How to Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing?

How to turn off life360 without parents knowing? Turn on Airplane Mode to turn off Life360 without parents knowing. When you turn on airplane mode, your connectivity and GPS will be deactivated. Life360 won’t update your location if this happens. Other group members won’t see your location.

How to turn off life360 without parents knowing?

What Is Life360?

Life360 is an app for family communication that lets users find out where each other is. You must put it on every device you want to track. Once it’s set up, you can choose Geofences that set boundaries for certain areas.

Then, these geofences are used to track when friends and family leave or arrive at a certain location and let users know. For example, the app can tell you when your child leaves school and when they get home.

Life360 also offers driving analysis, and it can be built into cars. For example, BMW’s navigation systems already use it. Aside from keeping track of where the driver is, the app can also report accidents and send help in an emergency.

This app was put on the Google Play Store for the first time in 2008 and had more than 40 million users.

The app’s function

Both people need to have the app for it to work. The app keeps track of your phone’s location in real-time. If a family member downloaded the app, they could see where you are at that moment. Life360 always knows where your phone is, even if you don’t have the app open.

The Life 360 website says, “For peace of mind, you can see each other’s real-time location on a private map, and you can also choose to get automatic alerts when someone arrives or leaves a destination.” When someone leaves or arrives, an alert is sent to everyone in the family circle. It can be used for both drivers and walkers.

The app tells the adult how fast you were going, how long it took to get home, who got home, who left/arrived at school, etc. Adults and kids can get real-time directions from someone in their family circle. The Life360 website says, “Tapping on a family member’s avatar to get directions to that person is one of my favorite (but less well-known) features.”


Life360 is an app that keeps track of your phone’s location in real-time. It can also report accidents and send help in an emergency. BMW’s navigation systems already use it and can be built into cars to warn drivers of impending problems. The app was put on the Google Play Store in 2008.

Turn off Location for One Person on Life360

Wrong place Spoofer app can stop people from finding out where you are and lying about it. To turn off the location for one person on Life360, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open your phone’s “Settings” menu and click on “System.”

  2. Tap on “Software info.”

  3. Tap it about seven times to find out the “Build Number” of the device.

  4. To turn on the developer options, it will ask for the “Lock Code.”

  5. Get the Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer and install it.

  6. When you’re finished, go back to “Settings,” “System,” and “Developer Options.”

  7. Look for “Select mock location app” and click on it.

  8. Use the app Fake GPS Go to fake the location.

  9. Open the app, choose the place you want to use as a fake, and tap “Start.”

Risks after turning off location on Life360

Regarding location-tracking apps like Life360, it’s important to protect our privacy. As a result, you may want to conceal your Life360 location from others.

But you should know there may be risks if you turn off location information on Life360 with no one realizing it.

Risks Description
Lack of Supervision When youngsters hide or lie, parents can’t trace them. It will put you at a very high risk of being kidnapped or doing something bad.
Chance of Kidnapping There are many bad people and criminals worldwide. If you don’t know where your kids are, they could be kidnapped or taken by someone, and you wouldn’t know about it.
Sneak Out Most youngsters want to hang out in the evening. Stopping Life360 location tracking is risky. When kids encounter crooks and hazardous individuals, parents can’t find them.

How to turn off life360 without parents knowing?

Even though the Life360 app can be very helpful in an emergency, especially if they are young or old, it may also be a waste of time. It is especially true if you must keep your privacy or safety a secret. But if you configure to turn off location on Life360, the people in your circle would know, which could cause trouble.

There is a better way to turn off the location on Life360 without anyone finding out about it. It’s easy to do. Just use a GPS location spoofing tool to make your location look like it’s somewhere else, and that’s it.

Airplane Mode

  • When you set your mobile into “Airplane mode,” all its wireless features, like GPS and Wi-Fi, are turned off immediately.

  • So, you won’t be able to connect to the Life360 app, and other Circle members won’t be able to see where you are.

Turning off phone location

  • Even if you’re still logged in to the Life360 app, other members won’t be able to see where you are if your GPS tracking services are turned off. It is an easy way to hide your location while still being online.

  • It also works for other social media apps that know where you are. Try turning off location services in your phone’s settings and each app.

Not Logged in-app

  • When logged in, Circle members can get in touch with you. Even if you hide your location, they will still be able to see that you are online and connected to the Life360 app.

  • If you don’t log in, you won’t be seen by the app, and it won’t bother you with notifications.

Sufficient phone battery

  • An end phone battery is the same as turning your phone off. Even though you can’t use your phone, you’ll be logged out of the app, and no one will be able to see where you are.

  • But you should know that the app will still keep track of your last known location.

Bad Connection to the Network

  • Wi-Fi and GPS services must be on for the Life360 app to track your location accurately.

