our primary stage, just as its portfolio organizations like DragonBox and Poio, grant winning math and figure out how to-peruse applications, and the Drops applications, which make language learning normal with vivid visuals and play.

  5. Together, we are determined to engage offspring of any foundation to learn through play, and fabricate the world’s biggest maintainable learning local area.

  6. Making learning more comprehensive: We at Kahoot! accept that learning ought to incorporate everybody, and we work to dispose of hindrances to schooling. Kahoot! is a simple to-utilize instrument for everybody, putting understudies up front, with equivalent possibilities of becoming study hall saints.

  7. Because of COVID-19 and the worldwide shift to remove learning, Kahoot! offered free admittance to Premium components for all teachers affected by the pandemic, attempting to guarantee that instructors could keep on interfacing with and draw in their understudies, regardless of whether in the homeroom or at home.

  8. Incorporation is one of our fundamental beliefs, and it illuminates how we work as an association. We expect to be agreeable with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) variant 2.0, to an AA conformance level.

:arrow_right: Kindly see Kahoot’s! Inclusion and Accessibility here.

  • Kahoot! intends to encourage associations with associations and organizations that both offer our vision for positive social effect and which have significant substance to bring to the table the young crowd – our future distinct advantages.

  • Our associations with so much associations as the United Nations, UNICEF, Common Sense Education, Amnesty International, Rebel Girls, the National Institutes of Health, the Marine Stewardship Council, and a lot more are instances of our solid common obligation to this vision.

  • In close coordinated effort with these accomplices on the significant subjects of common freedoms, kids’ privileges, harassing counteraction, cyberbullying and online security, variety and incorporation, moving ladies ever, the risks of medications and ■■■■■■ use and maintainability, we’ve had the option to draw in large number of students and their instructors all throughout the planet.

  • Our associations with so much associations as Tiimo and the Ad Council mirror our responsibilities to this conviction and empower Kahoot! to offer significant and rousing learning content that can receptive outlooks and break generalizations related with sexual orientation, identity, religion and neurodiversity.

:arrow_right: Lessening our ecological impression:

  1. At Kahoot’s! base camp in Oslo, Norway, we endeavor to keep our ecological impression negligible by putting resources into an office with regular lighting and reusing, and utilizing all the more perfect energy.

  2. We center around instructing our representatives on manageability issues and draw in them to take part in advancing maintainability.

:arrow_right: Open, fair and unambiguous correspondence and characteristics

  • To settle on the ideal choices and establish the best learning and workplace, the interior correspondence in Kahoot! should be open, legitimate and unambiguous. The equivalent applies to our outside correspondence, which is significant for individuals’ confidence in Kahoot!

  • Both inner and outer correspondence will be opportune and right. Workers should give and get input determined to cause upgrades and we to shout out in case something isn’t acceptable.

  • Kahoot! values the innovativeness and free articulation of our clients and supporters. We are accordingly dedicated to ensure our clients and give a protected and connecting with learning climate for our clients in general.

  • We find ways to shield our clients from destructive and unlawful substance and maintain whatever authority is needed to eliminate content that penetrates our strategies and qualities. Content on the Kahoot stage will follow our Acceptable Use Policy and Editorial Guidelines, and we go to lengths to guarantee the security of our foundation.

  • These practices are definite in our Safety Guide, where we additionally portray the devices we make accessible for clients to expand security in their own games, for example, moniker generators.

  • Kahoot! doesn’t serve designated advertisements on our clients, and we don’t sell or impart client data to outsiders for showcasing purposes. We additionally don’t permit deals exercises like publicizing, advertising and different advancements on our foundation except if this is explicitly approved by Kahoot.

:arrow_right: Privacy and security

  1. All Kahoot! representatives have an obligation of privacy according to clients, planned clients, different workers, Kahoot! furthermore, its Group’s exercises. Subsequently, significant partners will have the option to depend on us to ensure data and keep up with secrecy.

  2. The obligation applies both remotely and inside. The obligation of privacy applies paying little mind to the conditions under which we have gotten the data. Workers are limited by the obligation of classification even after the business relationship with Kahoot! has finished.

  3. Kahoot is committed to ensuring the individual information that we interaction. To respect our obligation to security, all workers will know about and stringently follow Kahoot’s! interior protection strategy, which sets out how close to home information is gathered, handled and utilized by Kahoot.

  4. We guarantee that information and data is remained careful by executing an extensive data security program.

:arrow_right: Health, security and climate (HSE)

Kahoot! Is focused on guaranteeing the security of our workers and conforming to all pertinent wellbeing and wellbeing laws and guidelines and not participating in any type of subjection. Kahoot! will have a decent work space that advances deep rooted learning, physical, mental and social prosperity.

:arrow_right: Working kahoot codes.

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:round_pushpin: Summary

Kahoot! assumes corporate social liability and adds to a feasible, monetary, social and ecological advancement in our industry. We think connecting with learning is the way to improvement and strengthening at school, at home and at work. Kahoot’s! center as an organization is to work in a maintainable manner, in arrangement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDG”) and the effect on learning we’re expecting to make all throughout the planet.

:round_pushpin: Frequently Asked Questions

:one: What are some Kahoot pins?

