How To Turn Up Volume On Roku Tv Without Remote?

How To Turn Up Volume On Roku Tv Without Remote? It’s simple to press the Volume up key to increase the Volume. Press the Volume Down button to decrease the Volume. Optional, Press the mute button to turn the TV on or off.

How To Turn Up Volume On Roku Tv Without Remote?

What is Roku TV?

Roku TV is a smart TV that’s easy to use and easy to enjoy thanks to its straightforward home screen, user-friendly remote, and automatic software upgrades.

Watch how simple it is. Options for each space. Choose the ideal Roku TV model for your house from a large selection of sizes offered by leading companies.

How to Turn Up Volume on ROKU TV without Remote or WIFI?

You may quickly connect your ROKU TV to the internet and turn up the volume without using the remote or a WiFi connection if it has an ethernet connector.

Here are the Steps for Increasing Volume on ROKU TV Without Remote

Steps Details
1 The ROKU TV must first be connected to your home’s internet router via an Ethernet cable.
2 Utilize WiFi to connect your mobile phone to the same internet network as your TV.
3 Now, get the ROKU TV mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.
4 Select your TV from the available devices when the app is open.
5 As you have complete virtual control in your hands, you can easily increase the ROKU TV volume from here.
6 This technique can also be used to connect your Roku TV to WiFi without a remote.
7 All you have to do is add a new WiFi network in the settings. You can now proceed after entering the credentials.


Roku TV is a smart TV with an easy-to-use home screen, remote, and automatic software updates. It’s simple. Room options. Roku TVs come in a variety of sizes from top brands.

Increase the Volume on my TCL Roku TV

Press the Volume up button to increase the importance of the TV with the remote control, or press the mute button to mute the TV. Check if the problem is with channels or apps. Check whether the issue is with more than one (1) streaming channel or an app.

Turn up the Volume on my TCL TV

For example, a TCL Roku TV remote might not work for a Roku dongle plugged into an LG or Samsung smart TV.

Using the remote control

  1. , Press the Volume up key to increase the Volume.
  2. Press the Volume Down button to decrease the volume.
  3. Optional: Press the mute button to turn the TV sound on or off.

Do you also know how I can control the Volume of my Roku without the remote?

Here are the following guidelines for Using the Roku mobile app.

Number Guidelines
1 Go to the Play Store or the Apple Store.
2 Find Roku and install the app.
3 Launch the application.
4 Tap the remote control icon at the bottom of the screen. At this point, you are probably wondering where the mute button is located.
5 Tap the headset symbol in the bottom right corner.
6 Decrease the volume of the phone.

People are wondering why my Roku TV’s Volume isn’t working

Check the HDMI connection. An incorrect HDMI connection can cause blank or poor sound from the Roku player.

Ensure the HDMI cable is firmly connected to the TV and Roku player. If the HDMI cable is too short for your needs, you must purchase an HDMI cable extension.

Does Roku have volume controls?

The improved Roku remote is designed to control the volume and power of the TV. It cannot control other devices connected directly to the TV, such as a TV. B. an audio / video receiver (AVR) or soundbar. However, your TV can send volume commands to the AVR or soundbar using HDMI CEC technology.

Roku app have volume control

Select Search from the drop-down menu to do a quick search on Roku to find exactly what you want to see. In addition to the buttons on the mobile screen, you can use the volume buttons on Android and iOS smartphones or tablets to increase or decrease the Volume on Roku TVs.

There is no volume control on the ROKU remote control. The Volume is on the TV remote control. Use the mobile app instead.

Then press the * button, the Settings button on your Roku remote, to access the Audio Settings. Now use your Roku remote to scroll through the list of options and select the Advanced Audio Settings option to access the audio options.

Samsung TV Models

  • To view or change this setting for most Samsung TV models, press the Menu button on the TV remote control and select the Audio option. Select TV Speakers and set the TV Speakers option to On.

  • The free Roku mobile app for iOS® and Android devices is an app that lets you control your Roku or Roku TV ™ streaming player. For this to work, the app’s machine must be connected to the same wireless network that the Roku device is linked to.

  • Roku remotes are primarily interchangeable as long as you have the right Roku player. Roku remotes come in two types, IR and Enhanced, and each only works with certain Roku players. IR remotes can control any compatible Roku player without pairing.

How to change Roku volume?

Unbeknownst to you up until now, Roku’s volume controls encompass more than just the streaming audio Volume; they also include a speaker function. By default, you’ll have access to a voice guide who will provide verbal instructions as you go through various menus.

If you want to modify the Roku Speech volume, try these steps:

List Steps
1 Access the Roku main menu.
2 Adjust your preferences by clicking the Settings button. They should appear on the left side of the main menu.
3 To enable accessibility features, enter Settings and then the Accessibility option.
4 You can adjust the Volume by clicking that button. Pick that one.
5 Once you’ve found your way around, adjust the volume to your liking by clicking the corresponding button.
6 To disable this function, repeatedly click the Start button on the Roku remote. Reactivate the feature by pushing the button four times in quick succession.

Roku Device

You can find your Roku device model in your Roku device’s settings menu. Press the Home button on the Roku remote. Scroll up or down and select Settings—select System followed by Information.

How to adjust the sound with buttons on the TV

  • There’s a handy button below your TV’s TCL logo. To put it to use, you must have:

  • Look for the switch and click it once.

  • After that, press and hold it to bring up a menu where you can toggle the TV’s power, change channels, and, of course, Volume.

