Java Programming Language

What is Java Programming Language? It is language of programing. which is used to develop desktop, mobile applications and data processing systems. It is a widely used language which is used by a number of people to design mobile applications and for android development. Normally this language is compiled to the bytecode instruction and binary format is defined. it is a simple and efficient tool as well as used for general purposes, thus facilitating its users.
Java programming Language

Applications Of Java Programming language:

As it is a multi purpose language ,so it performs a variety of functions in our daily life.

Portable tool:

Java is portable. Same java will run on any computer regardless of its operating system. So you can efficiently run Java on any PC without any hindrance. You can install a file at manual Java download page which includes all files for full access. You can also download Java by copying in USB. For USB installation, frist insert UDB in your computer, then you can download Java portable , when the download is completed then run the portable launcher tool, which will give access to Java.


It is extremely secure to use. You can easily set security features which will protect your computer from many problems caused by viruses and harmful codes. Java applet is Java program which you can safely download it from network connections. Java is considered most secure programming language. It is secure due to sandbox, which is a virtual machine ensuring java’s security. Java has security grip over large domain like cryptography, public key, infrastructure and secure communication.

Compiled And Interpreted:

The Language of Java is interpreted ,you can fully understand its language without hesitation. Frist of all, its code is compiled into a binary byte code which is run on Java virtual machine. The byte code of Java give it the feature of portability.

Well Structured:

As compared to C++ equivalents Java program is highly structured. All Java functions reside within a class, on the other hand C++ codes reside out side of the lines code.

Publicly Available:

It is an open standard and source of public code. You can freely download all tools and can easily develop java applets and application from Java websites.

Dynamic Response:

It dynamically process and construct response. It can handle setting request parameters, dispatching and nontextual data.

Java Server Page:

It is based on document that work according to servlet. It has capability to add dynamic content from other sources. It is compiled by web container depending how you have configured your web container services. It also allow web developers to maintain dynamic web pages which also facilitate web based applications.

Android Application:

The java virtual machine is not take into consideration while designing Android java programming language. Android platform is free for Java licensing. Using Java language you can design android apps and desktop features. Java eight languages support features are extremely useful and efficient. While building android gradle plugin , the plugin does not support all java language features. The modules instrumented tests use these languages either directly or through the library. Android studio will enable you to use Java for android apps.

Java Data types:

Java data are of two types which are as follow:
Primitive data: It contains byte, int, float and char. It highlight the size and type of variables. primitive data has further 8 types which stores whole number of different range, store fractional numbers, decimals, characters and false values. This category has two groups for integer numbers and floating points.
Non primitive data type:
these refer to an object therefore usually are called reference type. primitive data will be of same size and you can start it with uppercase letter.

Disadvantages of Java programming:

Slow performance:

It is some how slow than other languages i.e C, C++. It is memory consuming because each code is interpreted to the machine level code. it work slowly due to too much compilation and overload… It also consume more CPU time.. bad programming practices make Java slower as compared to other programming language. Low level functionality is absent in it, which make Java even more slower. When you are using old version of Java in your computer, it also effect performance of Java.

less Attractive:

JUI builder in Java are not suitable for creating complicated UI. The JUI are not that much mature to develop complex collection.

Lack Backup Facility:

It not focus on backup option .Once you lost data it become impossible to recover the data. This drawback of java make it less popular among users.

More Space:

It require more space as compared to other languages. The memory efficacy as well as its performance are affects during functioning of garbage collection. As we know that java is object oriented therefore, for application of codes it need much more space and memory.

Complex Code:

The codes of java are difficult to understand and are also composed of many words. This directly effect the readability of the codes. Complex numbers are part of Java, such numbers have imaginary part as well as have real part. Initially, it would be difficult for you to interpret the complex codes, but with the passage of time you become habitual of using such complex codes.


Java memory and processing requirements are high therefore hardware cost directly increase. Due to its high cost users prefer to use other languages.

Low programming:

Pointers are missing, therefore it has low level programming which adversely effect proper functioning.

Garbage Collection:

In Java it is difficult to control garbage collection. Programmer doesn’t have right to control garbage collection.


Java Programming tool has made our lives so easy. We can design our android apps and desktop programming very efficiently in less time. It is totally object oriented and general purpose programming. You will ooperate Java vey easily and understand its types without any hindrance. Moreover, It is highly secure to use , you can set your security features of your device and would be able to protect your computer form viruses. On the other hand there are also disadvantages of Java programming like it is slow and has poor performance. Memory problem and storage issues are emerging problems of Java which are making it unpopular among users.

Primitive Data Non primitive Data
These are pre-defined These are defined by the programmer
Primitive data will not facilitate you to perform various operations By using this data, you can perform many operations
This data is always a value While it would be a null
This data will start with a lower-case letter While this data will always start with an uppercase letter
Its Asize will depend on the type on data Non primitive data have same size
It contains byte, floats, and char Its examples are strings, arrays, and classes


1.What is the main benefit of Java?

It is totally project oriented which is one of the good aspect of Java. As it is project oriented you can reuse its code. Moreover, it is also portable, can be moved from one computer to another.

2. what type of language Java has?

It is simple, general purpose and concurrent language. It language is not that much complex, if you properly concentrate on it you will find Java language easy and general purpose.

3. Is it difficult to learn Java?

java is easy to learn as compared to other complex languages i.e C and C++. It language is friendly to beginners. You will easily learn Java by watching tutorial.

4. Which is better Python or java?

Both are popular ,Python is more concise as compared to Java. Python language is more complex as compared to Java. While, Java is faster and more efficient to learn.

*5. Can beginners choose java?

yes, it is a good language for beginners. Once you are comfortable with using Java, you will easily get command on its other domains. Thus, it will facilitate you in the beginning of programming.

6.Why Java is used?

It is used to make android applications for designing desktop features. It is mainly used for development of projects. Desktop computing, numerical computing are its main task.

  1. What java objects include?
    Java object is a member, each member has its own identity and peculiarity. Java objects contain data, numericals and some other types of Non primitive data.

8. Is Java secure?

Of course java is secure due to the bytecode run inside a machine. Illegal code are verified by bytecode verifier, which reduce risk of insecurities.

9. What defines Java uniqueness?

Portability and cross functions of Java define its uniqueness.. Every element of java is unique like you can design your android app with full uniqueness.

10. What are tokens in java?

Java tokens are elements which compiler can identify. Token includes keywords, identifiers, operators and separators which are of great importance.


Java Programming Language is an independent language using which you can design your android apps and develop desktop. It is a versatile Language which retain primitive and non primitive data in form of numbers, integers. It is a simple and independent language which beginners can easily adopt. Moreover, it has many drawbacks which are making it usage unpopular among users like complex code., low level programming, high cost, garbage collection and many more.
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