Huntington Home Candles

Huntington Home Candles are made with a soy wax combination that is completely safe to use in your home. They emit the most beautiful smells that freshen your environment and make you feel great. Aldi candles are another name for Huntington Home candles.

Huntington home candles

What Are Huntington Home Candles?

You may have unpleasant scents at home and want to get rid of them, or you may just want to unwind after a hard day. You’ll need to burn a Huntington house candle in that scenario. In such cases, the Huntington Home Candles, which are among the nicest, might be used.

These candles are made with a soy wax combination that is completely safe to use in your home. They emit the most beautiful smells that freshen your environment and make you feel great.

Burning Time Of Huntington Home Candles

The Burn Time Of each candle depends upon the weight it has. Here is given the burn time for Huntington home candles.

Size Weight Burning Time
1. Small 60 g 18 hours
2. Medium 120 g 30 hours
3. Large 200 g 45 hours

Manufacturer of Huntington Home Candles

Aldi candles are another name for Huntington Home candles. They’re part of a larger Aldi line of items with fantastic fragrances.

Aldi is a retailer that has been in business for a long time and has just launched a line of scented candles. Apart from scented candles, the firm is part of Aldi International, which sells a broad variety of items.

Huntington Home Candles Scents

The candles are quite popular, and many people are continually looking for new smells to try. You may choose from a variety of candle smells, including:

1. Skies of Harvest

2. Praline made with pumpkin

3. Oakwood Cedar

4. Cookie with Sugared Almonds

5. Toasted pumpkin Marshmallows

6. Clove of Citrus

7. Sangria made with rosewater

8. Gardenia

9. Vanilla

10. Cinnamon Pumpkin

11. Harvesting Apples

Apart from candles, Aldi has a wide range of items to choose from. These are divided into many categories, including:

1. Garden

2. Furniture

3. Spirits and Wines

4. Toys

5. Beauty and Health

6. Clothing

7. Kitchen

8. Home

9. Electricals

10. Pets

Unique Huntington Candle Features for Babies and Toddlers

The elegance of the glass jar tends to draw you in from the moment you see your first Huntington Home candle. With bright colors and easy-to-read names, the maker has done an excellent job with the outside.

For each perfume, the creators utilize one-of-a-kind and inspirational manes. Every individual looking for scented candles will get a pleasant sensation and a wonderful fragrance from them. Each candle has three wicks after the metal top of the glass jar is removed.

Huntington Home Candles contain three lead-free wicks that are simple to ignite. After you’ve used the candle for a while, you may trim the wick to guarantee a consistent burn. The wicks provide a steady flame and aid in removing as much scent from the soy wax combination as possible.


Aldi is a retailer that has just launched a line of scented candles. These candles are made with a soy wax combination that is completely safe to use in your home. They emit the most beautiful smells that freshen your environment and make you feel great.

Scents Of Huntington Home Candles That Last

Huntington Home candles have a long-lasting scent, which is worth noticing. To provide you with diverse sensations, the producer employs a unique combination of aromas. When you need to disguise scents or keep your area fresh, the candles come in helpful.

This implies that these candles serve a significant part in increasing the quality of your indoor air. Not only that, but when you use the candles to rest and unwind after a hard day, you may benefit from aromatherapy.

With all of this information in mind, you may now explore some of the most popular smells available from Huntington Home candles. Read through the material and choose your favorite candles based on the scents and perfumes that appeal to you.

Different Types Of Huntington Home candles

1. Huntington Home Rose Water Sangria Candle

One of the most effective methods to add warmth to your area is to light a scented candle. When you desire a beautiful scent, the Huntington Home Rose Water Sangria candle is perfect. This is a high-end candle made with soy mix wax.

The burn sensation that awaiting you is not compromised by the manufacturer. When you first open the lid, you’ll discover that the candle has three wicks. These wicks are designed to provide a consistent and even burn. The candle will burn for 45 to 60 hours.