  • With a button behind the logo, those needed options hold the button to raise or decrease the volume.

Since you’ll need to be close to a TV while using this method, I suggest downloading the app instead. As an additional disclaimer, I’ll mention that this app is just a stopgap. If you don’t have a remote control, you should go out and get one.

Using an ethernet wire, you can increase the Volume on your ROKU TV even if you don’t have a remote or access to WiFi. The ROKU TV can be connected to the internet through an ethernet cable even if it is not linked to the home’s wireless network.

Use of Volume Modes on Your Roku Streaming Device

  1. While movies and TV shows often have a wide variety of noises, you may enjoy a more consistent listening experience by adjusting the Volume on your Roku streaming device.

  2. Automatic Audio Leveling maintains stable audio levels across programming, making commercials and channel changes less unpleasant.

  3. If you want to watch TV late at night without waking anyone up, activate Night Mode, and the Volume will automatically lower for loud moments and increase for calm ones.

  4. Using Automatic Volume Leveling, you may hear a more consistent volume level throughout various forms of entertainment, making it easier to watch commercials or switch stations.

  5. If you want to watch TV late at night without waking anyone up, select Night Mode and the Volume will automatically lower during calm scenes and increase during loud ones.


A movie or TV show may feature a wide array of sounds, but you can enjoy a more consistent listening experience by increasing the Volume on your Roku streaming device. Use Automatic Volume Leveling to hear a more consistent volume level throughout different forms of entertainment, making it less disruptive to watch a commercial or change channels.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Following are some most common questions about ROKU TV.

1 - Can We Turn Up ROKU TV Volume Without the Remote?

The Volume can indeed be increased on a ROKU TV without using the remote. Here are three methods for turning up the Volume on ROKU TV without the remote control.

2 - Can We Turn Up the ROKU TV Volume Without Remote and WIFI?

Yes, you may turn up the ROKU TV volume without a remote and WIFI by using an ethernet wire. The ROKU TV can be connected to the internet through an ethernet cable even if it is not linked to the home’s wireless network.

3 - Can We Increase the ROKU TV Volume Using the TV?

It depends on whether the TV volume is already at total capacity. It is impossible to raise the Volume using the TV’s controls if it is already high due to the ROKU TV.

4 - Is there a volume button on Roku TV?

Roku TV’s volume controls are located on the device’s physical remote. The Roku remote’s volume controls are located on the right side of the device.

5 - How do you adjust the Volume on Roku TV and TCL TV without a remote?

Download the Remote Control app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

6 - What d to adjust the Volume without the remote devices’ support volume modes?

Check your Roku device model and software version under Settings >> System >> About. The Roku Express 3900x, Streambar 9102x, Streaming Stick+ 3810x, 3811x, Premiere 3920x and 4620x all support the volume controls, as do newer versions of Roku OS.

7 - Where is the volume button on a Roku tv?

Using the mechanical remote to control Roku volume is simplest. To increase volume, press Volume Up. To lower the volume, use the Volume down button. Put the Volume down or turn it up using the TV’s optional Mute button.

8 - How do you turn on the Roku tv without a remote and WiFi?

When connected to a mobile hotspot, Roku eliminates the need for remote control and a WiFi network. Then, configure the Roku mobile app for use on your smartphone.

9 - How do you turn up the Volume on the TCL Roku tv with a remote?

To raise the Volume of the TV, push the Volume up button on the remote, and to remove the TV’s muted state, hit the mute button. The remote’s volume controls are located on the right side.

10 - How to turn up the Volume on Hisense Roku tv without a remote?

You can adjust the Volume without digging for the remote control under the sofa cushions. Remember that Hisense has hundreds of TV models, and not all use the same remote.


An ethernet cable may increase the ROKU TV’s Volume without a controller or WiFi. Even if your ROKU TV isn’t connected to your home’s wireless network, you can still use an ethernet cable to access the web. Navigate to Settings > System > About on your Roku device to verify the hardware model and operating system version. All Roku players running Roku OS 6.0 or later, including the Roku Express 3900x, Streambar 9102x, Streaming Stick+ 3810x, 3811x, Premiere 3920x, and 4620x, have volume controls.

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How To Turn Up Volume On Roku Tv Without Remote?

How to turn up the volume on Roku TV without a remote? To use your Roku tv without a remote, download the Roku app for your cellphone or tablet. Connect the tool with the app to the identical WiFi community as your Roku participant. Then pick Devices withinside the app and tap the remote icon. The Roku mobile app is an unfastened app to be had on each Google Play and Apple save for Android and IOS tool users. The app allows you to browse channels, set up or eliminate channels, and quite an awful lot get the right of entry to any characteristic for your Roku account.

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About Roku device

Roku turned into based through Anthony Wood in 2002, who had formerly based Replay TV, a DVR business enterprise that competed with Tivo after
131 ReplayTV’s failure, Wood labored for some time at Netflix.

In 2007, Wood’s enterprise started operating with Netflix on Project Griffin, a set-pinnacle container to permit Netflix customers to move Netflix content material to their TVs.

Only 3 weeks earlier than the undertaking’s launch, Netflix’s founder Reed Hastings determined it might impede license preparations with 0.33 parties, doubtlessly maintaining Netflix off different comparable platforms, and destroyed the venture. Four Fast Company referred to the selection to kill the task as “certainly considered one among Netflix’s riskiest moves”.

In 2014, Roku partnered with Clever TV producers to provide TVs with integrated Roku functionality. In 2015, Roku gained the inaugural Emmy for Television Enhancement Devices.

