How to Text Someone Who Blocked You?

How to text someone who blocked you? If you need to contact someone who has blocked your number, you can avoid being blocked by their phone by changing the caller ID settings on your end. If you want to make your phone number invisible or disguise it as private, dial *67 just before the number you want to call.

Finding Out If You’ve Been Blocked on an iPhone:

Determine whether or not you have been blacklisted by a person before attempting to SMS them again.

Being blocked on an iPhone has a few drawbacks, one of which is that you won’t be informed of the block. Someone can both block you and remove the block without your knowing.

  • Still, there are a few characteristics you may look for or learn to recognize to tell if you are stopped or not.

  • But if you leave a message and don’t get a reply, it may be because you’ve been blocked. See the next indicator to make sure you haven’t been banned.

Keep in mind that these solutions have their limitations; for example, if the other party is temporarily out of range, busy, or using Do Not Disturb mode, it may appear as though you are being blocked as well.

No One Received Your iPhone Message:-

When trying to figure out if you’ve been banned or not, the next clue to check for is whether or not your communication has been sent.

The recipient may have blocked you if the Delivered label does not appear under the text bubble after sending an iMessage.

Be aware, also, that the Delivered indicator won’t appear on the most recent text in a discussion if that text hasn’t yet been delivered, even if it has appeared on all previous texts in the thread.

That’s why it’s a red flag that you could have been blocked if all of your messages up until now have shown as delivered but the most current one hasn’t.

An Automated Message Has Been Sent to You:-

This is the primary indicator that you have been banned on an iPhone. When you leave a message, an automatic reply will be sent back to you.

Receiving such a notification after someone has activated there Do Not Disturb setting indicates that you have not been banned. Sending an automated message requires a valid phone number.

Not Delivered iMessage Error:-

You may also use this method to see whether you have been prohibited from sending texts. The error message “iMessage Not Delivered Error” will appear beneath the message bubble after you send a message.

Turn on your phone’s SMS texting capabilities for use in such a scenario. Whenever an iMessage delivery failure occurs after SMS texting has been enabled, the iPhone will instead use the subscribed cellular network to resend the message.


If you’d rather not use iMessage, you can always just send it again manually. What’s more, if you manually send a text but don’t get delivery confirmation, it might be because the recipient has banned you on your iPhone.

How to manually send the SMS?

  • Check the message that was marked as Not Delivered and click the red details icon for further information.

  • There will be a drop-down menu with “Try Again,” “Send as Text Message,” and “Cancel” as the three viable choices. Select “Send as Text” from the menu.

  • It will then retry sending the message once you have done this.

If you’ve gone through all of the above and are still convinced that you’ve been blocked, it’s better to leave well enough alone.

Even if the recipient has banned you on iMessage, you can still get through to them if the information you have to provide is vital.

How to text a blocked iMessage user?

Someone who has banned you on iPhone will not be able to receive a text message until you alter their caller ID.

If you want to block someone, you’ll need their phone number or email address, so you’ll have to update your caller ID How to call without caller idfirst.

So, if you want to send an iMessage to someone but don’t want them to know your real email address, you may create a secret one.

The steps below will show you how to send a text to an iPhone user who has blocked you.

  • Launch the iPhone’s Settings app (the gear icon).

  • Choose the Messages.

  • Use the Send/Receive option.

  • Find the section labeled “You may be contacted by iMessage at” and click “Add another email” under that.

  • Fill up and confirm your email address.

  • Once the new email has been validated, you may begin new discussions from that address.


This new email has not yet been banned, so once you send it, the recipient will get it. That’s the right way to contact a person who has blocked you on an iPhone. If you followed the instructions and your message was delivered successfully.

How to text a WhatsApp blocker?

It’s not easy to cut someone off in real life, but it’s a common practice to do it using messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Any user may be deleted from your app forever with only one click. While it may be impossible to avoid someone in person, barring them on Whatsapp—or any other app or device—has become commonplace.

Dismissing someone forever in any app requires no more than a single tap. You will no longer be able to contact the individual through a text message after they have blocked you. Almost all of the messaging apps on your phone will allow you to block specific contacts.

The same is true for the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Getting on someone’s block list makes it so you can’t contact them in any way. This is the best way to SMS someone who has blocked you.

How do you go about justifying your actions or passing on vital information in such circumstances? They have you blocked, so conventional communication routes will be bypassed when you try to contact them.


Also, the situation worsens if you can’t see the individual offline. This lesson is here to save day when that happens. Even if they’ve blocked you, you may still send them a message now.