  • If, on the other hand, your phone doesn’t have a good network connection, it won’t be able to give exact location information. It also means that the app won’t be able to track your real-time location.

  • If this happens, people in your circle will only be able to see your last known location or nothing at all. It is the same as turning off the location services on your phone.


In an emergency, the Life360 app can be very helpful. But no one will know where you are if you forget to turn off the location on the app. There is a better way to do it that won’t get anyone’s attention. Try going to the settings on your phone and turning off the location services.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked, “How to turn off Life360 tracking without parents knowing?” We discussed a few of them below:

1. Why do teenagers turn off location on Life360?

Life360 locations are being turned off by teens who don’t want their parents to keep track of them. You can turn off location tracking if you want to: You are curious and question your privacy.

2. How to turn off Life360 tracking without parents knowing?

If you wish to disable Life360 monitoring, you must disable the GPS service, which will alert your parents that you are unavailable. Therefore, if you set a wrong location to cheat the GPS, Life360’s location tracking can be turned off without anyone knowing. They introduced AnyGo, the latest software to spoof your location on your iPhone without jailbreak.

3. How do I turn off Life360’s location without letting anyone know?

Yes, there are two more common ways for students to turn life360 from tracking their location without their parents finding out. Use the emergency number as one way! Use the same account to install Life360 on it. You could also turn off Wi-Fi or data access on your phone so that apps don’t update automatically.

4. If the internet is turned off on Life360, what happens?

The Life360 app sends its location to the circle through the internet. When you lose your Internet connection, your location will stay locked in the same place until you get it back. Users of the iPhone can block access to the internet for certain apps.

5. What information do you need about Life360?

Life360 is a location-based app that can be used by a group or family to talk, chat, and use tools for road safety. This software gives you peace of mind by tracking loved ones in real-time.

6. How can I stop my parents from following my Life360?

Teens also often turn off their Wi-Fi and Life360 data to stop their parents from using life360 to track their location. Does it work that way? Please turn on the mode that saves power to stop apps from updating themselves in the background. Turn off data and Wi-Fi.

7. Can you turn Life360 from tracking where you are?

Life360 lets you track your location, but sometimes you need to turn it off so that other people can’t see where you are. In that case, you can use Mobile Location Sharing on Life360 to do something personal.

8. What can you do with the app Life360?

Life360 is a location-based app for families that lets you talk, chat, and use tools to keep you safe on the road. The app lets you track the location of your loved ones in real-time, so you don’t have to worry about where they are. Teens can find ways to stop Life360 from tracking their location if they don’t want their parents to know where they are.

9. Is it possible to change where you are on Life360?

With UltFone iOS Location Changer, you can fake your real location and movement between two points, so no one on your Life360 Circle will know where you are. You can also use social media and dating apps to model your position.

10. Can you turn off the GPS in Life360?

Yes, your circle will get a message that your GPS location has been turned off every time you log out of Life360.

11. Is pausing location on Life360 safe?

Yes, there are many possible risks if you turn off tracking in life360 without knowing what you’re doing. Parents can’t hide bad behavior from their kids by not knowing where they are, or they lose sleep or valuable time doing something else.

12. What happens if you turn off the internet on your life360 phone?

When you turn off your phone, the Life360 app also stops working. This way, no one can find out where you are. But people in your circles can still see where you were last seen.

13. What happens on Life360 if your GPS is turned on?

You can still track the Life360 even if your network connection is bad, but just because you turn on your GPS doesn’t mean the Life360 will give you accurate readings. The app might not tell you where you are in real-time. When this happens, members can only see where they were last or can’t see where they are at all.

14. Why doesn’t Life360 keep track of where I am?

Since Life360 uses GPS data to figure out where you are, the app can’t figure out where you are. But besides turning off the phone, there are other ways that Life360 might be unable to track it.

15. How does life365 safety benefit healthcare?

You can see more patients and make money between visits with Life365 Health RPM solutions. The way care is given changes all the time. To lower the cost of patient care, they focus on programs to lower the number of people who have to return to the hospital.


Life360 can keep track of a car and whoever is in it. It will also track how fast the car is going, where it is, how long the person or people were in the car, and if they were on the phone while driving. It will also inform you quickly and accurately when traffic, quick acceleration, or hard braking is coming up.

We try to tell you everything there is to know about life360, not just how to turn it off. After you change your life360 location information, you can always change it back to how it was.

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How to Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing? Life360, the GPS tracking app that monitors your family’s whereabouts, has long been a staple for families across the country. However, Life360 is also used by parents to spy on their kids, which doesn’t sit well with some of those very same children who feel like they don’t have privacy or enough independence from their parents. Fortunately, if you are one of these kids or if you’re feeling invaded by your parent’s use of Life360, there are several ways to turn off Life360 without parents knowing about it.