In 2019, Roku received Dataxu, an marketing -era organization for $one hundred fifty million. As of August 2021, Roku has extra than fifty-five million lively accounts, in line with its quarterly profits report.


The first Roku model, advanced in collaboration with Netflix, turned into brought in May 2008. Roku gadgets had been taken into consideration influential at the virtual media participant market, assisting to popularize the idea of low-cost, small form, thing set, pinnacle packing containers for over-the-pinnacle media consumption.

Roku statistics

Type Digital Media Player
Developer Roku, Inc
Operating System Roku OS
Website - This website is for sale! - rolu Resources and Information.

How to fix Roku speech volume?

There’s extra to Roku volume settings than the extent of the audio you pay attention to while you are streaming something. Roku additionally has a narrator feature.

This is enabled through default and talks to you at the same time as you are navigating the menu. Here’s how you may extrude the quantity of the Roku speech function.

  1. Go for your Roku home screen.

  2. Select the settings menu, commonly positioned at the left facet of the home screen.

  3. Go to the accessibility card.

  4. Select the volume option.

  5. Set it to low, medium, or high.

How to determine volume modes?

As earlier than said, you could extrude the mode of number for your Roku TV. There are 3 number modes and consist of Off, Leveling, and Night. You can set the quantity mode in line with your convenience. Learn the way to regulate the extent.

1. Off

Volume modes visit an inactive state, and content material quantity is unmodified.

2. Leveling -

Turn on steady quantity for distinct styles of entertainment. With this, you do not need to alternate the extent while you turn channels or at some point of ads.

3. Night

It will rumble the gentle sounds and reduce the loud sounds. So, you may listen to the audio of a display without worrying about others.

How to use the Roku app?

Here are different steps for learning the usage]( of the Roku app

1. Download and set up the Roku app

The app is to be had at the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iPhones and different Apple devices.

Note: There are lots of third-celebration apps, so ensure to pick the reputable app from Roku Inc.

2. Open the app and comply with the on-display instructions.

If that is your first time the use of the Roku app, you’ll comply with the phrases and offerings and undergo a short tutorial.

3. Faucet devices.

You will see this at the lowest of your display screen. If that is your first time the use of the app, you’ll need to faucet OK to permit it to discover your Roku devices.

4. Faucet the remote icon.

You will see this plus-fashioned icon when you faucet to your device.

Finally, you may use the faraway app to manipulate your TV.

You can keep applying the app for your telephone to manipulate your Roku participant so long as you want. However, make certain that your telephone and Roku participant are related to the identical WiFi network.


These steps will work for every person who misplaced their Roku remote even at home. However, this might not work in case you are at a hotel, otherwise, you can not get the right of entry to the equal WiFi community that your Roku tool changed into formerly related to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some relevant questions about Roku TV are as follows

1. Can you replicate an iPhone to a Roku?

To reflect your iPhone, you want to put it in the Roku cell app and use the Photos at the lowest of the screen. You can showman or woman images or display image slideshows (with non-obligatory track out of your iPhone), watch movies saved in your phone, or play the tune the use of the Roku’s mirror feature.

2. Can you operate Bluetooth on Roku TV?

You can get Bluetooth on Roku and Roku TVs through the use of the Roku well-matched app on smartphones. This permits your iPhone, Android phone, or Windows PC for use as a Bluetooth connector among Roku TV and your Bluetooth speaker, headphones, or device.

3. Are Roku remotes universal?

Roku remotes are commonly interchangeable, so long as you’ve got got the proper Roku player. Roku remotes are cut up into types, IR and enhanced, and every one simplest works with sure Roku players. IR remotes can manage any like-minded Roku player, without the want for pairing.

4. How can I use my TV without a remote?

Most TVs have the energy button (joystick) positioned simply under the screen, withinside the middle, proper or left side. When you find the button, simply push and maintain it for one 2d to strengthen your TV. If you need to energy off your TV, use the identical button.

5. Why is my Roku TV so loud on Volume 1?

Roku is aware that now no longer each member of your circle of relatives is a nighttime owl. So, it has furnished you with a nighttime quantity mode. It will extrude the quantity to a softer level. Not choosing the best extent mode can be why Roku extent is just too loud on the bottom setting.

6. How can I grow the quantity on my TV?

Often, the nice manner to enhance your TV’s sound is to pass its inner audio system absolutely and choose an outside set. There are methods to attach outside audio systems relying on your TV’s capability: the use of a cable (3.5mm audio or digital) or, when you have to assist with it, the use of the HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC).

7. How do I get sound on my Roku TV?

  1. Pinch the home icon button on your Roku remote.

  2. Scroll up or down and pick out Settings.

  3. Select Audio.

  4. Set Audio mode to Stereo.

  5. Set HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

Note: On Roku gamers with an optical port, you may set HDMI and S/PDIF to PCM-Stereo.

8. Why is my Roku quantity now no longer working?

Here are a few spots you may try. Reset the Roku: Unplug the Roku and its electricity cable, wait 10 seconds, and plug them lower back in once more to reset the Roku. This can every so often get the faraway to work once more, letting you regulate the quantity. Change HDMI port: Plug the Roku right into a special HDMI port.

9. Why is the extent on my Roku TV so low?

If your Roku TV’s quantity is simply too low and you could infrequently listen to dialogues whilst streaming, even when you attempt to show it as much as most quantity, it can be your outside speaker, soundbar placing, or an equalizer or audio processing placing long gone bad. You’ll want to make changes to those then see how the extent changes.