Kahoot pin is essentially a secret word or a code that you enter in the interface to get to the Kahoot it game that you need to play. In the Kahoot window you Jan 15, 2018.

:two: What does Kahoot! mean?

Beginning and Meaning of Kahoot. As indicated by a client from Egypt, the name Kahoot is of Old Welsh beginning and signifies “Inebriates”.

:three: What is Kahoots game pin?

The kahoot pin is basically a kahoot meeting. All in all, it is essentially a kahoot meeting that is just a single time. Join a Kahoot. Also, it is considerably more straightforward to know your kahoot pin and use it for the reason that is produced. To play, just find the game you wanted and click on the Purple button.

:four: What is Kahoots game?

Kahoot! is a game-based learning stage, utilized as instructive innovation in schools and other instructive establishments. Its learning games, “Kahoots”, are different decision tests that permit client age and can be gotten to through an internet browser or the Kahoot application

:five: Does Kahoot cost cash?

Kahoot Plus will cost have an initial cost of $10 per client each month, with a yearly membership considering a limitless number of members. A month-to-month membership will cost $15 per client each month. "Billions of dollars and a long period of time are squandered on inadequate corporate preparing each year.

:dizzy: Conclusion

The most recent ones are on Jun 18 2021 5 new Working Kahoot Codes results have been found over the most recent 90 days which implies that each 18 another Working Kahoot Codes result is. You will require the game pin for hacking Kahoot.

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Kahoot code login for this Student only needs to go to the Kahoot. Open the website and enter the six-digit code to add a specific questionnaire. It is a simple method to enter the questionnaire. Kahoot is an online game-based learning platform. It permits organizations, teachers, and parents to set up the fun web. It is based on learning for others.
Kahoot is also used as a fun trivia activity to do with members of your organization or coaches to use with their players about the sport or just an evaluate student first. A Kahoot quiz can be the best method to check students’ knowledge. Before you start teaching a subject it helps avoid making it too complicated or too simplistic for the students.

Who can use Kahoot?

Since Kahoot! If online-based, it will beat up most devices, together with tablets, laptops, smartphones, Chrome books, and desktop machines. It works online in-app kind additionally as a browser window with IOS and mechanical man versions on the market.

Kahoot works with Microsoft groups that allow academics to share challenges additional simply with students. Within the professional or premium versions, this offers additional choices, like the aptitude to co-create Kahoots with colleagues.


Kahoot could be a tool that uses technology to conduct discussions, quizzes, or surveys. It is a game-based category response system that is vied by the whole category in real-time. Questions on multilingualism are projected on the screen. Students answer the queries with their smartphone, pill, or laptop.

What are the simplest Kahoot Features?

There are some best options for Kahoot


Ghost could be a nice feature that permits students to play against their previous high scores, creating a game out of the up performance. This permits for going over a quiz over once, serving to form certain data sinks in at a deeper level.


Improve every student’s understanding by victimization the analytics of results to check that student has struggled and with what, thus you will facilitate them therein space.


Take advantage of the wealth of quizzes created by alternative educators and already on the market on Kahoot! that are on the market to use freely. You will even mix multiple Kahoots for the Associate in the Nursing final quiz.

Assess students initial

A Kahoot quiz is often a good thanks to checking students’ information before you begin teaching an issue to assist avoid creating it too simple or too difficult for the category.

Use media

Add in videos right from YouTube simply. This can be a good thanks to having students watch and learn, knowing they go to be questioned once the video ends. You will conjointly add in pictures and, within the case of the iOS app, your drawings.

produce a Kahoot in your browser:

Log in to your Kahoot account, hit produce within the high navigation bar, and select New Kahoot. Begin writing your initial quiz question and add 2-4 answer alternatives. Your changes are saved mechanically as you go.

On the right-hand facet, regulate the timer and select what percentage points to award for an accurate answer:

The way to produce a Kahoot: regulate timer and alternative settings:

Click Add question to make additional queries. Reckoning on your subscription, you will add the subsequent question sorts additionally to the multiple-choice quiz:

  • True or false: let students decide if a press release is true or false.

  • Type answer: raise students to type a short correct answer.

  • Puzzle: deepen learning by asking to position answers within the correct order.

  • Poll: collect student opinions;

  • Slide: provide additional context to a topic;

  • Word cloud: collect short free-form responses;

  • Open-ended: raise students to type A long answer – good way to gather in-depth feedback.

On the right-hand facet, you will simply amend the question kind while not having to retype it. Check that to feature a picture or video to form the question additional partaking. You will transfer a picture from your laptop, or select one from our integral image library. Drag and drop inquiries to amendment their order, if needed.

How to produce a Kahoot:

Drag and drop queries. Click Enter Kahoot title to feature a title and fine-tune alternative settings. For instance, within the outline screen, you will be able to outline UN agency can see your Kahoot – solely you, or all users.
Hit Done – congratulations, you have got created your initial Kahoot, and it’s currently able to play! You will host it live or assign it as a student-paced challenge.


Different options gift in Kahoot like ghost, analysis, and copy. To create, the Kahoot account ought to follow the various steps puzzle, poll, slide, word cloud, and open over. So hit done and eventually, your account is made.