What Is Life 360 And Why Do You Need To Disable It

  1. Life 360 is a family safety app that allows you to view the locations of your family members. It also alerts you when family members are in danger.

  2. Although it has many features, some people may not want their parents or friends to know where they are at all times. Fortunately, there are ways for you to disable this app without anyone else knowing.

  3. Life 360 can be used in a variety of ways, from ensuring that you don’t lose track of your children to notifying loved ones if you’re involved in an accident or go missing.

  4. There are several different steps that you need to follow before disabling it, but with a bit of work, you can make sure no one is tracking your movements.

  5. The first thing you need to do is download and install a different app that is similar. You should find a free replacement that will allow you to receive notifications about your location while not broadcasting it to other users.

  6. For example, you could use Google Maps instead of Life 360. Once installed, open the app and turn on the location services so it knows where you are located.

  7. If desired, set up notifications so that updates about what’s happening around you come through on your phone or tablet in real time.

How to Turn Off Life360 Without Parents Knowing?

The easiest way is to go into your phone’s settings, tap privacy, and then tap location. The next screen will show a list of apps with location access. Simply uncheck the box for Life 360.

If you want to be very thorough, you can remove any indication that it’s an app that tracks your location. From your phone’s home screen, tap Apps.

The next screen will show all of your installed apps in alphabetical order. Search for Life 360 and tap on it. On a Samsung Galaxy S8 or another Android device, you should find options like update and uninstall.

If you don’t want to uninstall it, you can at least stop your location from being shared automatically. Open Settings, then Privacy and safety.

If you have an iPhone, swipe up and tap Location Services, then scroll down until you find Life 360.

Turn off Life360 Without Parents Knowing iPhone

  1. Open the app and go to settings.

  2. Click on privateness after which scroll down until you spot Turn off location offerings.
    Three. Hit Turn off for each of those functions: • Location Services, Background App Refresh, Motion & Fitness Tracking, HealthKit Sharing, And Erase All Data
    four. Open Google and tap for your profile image at pinnacle proper.

  3. Hit Account and privateness controls.

  4. Scroll down and tap your area to get entry.

How to Hide Life360 App on Android

To show off the app without dad and mom knowing, open your device’s Settings and go to Apps. Scroll down and discover the Life360 app.

There must be a button that asserts both Uninstall or Disable. Tap on this button and you’ll be precipitated if you need to disable the app.

Once once more, the faucet on the option that says Disable, hit OK, and the Life 360 app will now not appear on your phone.

Just keep in mind that in case your mother and father additionally use Life 360, they’ll still be able to see your region as quickly as you switch it back on. And if you uninstall it completely, they’ll be suspicious and ask why.

In addition, in case you need to hide your area out of your dad and mom, then you should bear in mind the usage of a fake app.

There are several apps in Google Play that make it seem like your telephone is on one of these secret agent digital camera apps when it’s doing something else.

You’ll have full control over which apps seem in your list of running apps, so pick out a few that sound harmless and set the ones as default alternatives.

Why Does Life360 Stop Tracking

  1. As noted, dad and mom can use this app to see the region of their baby, however in addition they can block it so nobody can see it.

  2. If you want to show off Life360 without your mother and father knowing and still be capable of using other navigation apps on your phone, there are some methods you can do that.

  3. These consist of turning off vicinity offerings, or maybe blocking it altogether. When the use those techniques, you will no longer be able to use any app that uses location. You will want to manually update the tracker each hour for it to paint nicely.

  4. There are many blessings for having a tracker like this, inclusive of being capable of discovering your toddler if they don’t come home when expected or if some thing takes place in actual time wherein protection is trouble.

Five. Life 360, is a fantastic way for dad and mom and children to sense security whilst they’re out in public or just at domestic.

  1. When you use area offerings, your cellphone tracks who you are and sends it to different apps. Your device can be tracked the use of an app, however, how do you switch it off if no one is aware of which you have that app mounted on your cellphone?

Does Airplane Mode Turn off Life360

Airplane mode may not flip off Life 360. The app is designed to be location conscious and could continue monitoring your toddler even in Airplane Mode.

The nice manner to disable the app is through the settings web page on the mobile device itself. Simply go into Settings and scroll down till you notice an choice that announces Life 360 and clicks on it, then uncheck the box after Location Services.

The different manner is through your browser on a desktop or laptop. Since you are likely now not using a cell device, log into your account and click on Profile in the pinnacle left corner, then click on Your Account.

Under where it says Mobile Apps, you’ll see an option for Life 360 Location Sharing and next to be an alternative for Family Settings. Click Family Settings and uncheck that field as nicely.

Once you’ve turned off vicinity services in your account, it’ll then follow to all your family individuals and gadgets.

Just make sure that all your family members realize how to turn off Location Services on their debts as nicely, which is performed by following these equal steps above.