The faraway manager makes the TV clean to operate. With its help, you may without problems transfer channels, modify settings, switch on the volume, and different parameters.

But what to do if it breaks down or the batteries run out, and there may be no different option? Don’t panic, nearly every TV has buttons.

Let’s determine out how to show at the TV without a faraway manager. Let’s remember additionally the same old alternatives and far off manage through smartphones for Smart TV.

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How to turn up volume on Roku TV without remote? Press the volume up key to build the volume. Press the Volume Down button to diminish the volume. Discretionary: Press the quiet button to turn the television sound on or off. Regardless of which television device you use, we should be in every way ready to change the volume.

With a wide range of Shrewd televisions, including the TCL Roku television, you are furnished with controller for this and different capacities. Nonetheless, if you lose your remote, it’s useful to know how you can deal with change the sound without it.

How do adjust volume with app?

If the controller is missing and your quest for it is purposeless, it is shrewd to utilize the Roku portable application. Notwithstanding the operating system on your telephone, this application is free on both Google Play and AppStore. Utilizing this application, you can handle Roku Shrewd television.

This application may not provide you with the full expansiveness of abilities of a standard remote, however it ought to be all that anyone could need to see channels, change the sound and perform different controls with your Savvy television.

How to install Remote for TCL Roku TV apps on your mobile?

Introducing this application on iPhone is the same than introducing the equivalent application on android. The application is additionally practically indistinguishable for the two OSes. To introduce it, you want to:

• To begin with, go to the AppStore or Google Play.
• In the search bar of your store, type in “Remote for TCL Roku televisions”. The application ought to show up in your pursuit choices.
• Select the application you need and go to its page in the store.
• Press the download button.

How to adjust sound with Remote for TCL Roku Tv app?

To change the sound utilizing the application, do the accompanying:

• After the application is installed, ensure that your telephone is associated with a similar Wi-Fi area of interest as your Savvy television.
• Then, at that point, select it on the fundamental screen of your telephone or in the tab where you put it during the establishment. If you can’t find the application on your telephone the typical way, go to settings, go to the “applications” tab, and search for it in the rundown.
• Once the application is open, tap the joystick symbol in the focal point of the base menu bar.
• In the wake of exploring, utilize the speaker symbols at the base to change the volume.
• Assuming you need to pay attention to the recording being played through earphones, tap the earphone symbol in the base right corner.
• More insights regarding changing the sound: the symbol on the extreme left is the quiet button, and the symbol in the middle is the volume down. Then one on the extreme right is the volume up button.


If you want to change your Roku TV volume, you have to install an application in your mobile phone. You can easily download that application from Play store in android and from app store in IPhone.

How to change Roku speech volume?

You might not have known previously, however Roku’s volume settings not just incorporate the volume of the sound you hear when streaming, but on the other hand there’s a speaker include. This element is empowered of course and addresses you as you explore through the menus.

On the off chance that you really want to change the volume of the Roku Discourse highlight, do the accompanying:
• Change to the Roku home screen.
• Go to Settings. They ought to be situated on the left half of the Home screen.
• After you open Settings, go to the Availability menu.
• There you will see a possibility for Volume. Select it.

Whenever you’ve explored, set the volume to low, medium, or high relying upon your inclination.
Assuming you need to wind down this component, press the Beginning button on the Roku far off multiple times in succession. Rehash squeezing the button multiple times to betray.

How to adjust sound with TV buttons in TV?

Additionally, you can utilize a button set on your television which is found right behind the TCL logo beneath. To utilize it you want:

• Find button and press it once.
• After it your television will turn on, press and hold it, on your home screen will seem a tab with power button, station shifting buttons and of direction two buttons to change volume on your television. With button behind the logo those required choice and hold the button to rise volume up or lower it down.

This strategy is awkward because of the steady should be almost a television, so I prescribe you to utilize the application rather than it. I might want additionally to say that the application is just an impermanent measure, as well. The most ideal way of taking care of the issue of not having a controller is to purchase another one.


You can also adjust the volume of your Roku TV with the button present on the TV. But this method is not so appropriate because you have to go to near the TV to do that. We prefer you to download the application and adjust your TV volume.

Details about Roku tv:

Details Description
Developer Roku, Inc.
Type Digital media player
Release date 20 may 2008, 13 years ago
Operating system Roku OS
Website Roku

Frequently Asked questions:

There are few questions which can be related to our topic are as follow:

1: Why is my Roku TV volume so slow?

If your Roku television’s volume is excessively low and you can scarcely hear discoursed when streaming, even after you attempt to turn it up to most extreme volume, it very well may be your outside speaker, sound bar setting, or an equalizer or sound handling setting turned sour. You’ll have to make acclimations to these then perceive how the volume changes.

2:Why is my Roku volume not working?

Here are some fixes you can attempt. Reset the Roku: Turn off the Roku and its power link, stand by 10 seconds, and attachment them back in again to reset the Roku. This can at times get the remote to work once more, allowing you to change the volume. Change HDMI port: Attachment the Roku into an alternate HDMI port.

3: Which Roku has volume control?

The new Roku Improved Far off offers a voice search button as well as incorporates television power and volume buttons. Believe it or not, if you have a viable television you would now be able to utilize your Roku Upgraded Remote to wind down your television on and, and control the television volume.

4: How do I turn on Auto volume adjustment on Roku?

For this situation, the client chooses the Great Video choice.
• Then, you should press the * button, the settings button in your Roku remote to gain admittance to the sound settings.
• Presently from the rundown of choices, look down with your Roku remote and select the ‘Progressed Sound Settings’ choice to get to the sound choices.

