Is TAHAJUD really a Private CALL?

Indeed it is. Tahajud is a special & private call only for chosen ones. If you are among Tahajud prayers, feel blessed, humbled & grateful. You most of the time must have gotten goosebumps of the feel that Allah is watching me so closely at this time of night.
The feel of Tahajud time is no doubt precious & can’t be expressed in words, it is something beyond this world’s feel.

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It is often said that Tahajjud is only for the selected ones. Waking up at the midnight, sacrificing your sleep, and bending before Him who created the whole universe brings you the miracles.
You have to sacrifice, you have to leave the comfort of your bed, so it is noticed and appreciated by Allah. So yes, Tahajjud is a private call just like calling someone personally, at the number that is for special ones.

Night prayer

What is Tahajjud?

Tahajjud prayer is also called as the night prayer. It is not an obligatory prayer, and Muslims offer this prayer voluntarily. The time for this prayer is midnight and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to offer the Tahajjud prayer very often. He (PBUH) also encouraged His followers to offer Tahajjud prayer to gather some extra blessings.

Is Tahajjud a special prayer?

The Tahajjud is a special extra obligatory prayer which is offered by many devoted Muslims as routine worship to ask for forgiveness and fulfillment of desires from Allah. It is offered at midnight, that’s why referred to as special prayer.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of Tahajjud?

Tahajjud is called as Allah’s most loveable prayer as it is not included in routine prayers.

  • Implementing the Sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) for which he used to encourage His followers.
  • At the time of Tahajjud, there are lot more chances for acceptance of Dua.
  • As it is considered as special prayer, it may become a way for our sins to be forgiven.
  • It brightens the face and soul.

Can Tahajjud be prayed without sleeping?

Tahajjud is a special prayer offered at midnight after taking some sleep. Sleeping before Tahajjud is best but it does not mean that if a person does not sleep, then he can not say Tahajjud prayer. It will have equal blessings and benefits no matter if a person sleeps before Tahajjud or not. However, if you don’t sleep before Tahajjud, it will be called as Qayam-ul-lail and not the Tahajjud.

Is Tahajjud sunnah or nafal?

Tahajjud is considered a nafl prayer. It’s not an obligatory prayer, however as Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has regularly offered it, hence it is considered as sunnah.


Tahajjud is considered as special prayers as it has been offered and recommended by Prophet Muhammad(PBUH). It is nafl prayer, however, offered by Muhammad (PBUH) so mostly it is taken as a nafl prayer.

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I feel elated to see this topic is being viral on different forums these days. Youth is really getting fascinated & motivated by reading the personal experiences & miracles this especial prayer has brought in ones life.
As Almighty also has promised to grant & blessed a thing that has been asked for at Tahajud time.
So, Tahajud indeed can be a life turner point for anyone.

Is Tahajjud really a Private CALL?

What is Tahajjud?

Tahajjud is midnight prayers that is said to be the most spiritually connecting prayer among all. Muslims have a high regard for Tahajjud to keep their hearts at peace. It is also known for having their wishes, possible and impossible, fulfilled. It has a lot of other benefits too for the mind and soul of a believer.

Is Tahajjud a private call for specific people?

Actually, no. It is often said that God calls only a selected number of people to prostrate before Him and grant them their heart’s desires. It is like saying God keeps favorites and doesn’t grant the rest of His people the same opportunity to prostrate before him. God treats each one of us as equals and the call for Tahajjud prayers are the same for everyone. It is US who choose not to answer to it. It is only a few who choose to sacrifice their sleep to pray to Him, thus getting their heart’s desire fulfilled. Each prayer is a private connection between us and the Almighty, and He calls all of us before Him as His favorites.

Spirituality and prayers:

While it’s true that spirituality and religion are two different concepts, it is also a possibility that prayers can be a source of connection for our souls with the Divine. There are a few ways one can connect their souls and truly feel the flow within.

  • Being present in the moment and clearing off your mind from any worldly thoughts, desires, and troubles.
  • Connecting your soul to the Almighty and feel its power and mercy within you so it feels less like a prayer and more like being in the presence of your Creator to soothe your heartaches.
  • Stop thinking of prayers as an obligatory task that can land you in ■■■■ if you miss it. See it as a meeting with your closest friend and actually anticipate for that beautiful moment.

