J Pro Cream

# J Pro Cream

Quick-acting semi-permanent body cream

JPro Cream is a medicine used to relieve pain, itching, and other symptoms associated with anorectal diseases and dermatological procedures. Jpro topical cream is available without a prescription. If you suffer from itching caused by hemorrhoids, fissures, ■■■■ itching, or skin problems in the perianal area, JPro topical cream may help relieve symptoms.

J Pro numbing cream

JPro Numbing Cream is an effective cream for the temporary relief of pain in diseases such as hemorrhoids, rectal pain or itching, local anesthesia for minor and cosmetic surgery.

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Made specifically for human consumption, there are many uses. In the beauty world, numbing cream is best known for its ability to relieve pain in eyebrows, eyeliner, and lip tattoos. It pairs well with permanent makeup, eyebrow ornamentation and eyeliner, as well as tattoos on other parts of the body. JPro Tattoo Cream is also a popular choice for laser hair removal and laser hair removal as it effectively nourishes the treated area and provides fast and effective results. JPro numbing cream is a good choice for electrocoagulation, for example for the treatment of blemishes, warts or ulcers.


J Pro Cream has been developed to meet the individual needs of its customers. First off, you have J pro, the perfect tattoo pain relief cream. Removes pain for 24 hours, depending on location and body activity. Then you have the J Top, which can be applied to the skin, armpits and buttocks as a local anesthetic 30 minutes before your laser hair removal.

How to use JPRO

Wash your face or the area where you want to apply JProCreme with soap and water. Dry the area well. Take a warm towel and place it on your face for 5 minutes. Use a fan to circulate the air and dry it faster to make the JPro run faster. Apply a thick layer of JPro (1/8 or 23 mm) on a towel. Cover with cling film and keep warm. Leave to act for at least 25 minutes. Do this at least 3 times before tattooing. This process is completely painless and does not irritate the skin.

How to use the pain relief cream?

For medical procedures and injections, use JPro Pain Relief Cream for best results.

1: Do not use heat directly on the area where you applied JPro. The heat destroys the pain reliever and prevents it from working properly. If you have a long hair removal procedure to do, ask your technician if there is a heating pad you can put on after applying the cream to keep things calm and relaxed during hair removal.

2: If you are having a laser procedure or laser treatment, ask your technician how long they will be using the laser (How long and how often). For example, if they are going onto deliver an intense amount of light to one area and it takes 20 minutes, the last thing you want is your skin to become irritated or burned by having cream on it that prevents the laser from working properly.

3: J-Pro can be used in multiple ways, depending on what kind of procedure you’re having done. These ways include: Numbing Cream for dental work, cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections or excessive hair removal, numbing cream for tattoo removal, natural lip enhancement/lipo filler with BOTOX, Pain cream for tattoo healing etc.

What it is Used for?

J-Pro Cream is used for the treatment of hemorrhoids, fissures, pruritus ani and skin diseases affecting the perianal region.

J-Pro Cream is a medically proven treatment that has been shown to provide symptomatic relief from itching, burning and irritation associated with anorectal disorders. J-pro topical cream provides active relief from chronic itching symptoms

Product Instructions:

  1. Remove the nozzle of the vial by pulling straight up. Use the applicator to apply a healthy amount of the product onto the desired area (enough to have 2 extra inches beyond the treatment area).

  2. Close the top and bottom of the jar of jerking cream, then gently twist it with your hands for 1015 seconds to remove large lumps.

  3. Place the plastic wrap over the target area as shown in the picture below, at least 3 hours before the procedure (apply 50 minutes if possible):

  4. Remove the plastic wrap of the saran from the target area and wipe off any loose cream with a dry cloth. If you do not rinse off, do not rub the cream with a dry towel and let the dried cream flow off naturally. If this is not possible, place a damp towel over the target area and wait 30 minutes before applying another layer of J Pro numbing cream to the target area.

Warnings and precautions

JPro Cream is an effective and safe treatment for pain, itching, and other symptoms associated with anorectal disease and dermatological procedures. JProCreme is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). JPro Cream is also available over the counter in Canada and in many European countries such as Italy, Spain, Germany and France.

The active ingredients in Jprocreme are 0.5% lidocaine hydrochloride (local anesthetic) and 1% hydrocortisone. The inactive ingredients are cetyl alcohol, white petrolatum, methyl paraben, propyl paraben and butyl paraben.

The recommended dose of topical JproCreme is two applications per day. The first application should be in the shower or in the bath before going to bed so that the skin can absorb the medicine. The second application should be made after a bowel movement or at any time of the day if itching or painful.

Side Effects of the Cream

The product is a homeopathic remedy for the treatment of pain, itching and other symptoms related to anorectal disorders and dermatological procedures. The product contains natural medicines, which are listed on the label, and may help you to relieve pain, itching and other symptoms of anorectal disorders and dermatological procedures. J-Pro Cream is available without a prescription. If you are suffering from itching related to hemorrhoids, fissures, pruritus ani or skin diseases affecting the perianal region, J-Pro Topical cream may provide you with symptomatic relief. However the cream is not designed to treat or prevent any disease or condition.

J-pro topical cream is a non-prescription medication for the symptomatic treatment of itching and other associated symptoms in the perianal area. This product may be used to treat itching, soreness and discomfort during the healing process caused by other local treatments such as digital rectal examination, internal and external hemostatic injections such as hemorrhoid treatments and surgical procedures.