5: Where is the volume button on Roku?

Ensure the volume level isn’t set to nothing (0) or quiet. Utilizing the remote, press the volume up button to build the volume level of the television or press the Quiet button to unmute the television. The volume buttons can be found on the right half of the remote.

6: Can you turn on TCL Roku tv without remote?

The customary way of turning on a Roku television is to press the Actual button on the Roku. That button will be situated as an afterthought or lower part of the television. This is the primary way of initiating the television without a Roku remote.

7: How can I connect my TV to Wi-Fi without remote?

To connect your television to Wi-Fi without a remote, interface a USB console and mouse to the television and utilize the mouse to go to the television’s Wi-Fi settings to associate with your Wi-Fi organization.

8: How do I found my Roku IP address without remote?

The simplest way of observing your Roku’s IP address without the remote is through the Remoku portable application.
Download the Remoku application for iOS, Android, Macintosh, or PC.
• Open the application.
• Snap Settings.
• Look under My Organization to see your IP address.

9: What is Auto volume TV?

The Auto Volume feature keeps the volume of your TV constant by automatically lowering the sound output when the sound modulation signal is high or by automatically raising the sound output when the sound modulation signal is low.
• It maintains a similar sound output level on each channel.


To turn up volume of your Roku tv, you have to install the application of Roku tv in your mobile. You can easily download it in your mobile from play store. Other method to turn up volume on tv is from the buttons present on TV. But this method is not so effective because you have to go near the TV again and again to adjust volume.

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How To Turn Up Volume on Roku Tv Without Remote? Press the volume up key to assemble the volume. Press the Volume Down button to reduce the volume. Optional: Press the peaceful button to turn the TV sound on or off. Despite which TV gadget you use, we ought to be inside and out prepared to change the volume.

  1. On Android or iPhone, download and introduce the Roku application from the Play Store or App Store.

  2. Open the introduced application on your portable.

  3. Explore the joystick symbol from the menu bar.

  4. Utilize the Arrow keys to change the volume during playback.

  5. Hit the Headphone symbol to flip to private listening mode.

How Do I Get My Roku Remote to Control the Volume?

The Roku controller can run into issues every now and then. The volume fastens normally keep on working, however in the event that they don’t, here are a few thoughts on the most proficient method to fix it.

  1. Replace the batteries: If the volume buttons aren’t busy, it very well may be the batteries have run out.

  2. Are the buttons stuck? If you have small kids, or the control is old, it’s conceivable the volume buttons are stuck. Utilize gentle cleanser or moist disposable clothes to clean away any oil or gunk from the control, then, at that point, press the volume fastens over and over different occasions to clear any buildup.

  3. Is your TV quieted? You may observe the remote is acclimated to the volume (in view of the on-screen marker), yet it sits idle. In case that is the situation, your TV may very well be quieted. Utilize your principal TV remote to unmute it and check whether that fixes the issue.

  4. Re-pair your regulator: If your Roku remote has become unsynced from the Roku streaming stick, attempt to combine it once more. That can occasionally kick the remote back into working and let you change the volume once more.

  5. Are you utilizing the application? If you have Private Listening connected with, the sound will be going to your cell phone or appended earphones, rather than the TV. Switch off Private Listening to get the sound back on your TV.

Is Roku Having Sound Issues?

If you attempt the above fixes and your Roku volume isn’t working, it is possible that the Roku itself is encountering a few issues. Here are some fixes you can attempt.

  1. Reset the Roku: Unplug the Roku and its power link, stand by 10 seconds, and attachment them back in again to reset the Roku. This can occasionally get the remote to work once more, allowing you to change the volume.

  2. Change HDMI port: Plug the Roku into an alternate HDMI port. On the off chance that the port was broken, you wouldn’t have the option to change the volume with the remote.

  3. Change A/V port: Similarly, if your Roku depends on an outer A/V framework for sound, ensure it is associated appropriately and isn’t encountering any blunders itself.

  4. Change the links: If your sound arrangement depends on links, you should think about supplanting them with ones you realize work to check whether that fixes the volume issue.

  5. Adjust sound settings: It might be that Roku’s sound settings needs tweaking. Go to Settings > Audio and afterward change the choices for your arrangement. In case you’re utilizing an optical link, set HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D.

  6. Turn off your encompass sound: Test if the encompass sound is the issue by going to Settings > Audio and setting Audio mode to Stereo. Then, at that point, set HDMI to PCM-Stereo.

How to Adjust Volume Modes?

As before said, you can change the method of volume on your Roku TV. There are three volume modes and including Off, Leveling, and Night. You can set the volume mode as per your comfort. Figure out how to change volume mode during playback and through the settings choice.

• Off – Volume modes go to an idle state, and content volume is unmodified.

• Leveling – Turn on steady volume for various sorts of amusement. With this, you don’t need to change the volume when you switch channels or during promotions.

• Night – It will build the delicate sounds and diminish the noisy sounds. In this way, you can hear a show without upsetting others.

Change Volume Modes During Playback

• Start web-based video on your Roku TV.

• Press the Asterisk (*) button on your Roku remote.

• Pick the Sound Settings choice.

• Now, change the Volume mode to your comfort.

• Note: If you don’t see the image on your Roku remote, utilize the directional cushion (in addition to shape in the focal point of Roku) to switch Volume mode.

Change Volume Modes from the Settings Menu

• Hold the Home button on your Roku remote.