Initial release date November 1, 2012,
Launched March 2013
Owner Kahoot
Genre Educational video Game
Users 50 million monthly active users
URL main website:Kahoot.com;Kahoot.it
Registration Non for quiz participation;required for quiz creation

Frequently asked questions:

Some questions related to Kahoot code login are as follows:

1: What is the Kahoot PIN code?

A game PIN could be a temporary, distinctive code that identifies that game you would like to affix. This PIN is generated once somebody starts a live game or assigns a challenge.

2: However does one enter a PIN on Kahoot?

Via game PIN

Open your device’s application program and attend Kahoot. it, or open our mobile app and faucet “Enter PIN”. Enter a game PIN. If “friendly nickname generator” is enabled by the host, click or faucet the “spin” button to decide on a random nickname.

3: How does one get a thousand on Kahoot?

If you get the question correct, you earn a thousand points (unless the creator of the quiz toggles the If you get an issue wrong, the streak sets itself to zero and you stop earning bonus points. Kahoot!

4: How do I log into Kahoot?

Step 1: Open the app or attend the house page. Check that at the bottom of the screen that you are on the home page.

Step 2: Access your profile and settings page. Move the profile icon to the highest left side of your screen.

Step 3: Log in or register.

5: What percentage digits could be a Kahoot code?


Students solely got to attend the Kahoot. Its website and enters the six-digit code to enter a specific quiz, an easy method for coming into the quiz.

6: However do I be part of a random Kahoot game?

Open your device’s application program and attend Kahoot. It, or open our mobile app and faucet “Enter PIN”. Enter a game PIN. If “player identifier” is enabled by the host, give the requested symbol. If “friendly nickname generator” is enabled by the host, click or faucet the “spin” button to decide on a random nickname.

7: What is the foremost in style Kahoot?

On Feb twenty third, 2017, Talladega County College stone-broke the planet record for the biggest Kahoot ever, with Associate in Nursing astonishing four,092 players in one single game!

8: Are you able to play Kahoot while not a timer?

While you cannot disable the speed of answer purpose reduction for live games, you will disable the question timer once assignment challenges. Disabling this timer can take away the purpose reduction.

9: Are you able to see the UN agency answered what on Kahoot?

After the time expires or all answers are submitted, students are in real-time told whether or not their submitted answer was correct or incorrect. Most screens can show the proper answer additionally as a breakdown or what percentage of participants have chosen every answer selection.

10: However am I able to get Kahoot for free?

• Kahoot!

• Navigate to Kahoot: https://kahoot.com/

• Click on the “Sign Up for Free” button on the house page.

• Educators are eligible for free-of-charge accounts.

• For additional elaborated directions, please see this text from the Kahoot!


Kahoot is a tool that uses technology to manage quizzes, discussions, or surveys. Different options gift in Kahoot like ghost, analysis, and copy. It is a game-based category response system that is vied by the whole category in real-time. To create, the Kahoot account ought to follow the various steps puzzle, poll, slide, word cloud, and open over. So hit done and eventually, your account is made. Questions on multilingualism are projected on the screen. Students answer the queries with their smartphone, pill, or laptop.

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Kahoot is mainly a video game based learning program. The students just have to open the kahoot app. Then they can login with a six digit code to enter a specific questionnaire. The students then answer these questions and can enhance their knowledge.

How do I can get my Kahoot login password?

  1. Click Forgot password.
  2. Send an email address that is linked with your account.
  3. You will then receive an email with your specific username and a link to enter a new password.

Kahoot Login Instructions

  1. Download the Kahoot app from play store.
  2. Open the Kahoot app.
  3. Click Login.
  4. If you don’t have any account then click, Sign up.
  5. Enter the details and then click signup.
  6. And, There you go.

How can I play Kahoot?

There is nothing to worry about!
• Open the kahoot app.
• Log in to your account.
• Then at the top, you can see kahoot tab just click on it.
• Open the Kahoot quiz page.
• Choose the classic version i.e. player versus player.
• There will be a log in password shown on the screen enter the pin code.
• There you go!

Can I make my own quiz on this Kahoot game app?

The answer is “ A BIG YES”.
You just have to follow a few steps.

  1. Open the Kahoot app.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Then on the top in the right click on the tab and then click on activity.
  4. There you can see ‘create your own Multiple choice questions’.
  5. Click on it and then create your quiz, by attaching pictures or your own attachments.

Any pay for playing or creating a quiz on Kahoot:

So, you will be glad to know that kahoot app is totally free for students and teachers around the globe. The teachers and students can get benefit from it without giving a single penny.
All you need to know that kahoot is just a learning program to improve your knowledge and gaining skills which is totally open and welcomes every one to play and improve.

How to share a Kahoot?

• Open the kahoot app.
• Then simply login to the account.
• On the top right you can see three dots.
• Click on it and then choose ‘Share’
• There you can type the username of the person you want to share with.
• You can also add multiple usernames at one time.
• That’s it.

players seen question on Kahoot:

First, activate your account. Then the kahoot you would like to host. Choose it and then click to play or present, what you want to. It will start a live game and then just scroll down and click on the option to show questions on players screen. Let’s go!

Kahoot Pro/ Kahoot Standard:

As, kahoot is a learning platform for teachers as well as students. Kahoot pro is the newer version of kahoot I.e. it is for the business promotion or organisation. Kahoot pro works on a larger scale than kahoot. It is a major source for big organisations or businesses.

ideas for making a Kahoot?

