Bulk Carrier

Bulk Carrier,

What is Bulk Carrier?

  1. A simple definition of Bulk Carrier is: Types of vessels for transporting bulk goods, such as coal, minerals and grains. Bulk carriers can carry dry cargo (like grain) or wet cargo (like oil). Most lakes are too small to accommodate large ships, but large fleets operate in the Great Lakes and St. Petersburg. Lawrence Seaway for more than a century.

Literal Meanings of Bulk Carrier


Meanings of Bulk:
  1. In large numbers or in the size of a large object.

  2. Appear too high or too important.

  3. Treat the product in such a way that the amount looks much bigger.

Sentences of Bulk
  1. Most suitcases

  2. Regional issues focus on diplomatic relations

  3. Merchants spread their flour with lemons

Synonyms of Bulk

size, volume, dimensions, measurements, proportions, mass, substance, scale, magnitude, immensity, hugeness, vastness, massiveness, bulkiness, largeness, bigness, ampleness, amplitude, be important, loom large, dominate, preponderate, be prominent


Meanings of Carrier:
  1. The person or company that transports goods or people in a professional manner.

  2. People or animals that transmit pathogenic organisms to other people. The user usually has no symptoms of the disease.

  3. Substances Substances used to transport or transport other substances, such as oils, catalysts or radioactive substances.

Sentences of Carrier
  1. Water conveyor

Synonyms of Carrier

bearer, conveyor, transporter