• Head over to the Settings choice from the principal menu.

• Choose Audio and afterward Volume modes choices.

• Now, flip the volume to your ideal model.

No Audio or Sound except for Video or Picture Display is OK

If you turn on your TV and the video or pictures are showing appropriately however you don’t hear any solid, attempt the prescribed strides underneath to determine the issue:

• Make sure the volume level isn’t set to anything (0) or quiet. Utilizing the remote, press the volume up button to expand the volume level of the TV, or press the Mute button to unmute the TV. The volume buttons can be found on the right half of the remote.

• Verify if the issue is influencing all channels or applications.

Check if the issue happens to multiple (1) streaming channels or applications. In case you are just encountering this issue with a particular channel, attempt to see an alternate substance title to additionally segregate the issue. There is plausible that the sign strength of the organization is poor, or it very well might be having specialized issues.

• Check your link associations.

In case you are utilizing a DVI or YPbPr link, make sure to associate the gadget’s left and right sound yield jacks to the TV’s left (L) and right (R) sound information ports. If the TV is associated with an alternate gadget like a link or satellite box, DVD, Blu-Ray, and so on ensure that the links are appropriately associated (red and white links for sound). If the outer gadget has it’s own remote, take a stab at changing the volume level.

• Confirm TV’s sound settings.

To view and refresh your TCL Roku TV’s sound settings, adhere to the bit-by-bit directions beneath:

  1. Press on your remote to see the home screen.

  2. Scroll down and select Settings

  3. Press the right bolt button, scroll, and select Audio

  4. Press the right bolt button, scroll, and select Audio mode

  5. Press the right bolt button, parchment, and feature Auto (Stereo)

  6. Press the “All right” button to affirm settings


Roku is a famous media streaming player with an enormous userbase. It accompanies every one of the vital elements that you could expect for a savvy TV. The fundamental thing that each Roku client should know is the way to change the volume on Roku. Roku gives diverse sound settings, to be specific sound modes, discourse clearness, and volume modes. You can utilize volume mode for an evening out of the streaming sound. You can change the volume in various ways for the best streaming experience.

What is Roku?

Roku is a brand of equipment computerized media players produced by American organization Roku, Inc. They offer admittance to streaming media content from different internet-based administrations.

The primary Roku model, created in a joint effort with Netflix, was presented in May 2008. Roku gadgets have been considered powerful on the computerized media player market, assisting with advocating the idea of minimal expense, little structure factor set-top boxes for over-the-top media utilization. Roku has likewise authorized its foundation as middleware for brilliant TVs.

As of August 2021, Roku has more than 55 million dynamic records, as indicated by its quarterly income report.

First Generation

The principal Roku model, the Roku DVP N1000, was revealed on May 20, 2008. It was created in association with Netflix to fill in as an independent set-top box for its as of late presented “Watch Instantly” administration.

The objective was to deliver a gadget with a little impression that could be sold for a minimal price contrasted with bigger computerized video recorders and computer game control centers. It includes an NXP PNX8935 video decoder supporting both norm and top-quality configurations up to 720p. HDMI yield; and programmed programming refreshes, including the expansion of new channels for other videos administrations.

Second Generation

In July 2011, Roku divulged its second Generation of players, marked as Roku 2 HD, XD, and XS. Every one of the three models incorporates 802.11n, and furthermore, adds microSD openings and Bluetooth.

The XD and XS support 1080p and just the XS model incorporates an Ethernet connector and USB port. They likewise support the "Roku Game Remote "a Bluetooth remote with movement regulator support for games, which was packaged with the XS and sold independently for different models. The Roku LT was uncovered in October, as a section-level model with no Bluetooth or microSD support.

Third Generation

Roku divulged its third-age models in March 2013, the Roku 3 and Roku 2. The Roku 3 contains an overhauled CPU over the 2 XS and a Wi-Fi Direct remote with a coordinated earphone jack. The Roku 2 elements are just the quicker CPU.

Fourth Generation

In October 2015, Roku presented the Roku 4. the gadget contains overhauled equipment with help for 4K goal video, just as 802.11ac remote.

Fifth Generation

Roku redid their whole streaming player setup with five new models in September 2016 (low-end Roku Express, Roku Express+, very good quality Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, and first in class Roku Ultra), while the Streaming Stick (3600) was held over from the past age (having been delivered the past April) as a 6th choice. The Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra help HDR video utilizing HDR10.

6th Generation

In October 2017, Roku presented its 6th Generation of items. The Premiere and Premiere+ models were ceased, the Streaming Stick+ (with an improved Wi-Fi radio wire gadget) was presented, just as new processors for the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, and Roku Express in addition to.

Seventh Generation

In September 2018, Roku presented the seventh Generation of items. Continuing from the 2017 6th Generation with next to no progressions were the Express (3900), Express+ (3910), Streaming Stick (3800), and Streaming Stick+ (3810). The Ultra is a similar equipment gadget from 2017, however, it accompanies JBL premium earphones and is repackaged with the new model number 4661. Roku has restored the Premiere and Premiere+ names, however, these two new models look like the 2016 fifth-age Premiere (4620) and Premiere+ (4630) models. The new Premiere (3920) and Premiere+ (3921) are basically founded on the Express (3900) model with 4K help added, it additionally incorporates Roku Streaming Stick+ Headphone Edition (3811) for further developing Wi-Fi signal strength and private tuning in.

Eighth Generation

In September 2019, Roku presented the eighth Generation of items.