Tricks to prevent being blocked on WhatsApp:

  • Deleting and reregistering WhatsApp
  • Two, Inform the Group Via WhatsApp
  • Send them an offline message
  • Reach out to them using alternative messaging platforms

Deleting and reregistering WhatsApp:-

By registering a new WhatsApp account, you can remove the suspension. Once you do this, you’ll be able to send a message to a contact who has previously banned you on WhatsApp. Here are the measures you can take.

Raise your mobile device and launch WhatsApp. Then, on your mobile device, tap the menu button (three dots) and select “Settings>>Account.”

  • An alternative labeled “Delete My Account” has been added. Just be sure you tap on it. While this may appear out of place, it is necessary to re-create your profile on your mobile device.

  • This page requires you to “select your country” (or input the reference number) and “type your phone number” into the corresponding boxes.

  • After you’ve done those three things, click the red “Delete My Account” button. On your mobile device, this ought to do the work.

  • Please exit WhatsApp and restart it now. Repeat the steps you took to create your WhatsApp account the first time.

So, there you have it! It appears as if you have successfully navigated the obstacle. Someone who has rejected you on WhatsApp can now receive your messages. You can avoid this by using one of the two other approaches described below.

Inform the Group Via WhatsApp:-

I understand that you can’t just add all your friends and acquaintances to a public group chat and start sending them messages.

You should then have your friend form a Group text for you. You should also ask that individual to add you and the person you wish to communicate with as contacts on their Android, iPhone, or another device.

Send them an offline message:-

SMS is one of the easiest ways to contact someone who has banned you. Your SMS messages will reach them.

You may compose the message on your preferred texting app and deliver it to the banned contact’s number. This technique has been proven to work. All of your messages and attempts to communicate with him or her will reach him or her.

Alternate messaging platforms:-

There are additional apps that work in a similar vein to WhatsApp, in which the phone number serves as the primary means of communication. You can attempt to look up the phone number on it even if you don’t have any other means of contacting them.


The last step is to tell him to exit the gathering. Once he achieves that, there will be no one left in the group save the two of you. Your group chat messages are private and may only be viewed by the other members.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. When I try to send an SMS to a person who has blocked me, will they see my message?

According to Lavelle, “your Messages will be received as normal; they just will not be sent to the Android user” if the recipient has banned you. It functions similarly to an iPhone, except there is no “delivered” alert to let you know anything has arrived.

2. Can I send a message without being identified?

Anonymous messaging applications abound in both the Google Play store and the Apple iTunes store. Text Me, Sms Free, text now, and textiles are just a few examples. Usually, the app will give you a special number to use for sending and receiving SMS.

3. If you have been blocked by someone, can you still send them an iMessage?

Sending an iMessage to an individual who banned you will result in the message staying blue (indicating that it is still an iMessage). However, the prohibited user will never see your message.

4. When you try to send a message to someone who has blocked you, what happens?

Someone who has been banned from texting you will no longer get your replies. You may block someone without their knowledge, and it will appear as though their communications went through. However, none will reach you, and your replies will have no effect.

5. Why do people keep shutting you down?

If a guy is struggling with his emotions and you’ve harmed him, he may choose to shut you out. If you and he constantly go away and forth regarding being romantically involved, he may not be confident of his motives with you. He may use blocking to collect his thoughts and emotions.

6. What about * 67, does it still work?

While dialing with *67 does function on smartphones, it requires an extra keystroke every time. In the settings of your Android or iOS smartphone, you may usually find an option to prevent calls from being made using your number.

7. How does Star 57 use a cell phone?

Dialing the Vertical service number Star codes *57 soon following a malicious call collects meta-data for police follow-up, and is available as a subscription service from telephone companies for an additional price.

8. When I temporarily disable the block, would the messages still be delivered?

Your iPhone will not allow the banned caller to leave an iPhone or SMS message after they have been disconnected. This means you won’t be able to read any messages sent before you blocked the sender, but you may easily unblock them to resume receiving messages in the future.

9. Why have I blocked myself from receiving text messages and how can I unblock myself?

If you have been blocked in Facebook Messenger, there is no simple way to remove the barrier. If you’re curious about why you were blocked, though, you may always take an indirect approach and ask the individual directly.

10. Why do we block some people, and what does it say about our psychology?

People who block someone online are likely doing so because they know the action of social ostracism will hurt the recipient’s mental health. Many times the blocker’s goal indeed is to cause psychological distress or punishment to the block.


After reading this essay in its entirety, you should be familiar with many different aspects of Android phone blocking. The scope of this consideration extends to both electronic communications and voice communication. We also provide a wide variety of options for getting in touch with someone who has banned you on Android. All the information you need to send a message to someone who has blocked you on Samsung is at the top of this page.

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