Jaxxon Chain Review

Jaxxon Chain has a wide and varied selection. We mostly face difficulty finding the right kind of chain. Although this is the most well-known name for chains, it is also well-known for a wide variety of other products, including Jaxxon necklaces, rings, bracelets, and a lot more. Women’s jewellery is now a part of the brand’s offering.

Jaxxon Chain Review

Jaxxon Chain

Everyone enjoys wearing jewellery, especially fine pieces. Online retailer Jaxxon Reviews offers a variety of jewellery selections.

You can notice from Jaxxon’s reviews that the site offers many client testimonials for each product description. Additionally, YouTube channel reviews provide an overview of Jaxxon’s channels.
The better news is that Trustpilot, one of the most dependable sources of genuine customer feedback, is the source of all reviews at Jaxon. The best news I can share is that Jaxxon received an incredibly remarkable average rating of 4.8/5 stars out of more than 15K individual reviews.

Facts About Jaxxon

Jaxxon was established in 2017 by partners Josh Deemer, Steve Ulikyan, and Josh Pierce. The name is a play on the community’s “persona as a community[:] An ambitious group of go-getters who strive to develop and showcase the best version of themselves and others,” as the founders cryptically put it.

The Los Angeles-based company creates high-quality jewellery with ethically sourced materials from northern Italy and sells it directly to clients at wholesale prices. Jaxxon has expanded thanks to the rise of online purchasing among millennials quickly, and Generation Z. Its goods are currently marketed in over a hundred nations.


Free expedited shipping is available from Jaxxon within the US, and free standard shipping is available worldwide. If you choose the Rush Air or Next Day Air fast shipping options, a surcharge will be applied at checkout.

Types Of Jaxxon Chains

There are some types of Jaxon chains. We must know about the chains’ quality when we buy them.

Cuban Link Chain – 3mm Review

  • The Jaxxon 3mm Cuban Link Chain is the slimmer design of the Cuban chain. It is gold-bonded. This stylish accessory is made of silver with a 14K gold coating.

  • I’d advise looking into the pure sterling silver version if the gold isn’t your thing. It’s adaptable enough to wear on a date or to the gym.

  • For $109, add this Jaxxon Cuban link chain to your collection.

Cuban Link Chain – 5mm Review

The traditional Cuban Link Chain - 5mm, the far more popular chain offered by Jaxxon, may be easily dressed up or down. It would look equally stunning over a white tee and bare chest-worn while lounging on the beach as it would be attached to a sharply tailored suit for a night out at the clubs.

The 5mm Cuban link chain lengths, which range from 20 to 26 cm, come in four colours. The price of a lovely solid black rhodium Cuban link chain is $169, while those made of gold, rose gold, and Jaxxon silver cost $159 each.

Cuban Link Chain – 7mm Review

The striking Cuban Link Chain - 7mm will draw attention and let people know you are nearby. It has the same classically basic design as its Cuban link brethren, but its aggressive size makes it a full-on display piece. This is the thickest variety of Jaxxon men’s chains for individuals who aren’t afraid to grab attention.

If you’re spending the money on this, I guess you don’t like the minimalist style. You can even look for other things to finish your outfit. If so, consider pairing this chain with a few men’s rings from Jaxxon. The price of the 7mm Cuban Link Chain, which comes in both silver and gold-bonded types, is $239.

Rope Chain – 2.5mm Review

The Rope Chain, like Cuban link chains, is ideal for daily wear. Suppose you wear this with an all-black outfit and another Jaxxon gold chain. If yellow gold isn’t your style, you can still choose the same pattern in rose gold or silver that has been rhodium-coated.

The Rope Chain is available in gold and silver for $139 or rose gold for $129 at retail.

Figaro Chain – 6mm Review

The Jaxxon Figaro Chain looks best when worn alone, even though Jaxxon jewellery’s simplicity makes it perfect for layering. According to what I’ve read, this unique chain was made by spacing the links two more apart than on the regular Figaro design, creating a true conversation piece that will draw attention to you.

To look opulent, combine this with a casual, tropical button-down. For $169, the Figaro Chain will make you the talk of the town.

Prices Of Other Items

Jewelry Price PKR
Necklace $555701 555701
Ear Rings $27891 27891
Rings $20830 20830
Bracelet $56135 56135


The firm also sells solid 14K gold jewellery, which is substantially more expensive, and the gold-bonded items discussed in the preceding Jaxxon jewellery review are plated with the same karat weight. Jaxxon jewellery is made of genuine gold.


Jaxxon guarantees that the jewellery it sells to consumers is of the best calibre and offers a lifetime warranty. Every item is made of 925 sterling silver and 585 gold. However, the absence of contact details may cause some people to question the legitimacy of Jaxxon.

Jaxxon Chains Waterproof

I discovered that the company’s gold-bonded chains are reasonably robust and won’t tarnish if exposed to water. However, the company suggests drying them as soon as you get out of the shower or pool using the custom jewellery cloth included with your order.

Keep your Jaxxon silver chain away from water if you own one, as doing so will prevent it from losing its distinctive shine.

Best for Men or Women

For guys who want to invest in opulent but classically simple jewellery pieces, Jaxxon is ideal. The brand appeals to jewellery enthusiasts and those who are just beginning to gingerly dip their toes in accessorizing by reducing the flash factor (even with its biggest pieces).

The brand’s women’s range of chains and bracelets also adheres to the same aesthetic of appealing simplicity, so it’s not only the males who get to have fun.


The key distinction between GLD and Jaxxon is their outright claim to sell and produce high-quality goods as opposed to their rival’s subpar chains made of stainless steel and barely covered in gold.