A kahoot is not just a simple question. It can be a variety of brain teasers, jokes, riddles, survey, discussion, jumble, puzzles, short quiz or any type of Multiple type question. There are many ideas to make a unique and attractive kahoot.

• Look and read about the public kahoot library.
• Use it as a formative assessment.
• Give the kahoot questions to solve as homework.
• Draw pictures and make an associated questionnaire.
• Ask the toddlers to use and show their thinking and utilize.

points In Kahoot:

Points In kahoot means the score you get by answering a qquestion. If you a answe a question correctly, then you get 1000 points in kahoot. The continued correctness of answers to questions can make a streak. The points or scoring In kahoot is based on the correctness of answer, the speed or time taken to answer, and streak number.


In short, kahoot is basically a fun-learning platform. The great thing about kahoot is that it works for small businesses as well as great organisations as Kahoot Pro. It is a basic tool to learn skills and improve knowledge.

Kahoot Tools:

|Class size||1000 for k-12 teachers|

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: What is the time taken to play a 20 questions based Kahoot?

The required time to play a 20 questions based kahoot is generally 20 seconds to 4 minutes. The length of responses to questions can be up to 20 characters. The answer by each player is displayed in word cloud.

2: What are the flaws/downsides of Kahoot?

The biggest drawback of kahoot app is that student progress level tracking is a very complex process. When multiple players using the same platform, there should be strong Wifi connection. Else, it wouldn’t work.

3: Is Kahoot app safe to use?

Generally, Kahoot app has terms and conditions to follow in which it says that it protects your personal information. But if a user has some reason that he believes the app is not safe, he should contact Kahoot.

4: Why Kahoot app is inequitable/unfair?

Many people say that Kahoot points are based on the reaction time rather than the quality or order of correctness of the answers. Many people know the material in answer but not the reaction time, that is quite unfair.

5: What is the age limit to make Kahoot account and play?

If you are 13 (U.S citizen) or 16 (non-U.S citizen) then you can easily make the kahoot account and play.

6: Why kahoot is becoming so popular day by day?

In this era of science and technology, kahoot app is a source of reducing loneliness and boredom. It is such an energetic and fun learning platform that everyone get attracted by it and enjoy to play it.

7: Can you share your kahoot with other people?

Yes, you can share your kahoot with other people. The number of people you can share vary according to the kahoot app level.
For basic level you can share your kahoot with 08 persons.

8: Can the kahoot app read our questions?

Yes, kahoot can now read the questions and can answer the alternative answers.


As, everything has some pros and cons so as kahoot does. Kahoot app is mainly and totally a lively, energetic aand fun based learning program. It has a much positive effect on anxiety , classroom dynamics and boredom. It also has some effects like stress or load of work, time stress, fear of losing and stress of solving problems. Mainly, kahoot is a great tool to learn, utilize time rather than to waste it on other apps.

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strong text

Kahoot code login: Login on Kahoot is very simple you can easily login through its application. Open the application or go to the landing page. At the lower part of the screen, ensure you’re on the Landing page. Access your profile and settings page. Tap the profile symbol at the upper left of your screen. login or join.


Kahoot! Is a game-based learning stage that makes it simple to make, offer and play learning games or random data tests in minutes. Release the fun in study halls, workplaces and front rooms.


Make a great learning game in minutes we call these ‘kahoots’. The organization and number of inquiries is dependent upon you. Add recordings, pictures and outlines to your inquiries to intensify commitment.


Kahoots are best played in a social scene. To join a game, you want a remarkable PIN. Assuming you’re the game host, you really want a big screen. Players reply on their own gadgets, while questions are shown on a common screen.

Notwithstanding live games, you can likewise send kahoot challenges that players complete at their own speed [for instance](https://For instance), for schoolwork or remote preparing.


After a game, urge players to make and share their own kahoots! With one of our exceptional designs for schools or business, you can co-make games with your associates and save time on finding significant kahoots for your group or instructional course.


Kahoot is an application where you can play games by easily login. You can create account on it, play on it and if you like it share it with your friends. Codes are required to play games.

How to join a game?

Notwithstanding in case you’re joining a live or doled out kahoot, the means needed to join are indistinguishable.

** Tech necessities:**
To join a game, you ought to have the accompanying:

• A work area, PC, tablet, or cell phone ensure an upheld internet browser or our portable application is introduced.
• A steady web association tasks just expect web to join and afterward to present your answers when done. Live games depend substantially more on soundness. In the event that you’re encountering incessant detachments, there are a few things you can do to test your web soundness. As a handy solution, take a stab at changing to an alternate association strategy (Ethernet, Wi-Fi, cell). Information utilization of our administrations is extremely low. You could undoubtedly address 1,000 inquiries and be well under 1GB of information utilized.

• A game PIN or connection both of these ought to be given to you by somebody who’s facilitating the game you need to join.

The most effective method to join a game:
No record is utilized to join a game. Except if the host empowered “player identifier” on the game you’re joining, there isn’t anything expected of you that continues from kahoot-to-kahoot.