Final Thoughts:

It is now safe to conclude that Tahajjud is a call for everyone. We all are special to Him, and it depends on us to answer that call or miss it. He waits for us every time the call for prayers is made.

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What is meant by prayer?

Prayer is a religious act of request of help and to be thankful to Allah. Prayer is a solemn religious service which people do and gather to do prayers on different religious events. Prayer is a way to connect our physical and spiritual body to divine personality.

Is TAHAJUD really a Private Call? TAHAJUD is also Prayer is a religious process which is being offered by every religion to understand their purpose in this world. Some people will say that there is no concept of prayer and there’s no divine to worship but they are wrong, deep inside their souls are attached to Allah.

Hands praying to Allah

The purpose of Prayer

The utmost purpose of prayer is to open ourselves to Allah. He knows everything about our life and circumstances but He wants us to pray before Him as it will open our minds and make us to understand ourselves deeply.

Prayers are not same worldwide in every religion. Every religion of the World offer prayers in different ways. As a Muslim, I’m gonna discuss here main obligated prayers in Islam

Prayers of the Day

As Muslims, we have to offer five prayers a day. These payers are compulsory for our religion and attachment with God as they offer opportunity to get in touch.

These prayers are:

  • Fajar

  • Zohar

  • Asar

  • Maghrib

  • Esha


Tahajud is a prayer like Namaz. Tahajud is not compulsory in a day. Its a separate prayer from compulsory prayers but tahajud is offered as an extraordinary worship to get your soul in relation with Allah.

Tahajud is being offered in a time after midnight before Fajar, because at that time people sleep and enjoy their comfort but those who want to agree their Allah and to develog their strong connection and soul with Allah, they offer this prayer. Its a kind of separate way to reach Allah.
So, due to private time and private offerings, Tahajud may be named as Private Call.

Person Offering TAHAJUD

Which is the Holy month of praying?

As we know, in Islam prayers are necessary and praying to Allah is the faith of every Muslim. People pray ins Islam the whole year but there is a special month in Islam known as HOLY month which has different taste of obedience and praying to Allah.

That Holy month of Islam is RAMADAN which is an Islamic month. Ramadan is the ninth moth of Islamic calendar. It is knowns as month of fasting, prayer, to help community and to become attached to Allah. Healthy people in Ramadan do fasting from down till dusk. Some other religious like praying tasbeeh, reading The Qur’an and charity also influences the taste of this month

Observance of Ramadan

Ramazan is there for ; Fasting, Giving Zakat and Sadaqa to the needy people.

Beginning of Ramadan

Ramadan begins at the end and last night of Shab’an.

Ending of Ramadan

Ramadan ends at the last night of the month of Ramadan

Number of days

The month of Ramadan is of 29 or sometimes 30 days.

What is the special prayer in Ramadan?

The whole Month of Ramadan is special and is necessary to fast in this month. The special prayer in Ramadan is TARAWIH which is being offered with ISHA prayer. Tarawih makes the Isha prayer longer but it gives double satisfaction and soul attaching to Allah.

The other special prayer in this Month is TAHAJUD which is offered id the mid time of ISHA and FAJR prayer. It is offered after midnight just before FAJR prayer. TAHAJUD is also known as a private call because people who want their personal attachment with Allah, offer this prayer passionately.

How do Muslims pray?

Muslims pray in a separate positions which are told By Allah. They pray in state of concentration as they are in presence or in front of Allah. While praying, when Muslims came into standing position, they say; To Allah belongs all praise. And when they come in upright position, they recite; Allah listen to those who praises Him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prayers are religious acts which are offered with other people in masjids and sometimes in private space like TAHAJUD. Some questions about tahajud prayer are;

Why should we pray to Allah everyday?

Routine wise prayers help us to attach to Allah and to have faith and beliefs to Allah. Prayers attach us to Allah’s spirit and His Divine personality. Prayers act as a mean of coneying our needs and to share our difficulties with Allah. In short, prayer is a relationship with Allah.