That very year, Netflix chose not to help more established ages of Roku, including the Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD, and XDS, just as the Net Gear-marked XD and XDS. Roku had cautioned in 2015 that it would quit refreshing players made in May 2011 or prior, and these vintage boxes were among them.

9th Generation

On September 28, 2020, Roku presented the 10th Generation of items. A refreshed Roku Ultra was delivered alongside the expansion of the Roku Stream bar, a two-in-one Roku and Soundbar gadget. The MicroSD opening was eliminated from the new Ultra 4800, making it the principal top-level Roku gadget since the original does not have this element. On April 14, 2021, Roku declared the Roku Express 4K+, supplanting the eighth Generation Roku Express gadgets, the Voice Remote Pro as a discretionary overhaul for existing Roku players, and Roku OS 10 for all cutting-edge Roku gadgets.

10th Generation

On September 20, 2021, Roku presented the 10th Generation of items. The Roku Streaming Stick 4K was reported alongside the Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ which incorporates a redesigned battery-powered Roku Voice Remote Pro with a lost distant locater. Roku reported a refreshed Roku Ultra LT with a quicker processor, more grounded Wi-Fi, and Dolby Vision just as Bluetooth sound streaming and implicit ethernet support. Roku likewise declared Roku OS 10.5 with a few better than ever includes.

Latest Models

Model Introduced Processor Generation
Roku Streaming Stick 4K (3820R) Sep 2021 Realtek131x 10th
Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ (3821R) Sep 2021 Realtek131x 10th
Roku Ultra LT (4801RW) Sep 2021 Realtek1319 10th

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I change the sound mode?

  1. Press the Star button on your Roku TV remote.

  2. Use the directional cushion and move to Sound settings. The directional cushion is in addition to molded and is in the focal point of your remote.

  3. Press the OK button to open the Sound modes.

  4. Choose the ideal sound mode.

2. Can you turn up the volume on a Roku TV?

Mood killer Audio Guide

Be that as it may, it’s yet conceivable to unintentionally betray. You can impair the Star key full-scale easy route from the menu. Go to your Roku Home Screen. Select the Settings menu, typically situated on the left half of the Home Screen.

3. Where are the volume buttons on a TCL Roku TV?

Ensure the volume level isn’t set to anything (0) or quiet. Utilizing the remote, press the volume up button to expand the volume level of the TV or press the Mute button to unmute the TV. The volume buttons can be found on the right half of the remote.

4. Why won’t my Roku adjust the volume?

Here are some fixes you can attempt. Reset the Roku: Unplug the Roku and its power link, stand by 10 seconds, and attachment them back in again to reset the Roku. This can at times get the remote to work once more, allowing you to change the volume. In case you’re utilizing an optical link, set HDMI and S/PDIF to Dolby D.


Roku spearheaded spilling to the TV. Our central goal is to be the TV streaming stage that interfaces the whole TV biological system all throughout the planet. Today, Roku streaming appliances are applied by many customers in North America, Latin America, and portions of Europe including the UK, Ireland, and France. We interface clients to the streaming substance they love, and we empower content distributers to assemble and adapt huge crowds and give promoters remarkable capacities to draw in customers. Roku is extraordinarily situated with its modern TV streaming stage and developing scale. The organization ages the No. 1 TV streaming stage in the U.S. as estimated by hours streamed.

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How to turn up the Volume of the Roku TV without using the remote? To increase the volume, use the volume up key. To lower the volume, press the volume down button. Discretionary: To turn the television sound on or off, press the quiet button. We should always be prepared to modify the volume, regardless of the television gadget we use.

How to change the volume on your Roku streaming device?

Although movies and television shows can have a wide variety of sounds, using the volume controls on your compatible Roku streaming device allows you to have a more consistent listening experience. Switch to Automatic Volume Leveling to hear more constant audio levels across different types of entertainment, making commercials and channel changes less jarring.

Use Night Mode to lower the volume for louder scenes while increasing it for quieter ones, allowing you to enjoy late-night television without disturbing others. What is a g device?

Using remote to change the volume on Roku

Let’s start with the fundamentals—the Roku remote control. The Roku remote may appear so simple to readers who are used to previous remotes that they may have problems using it.

The easiest way to control the volume on your Roku device is to use the physical remote:

  • To boost the volume, press the Volume Up button.

  • To lower the volume, press the Volume Down button.

  • Optional: To mute or unmute the TV, press the Mute button.

It’s worth noting that Roku remotes aren’t always interchangeable. A TCL Roku TV remote, for example, may not operate with a Roku stick inserted in an LG or Samsung smart TV.


Whenever possible, make use of the remote that came with your Roku device. If you’re using a Roku stick with a non-Roku smart TV, you should be able to adjust the volume using the TV’s remote control.

There is no sound or audio, but the picture or video display is nuanced.

If you switch on your TV and the video or images are correctly displayed, but there is no sound, follow the procedures below to repair the problem:

Ensure that the volume is not set to zero (0) or silent. To boost the volume level of the TV, hit the volume up button on the remote, or press the Mute button to re-enable the TV. The volume buttons are located on the remote’s right side.

Check to see if the problem is impacting all channels or apps. Examine whether the issue affects more than one (1) streaming channel or app. If you’re facing a problem with a single track, try viewing a different content title to narrow down the problem. It’s possible that the network’s signal strength is low or that it’s experiencing technical difficulties.