By means of game PIN
• Open your gadget’s internet browser and go to kahoot.it, or open our versatile application and tap “Enter PIN”.
• Enter a game PIN.
• On the off chance that “player identifier” is empowered by the host, give the mentioned identifier.
• On the off chance that “cordial moniker generator” is empowered by the host, snap or tap the “turn” button to pick an irregular epithet. Assuming that it’s handicapped, type a moniker of your decision.

Through connect:
• Snap or tap a connection. In the event that our versatile application is introduced on your gadget, the kahoot will open in our portable application. If not, it will open in your gadget’s internet browser.
• Enter a game PIN.
• If “player identifier” is empowered by the host, give the mentioned identifier.
• If “agreeable epithet generator” is empowered by the host, snap or tap the “turn” button to pick an arbitrary moniker. Assuming it’s handicapped, type an epithet of your decision.

Where can I find a game PIN?

Game PINs are one of a kind to each kahoot meeting. They are produced once a kahoot has been dispatched, and utilized at kahoot. It with the goal that students can join a pioneer’s kahoot.

To view a game PIN you really want as at an area where somebody is facilitating/driving a kahoot. The screen they’ve dispatched the kahoot on should be in sight so that you might see the game PIN. Here are more subtleties on playing kahoots.

As a member of a game, you can’t produce a PIN. You should be given a PIN by somebody that is facilitating a game.

I have already PIN, how do I join a game?

No account is utilized to join a game. Except if the host empowered “player identifier” on the game you’re joining, there isn’t anything expected of you that continues from game-to-game. Follow this simple aide:

• Open your gadget’s internet browser and go to kahoot.it, or open our portable application and tap “Enter PIN”.
• Enter a game PIN.
• If “player identifier” is empowered by the host, give the mentioned identifier.
• If “agreeable epithet generator” is empowered by the host, snap or tap the “turn” button to pick an arbitrary moniker. In case it’s impaired, type a moniker of your decision.

How do I join an assignment without PIN?

In the event that the allocated of the kahoot decides, they can share a connection to their task rather than a PIN. In case you’ve been given such a connection, basically snap or tap the connection. On the off chance that our portable application is introduced on your gadget, the task will open in our versatile application. If not, it will open in your gadget’s internet browser.


To play a game on Kahoot, there is need of tablet, Mobile phone or computer. A strong internet connection is also required. Then to join a game you have to add a PIN. You can not generate PIN, this can be given by host of the game.

Details about Kahoot:

Details Description
launched date March 2013
Owner Kahoot
Users 50 million monthly active users
Official website https://kahoot.it/

Frequently Asked questions:

There are few questions which can be related to our topic are mentioned below:

1: How do I join Kahoot with strangers?

Login to your Kahoot! Record and find your kahoot to have. Interface with your video conferencing device of decision. Ensure your webcam, receiver, and speaker are turned on. Click the play button on the kahoot you need to have.

2: How many numbers in a Kahoot PIN?

Students just need to go to the kahoot.it site and enter the six-digit code to enter a specific test, a straightforward cycle for entering the test.

3: How do I join a live Kahoot game?

Just go to https://kahoot.it in a web browser to join a live kahoot. But for some extra superpowers to sharpen your knowledge, be sure to use the mobile app.

4: How long is a Kahoot game?

Questions can be up to 120 characters. As far as possible can go from 20 seconds to 4 minutes. Focuses can be flipped to 0, 1000, or 2000 focuses. Focuses are granted in light of speed of reply.

5: What is the Most popular Kahoot?

On February 23rd, 2017, Talladega County Schools broke the world record for the largest kahoot ever, with an astonishing 4,092 players in one single game.

6: Do you need two devices for Kahoot?

Through the Kahoot! Zapp, clients will actually want to access, host and play Kahoot! Games with other gathering members while never leaving the Zoom call or requiring a subsequent gadget.

7: Why can’t I choose my name on Kahoot?

It could be because of a lawful name change, they are no longer with the association/school that they remembered for their username, or they didn’t understand this was a public nom de plume and picked something marginally improper. It would be extremely helpful assuming that there was a way for usernames to be changed.

8: How do you play Kahoot as a student?

You can make and allot a student paced kahoot both from an internet browser and our versatile application.
• Sign in to your kahoot and open a kahoot you’d prefer to utilize.
• In an internet browser or our application, click Play and pick Challenge on the subsequent stage.
• Adhere to the guidelines and set a cutoff time when you’d like the game to be finished.

9: What is Kahoot Winner?

At the star-studded virtual awards show, hosted by actress, writer and advocate Jameela Jamil, the Kahoot! App was declared the winner for best Education & Reference app in the category of Apps and Software.


Kahoot is an application where you can play games and also solve quizzes to enhance your capability. You just have a mobile, tablet or PC to install its application. After installing make account on it and start playing and studying. Strong internet connection is also required to operate it. Kahoot code is six digit code which is necessary to do task on Kahoot.

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Kahoot Code Login may be accessed by a computer browser or our mobile app, and your PIN can be entered there. The PIN code from a video game can be entered here.

If “player identifier” has been enabled by the host, then provide the information below. Click or press the “spin” button if the “friendly nickname generator” option has been enabled by the host to select a nickname.

What is the best way to begin a Kahoot game?

The Game PIN is entered on Kahoot. it, and then the player’s nickname is entered. At this point, after you see everyone’s nicknames, press “Start” to begin the game. Use the space bar or your mouse when you want to go forward in the game.