How to Make Life360 Say Phone Out of Battery

  1. When you have dad and mom that try to music your location, now and then it’s excellent for them to worry. When they worry, they’re much more likely to let you move hold out with friends, or live at their buddy’s residence. Here are a few approaches you may break out by turning off lifestyles 360 without your mother and father knowing:

  2. Find where it says battery percent and tap on that. This will deliver up a slider that can move from zero-100. The lower the battery goes, the closer you’ll be to shut down the telephone. Slide it down as some distance as viable and turn off the smartphone.

Three. Wake your cell phone up and leave it for a few minutes. The screen will black out, which is what you need. Now your cellphone could be in sleep mode however nonetheless on. It will begin counting down from whatever time you set it for as if it were charging.

  1. At that factor, turn off your WiFi so that lifestyles 360 cannot discover who you’re. If your mother and father have no idea how long they have got till they see you on their tracking app once more, they may be worried something passed off to you!

Turn off Lite360 Without Parents Knowing 2021

This is a guide on how to show off the life 360 apps without dad and mom knowing. If you want privacy from your mother and father, here’s a way to do it.

First of all, you’ll want a Google account. You’ll additionally want an Apple ID on your iPhone if you use that smartphone and a Life 360 account as properly.

Next, you’ll need to discover your manner. To make it possible for you, we have organized a quick guide on how to do it on an iPhone. It’s almost identical on Android. Just read on in case you need to know greater.

On an iPhone, it is quite simple to get onto Google Play. In truth, you could do it in three steps:
Go into your iPhone settings app and then discover iTunes & App Store. Tap on that and ensure that Apple ID: (your username) is chosen. After that, hit View Apple ID and login if you aren’t logged in already.


Life 360 is a great app for parents who want to keep up with their kids and know where they are at all times. However, as a teenager, it’s hard to have your whole day mapped out on an app that you can’t control.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

1. Why is it possible to tell if someone paused their location on Life360?

If you’re looking for a way to Life360 without your parents knowing, then here are a few tips that might help:

  1. Open up the app and go into the settings tab. 2. Click on Personal Settings. 3. Under General make sure that Allow location tracking is not checked and tap Save Changes. 4. Go back to one screen, and tap on Geofencing 5.

2. When on Airplane mode, is it possible to disable the location service?

It is not possible to disable the location service while on Airplane mode. The only way to turn off the location service is by turning off the phone.

3. Even if my phone’s battery dies, is Life360 still effective?

Yes, as long as the app is running in the background. If your phone dies while tracking, it will continue tracking when the phone is turned back on. However, your location will not be tracked until you open the app again.

4. Will Life360 notify you when you go into Airplane Mode?

Yes, you will receive a notification about your new status. When the app is in airplane mode it will notify you with a banner on the bottom of the screen. You can also use Airplane Mode from within the Settings menu.

5. How can I use the ghost mode on my Life360?

The easiest way is to go into the app, click on your profile, and then click on settings. Ghost mode will be at the bottom of the list. Once you turn it on, your family won’t see where you are.

6. How can I turn off my location settings without the other person finding out?

The following steps will guide you through the process of turning off your location settings:

  1. Open up your phone’s Settings app
  2. Tap on Location Services
  3. Select the app that has access to your location (in this case, it would be Life360)
  4. Next, tap on Turn Off

7. I need help disabling Life360 from my iPhone before my parents see it.

Hi, I am 15 years old and my parents have an iPhone that they keep on their bedside table. Every time I get a text or call it will light up and wake them up. I want to disable the notifications without my parents noticing so that they won’t be alerted every time someone messages me. Can you please help me?

8. Do you know how to turn off Life360?

Life360 is a great way for parents to keep track of their children and make sure they’re safe. If you’re an adult and not wanting your parent’s information or location, the easiest thing to do is just log out of the app. However, if you want it off without them knowing, there are two ways you can do that. You can either delete the app from your phone or log out of your account on their website.

9. Did you think that how to turn off Life360? Without making your parents know?

Parents these days are always checking up on their children, with the help of apps like Life 360. It’s a good idea for parents to know where their child is at all times, but sometimes it can get too annoying. One way you this app without your parents knowing is by creating a new Facebook profile and deleting the old one.

10. Does it alert you when you’ve removed the app from your phone?

When you remove the app from your phone, you will be notified by a Remove from Phone message. If you decide to reinstall it on the same phone, it will prompt you with a Restore Backup window. If you decide to reinstall it on a new phone, once you agree and install the app, it will prompt you with a Restore Backup window.


Life 360 can provide an extra layer of protection and connection. I recommend using it as a tool for keeping your family in the loop and up-to-date on what’s happening in your life. But if you’re looking for ways to turn off Life360 without parents knowing, there are some great options.

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