3. Distinguished Features

It’s a pink candle that may be used as a decoration in your home. When you light the candle, the wax is contained in a high-quality glass jar that will not break easily. When you buy this huge candle, you’ll get wonderful rose water and sangria smell.

1. Rosewater and sangria scent

2. Pink Color.

3. Wax is made from a soy mix.

4. The number of wicks is three.

5. Burn 45- to 60-hour duration

2. Gardenia Soy Blend Candle From Huntington Home

This is a scented candle that emits a flowery smell and is packaged in a high-quality glass container. The jar is pretty lovely and will go with any room’s decor. Simply open the lid, ignite the wicks, and place the candle on a level and safe surface.

Three wicks are included in the Huntington Home candle. The wicks provide a consistent burn, and the candle may be used for up to 60 hours. The wax is made from a soy mix, which is non-toxic and an excellent alternative to traditional paraffin candle wax.

It has a long-lasting flowery fragrance that you may enjoy for a long period. The three wicks ensure that the candle burns efficiently and emits a pleasant aroma throughout your house. This candle would make an excellent present for a variety of events, including birthdays and weddings.

Distinguished Features

It has following distinguished features.

1. Floral scent

2. Blue is the predominant color.

3. Wax is made from a soy mix.

4. The number of wicks is three.

5. Burn 45- to 60-hour duration

3 Features of the Huntington Home Vanilla Scented Candle

When you burn a vanilla-scented candle in your house, nothing compares. The candle has a wonderful scent that captivates you in a variety of ways. The perfume is pleasant to smell and serves as an aromatherapy aid to help you relax.

A see-through glass container holds the perfumed candle wax. The wax is a soy mix that is both environmentally friendly and safe for your health. You won’t have to worry about hazardous smells or tastes irritating you or your family.

Another plus is that all of the wicks and wax are lead-free. Depending on how much you use it, it will last 45 to 60 hours. Furthermore, the candle includes three wicks that provide a consistent flame and a higher-quality scent in your environment.

Distinguished Features

The candle’s early appearances are enthralling since it is so gorgeous.

1. Vanilla scent

2. White in color.

3. Wax is made from a soy mix.

4. The number of wicks is three.

5. Burn 45- to 60-hour duration

4. Features Of The Huntington Home’s First Snow Candle

The Huntington Home First Snow candle is another great option for your home. When you wish to relax at home, this perfumed candle provides a warm and friendly atmosphere. It’s white, so it’ll fit in well in any setting.

1. Scent: The first snowfall

2. White in color.

3. Wax is made from a soy mix.

4. The number of wicks is three.

5. Burn 45- to 60-hour duration

The candle emits warmth and friendliness with its large flame and pleasant perfume, which fills your room. It contains three wicks for consistent and even burns. Make sure the candle is placed on a level, solid surface away from combustible materials.

It has a lovely aroma and is produced with a high-quality soy wax combination. Soy wax is completely safe to use since it does not produce any dangerous fumes in your home. The aroma is light and not overbearing, particularly when the windows are closed in the evening.


Huntington Home candles have a long-lasting scent, which is worth noticing. Read through the material and choose your favorite candles based on the scents and perfumes that appeal to you. Huntington Home Rose Water Sangria Candle features rosewater and sangria scent.

Is It Safe To Use Soy Candles?

Soy candles emit less harmful chemicals and less soot than paraffin candles. Even though the smoke is cleaner, it is still a good idea to limit your exposure to any sort of smoking. When it comes to candle management, the European Candle Association recommends the following:

1. Candles should not be lit in a drafty place.

2. If the wick becomes longer than 10 to 15 millimeters, trim it.

3. Use a candle snugger or dip the wick in wax instead of blowing out a candle.

4. After you’ve extinguished a candle, go outside and get some fresh air.

Candles That Are Beneficial For Health

Almost item that is burned has the potential to produce chemicals that are harmful to your health. When compared to the pollutants you take in daily, the smoke from burning candles in a well-ventilated environment is unlikely to have a substantial influence on your health.