How can I set up a Kahoot quiz?

After signing into the app, touch on a Kahoot and press the “Play” button to begin the game. Afterward, hit “Host Live.” To play Kahoot with just one device, follow these steps. To get a feel for the challenge-level gaming, you may use a Kahoot app to practice questions and answers on your mobile device.

How many Kahoot game pins can you fit on a pinboard?

To participate in a quiz, all students have to do is go to the Kahoot. its website and input a six-digit code.

Kahoot passwords are used to log into Kahoot games.

What is a Kahoot password?

There is a “game PIN” area if you visit kahoot or open our mobile app and hit the “Enter PIN” button. A game PIN is a one-time use code that enables you to join a certain game. When someone begins a live game or challenges another player, this PIN is produced.

How can you figure out what a Kahoot pin is?

There is a “game PIN” area if you visit kahoot.it or open our mobile app and hit the “Enter PIN” button. A game PIN is a one-time use code that enables you to join a certain game. When someone begins a live game or challenges another player, this PIN is produced.

What is the best way to locate a game’s PIN?

There is a “game PIN” area if you visit kahoot or open our mobile app and hit the “Enter PIN” button. A game PIN is a one-time use code that enables you to join a certain game. When a Kahoot is assigned or presented live, this PIN is produced.

Ideas for a Kahoot

Playing games in class can get a little competitive, so set some ground rules upfront. Remind children that the goal is to learn and that doing so helps them as well as the group as a whole.

  • Set expectations for Kahoot.

  • Add Bitmojis to Kahoot.

  • Explore the Kahoot library in its entirety.

  • Homework assignments might include Kahoot challenges.

  • Formative evaluations can be carried out employing reports.

  • Introduce new concepts with the help of a Blind Kahoot game.

  • Ask children to express their ideas.


Kahoot is certainly a familiar name by now. Teachers and students can use it for free on a highly popular online quiz game. Students utilize a secure app on their devices (such as Chromebooks or cellphones) to answer the questions. Don’t be shocked if your students often want you to play these games! Good news! You have lots of fantastic Kahoot ideas at your fingertips.

What is the location of a game’s PIN?

You can only view the game PIN if you can see the screen where the Kahoot has been launched. Here’s additional information about how to play kahoots.

You can’t create a PIN while you’re playing a game. If you want to play in a game, you must be issued a PIN by the host. Below you’ll find some guidelines for anyone interested in hosting a game:

  • How to show a Kahoot on your web browser in real-time

  • Using our mobile apps, how can we implement live kahoots

  • What you need to know about setting up a Kahoot in your browser

  • In our mobile apps, how can we assign a Kahoot


Each Kahoot session has its own set of game PINs. Kahoot generates them and uses them for kahooting. It allows students to participate in a Kahoot led by a teacher. A Kahoot PIN can only be found at a venue where someone is hosting or conducting one.

Details Description
Launched Date March 2013
Owner Kahoot
Officail website kahoot
Users 50 million monthly active users

How can you figure out what a Kahoot pin is?

A Kahoot PIN can only be found at a venue where someone is hosting or conducting one. You can only view the game PIN if you can see the screen where the Kahoot has been launched. To see the complete response, click here.

Features of Kqahoot Game:

How to play a Game of Kahoot?

In Kahoot, why can’t I select a name for my team?

As soon as someone signs up, this list is reviewed to make sure their requested pseudonym is acceptable. If it isn’t, their moniker with automatically be changed to something neutral. The “router” filter may be to blame for a cluster of learners entering with usernames like this.

Why does Kahoot change my name?

Because of a name change, they may no longer be affiliated with the organization or school that they put in their username, or they may have chosen something a little improper because they didn’t understand this was a public alias and didn’t know better. It would be convenient if usernames could be changed.

How can I join a game if I already have a PIN?

It is possible to join a game without creating an account. Only if “player identifier” is enabled by the host on the game you’re entering, there is nothing that survives from game to game for you to do. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Kahoot.it via your device’s web browser, or open our mobile app and hit “Enter PIN” to get started.

  • Enter a game’s PIN code.

  • To play, you’ll need to supply your player identity to the host if they’ve enabled this feature for you.

  • If the host has enabled the “friendly nickname generator,” use the “spin” button to generate a random nickname. A nickname of your choice can be entered if this option is deactivated.

I don’t have a PIN, therefore how can I join an assignment?

A link to the Kahoot assignment can be shared instead of a PIN by the Kahoot assignee. If you’ve been given a link like this, all you have to do is click or touch it. To complete the assignment, simply open our mobile app on your device. If you don’t have a web browser installed on your device, it will open in that browser.

Getting Things Ready for the Game:

Open Kahoot on a computer and see the results (laptop or PC). To record their response selections, participants use their own mobile devices (such as cellphones or tablets). The primary game computer displays the results.

Instructions for Playing:

  • Click “Play” for a group event or “Challenge” for a homework assignment after logging into Kahoot! and finding your game.

  • Select “Team Mode” or “Classic Mode” if you’re playing with a group. (For one-on-one play, select “Classic” mode.)

  • On the following screen, click “Ready to Join.”

  • You’ll see a PIN for the game. To play the game, players will need to input this game pin into their devices.