Make sure your cable connections are secure. If you’re using a DVI or YPbPr connection, recall fixing the device’s left and suitable audio output connectors to the TV’s left (L) and right (R) audio input ports. Ensure the wires are correctly connected if the TV is connected to another device, such as a DVD player, or a cable or satellite box, a Blu-Ray player (red and white cables for audio). Try adjusting the volume level if the external device has its remote.

Check the audio settings on your television. Follow the instructions below to check and alter the audio settings on your TCL Roku TV:

  • To access the Home screen, press the Home button on your remote.

  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  • Select audio by pressing the right arrow button and scrolling.

  • Select Audio mode by using the right arrow button and scrolling.

  • Select Auto by pressing the right arrow button, scrolling, and highlighting it (Stereo)

  • To confirm your settings, press the ok button.

Use the Roku App on your mobile device.

The Roku Mobile App is a free Android, and iOS app downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store. You may use this program to turn your smartphone into a virtual remote for your Roku streaming stick or smart TV.

The app allows you to browse channels, add and remove channels, and access nearly every feature on your Roku account. It can, however, be made into a remote control by using the remote interface.

It will have fewer functions than a real Roku remote, but the essential controls will still be available. It will have fewer functions than a real Roku remote, but the vital rules will still be general.

1- From Google Play or the App Store, download the Roku Mobile App.

2- On your phone, go to the Home Screen.

3- Select App.

4- Locate the Roku Mobile App icon and touch it.

5- In the bottom menu bar, tap the joystick symbol in the center.

6- To control the volume, use the speaker icons at the bottom.

7- To get into private listening mode, tap the headphones symbol in the bottom right corner.

The ‘Mute’ button is on the far left in our screenshot, whereas the volume down button is in the center. The volume up button is located on the far right.

What devices support volume mo What devices support volume modes?

To help determine if your Roku device supports volume modes, you need to know the device model. To find this information, go to the home screen on your Roku device and select Settings > System > About.

Device Model
Roku Streambar Pro 9102
Roku Smart Soundbar 9101R2
Roku Smart Soundbar 9101
Roku Express 9100
Roku Express+ 3900
Roku Streaming Stick 3910
Roku Streaming Stick+ 3800
Roku Streaming Stick 4K 3810, 3811
Roku Streaming Stick 4K+ 3820
Roku Premiere 3821
Roku Premiere+ 3920, 4620
Roku Ultra 3921, 4630
Roku Ultra LT 4660, 4661, 4662, 4670, 4800
Roku Streambar Pro 4662, 4801

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some questions related to how to turn up the volume of the Roku TV without using the remote, which are as follows:

1- Is the Roku TV equipped with volume control?

Is there a volume control on Roku? The new Roku remote is intended to handle the TV’s volume and power. It cannot control other devices directly linked to the television, such as a television. Using a technology known as HDMI CEC, your TV may send volume controls to the AVR or soundbar.

2- I don’t have a remote, so how can I control my Roku?

Download the Roku app on your tablet or smartphone to use your Roku device without a remote. Connect the app-enabled device to the same WiFi network as your Roku. Then, on the app, go to Devices and hit the remote icon.

3- How do I put off the volume on my television?

Bluetooth Speakers or Headphones can be connected to your TV. Some recent TV models will allow you to attach a Bluetooth speaker.

Connect your Hi-Fi Speakers to your TV.

Connect a Soundbar System to Your TV.

Connect a Surround Sound System to Your TV.

4- What can I do to make my television louder?

Turn on the speakers. Plug them into your television, and you’ve got a more extensive, louder sound. Because of the restricted space inside a flat-panel TV cabinet, the speakers on your TV are almost certainly directed down or even to the back. As a result, even a cheap pair of computer speakers can make a significant difference.

5- Why is there no sound on my Roku TV?

If the sound is only missing from the Roku menu, ensure the menu volume isn’t turned off. To increase the loudness of the menu, go to Settings > Audio > Menu volume. You may need to troubleshoot why your Roku TV won’t come on if you don’t hear a sound or see a picture.

6- Why is the volume on my television so low?

Set the Volume Offset setting in the TV’s audio menu to a higher or maximum value if it exists. Make sure the TV speakers aren’t set to the center position. When using a multi-channel receiver, specific TV speakers can function as the center channel speaker. In the TV menu, make sure the speakers are turned on.

7- Is there a remote control on the TCL Roku TV?

It’s just under the bottom of the television set in the center. The middle button, just beneath the TCL logo at the bottom of the TV, turns it on. By pressing the middle button once more, you can cycle among the various options.

8- Is it possible to use my phone as a remote control?

Many Android phones include an infrared “blaster” that works similarly to old-school remote controls. To use your phone to operate any device that detects an IR signal, download a universal remote app like AnyMote Smart IR Remote, IR Universal Remote, or Galaxy Universal Remote.

9- What is Auto Volume TV, and how does it work?

When the sound modulation signal is strong, the Auto Volume feature automatically lowers the sound output. When the sound modulation signal is low, the Auto Volume feature automatically raises the sound production. It keeps each channel’s good output volume consistent.

10- What’s the best way to change the audio?

  • On your Roku TV remote, press Home.

  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

  • Choose audio, then Audio Output.

  • Wireless speakers or a wireless soundbar are the options.

You can turn off your Roku wireless audio device in two ways. To use the built-in TV speakers as well as other audio outputs, select TV speakers.


To increase the volume on your Roku TV, you must first download the Roku TV software to your mobile device. You may easily download it from the Google Play Store to your mobile device. The buttons on the TV can also be used to increase the volume. However, this strategy is ineffective since you must repeatedly approach the television to change the level.