How does prayer affect your life?

Prayer is like a meditation which has generous effects on our lives. Prayers give calmness and cool down our souls and they stop us from bad habits and evil deeds. Prayers helps us to make decision according to the lesson of Allah and to follow His rules in every matter of life. Because Allah is divine and we should follow His rules in every decision of life.

What are the effects of faith in our lives?

Faith is one among the important requirement needed to reciece Allah’s reward, the everlasting life. While prayer helps you safe and secured. Prayer will cause you to strong and gain wisdom the way to keep your faith. Prayer will widen your understanding about Allah.


Is TAHAJUD really a private call? Yes tahajud is a private time offering to Allah. In simple words, prayers are relation and a way to attach your soul with Allah. Prayers bring our lives towards Allah and we live a beautiful religious life through prayers. One of the special and private prayer is TAHAJUD which offers you a private time to Allah.

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Is Tahajjud a private call, Yes I even are observing this word tahajjud going viral on different platforms and trust me I couldn’t be happier to determine people asking about tahajjud and witnessing miracles of tahajjud themselves too Tahajjud could also be a special Islamic prayer which is usually recommended (but not compulsory) for all Muslims.

What Is Tahajjud
The Tahajjud is prayed after Isha (the obligatory nightly prayer) and before Fajr (the obligatory morning prayer). If possible, it’s most desirable to perform the Tahajjud between midnight and Fajr, preferably within the last third of the night. After praying the Isha prayer and before going to sleep, make arrangements to awaken during the night before the Fajr prayer (for instance, you’ll be wanting to line an timepiece or have a beloved suits wake you). Though the Tahajjud are often prayed at any a neighborhood of the night, if possible, it is best to wish it after midnight, especially during the last third of the night. The time two-thirds of the way between Isha and Fajr could also be a blast for Tahajjud. this is often actually because Allah descends to the lowest heaven during the last third of the night, asking, "Who is asking me, so I can give to him? Who is looking upon me, so I can answer him? Who is seeking my forgiveness, so I can forgive him?
If you create an honest effort to awaken and perform the Tahajjud but accidentally sleep through the night, don’t feel guilty. according to ahadeeth, Allah records your genuine intention to perform the Tahajjud and grants you sleep as an act of mercy. you will be rewarded as if your intention had been fulfilled. However, if you create a conscious decision to abandon your intention to wish Tahajjud without good reason, as an example through laziness, then it’s getting to not be overlooked.

Is Tahajjud A Special Prayer
Wake up during the night at the time you’ve chosen. Once you wake, perform Wudu, the ritual ablution Muslims use to cleanse themselves before they pray or handle the Holy Quran. Traditionally, performing Wudu means using clean water to wash oneself within the subsequent four ways

1.Wash your face .

2.Wash your arms and hands up to and including elbow.

3.Wiping the highest.

4.Washing the Feet up to ankles.

What Are the benefits OF Tahajjud
The night is that the time to prostrate before the Divine Being amorously and affection for the sake of pleasing Him instead of lying down in smooth beds. Therefore, extra prayers performed within the dark are of great importance in achieving immediacy with Allah. Thus, one desires and performs prayers within the dark the utmost amount Divine Love as s/he has. it’s getting to be said that praying within the dark is like meeting and conversing with one’s lover within the dark . Being awake at a time when everybody is asleep means being included within the group of affection and mercy. this is often often done because Allah’s names are pure, so, whenever possible, Muslims are encouraged to speak of Him in clean, holy places as a kind of reverence. Wearing your normal prayer clothes, sit down on a prayer mat and face the Holy Kabah in Mecca as you’d for your obligatory prayers.

To be clear, you don’t need to be anywhere special, kind of a mosque or a lavishly-decorated room in your house, to wish the Tahajjud. All that’s needed could also be a spot that’s clean which can even be in your room. Tahajjud gives us inner satisfaction that Allah is our creator.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are the benefits Of Tahajjud

1.It gives mental toughness.

2.Seek forgiveness and surely Allah will listen.

3.The doors of Mercy and Forgiveness are open during the last 1/3 of night.