  • A game PIN is entered into the Kahoot! app or website and the players are then able to participate in the game.

  • Create a game name and then click “OK, go!” to join the game.

  • There will be a list of all players’ names on the main game board (your laptop). To begin the game, press the start button.

Is there a way to remove players from Kahoot?

Teachers that use Kahoot Challenge need a way to remove students who aren’t using the name they specified or are otherwise misbehaving.

How can I erase my Kahoot profile?

  • You may remove your account by clicking the “delete account” button.

  • Enter a justification for deleting your account by clicking “Remove my account.” Unless you delete your public kahoots, they will not be deleted from the site.

Is it possible to join Kahoot after it has already begun?

An animated circle will appear on the screen of the player who has disconnected from a Kahoot. It will eventually reconnect and the player will be able to continue with their previous score.

Will the Kahoot expire?

We utilize Kahoots (with the same participants each time) to keep audiences interested in our talks. In certain cases, if we haven’t returned to a game for 30 minutes to an hour, it will time out and everyone loses access, which screws up the leaderboard.

How can I get rid of Kahoot?

How to void a deal. Select either Manage Users or Team settings from the Account settings menu. Afterward, pick the menu option Billing and click Manage subscription. “Kahoot!”

How can the visibility of a Kahoot be altered?

If you’d want to share your Kahoot with the world, you may do so here. What if you don’t want anybody else to have access to it?

Creating public kahoots may be impossible if you’re a student or a free business user.


Options for enhancing readability:

The following choices are available when you save your Kahoot to a personal folder:

Your Kahoot will show on the Discover page’s search results. When you share a link to your Kahoot, services like Facebook, Twitter, and Slack will show a sample of the title, description, and cover picture. If the Kahoot is saved in the Library tab’s folder, this option is available.

  • Private: Your Kahoot won’t show up in the Discover page’s search results. To participate in the Kahoot, you must be logged in. Follow these steps to share your account with others. If you’ve saved the Kahoot under the Library tab, you’ll have this choice.

  • The following are not included: (subscription required) Because of this, it will not display in search results on the Discover page, but you may still share the link with anybody. Kahoots saved in your team space or under the Library tab are eligible for this option.

In a team folder, the following visibility choices are available for your Kahoot:

  • The instance of: (subscription required) Team Space members will only be able to see your Kahoot. It won’t show up in the Discover page’s search results.

  • The following are not included: (subscription required) Because of this, it will not display in search results on the Discover page, but you may still share the link with anybody. Kahoots saved in your team space or under the Library tab are eligible for this option.

How can I increase my exposure?

The Library tab or the settings button when editing your Kahoot allows you to rapidly change the visibility of your Kahoot.

You may access your library by clicking on the icon to the right of your username beneath the Kahoot in the Library section of the app.

The “Settings” button on the top navigation bar of the Kahoot maker may be accessed by clicking “Create” or “Edit” in the Library tab.


Unlisted or just viewable to “Organization” are the only options if your game is saved in the Team Space’s folder, which is only available if you have a paid subscription. You must relocate your game to the personal folder to use additional visibility settings.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S):

These are some questions frequently asked by the people.

1. How can I type in a Kahoot code??

Go to Kahoot or download our mobile app and hit “Enter PIN” to get started. Enter a game’s PIN code. To play, you’ll need to supply your player identity to the host if they’ve enabled this feature for you. If the host has enabled the “friendly nickname generator,” use the “spin” button to generate a random nickname.

2. Is it possible for you to join a Kahoot game at random?

To play Kahoot without a PIN, how do you do so? To assign your game to students, simply open it (click Play). Use the Assign button on the right to begin a challenge (singleplayer) game. You have the option of customizing the length of the quiz, as well as the sequence in which the questions are displayed.

3. Exactly how do I join the Kahoot of strangers?

Find the Kahoot you want to host on your Kahoot! account and log in. Set up a video conferencing session using your preferred software. Take a moment to check that your webcam and microphone are both switched on. You may start a Kahoot by clicking the play button.

4. How can I generate a Kahoot at random?

Search. The Discover page has a search box at the top. You may search for kahoots by entering a keyword. To see a list of kahoots generated by a certain person, enter their username in the search bar.

5. Can I use Zoom to play Kahoot?

This software for Zoom lets users play Kahoot! games and educational information without ever having to leave the Zoom Meeting or use a second device. Meetings, presentations, and virtual events may all be used by corporate executives to energize their workforce.


Teachers may save time by co-creating learning games (kahoots) in a shared team area, creating interesting kahoots with a collection of high-quality pictures, and increasing formative assessment with thorough reports with Kahoot premium !'s plans.Students on the Basic (free) edition can participate in a live game or assignment with up to 20 other students. You might have as many as 50 participants with the Kahoot!+ Study membership. Kahoot! 360 is a great way to connect your staff, regardless of where they are. Kahoots may be used at meetings, presentations, and training sessions to make everyone feel valued and included.

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Kahoot code login is a simple access method of utilizing the products offered by Kahoot!, usually questionnaires set up for students. It asks for a device, an internet connection and you are good to go!

Kahoot Versions: Basic Free, Pro, Premium and Premium+

Kahoot is an online learning platform that integrates the fun element through assignments as games. It is used by parents, teachers and organizations to set up different educational activities.