Comparison with Vitaly Brand

One of the e-commerce jewellery companies vying for the attention of younger millennials is Jaxxon. As part of our Jaxxon jewellery review, I looked into one of the company’s (friendly?) rivals, Vitaly, to see whether there were any obvious differences between the two products.

Jaxxon Vitaly
Modern items Not Modren
Traditional Non Traditional
expensive Little bit less
22 Century Brand Old Brand

So, the fundamental difference between these two brands is a personal preference.

Customers Trust

The better news is that Trustpilot, one of the most dependable sources of genuine customer feedback, is the source of all reviews at Jaxon. The best news I can share is that Jaxxon received an incredibly remarkable average rating of 4.8/5 stars out of more than 15K individual reviews.
The 5mm Cuban Link Chain, not to be matched, also received 4.8/5 stars from approximately 14.8K reviews. One review noted how persuaded the buyer into picking up her piece after purchasing this one as a present, highlighting the remarkable unisex appeal of these pieces:

How Can We Buy It?

Only the Jaxxon website allows us to purchase Jaxxon jewellery. Because of its direct-to-consumer business strategy, the company can avoid typical industry markups.

Advantages Of Jaxxon Jewelry

  • Numerous options for fine jewellery for both men and women
  • Jewelry made of 14k gold is produced in Italy.
  • In the US, express shipping is free.
  • For all international orders, ordinary shipping is free.
  • Available financing alternatives with AfterPay


Here are some questions which are included in the topic.

Q. 1 Which is the best chain to wear with Jaxon black?

The most popular Jaxxon chain, the classic Cuban link chain, is 5mm, which can be easily pulled or loosened. It looks so good on a white t-shirt, a bare chest while relaxing on the beach, or a finishing touch to a well-made outfit for a night out at the club.

Q.2 Are there any reviews on the Jaxxon website?

In Jaxxon’s reviews, you will see that the site has many customer reviews in each product description. YouTube reviews also give you an overview of Jaxxon’s channels.

Q. 3 What is the average rating of Jaxxon jewellery?

And the best news is that Jaxxon has a very impressive star rating, with over 15,000 individual ratings. Many rave reviews emphasize the brand’s excellent customer service and the superior quality of the jewellery. Here’s what one reviewer had to say about their experience ordering from the company.

Q.4 Can you get your Jaxon gold chain wet?

So yes, Jaxxon’s jewellery is real gold. Can Jaxxon’s chains get wet? The brand’s gold chains are very durable, so they won’t tarnish on contact with water. However, the company recommends drying them immediately after leaving the pool or shower with the custom jewellery towel that came with your order.

Q.5 What kind of gold is in the Jaxxon chain?

The 3mm Gold Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain is a slimmer version of the Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain. Crafted from the finest sterling silver and 14K gold plated, this elegant accessory can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces.

Q. 6 What kind of chain is a Jaxxon Cuban Link?

Jaxxon Cuban Link - 3mm Overview Jaxxon Cuban Link - 3mm The Jaxxon 3mm Cuban Link is a thinner version of the Jaxxon Cuban Link Chain. Crafted from the finest sterling silver and 14K gold plated, this elegant accessory can be worn alone or paired with other necklaces.

Q. 7 Is there a return policy for Jaxxon jewellery?

Jaxxon only offers a seven-day return policy for unwanted items that must be in the original packaging to be accepted. All solid gold pieces go to final sale as each piece is made to order. To request a return or exchange, please visit the returns portal on the brand’s website.

Q.8 Which is the best chain to wear with Jaxon sunglasses?

Designers have updated them with gold chains, baroque pearls and other new materials that make even the dullest sunglasses more interesting (because, let’s face it, these are the ones you wear every day). And the best part: they ensure you never lose your favourite sunglasses again—pre-purchase 15 stylish options.

Q.9 Is the Jaxxon website a legit site?

They loved the weight and overall design. The website makes the most of minimal trends and offers what everyone likes. Based on reviews of the company’s products and services, it can assume that Jaxxon is completely legal and safe to buy.

Q. 10 What kind of warranty does Jaxxon have?

Jaxxon promises its customers a lifetime warranty and ensures they receive the highest quality jewellery. All products come with a description to tell you the size and are made of 585 gold and 925 sterling silver. But the lack of contact information may leave people wondering if Jaxxon is legal.

Q. 11 How many reviews are there for Jaxxon reset filters?

Fifteen thousand four hundred thirty-five reviews correspond to your request. Reset filter. The necklace itself is very beautiful. However, it is easy to turn and is shorter than I expected. I thought I ordered an 18-inch chain.

Q.12 Is the gold in Jaxxon jewellery real gold?

The brand has a significantly more expensive selection of 14k solid gold jewellery, and the gold-related items featured in this previous Jaxxon jewellery review are gold plated to the same carat weight. So yes, Jaxxon’s jewellery is real gold.

Q.13 What kind of metals are used in Jaxxon chains?

All JAXXON necklaces are made from only the highest quality, durable precious metals, from pure gold to silver. Their gold bonded necklaces are made by plating a sterling silver chain three times with real gold. This is a very expensive and painstaking process performed in Italy by experienced jewellers.

Q.14 How do I care for my Jaxxon silver chain?

Their products are made to last. So use it often. Keep your item in a resealable or JAXXON bag to keep your oxygen under control. Towel dry after getting wet. How do I take care of my JAXXON silver necklace? Their products are made to last. The oils in your skin prevent faster oxidation.

Q.15 Who is the owner of JAXXON?

Josh Deemer - Founder


Fine jewellery company Jaxxon is well-known for its men’s collection, which includes gold necklaces, pendants, and wedding bands. The millennial-focused business counts 251K Instagram followers and has been highlighted in periodicals including US Weekly and Men’s Journal.

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