Sticking to candles created from natural sources is your best choice if you want to reduce the quantity of particulate matter you breathe in. According to one research, palm stearin candles only emit half the amount of soot like paraffin candles.

Natural candles, according to experts, seem to discharge the fewest potentially harmful compounds. The following are some examples of natural candle options:

1. Wax made from coconut

2. Beeswax

3. Wax made from soy

4. Wax from palms

5. Wax made from vegetables

Is Candle Smoke Poisonous?

Inhaling too much smoke, regardless of the kind, may be harmful to your health. Soot is produced when paraffin candles are burned. The combustion products emitted by these candles are thought to be comparable to those emitted by a diesel engine.

By lighting your candles in a well-ventilated environment and keeping them away from drafts that might increase the amount of smoke they generate, you can reduce the quantity of smoke you breathe in.

Frequently Asked Questions

People usually ask following questions.

1. What are the components in candles that are toxic?

When paraffin wax (a petroleum waste product that has been artificially bleached) is burnt, it produces extremely poisonous benzene and toluene (both of which are recognized carcinogens).

2. What is the composition of candles used at home?

Most contemporary candles are composed of paraffin wax, although beeswax, soy wax, and palm wax are also popular. There is considerable disagreement as to whether or not lighting candles is harmful to your health. Candles, according to some, emit potentially dangerous chemicals.

3. Is it true that Huntington candles are good?

They function just as well as higher-priced name-brand candles and **are more affordable. They have a decent throw and burn evenly.

Although the smells are limited,** I am usually able to find one that I like. I just bought two of their Valentine’s Day candles and am extremely happy with the smells.

4. Which candle is the healthiest to light?

Candles made of beeswax are the healthiest option. Beeswax candles, which are made from the tops of bee honeycombs, burn cleanly, for a long time, and emit a nice natural scent as they burn.

When properly burnt, beeswax candles are dripless and emit negative ions, which assist to purify the air in a space.

5. Why is coconut wax superior to soy wax?

Soy is preferable to Paraffin Wax (made from petroleum, coal, or oil shale) and the less environmentally friendly beeswax. Here’s why Coconut Wax is the next star and a superior alternative to soy. Coconut wax is a high-yielding, renewable crop. As a result, it’s a fantastic long-term product.

6. Is soy wax completely natural?

Soy wax is a natural wax composed of vegetable soybeans. Soybeans are the second-largest agricultural crop in the United States, behind maize. For us in the Midwest, the majority of the world’s soybeans are cultivated and harvested close to home.

7. what is the burning time of largest candle?

The larger candle, weighing 200g, is expected to burn for 45 hours, while the smaller candle, weighing 60g, is expected to burn for 18 hours. I’m glad to note that the candles are made of soy wax, which is manufactured from soybean oil and is environmentally friendly.

8. Is it OK to combine paraffin and soy wax?

To make it tougher, smoother, or to help keep the aroma, blend paraffin with soy wax. Make a few test batches with 10 percent, 20 percent, 30 percent, 40 percent, 50 percent, and so on the mixture.

To produce wax melt snap tarts, add 10-20% paraffin candle wax to soy candle wax to make the wax tougher and release better.

9. Which Aldi candle has the scent of Jo Malone?

The Oud and Bergamot Candle from Aldi is part of their Hotel Collection line, which went popular on social media due to its resemblance to the luxury brand. The German retailer’s luxury-inspired scents have been praised for being comparable to Jo Malone’s premium fragrances at a tenth of the price.

10. Jo Malone candles are made by who?

Jo Malone London was started by Jo Malone in 1990 as a British perfume and scented candle company. Estée Lauder has controlled the company since 1999.


Huntington Home Candles are manufactured using a soy wax blend that is perfectly safe to use at home. They give forth the most lovely scents that refresh the air and make you feel good. Huntington Home candles are also known as Aldi candles.

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