Joey Lawrence Net Worth

Joey Lawrence net worth is about $0.5 million. He has worked in the entertainment industry as an actor, singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and host of a game show. Joey Lawrence is a guy that has a significant amount of notoriety in the United States. When Lawrence was a kid, he got his start in the performing business and has since been in a number of films and television shows. Later on, he began singing and creating songs, both of which contributed to a significant increase in his level of success.

Joey Lawrence's Net worth

Joey Lawrence’s Net worth

Joey Lawrence is a well-known name in the American entertainment business, where he has worked as an actor, singer, and composer. He is worth $250,000 right now. In “Gimme a Break!,” “Blossom,” “Brotherly Love,” and “Melissa & Joey,” Joey Lawrence played the roles that made him famous. It’s possible that you thought Joey’s net worth would be higher.

Name Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr.
Net Worth (2022) $500 Thousand
Profession Actor, singer
Monthly Income And Salary $5,000+
Yearly Income And Salary $45,000 +

Joey Lawrence Net Worth 2022

Net Worth in 2022 $500,000
Net Worth in 2021 $450,000
Net Worth in 2020 $400,000
Net Worth in 2019 $350,000
Net Worth in 2018 $300,000
Net Worth in 2017 $250,000

Joey Lawrence Age

Joey Lawrence came into the world on April 20, 1976. This means that Joey Lawrence is now 46 years old. Joey Lawrence is a well-known name in the entertainment business. He has worked as an actor, host, TV producer, voice actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter, among other things. If you’re one of the many fans who want to know how tall Joey Lawrence is, read on.

Joey Lawrence Height

Joey Lawrence was born on April 20, 1976, as was just said. At this point in his life, Joey Lawrence is 46 years old. The actor, talk show host, TV producer, voice actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter stands at 1.73 meters tall.

Joey Lawrence Home:

Joey Lawrence is from the United States, and he has been working for a long time. Joey Lawrence owns a very nice house in California, where he lives. Other than that, Lawrence hasn’t told anyone else much about his properties.

Joey Lawrence Car collection:

Joey Lawrence enjoys fast automobiles. He only has a few in his collection. Lawrence’s Chevrolet, Ford Pickup, and Range Rover are old.


$250,000 is Joey Lawrence’s. Actor, musician, game show host, singer-songwriter. Joey Lawrence starred in “Gimme a Break!,” “Blossom,” “Brotherly Love,” and “Melissa & Joey.”

Who is Joey Lawrence?

  • Joey Lawrence is a famous performer who has worked as an actor, host, TV producer, voice actor, record producer, and singer-songwriter, among other things. Joey Lawrence came into the world on April 20, 1976. Most people are looking for information about how much money Joey Lawrence has. Because of this, the above materials have been updated.

  • Some people will be very interested in finding out how their favorite celebrities got to where they are now. In the same way, we can see that people are currently looking up Joey Lawrence’s net worth.

Facts about Joey Lawrence Life

Joey Lawrence Music Career

  • “Joey Lawrence” was Joey Lawrence’s 1993 album. The album included “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix,” “I Can’t Help Myself,” and “Stay Forever.” “Joey Lawrence” peaked at number 74 on “Billboard 200.”

  • Lawrence’s 1997 album “Soulmates” The album’s hit single was “Never Gonna Change My Mind.” It hit #49 on the UK Singles Chart. Lawrence has released two albums and hits like “Rolled,” “Our Time,” “Imagine,” and “Christmas Time.”

Joey Lawrence Family & Personal Life

  • Joey Lawrence married Michelle Vella on 8/24/2002. They divorced on April 10, 2005, after a short marriage. In 2005, Lawrence married Chandie Yawn-Nelson. Teenagers met at “Disney World.” Nelson’s Charleston “Charli” Lawrence is Lawrence and Yawn’s daughter.

  • Lawrence’s dad sells insurance. Donna, his mother, taught first grade. Matthew Lawrence is an actor and vocalist noted for "Mrs. Andrew Lawrence, his younger brother, also acts and sings. “Brotherly Love” is his best-known role.

Joey Lawrence Achievements

Joey Lawrence’s acting and music careers got a lot of attention, which helped him get more fans in real life as well as on screen. And that is a very big deal for him.

Joey Lawrence Education

Joey Lawrence went to Abington Friends School when he was young and studied there. He also got his high school diploma there. Later, he went to the University of Southern California to finish his college education. But Joey was already in the entertainment business when he was very young.


Joey Lawrence was born on April 20, 1976, in Abington, Pennsylvania. He is of Italian and British descent. He studied acting at the University of Southern California. His first job as an actor was in a commercial for Crack Jack. Joey Lawrence likes cars, but he doesn’t own many of them. His top spot on the “Billboard 200” record chart was number 74.

Facts About Joey Lawrence:

Joey Lawrence and “heartthrob” were synonymous in the 1990s. Lawrence played Blossom’s Joey Russo. He was handsome. Joey Lawrence isn’t just good-looking. His 30-year career demonstrates his skill. What distinguishes Joey Lawrence? Find out. 10 unknown facts about Joey Lawrence.

Never Been Lawrence

Joey Lawrence’s condition is distinct from most theatrical actors. Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. became Lawrence when he was young. His family’s last name also changed. After the family name change, Andrew and Matt were born. The family may have altered their name to make Joey more marketable when he was starting out.


Joey Lawrence was born in Philadelphia and raised in Hollywood. Philly is still vital to his profession even though he no longer lives there. Lawrence’s brothers were in Brotherly Love. The show filmed in Philadelphia.