Kahoot is committed to making learning easier, engaging and fun to unlock the potential of students. For financial requirements, Kahoot designs products that make it a more efficient tool. It has a free, a pro, a premium and a premium+ version.

  1. The basic free version of Kahoot allows the creation of quiz-based assignments and self-paced completion. It allows up to 50 players per game.
  2. Kahoot! Pro is priced at $3 per month per teacher.
  3. Kahoot! Premium can be accessed for $6 per month per teacher.
  4. Kahoot! Premium+ will cost you only $6 per month per teacher. This offer stands for the first year only and is discounted.

How to create a Kahoot! account?

Click on the sign-up button.

  1. Choose how you want to use the software: It can either be as a teacher, student, for social and personal reasons or at work.
  2. Now for the Sign-Up section, select your sign-in option. It can be Microsoft, Google or any email address. If only you sign up from an email, you will be asked to set a password.
  3. Based on what use you selected at the start, a small form is displayed. Most information required for all uses is common, including workplace details, username and email address. The date of birth is optional. Create a strong password.
  4. Read the terms and conditions in addition to the other given checkboxes, select those and ‘Join Kahoot!’.

What is the Kahoot PIN code?

A unique code that identifies a specific Kahoot game you may want to join. It is a temporary PIN generated when a Kahoot is assigned or a live stream is started.

Recover Kahoot Account

  • To recover your Kahoot account, log on to create.kahoot.it and choose an option best suited. You can change your account’s password while you are still logged in, when you forget the current password or if you are unable to sign in due to technical errors.
  • Enter your email address. The inbox will show you a no-reply email.
  • The one-time-use link sent to you expires within 24 hours. You can now reset your password.


Enter the web address of Kahoot! and enter your details to create an account. If you forget its password then simply click on ‘forgot password’ to receive a password resetting link.

How is Kahoot played?

A Kahoot game/assignment requires you to enter the code that is generated when a leader has launched a game/assignment. The PIN can be given by the Kahoot host only. In order to play a game, the screen on which it is launched must be visible.

Via PIN And Link:

  1. Open a browser, go to kahoot.it or the Kahoot mobile app and complete the kahoot code login.
  2. Tap and enter the 6-digit game code. In the case you do not have a code, you can join the game using its link.
  3. You are required to enter the requested identifier if the game host has enabled any ‘player identifier’. Note that, ‘player identifier’ is not available for schools. This can be accessed for businesses or selective subscriptions.
  4. If the host has enabled the ‘friendly nickname generator’, tap the ‘spin’ button to get your nickname. If not, you can type in your preferred nickname.
    The process is entirely the same for desktops, tablets, laptops and mobiles. The link opens in a web browser and the PIN code too, if the mobile app is not installed.

Playing The Kahoot Team Mode

You can either choose the ‘classic’ mode or the ‘team’ mode to play during a live stream.

  1. Classic Mode: Player versus Player
  2. Team Mode: Team versus Team (Personal devices and shared devices)
    Personal devices: Each player uses their own device.
  • Shared devices: A session leader is nominated to share the team’s answers. They can also assign nicknames to the team members for the entirety of that session. Team talk is allowed for discussion and cannot be disabled in this mode.

Editing a Team on Kahoot!

  1. For hosts with an eligible lineup and plan, teams are created and named automatically. Each team has its own representative color and icon. Participants can be added automatically and the teams are balanced in case a member drops out.
  2. A work plan team host can change its name, delete it or add new teams. They can also transfer team members by dragging their nicknames or removing them by moving the cursor on their nicknames.

Score Reports

The report are available only once you finish a game.


You can play alone, in teams and choose nicknames. Businesses can edit features to suit their requirements. Kahoot! boasts an effecient system that designs for all its users.

How to create a Kahoot?

Not only the option to join premade quizzes, Kahoot! allows its users to create their own assignments. Following are the steps to create a Kahoot of your own.

  1. Log in to your account and hit ‘Create’ in the top navigation bar and select ‘New Kahoot’.
  2. Type in the first question and add between 2 to 4 alternate answers. On the right-hand side, you can adjust the timer as per your requirements and also decide points for the correct answer.
  3. Click on Add Question to continue adding questions. You can drag and drop a question to change its order after adding it.
  4. Use the Question bank to create kahoots faster instead of typing the whole thing.
  5. Click on ‘Enter Kahoot title’ to add a relative game heading and you are done!

Kahoot! Offers different types of questions depending on your subscription type:

  • Typed text
  • True or False
  • Correcting the order
  • Slide
  • Open-ended
  • Word cloud
  • Poll

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

01: How do I enter a kahoot code?

Go to Kahoot.it, click on ‘Enter PIN’. A dialogue box will be displayed where you have to enter the specific PIN code.

02: How many digits are kahoot codes?

A Kahoot code is 6-digits long.

03: How do I start a kahoot quiz?

Search the Discover page on the Kahoot website and find a game. Click on it and select the playing mode.

Kahoot code login will lead you to this innovative platform of Kahoot! It connects teachers with students and businesses with each other. Teachers create game-based assignments to host live or assign as self-paced work. Kahoot! integrates technology to provide a platform for video conferencing which helps those who require a virtual platform. Create Kahoot! and log in to access its efficient tools.