4.If someone wishes his/her Dua to be accepted this is often often the only time to ask.

5.Huge incentive for the believer to awaken when everyone else is asleep and remember Allah (SWT) alone.

6.Tahajjud prayer can strengthen religious understanding.

7.It can bring fresh inspiration and innovation.

8.Tahajjud prayer can delete wickedness and stop act.

  1. It gives inner strength.

Tahajjud prayer is one of the only among non-obligatory prayers, it is the explanation for getting Allah`s great Blessings and Mercy. As stated in Hadith. We all should make a practice to provide this tahajjud namaz so as that we’ll come more and more on the brink of Almighty Allah.

Tajahud is one of the most unique way to create relationship with Allah. Although, all our prayers help us to create a gateway to open our hearts and build connection with Allah but tahajjud plays a vital role in finding our lost ways.
Tajahud namaz is prayed after midnight, mostly two rakats are prayed but we can also increase the number of rakats and seek for forgiveness,ask Allah to help us relieve our pain,distress and worries.
As it is also mentioned by imams that praying tahajjud and waking up at night is one of the most loved feature of human by Allah as Allah is looks for those who pray and ask for Him in the middle of the night and call upon him in darkness.
Allah waits for muslims to get up at night and pray for his worries and cries in darkness only after Him as He loves to see his Ummah the way our Imams used to do historically.
We are surrounded by several wordly difficult,stress, materiality, financial crisis,mental illness, unhealthy human system and numberous things keep circulating in our mind which means we need a support system which will balance everything and turn all those anxieties upside down and uplift everything into our well being.
Whenever we feel uneasiness we search for a shoulder to cry on to release the toxins of our heart but we forget that All the power remains with Allah as He listens and accepts our duas in every situation ,the only thing we need to do is pray with heavy heart, sincerely, honesty, believe and faith.Hence, we should lessons from our daily lives and make Allah a source of guidance,refuge and happiness for all Muslim Ummah.


In Surah Muzzamil ALLAH S.W.T said

“O thou folded in garments, Stand (to prayer) by night, but not all night, half of it, or a little less, or a little more”

In starting first verses, it clearly, undoubtedly shows the importance of Tahajjud that how significant it is that ALLAH S.W.T. gave direct signs to those blessed people who sacrifice their sleep after a long stressful day, after what so ever work they had been doing in their day times, when a person woke up that late and do wudu and start praying to ALLAH S.W.T. he feel his heart and soul so light that seems like there weren’t any worries or problems at all in his life, that person suddenly feels so relaxed so calm that he keeps thanking ALLAH S.W.T. for every single beautiful moment he had or for all the blessings n gifts he got from ALLAH S.W.T.

Private Call:

It is Indeed a private call because that is the time of the day when no one will disturb a person for anything, so we can perform prayers peacefully with full concentration, and when we will talk to ALLAH S.W.T. with such concentration or affection he will surely listen to you it will create a holy bond between a person and his creator, when a person truly connects with ALLAH S.W.T. he takes away all his problems n blesses him that would help a person to live a better, peaceful and actually a successful life.


We all seek success in our lives we even work ■■■■■■ and ■■■■■■ to achieve our goals or to become more successful, we even sometimes stays away from our family or friends just to get success, we sometimes faces life threatening risks also that are pretty much dangerous but still hardly people get success and they remain struggling throughout their whole lives but just don’t even get closer to success, and after doing so for years people finally feels that all their lives they were seeking for success but when ALLAH S.W.T. calls for success in azaan,

“ Rise up for Prayers, Rise up for Success”

No one answers that call and that’s how we end up in the worst failure instead of success.

As we all know prayers are keys to success, we should make time out of our busy schedule for prayers to thank ALLAH S.W.T. for this blissful life, prayer is the only thing will help them in life after death, as muslims we have faith in live after death and to answer for our deeds what we had been doing in the life ALLAH S.W.T. gave us with specific instructions that everyone have to return to him in a certain time and blessed us with the gift of Salah (prayers), in this aspect of life we must turn towards our creator who himself said that he loves us all more than 70 mothers, its like truly unconditional love.