Started with ads

People remember Lawrence for his sitcom performances, but that’s not where he started. Lawrence was a child Crack Jack commercial. His career began then. He did ads for Rice Krispies, Chips Ahoy, and Hostess in the 1980s.


Joey Lawrence is living the dream by playing a superhero. Joey Lawrence began a “campaign” for Batman in 2019. Lawrence told 181,000 Instagram followers, “Want this! Begin! I’ve always wanted to save #Gotham.” Even though Lawrence won’t get the part, it’s nice to see how eager he is.

2 albums

Joey Lawrence’s younger admirers may not know he once sang. Lawrence’s first album was 1993’s just-his-name. “Nothin’ My Love Can’t Fix” was one of the album’s singles. 1997’s Soulmates wasn’t a commercial success. Lawrence’s brothers aren’t in Still Three. “Lost Myself” was their 2017 single.

Copyrights “Whoa”

“Whoa!” was Joey’s catchphrase on Blossom. People remembered Lawrence’s words even after the show concluded in 1995. Lawrence wished he had patented the term but didn’t have good legal advice at the time. When told to add something funny, he inserted the word “whoa” to the script.

Long hair bothered him

Joey Lawrence had nice hair once. You wouldn’t have realized he didn’t like it from how wonderfully it was treated. His hair became a trademark. Lawrence retained his long hair because he had to and shaved his head to separate his adult and teenage selves.

Teenage crush

Joey Lawrence married his teenage crush. Rarely occurs. Lawrence, 16, met Chandie Yawn-Nelson at Disney World. In their youth, they dated briefly before splitting up. In 2005, they married at Disney World after reuniting. Chandie, Joey’s second wife, has two kids.

Would love to perform with his brothers

Some siblings can only take modest doses. Not the Lawrence brothers. Andrew and Matt, Joey’s younger siblings, are close. From 1995 to 1997, they starred in Brotherly Love. Lawrence wants to reunite with his brothers. Brotherly Love could return as reboots are popular.


Joey Lawrence played Joey Russo on the sitcom Blossom. He was born Joseph Lawrence Mignogna Jr. but had his last name changed to Lawrence when he was younger. Joey Lawrence started a “campaign” to get the part of Batman. He sent out a message to 181,000 people who follow him on Instagram. The actor has also tried to make a living as a singer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Following are some of the important questions:

1: How much did Joey Lawrence make for Melissa and Joey?

He also said that he made $7,000 per month and spent $25,500 per month. The family is said to have $43,000 in assets and $355,000 in debts. We also found out that the actor made $534,000 in 2015 when Melissa & Joey was at its most popular. He made $58,000 the next year.

2: What does Joey Lawrence do now?

The person who used to be on “Dancing with the Stars” has also been on “American Dreams,” “Run of the House,” “My Fake Fiancé,” and “Melissa & Joey.” He worked with Blossom co-star Mayim Bialik again on an episode of her 2022 FOX show Call Me Kat.

3: Is Joey Lawrence still married?

After 15 years of marriage, the “Melissa & Joey” star filed for divorce from Chandie Yawn-Nelson in July 2020. A private settlement agreement signed in February 2022 put an end to their divorce. The ex-spouses have joint legal custody of their daughters, 15-year-old Charleston and 11-year-old Liberty.

4: Was Joey Lawrence on Boy Meets World?

Jack, a good-looking boy with a lot of charm, started dating Rachel McGuire and was involved in many of the show’s plots. Lawrence played the role of Jack on Boy Meets World for the last three years it was on air, from 1997 to 2000.

5: How did Samantha Cope meet Joey Lawrence?

The two met on the set of the 2021 movie My Husband’s Secret Brother, which was originally called A Deadly Deed and was directed by Lawrence’s brother, Andrew. Cope loves the movie, so it makes sense that it has a “special place” in his heart. It was because of the movie that I met the man I would marry.

6: When did Joey Lawrence meet his fiancé?

The groom met his 34-year-old bride on the set of My Husband’s Secret Brother on the Lifetime Movie Network. He told ET that they hit it off right away. “It came out of nowhere,” Joey told ET in September. "

7: Who are the Lawrence brothers in the Google commercial?

Before the show starts, NBC shows one last ad. It’s a good-natured PSA with the popular Lawrence brothers Joey, Matthew, and Andrew urging people to respect their hard-working, often unappreciated teachers.

8: Did Cheryl Burke Dance with Joey Lawrence?

Cheryl was on tour with Dancing with the Stars with Matthew’s older brother, Joey Lawrence, who got third place that season and introduced Cheryl and Matthew while they were on tour. Cheryl and Matthew were together for about a year, but then they broke up.

9: Does Joey Lawrence sing?

“Nothing’ My Love Can’t Fix” is a song by American actor and singer Joey Lawrence. It was released by MCA Records on February 15, 1993, as the first single from his debut album, which was also called Joey Lawrence.

10: Why are the Lawrence brothers famous?

Matthew, Joey, and Andy Lawrence, who were known as “the Lawrence brothers” because they all starred in the hit show “Brotherly Love” together, lived in Los Angeles.


Joey Lawrence played Jack on Boy Meets World for the last three years it was on the air. The actor made $534,000 in 2015 when Melissa & Joey was at its most popular. He filed for a divorce from his wife Chan die Yawn-Nelson in July 2020. Joey Lawrence met his fiancé, Cope, on the set of My Husband’s Secret Brother.

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